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Nurse Call Series

Alert and Communication System

Clinics | Nursing Homes | Assisted Living Facilities

Features and Benefits
• Simple wiring
System is easy to install with simple
wiring, keeping installation costs low
• Simple operation
This easy-to-use system requires minimal
training, reducing the impact on staff
• Up to 80 patient stations
Patients or residents will have an efficient
way to communicate with staff
• Dedicated nurse master station
All incoming calls are controlled directly
from the nurse master station
• PTT or handset communication
Calls can be answered with push-to-talk
operation or with the handset for privacy
• Compact, attractive design
• LED and call tone indicators
Users do not need to worry about desk clutter
The urgency level of each call is indicated by
with this sleek, compact nurse master station
the LED lights and differentiating tones
• Spill-resistant cover on master
• Corridor and zone indicators
The protective membrane on the nurse
Staff can quickly see where a call is generated
master station prolongs its lifespan
by using the corridor and zone indicator lights
• Reliable and designed to last
• Remote area duty station
Staff and patients / residents will have
Alerts staff of an incoming call when they
trouble‑free use for years to come
are away from the nurse master station

Ideal Applications - Clinics, Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities

Save time and sustain Make sure personnel are Bedside call buttons ensure Along with bedside call
high-quality care with this never out of touch, even patients and residents have buttons, urgent call pull
communication system. in remote areas. With vital access to their nursing cords provide a way for
The master station is an the optional duty station, staff. With a simple push of patients or residents to
efficient way for caregivers nurses and staff will be the button, a routine call is instantly reach staff in an
to visualize and prioritize alerted of an incoming sent to the master station, emergency. The urgent
the urgency of multiple call while away from indicating assistance is call pull cord is ideal
calls, while providing the the master station. The needed. An unplugged cord for common bathroom
convenience of staff-to- differentiating call signal activates an urgent call at locations or in rooms
patient or staff-to-resident will indicate if the call is the master, indicating a where critical care is
communication. routine or urgent. serious situation. needed more often.
Nurse Stations Corridor Stations Patient/Resident Room Stations Bathroom Stations

Control Unit, Power Nurse Master Station Duty Station
Supply, & Add‑On Card Install 1 per system Install 1 per system
Install 1 per system

PS‑2420UL (x2)
24V DC, 2A
Power Supply

NHX‑50M Duty Station
50‑Call Nurse • Ideal for break rooms,
Master Station hallways, or locations
NHX‑80X • Priority level NHX‑30G without a master station
Central Control Unit LED indicator
NHR‑30K 30‑Call Add‑On Selector • Alerts staff when a master
• Controls system functions • Automatically connects station receives a call
with microprocessor 30‑Call Add‑On Trunk Card (requires NHR‑30K)
(required for NHX‑30G) to next call in priority • Plugs into NHX‑50M • Urgent calls override
• Compact, slim design • Handset or push‑to‑talk with supplied connectors routine calls
• Installs into NHX‑80X
• Screwless wire connectors communication • Expands NHX‑50M to an • Tone off button
• Provides additional
18-1/8" H 13‑3/8" W 3-7/8" D capacity for NHX‑30G • Desk mount 80‑call master station • Flush mount
Add‑On Selector 8-1/4" H 8-1/4" H • Fits 2‑gang box
11" W 3-9/16" W 4-3/4" H
Indicator Light 3-3/4" D 2-5/16" D 4-9/16" W
1-13/16" D
Install up to
4 per system NHR‑3A‑4
4‑Zone Call Indicator Light Patient / Resident Stations
(max. 4 ‑ requires 1 PS‑2420UL per 2) Mix and match up to 80 total sub stations -
• Indicates the hallway/corridor
where a call is made use call button(s), pull cord(s), and a corridor light per sub
• Wall or ceiling mount
4-3/4" H 17-5/8" W 1-7/8" D


Dual Corridor Urgent Call
LED Corridor Light
(red and amber LEDs) Light Sub Station Pull Cord
(required for NHR‑7A if • Activates urgent
• Indicates the room where NH‑1SA/A or NH‑2SA/A
NH‑1SA/A NH‑2SA/A NHR‑8C a call is made are not used)
call at master
Single‑Jack Dual‑Jack Bedside Call Button • Amber light indicates a routine call • Connects to
• Allows the urgent call sub stations for
Bedside Sub Bedside Sub (with 7' cord) and red light indicates an urgent call pull cord to be used
Station Station • Activates routine use in common
• Flush mount without the need for bathrooms
• One jack for • Two jacks for call at master a bedside station
• Fits 1‑gang box (NHR‑3TS) or
bedside call bedside call • Cord‑out activates • Indicates where an urgent patient/resident
button buttons urgent call at master 4-3/4" H 2-3/4" W 1-1/2" D
call has been made in a rooms (NH‑1SA/A
• Cancel button • Cancel button common area location or NH-2SA/A)
• Hands‑free • Hands‑free Use the urgent call pull cord for • Stainless steel faceplate • Flush mount
communication communication patient/resident rooms or bathrooms! • Flush mount • Fits 1‑gang box
• Flush mount • Flush mount • Fits 2‑gang box 4-1/2" H
• Fits 2‑gang box • Fits 2‑gang box NHR‑7A 4-3/4" H 2-13/16" W
4-3/4" H 4-3/4" H Urgent Call Pull Cord 4-9/16" W 1-3/4" D
4-9/16" W 4-9/16" W (see details to the right →) 2-1/2" D
1-13/16" D 1-13/16" D

Specifications - UL 1069 Listed

Spec▼ Model► NHX‑80X NHR‑8C NHR‑3TS NHR‑7A NHR‑4A/A NHR‑3A‑4
NH‑1SA/A, NH‑2SA/A, or PS‑2420UL
Power Source 2 PS‑2420ULs NHX‑80X NHX‑80X N/A NHX‑80X
NH‑1SA/A or NH‑2SA/A
(1 per 2 units)

Handset or
Communication N/A
Hands-free N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

Surface mount
Mounting with 3-gang
Desk mount 2-gang N/A 2-gang 1-gang 1-gang 5-gang

18AWG, 2 cond.
5 twisted pairs 3 cond. to NH‑1SA/A, 3 cond. to NH‑1SA/A 5 cond. from
from each 4 twisted pairs Plugs into 4 twisted pairs
from NHX-80X NH‑2SA/A, or NHR‑3TS or NH‑2SA/A (Aiphone NHX‑80X
Wire Type PS‑2420UL
(Aiphone wire
(Aiphone wire NH‑1SA/A or (Aiphone wire
(Aiphone wire #862208 wire #862208 or (Aiphone wire
(Aiphone wire #862208) NH‑2SA/A #862208)
#862210) or #822203) #822203) #821803 x 2)
Max. 16' to Max. 65' to Max. 330' per trunk Max. 330' per Max. 50' to NH‑1SA/A, Max. 50' to NH‑1SA/A Max. 165'
Wire Distance PS‑2420UL NHX‑80X line (cumulative)
trunk line NH‑2SA/A, or NHR‑3TS or NH‑2SA/A with 18AWG
Local Aiphone Experts are here to help.

Nurse Call (NHX Series) Brochure  UL 1069 Listed ISO-14001 ISO 9001:2008 Deming
Certified Certified Prize
08 / 2016
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