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To: Chris G

Fr: Pete Brodnitz

Date: March 24, 2018
Re: Statewide Primary Poll Results

Despite Steve Sisolak starting the campaign as the perceived front-runner, Christina “Chris G”
Giunchigliani leads in public support in the Democratic primary election for Governor with just 80 days to

Sisolak And Chris G Start With Similar Favorable Ratings

Similar numbers of voters have a favorable view of Chris G and Sisolak and yet more are “very favorable”
toward Chris G than toward Sisolak. Overall, 46% of voters are favorable to Sisolak and 42% of voters
are favorable to Chris G, with 15% who are very favorable toward Sisolak and 20% very favorable toward
Chris G.

Steve Sisolak
Name ID 60 51
Very Fav 15 20
Fav/Unfav 46/14 42/9
Net Fav +32 +33

About Half Of Voters In Clark Say Chris G and Sisolak Are Doing An Excellent/Good Job

Both Sisolak (53% excellent/good) and Chris G (52% excellent/good) receive positive job ratings from a
majority of Clark voters. Sisolak’s negative job rating (35% fair/poor) is eleven points higher than Chris
G’s negative job rating (24% fair/poor).

How would you rate the job ….? (ASKED IN CLARK

1 2
Sisolak Chris G

Difference +18 +28

Total Ex/Gd 53 52
Excellent 15 17
Good 37 35
Total Fr/Pr 35 24
Fair 27 21
Poor 8 3
Don’t know 12 24

…is doing as Chair of the Clark County Commission?
… is doing as County Commissioner?

Arlington, VA
Giunchigliani Leads Sisolak by 4 points – 31% to 27%.

If the June Democratic primary election for Governor were held today, and the
candidates were … for whom would you vote?

Initial Ballot

Difference +4
Christina "Chris G" Giunchigliani 31
Steve Sisolak 27
None of these candidates 18
Don’t know (VOLUNTEERED) 23

Expedition Strategies conducted 600 total interviews in Nevada with likely Democratic primary voters. The
interviews were conducted March 17-19, 2018. The margin of error for overall results is ±4.00%.
Expedition Strategies’ clients include Governor Gina Raimondo (RI), Senator, former Governor Tim Kaine
(VA), Senator Mazie Hirono (HI), Congressman Adam Smith (WA), and Congressman Tim Walz (MN).
Our Nevada experience includes extensive work for the Nevada State Assembly under Speakers Buckley
and Oceguera and our work for Chris Giunchigliani’s successful campaign for County Commission in
2006 when she became the only person to defeat an incumbent in a primary for that office.

Nevada Primary SOR Ι 2