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Investment Management 16MBA FM303


Module 1

1.Write about Investment Attributes.(Jun.2017) (7 M)

2. Differentiate between Economic v/s Financial Investment.(Dec. 2016) (3 M)

3. Differentiate between Investment and speculation.(Dec.2014) (3 M)

4. Brief the Features of a good investment?(Dec.2014) (7 M)

5. Mention the steps in Investment Process (Dec. 2015) (3 M)

6.Short note on Money Market.(Dec.2015) (7 M)

Module 2

1.Write about Primary Market and factors involved in it.(Dec.2016) (7 M)

2.What are the different Modes of Raising Funds?(Dec.2016) (10 M)

3.Explain Issue Management-Pre and Post Issue Management.(Dec.2014) (7 M)

4. Differentiate between the Primary and Secondary Market.(Dec.2014) (3 M)

5. Write about Secondary Market.(Dec.2015) (10 M)

6.Write about the major Players in the secondary market(June 2014)(7M)

Module 3

1.Brief the concept of Risk and Return(Dec.2015) (7 M)

2.What are the different types of risk?(Dec.2016) (10 M)

3. Explain Systematic risk and Unsystematic risk. (Dec.2014) (7 M)

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Investment Management 16MBA FM303

Module 4

1.Define 'Bond'.(Dec.2014) (3 M)

2.Brief the features of Bonds (Dec. 2016) (5 M)

Module 5

1.Explain Fundamental Analysis(Dec.2015) (7 M)

2.Give a brief description of Technical Analysis?(Dec.2016)

3. What is Dow Theory?(Dec.2014) (3 M)

4.Explain the indicators of the market?(Dec.2016) (7 M)

Module 6

1.What is Efficient Market Theory and its types?(Dec.2016) (3 M)

2.Write different forms of Efficiencies?(Dec.2014) (10 M)

3.Define Portfolio(Dec.2016) (3 M)

4.Explain the different approaches in Portfolio Construction.(Dec.2014) (7 M)

5.How do you Manage the Portfolio?(Dec.2014) (3 M)

6.Discuss the the Markowitz Model.(Dec.2015) (7 M)

7.What is the need for Sharpe Model?(Dec.2015) (7 M)

8.Explain the Sharpe’s Performance Index?(Dec.2014) (3 M)

9.Discuss the Treynor’s Performance Index.(Dec.2016) (3 M)

10.Write a short note on Jensen’s Performance Index(Dec.2016) (7 M)

11.Discuss Passive Management and Active Management?(Dec.2015) (3 M)

12.What is Constant Ratio Plan and Variable Ratio Plan(Dec.2015) (3 M)

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