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Tactical Decision Game #96–5 ports/requests.

Then provide a sketch

and an explanation of your plan. Send
your solution to Marine Corps Gazette,
Flank Guard—An Alternative TDG #96–5, Box 1775, Quantico, VA
22134 or fax (703) 640–0823.

Reality For more detailed information on the structure

of Marine Corps units. Marine Corps equip-
by Maj John F. Schmitt, USMCR ment, and symbols used in TDG sketches,
see MCG, Oct94, pp. 53–56 and the mod-
ification reported in Jan95, p. 5.
This scenario is a variation of TDG #96–3, “Flank
Guard” (MCG, Mar96), only this time around things go a
little differently.

For more detailed information on the structure

of Marine Corps units, Marine Corps equip-
Situation One of them opens fire with its ment, and symbols used in TDG sketches, see
You are the commander of a light 14.5mm gun in the direction of your MCG, Oct94, pp. 53–56 and the modifica-
armored reconnaissance (LAR) compa- 1st Platoon. One of the 1st Platoon’s tion reported in Jan95, p. 5.
ny. You have been given the mission of LAVs returns fire before backing into
guarding the main body’s open right full defilade.
flank as it advances north. You are What will you do, Captain?
about 10–12 kilometers east of 6th
Marines, generally paralleling that regi- Requirement
ment as you move north astride a dirt What a difference a few seconds can

road. The terrain is gently rolling and make. In a time limit of 5 minutes de-
sparsely vegetated. It is a clear night; cide what you will do by issuing any
you have excellent observation with orders and making any appropriate re-

your night-vision equipment.
As you approach Checkpoint 35 at

;;;; ;;;;
the hard-surface Route 40, you send
1st Platoon forward to take a look. The

;;; ;;;;
section of 4 LAV-ATs (TOWs), the
section of 2 LAV-Ms (mortars), and 2d 35 N
Platoon are behind you along the dirt

;;; ;;;;
road; 3d Platoon is deployed off to the
right, in radio contact but out of sight

;;; ;;;;
on the far side of a low hill mass. 40 BMPs
“Enemy in sight,” your 1st Platoon
commander radios you urgently.

“You’d better take a look at this.”
You leave your vehicle (34) in full

difilade and, with a PRC–77 set on the
platoon frequency, hustle forward to

;;;; ;;
the crest, and what you see below you
takes your breath away: Route 40 is
clogged with enemy armored vehicles

;;;; ;;
heading southwest. Your platoon com-
mander points out a company of about

;;; ;;
10 T–64s that leads the column and has 223 M
already passed your position. Following
the tanks are what you estimate to be a 3

company of BMPs and another of
BTR–60s. Because of the terrain you

can’t see if anything follows the BTRs. 6th Mar
You estimate that the column is mov- @ 8-10 km

ing about 25 kph. At the nearest point

you are less than 2 kilometers from the
road. Kilometers
Suddenly the BTRs near the end of
the column dart off the road for cover. TDG#96-5 0 1 2 3

102 Marine Corps Gazette ✩ May 1996