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As a student-teacher I have learned to teach through the lens of constant improvement.

I do this by
using the best research there is on the newest education practices and translating them into simple
and powerful strategies ; strategies that actively engage students and help them become future
global leaders. This approach takes many forms : First, I accommodate to the needs of the student
by supporting them in ways that best fit them. Some students may succeed before- and after-school
and lunch hour assistance. Others may need a daily check in, where positive psychology and
reinforcements are given.

Second, I create a classroom environment where students become problem solvers and peer
mentors. I belive wholeheartedly that the smartest individuals became so only through
collaboration. As such, my classrooms are always bustling. Student in my class learn to cooperate
with one another and to identifying within themselves strengths and areas of growth. As mentioned
earlier I work under a lens of consent improvement. This means adopting a methodology of
inclusion and global design. Students learn when their needs are met and a one-size fits all lesson
is never appropriate , which is why hand-on activities, real life scenarios and technology are used.
For example, students may build a number line that spans the classroom , explore the desert
through google maps or role-play parts of history to fully immerse themselves in meaningful
conversations. I take these three approaches because they help form students who are leaders
beyond school, leaders who are empathetic, who progress and challenge themselves. Most
importantly, I am committed to search for all the talents, skill s and intelligence that exist in all
children and youth because I know that all children are capable of greatness!

Aspects of your education and experience

I am currently a full-time college student at Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona. I will be
graduating in a year with a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education and Special Education. In
addition to maintaining a high G.P.A in a challenging academic program and being a upper
division Barrett Honors College student; I have held several leadership positions. Such positions
include being: a Site Leader for Read Better Be Better, a Resident Advisor during ASU’s Barrett
Summer Scholars program and a service chair to my sorority, Mu Epsilon Theta. As a site leader
, collaboration is the most important tool. Through my job at Read better Be Better I work under
various supervisors, not only sharing my success stories but also asking ways in which I can
improve. Similarly, I have learned to recognize the value in asking my team-members for their
support as I learn new ways to engage my students. During my time as a resident advisor I
enhanced my skills as a presenter. At any given moment I was in charge of 20-100+ students,
leading their information sessions and tours across ASU’s Tempe campus and Downtown campus.
Additionally, I learned to speak with the families of those students, assuring them that their child’s
education was my first priority. Being able to engage with students and those who will support
students is an essential skill of a teacher. Service has always played a large role in my life, it is
what guides all of my actions. The service chair position is a hard earned title, entrusted to my by
sisters who believed in my ability to create meaningful events. I payed close attention to every
detail in an event , though I also learned the skill of adaptability. Each of the aforementioned
positions have given me skills needed to help students of any grade succeed, in addition I have
also held six education related internships, all in the following grades: 3rd , 6th, 9-12th . My upper
level placements, helped me see the impact of high academic engagement has in students. Working
in a highschool setting has allowed me to understand underlying issues that inhibit students from
perusing higher education. Being in a middle school setting allowed me to see the importance of
incorporating relevant curriculum and programs, such as Junior Achievement. Conversely, by
worked in lower elementary grades , I was able to understand how students need a variety of
scaffolding approaches. By having a diverse amount of placements , I can mold my teaching to
ensure that all students move along towards higher education, because I know the foundational
course steely took and the type of settings they are headed towards. Aside from my leadership
skills and work experience I place a great importance in academia. I attend professional
conferences , such as the Conference on the Development and Assessment of Intercultural
Competence for Educational Resources in Culture,Language and literacy (CERCLL), and have a
membership to professional organizations, such as the Center for Exception Children (CEC) and
American Educational Research Association (AERA