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CHP194 – IET600/ITT600 for SAS600 Modi-

fication – System Integration

Course goal
The participants acquire in-depth application knowledge to maintain, modify and test components of a
substation automation system. The goal is to understand and apply the process for maintaining and ex-
tending an existing IEC61850 SAS600 project engineered by ABB. The system is based on MicroSCADA
Pro, COM500i/SYS600C and REC670 IEDs. Latest platform versions are used such as: IET600, PCM600,
MicroSCADA Pro and the ITT600.

Main learning objectives

The participants will be able to: Prerequisites
— Memorize all features of the standard Engineering degree, technical college qualifica-
IEC 61850 important for the system inte- tions or equivalent, experience with SA automa-
gration and the related tools tion systems, also with customer specifications
— Describe Ethernet and its communica- Required basic courses or relevant experience:
tion components like switches — CHP107 Digital Substation Automation Sys-
— Explain the integration process for SAS600 tems – Fundamentals
systems — CHP172 MicroSCADA Pro for Substation Au-
— Identify all features of products important tomation Solutions – Configuration
for the maintenance task — A selection out of the product courses from
— Use the IET600 system integration tool to the Relion® series like:
apply various modification in SAS600 system CHP115, CHP118 or similar courses
— Perform modification in a demo system
— Set the modified and reconfigured system Topics
into operation (commissioning) — Summary of the features in the standard
— Identify possible cyber security features IEC 61850 important for system integra-
— Trouble shoot IEC61850 systems/devices by tors including SCL files (system configura-
using ITT600 tool suite for system testing tion description language)
and debugging — The system modification process for SAS600
series systems with IET600
Participant profile — The concept and handling of the IET600 sys-
Only for customer engineers with an ABB tem integration tool (scl file import/export)
SAS600 system including IET600, i.e. peo- — Single Line Diagram extension and modifica-
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ple who are maintaining, testing or com- tion

missioning SAS600 systems. Technical per- — RCB, GCB, Dataset modification/genera-
sonnel from ABB companies. tion and dataflow definition

ABB Switzerland Ltd
LC Substation Automation and Protection 2017-11-03
Bruggerstrasse 72
CH-5400 Baden
+41 58 585 53 74 ABB MyLearning
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— ABB’s bay reservation concept via GOOSE Course type
and Interlocking via GOOSE This is a face to face class room training with
— HMI signal modification for MicroSCADA maximum 12 participants.
— NCC data engineering for
COM500i/SYS600C gateway Learning methods and tools
— Import/Export of scl data (icd, cid/iid, Lectures, group work, approx. 60% applied ex-
scd files) ercises, system integration and commissioning
— REC670 or REC650 configuration example of a sample system.
with GOOSE (Demo system) Laptop or tablet is required to have access to
— Loading the relevant parts of the SCD file the e-documentation. Please bring your own de-
with help of the product tool into the prod- vice
uct used in the training system
— MicroSCADA Pro modification Duration
CET: Loading IEC 61850 OPC Server with 2017: 8 days
modified scd file and testing with built-in 2018: 10 days (until Friday noon)
online diagnostics
Import modified MicroSCADA database, re- To Register:
load DA-client and verify modified communi-
cation, display modification/extension work,
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— 3rd party device integration (e.g. Siemens)
Non ABB press always COMPANY
— MicroSCADA COM500i/SYS600C gateway
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— ITT600 practice for testing/commissioning
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— Performing efficient update and re-configu-
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ration task by using IET Dataloader (MIET)
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for MicroSCADA
course schedule can be found on our
— Commissioning of the system and verifica-
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tion of it as specified/expected

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