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The Coat of Arms of The City of Newcastle Upon Tyne

Crest of the Gild of Freemen of Newcastle Upon Tyne

Front cover and Guild photographs

by Steve Brock Photography
Tel 0191-2863430 Mobile 07932948245

2007 is proving to be a year of challenge for the
Freemen of Newcastle on two counts. Contents
Firstly, environmental vandalism is impacting upon our
Editorial 4
ability to safely sustain grazing in those areas of moor
that touch upon the western fringe of the city. As a Stewards Committee report 5-7
consequence, we are working with various agencies
Footpaths/Cycleways 8
including the City Council and Police to do all that we
can to minimise the problem. Meet the Staff 9
Secondly, the Borough Freedom (Family Freedom through patrimony 10-11
Succession) Bill has floundered in Parliament. The Town Moor Charity 13
Bill was initially promoted by the Freemen of
Beverley (East Yorkshire) to introduce a consistent Corpus Christi Plays 14
approach to the admission of women to the From the Master of Gild 15
Freelage. Surprisingly this very simple and
pragmatic legislation and after so many years Invitation to join the 16
gestation failed to make it though to the Statute Gild of Freemen
Book. The Court of Guild has now determined that FEW -AGM 2007 17
steps should be taken by the Stewards Committee
to ascertain what if anything can be done to refresh Dates for your diary 18
the quest to bring about equality in the governance Useful Contact - 19
of our affairs. names and addresses
We have embarked upon an ambitious programme of
improvement, both in our organisational effectiveness
The Editorial Team
and in relation to the responsibility as the guardian of
a much cherished open space. Such objectives The Newcastle upon Tyne
demand a commitment and resource which we are Freemen Magazine,
confident the Freemen of Newcastle shall aspire to
and then go from strength to strength. Moor Bank Lodge,
Claremont Road
L.R Fenwick CBE. Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 4NL.
Chairman, Stewards Committee. e-mail

Grazing in the Moor Bank Lodge 'nursery' paddock- adjacent to Mary Magdalene & Holy Jesus Hospital

We are delighted to report that Issue 1 of our new Magazine was very well received
by the Newcastle Freemen and the others who made up our original mailing list.
Indeed it was a tonic for the Editorial Team to receive so many letters and Emails of
praise and encouragement as we focused our minds on issue 2. Thank you to all
who put pen to paper or clicked the “send” button on their computer.

Unfortunately, a handful of copies of Issue 1 were to those in need, and particularly the individual
returned by the postal service marked “No longer Freeman and his family. The Editorial Team will
at this address”. Hopefully, we can eventually continue to keep the readership abreast of the
catch up with these missing Freemen - assuming outstanding commitment of the Stewards’
they are still of this world. So, if you know of a Committee in their management of the Town
Freeman of Newcastle in your family or in your Moors and the Freemen’s Charities and Trusts.
Incorporated Company who is not receiving this
Hopefully, our magazine will kindle a fresh
free magazine, please ask them to notify us. You
interest in what it really means to be a Freeman of
will find our contact address at the back of this
Newcastle upon Tyne; and a proud realisation of
our responsibility for a commitment to preserve
Amongst the correspondence we received it was and strengthen the gift of the freelage that has so
interesting to learn that some of our new readers successfully prevailed over so many generations.
were not conversant with the amount of voluntary
Please keep on writing to or emailing, we will be
time, hands-on effort and money the Freemen of
pleased to receive your further comments,
Newcastle put into the preservation and upkeep
contributions and ideas.
of the Town Moors. Others appeared to be out of
touch with the monitory help that can be afforded Editorial Team

The installation of three new pedestrian bridges
was completed in late 2006 .These were
installed as part of an overall improvement of
the area known as Devil's Burn, a specialist
bridge manufacturer made and installed the
The City Council were responsible for the
approach pathways which they have now
completed adding the finishing touches to hedging is being undertaken to assist the
a project that has significantly improved the preservation of the burn banks and to
accessibility and safety for the cattle and encourage wild life.
local residents.
Whilst viewing the many improvements at the
Environmental issues were considered by our various sites you cannot help but feel a great
staff and following their recommendations, the sense of pride at being part of the Freemen of
planting of various species of shrubs and Newcastle upon Tyne.

Reinstatement of the traditional metal (circa In addition to enhanced visual impact the
19th Century) fencing on Castle Leazes is more robust specification and greater
now complete. resistance to vandalism has prompted
proposals to extend the specifications to for
The project has proven to be very successful,
example, Grandstand Road/ Kenton Road
with an excellent standard of workmanship
corner and the Nuns Moor adjoining Fenham
and installation. As a consequence and in
Hall Drive.
light of the appreciative feedback from local
residents and the City Council steps are being All in all it is anticipated more the £350.000
taken to undertake similar installations in will be expended over a twelve month period
other areas of perimeter fence lines. in bringing about these improvements.

Forsyth Road Allotments

The Allotment site at Grandstand Road was
vacated in December 2006. The area is
being reclaimed in preparation for a return
to grazing.
An area on the Highbury South allotments
had without prior agreement been annexed
as a wild life corridor and as a consequence There are nine sites, giving in excess of eight
become rather overgrown and derelict. The hundred full size allotment plots on leased
City Council have cleared the area and Town Moor land. As many allotments are let
undertaken preparatory groundwork to as half or in some cases quarter plots, it is
enable cultivation to once again flourish. The likely over a thousand Newcastle upon Tyne
take up by allotment holders has been very residents and their families are benefiting
encouraging; in excess of thirty plots are from land made available by the Freemen for
available to the Allotment Association. local cultivation

In accordance with the direction and authority of the court of guild,
the Stewards Committee are addressing the circumstances of any
Company who are reluctant to grant membership to Freemen, who
despite claiming to have hailed thorough a Company and being in
possession of an Oath paper, showing the pre-requisite hereditary
line, are frustrated the Company rules prevent admission.
Any issues or concerns from individual Freemen who feel they are
disenfranchised as a consequence of not being a Company Keeper,
they should not hesitate to contact the Stewards Committee on
0191-2615970 NAME
Is your Company actively participating in the Court of Guild? CHANGE
The conspicuous absence of some Company Stewards is of At their Head meeting the
concern. The Guild wishes to encourage active and influential members of the Masters &
involvement in the good government of the Freemen hence, all Mariners Company voted
Companies are being asked to ensure a commitment to
unanimously to change
their name and with
immediate affect.
The new name is in essence
that given on the Charter
NOTICE BOARD granted by Queen Elizabeth
to Trinity House in 1584 i.e.
The Saddlers Company reported: ‘Master Pilots and Seamen
• George A.Thompson. Senior of the Trinity House of
Steward, Newcastle upon Tyne’.
died 5th November 2006. To avoid the risk of
• Bertram.J.M.Mather. has taken misunderstanding or
on the responsibility as Senior ambiguity with Trinity
Steward of the Company. House per se’, the
Company are now called
The Tanners Company reported:
‘The Company of Freemen
• Gordon Johnson died 10th of the Master, Pilots and
November 2006. Seamen of the Corporation
• Robert Kenmuir Story died of the Trinity House,
10th November 2006. Newcastle upon Tyne, for
ease of reference the
• Head Meeting Day, 9th July 2007 @
Company in day to day
6:45pm Freemen’s Hall, Blackfriars
affairs will be referred to
Newcastle upon Tyne
and at Guild proceedings
The Hostmen's Company reported: by the name ‘Freemen of
• Cedric Batalha-Reis Burrell, died 17th Trinity House’
February 2007

Phase 2 of the City Council scheme to upgrade the
footpath/cycleway recommenced once the grazing season
ended on 31st Oct 2006 The scheme included upgrading the
path to path/cycleway, installing new lighting columns and CCTV
cameras, all of this was completed in time for the start of the
grazing season at the beginning of April 2007. The new
footpath/cycleways run between Forsyth Road, Claremont Road,
Grandstand Road, Great North Road (south) crossing at the
centre of the Town Moor.
This scheme fits in well with our commitment for improved
accessibility to encourage public use of the Moors, for air and
exercise, walking to a place of work, or to go shopping in the
City, which is all beneficial to health and the environment. The
new lighting and CCTV cameras adds to the security of
pedestrians and cyclists alike. It is anticipated the installation of
CCTV cameras will also deter vandalism to the Town Moor gates.

We have 3 permanent staff At present our working day moors receive the right treatment.
dedicated to the care of the Town revolves around one of the many Soil samples are obtained every
Moors and Cattle. environmental improvement five years to assist in choosing
contracts we have ongoing at the correct type of dressing for
Kevin Batey, Town Moor Foreman,
the moment. the moors.
David Holland and Billy Harland,
Agricultural Staff, The main project is replacing the Rubbish clearing from all of our
old timber boundary fence lines in moors, fly tipping is an ongoing
We asked Kevin to give a snapshot some of our high profile areas with
of the varied tasks he and his staff problem in our area and this
Elizabethan style metal fencing, the
would be involved with on a day to ensures that this type of task is
same pattern that used to abound
day basis. never ending.
our moors prior to the second
Our working day begins at 8am, World War. This style of fencing As spring moves into early summer
unless interrupted earlier by an has a few purposes, as well as we start to host quite a lot of events
emergency call out. This could be being aesthetically pleasing on the on the various moors. This can be
anything relating to the health of eye and not as intrusive as the an interruption on our day but as a
the livestock grazing the moors, for wooden fences. It is almost vandal lot of the events are fund raising
proof which does help to keep the events we are happy to assist and
example from a cow calving to a
livestock we graze (this season a make sure they run smoothly.
lame beast. It may be that the
total of 549) on the right side of
cattle have escaped onto the Daily checks of the livestock and
the fence.
highway through an act of perimeter fences are in place to
vandalism on our gates or fences Other tasks at this time of the
year are as follows: ensure that the cattle have as much
or it could be the Air Ambulance
of a trouble free grazing season as
(Sea King Helicopter) requesting Spring time harrowing to remove possible. After all this is how the
the landing site gates opened on the Taff from the grassland, this Stewards Committee ensure this
Castle Leazes Moor for an encourages a better healthier vast open space in the heart of our
ambulance to gain access to take sward for the cattle to graze. For
City remains protected.
an injured person or donor organs fertiliser spreading, we have a
to one of the nearby hospitals three year rotational programme Kevin Batey
in Newcastle. in place which ensures all of our Town Moor Foreman

New Freemen and Lord Mayor stand proud beneath the Tyne Bridge


Qualifications: for you to be sworn-in by the Lord Mayor. This
can be undertaken immediately following one of
Your father must have been sworn-in as a the three Court of Guilds held each year at the
Freeman of the City of Newcastle upon Tyne.
Guildhall, or alternatively in the Lord Mayor's
You must be aged 20 years or more. Your
Chambers at the Civic Centre at a mutually
residence or birthplace need not be local.
convenient date.
After you have been sworn-in you will receive
Procedure: your own oath paper which you will sign in the
Advise the Lord Mayor's Secretary at Lord presence of the Lord Mayor. In return the
Mayor's Chambers, Civic Centre, Newcastle custom is to present a non-current English silver
upon Tyne NE1 8QA. of your intention to take coin (pre 1910) to the Lord Mayor.
up your right to the freelage, he will require You will have to pay a nominal administration
sight of your father's oath paper and your Full charge (currently £1)
birth certificate. The Oath paper and birth
certificate will be returned to you. If you are eligible to become a Freeman of
Newcastle upon Tyne by patrimony, it is
Your name will be entered in the Guild Book and important that you are sworn-in during your
called at the next Court of Guilds lifetime. Failing to do this will deny the honour
After your name has been called the Lord and benefits of the Freedom passing on to
Mayors Secretary will arrange an appointment your descendants..

New Freemen
sworn in at the
Christmas Guild
with Diane
Packham Lord
David: son of
Garry David

New Freemen sworn in at the Easter Guild with Diane Packham Lord Mayor and Len Fenwick
Chairman of the Stewards Committee.: Mace and Sword Bearer
Michael John son of Brian Daniel Allison - SMITH:
Raymond son of George Steven Andrews - SADDLER:
Paul son of Ian Edward Hardy - BARBER SURGEON:
Lee Bruce son of James Johnson - TANNER:
Graeme Robert son of Peter Maule - BARBER SURGEON:
Lee Paul son of Trevor Graham Tate - HOUSE CARPENTER:
Graeme Michael son of Keith Taylor - MASTER & MARINER:
Daniel son of David Gary Waugh - UPHOLSTERER:
Raymond Andrews of the Saddlers Company, travelled from his home in Johannesburg South Africa
to be sworn in at the Easter Guild exemplifying the commitment of Freemen, and the importance of
retaining the ability to pass on the honour to their descendants.

We are once again preparing to welcome the So put the date in your dairy and bring the
Northern Syndicate and Showmen’s Guild as family along for a great day out and enjoy all
they bring the fair to Newcastle upon Tyne the fun of the Fair, the rides and stalls, or just
Town Moor from 22nd - 30th June 2007 for wonder around the showground and soak up
the annual Hoppings. an incredible atmosphere.

Known by the Newcastle Freemen as the Mother Church
My Altitude High, my Body four Square,
My Foot in the Grave, my Head in the Air,
My Eyes in my Sides, five Tongues in my Womb,
Thirteen Heads upon my Body, four Images alone;
I can direct you where the Wind doth stay,
And I tune God’s Precepts twice a-Day,
I am seen where I am not, I am heard where I is not,
Tell me now what I am, and see that you miss not.
Ben Johnson. 1572 - 1637

The principle source of you know of a son or daughter We do on regular occasions
income for the TMMC is of a Freeman attending or have applicants who qualify
derived from intakes, letting of about to start University get for TMMC who should have
Town Moor land up to an them to complete an been applying for grants from
overall maximum of 100 acres. application form. the Charity for many years
past, but have missed out
The Charity offers financial Application forms can be
because they did not know
help to Freemen, their obtained and returned via
the Charity existed, so my
Widows or their Daughters, your Company Senior
message to all Freemen is
irrespective of their age or Steward.
please discuss the Charity at
where they live, provided they TMMC grant payments are your Company Meetings or
are on a lower income. made twice per year in June within your family and spread
Application Forms are and December. the word, we are here to help.
available from Company Your Charity can also help I look forward to many new
Stewards, or our Freemen their Widows or applications for help from
Administration Office. Daughters who "are in need" "Your Charity".
We also help sons & through unexpected expense,
daughters of Freemen who if you are in doubt and would
are embarking on University like to know if you would
courses, with the cost of going qualify, write to me at the
to University so high the Moor Bank Lodge office, the
TMMC is already helping a address can be found at the Keith Hall
good number of students. If back of this publication. Chairman

We can provide assistance with higher education

The Historical traditions of the Freemen are very gazed from the tapestry-hung windows.
diverse. One very interesting aspect are the plays
They arrived first at the mother church of St
performed by the various Guilds, ‘The Corpus
Nicholas to worship, with the peals of bells ringing
Christi Plays’, or ‘Miracle Plays’ were for two or
aloud, and then the procession moved on until it
three centuries performed by the trading
was time to break up with each party filing off to its
companies of Newcastle upon Tyne, gradually
appointed place.
declining, then acted only occasionally by special
command of the Mayor, until the total suppression The crowd took its choice of the many
of all ancient plays by King James. entertainments which were about to be opened at
The plays were performed on the feast of Corpus the Sandhill, the Spittal, Moor (the Play-Field) or
Christi, (which can fall in June or July) which was a other favourable parts of the town where they
very important day in the Freemen’s year. It must performed their plays before the assembled
have been a pleasant sight to have seen the spectators. The stages, some of permanent
various fellowships marching from their meeting structures, however most consisted of a wagon
houses and places of assembly, uniting in with an awning, under which the play was
procession through the town with music playing, performed. The floor of the wagon (which was
carrying torches, banners, and silken canopies. curtained) was sufficiently high from the ground to
The Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and town officers in enable the players to attire themselves underneath
their robes, rode first, followed by the craftsmen, it. These plays taught the people something of the
each dressed to represent some biblical character history of the Bible, it is understood that often the
or hero of ancient history. For example, King language used and the mode of representation
David, King Solomon, St. George of Cappadocia, was indelicate and obscene, but it must be
Alexander the Great, and many other famous men remembered that they were to impress and
of old. They were looked on with admiration and entertain rude and vulgar minds of those
cheered by the crowds, which lined the streets or attending, most of who were illiterate.

THE GILD Les Hogarth

Due to the planned timing for the publication Our next meeting is the Head Meeting (AGM)
of Issue 2 of this new magazine of ours, I find on Monday the 14th May, and my last in the
that I have been given the opportunity to write chair as Master of the Gild. I will be handing
to you all again as Master of the Gild. over to Stephen Healy who takes the reigns for
In my last message we were looking forward the next two years.
our Christmas Buffet which now seems long I got a lot of pleasure in carrying out my duties
ago. I can report that good food and plenty of as Master of the Gild over the last two years.
drinks were enjoyed by all who attended the While in office it has been a delight to meet so
event.. We sang carols and past away the time many Freemen and their families during
meeting with family and friends of fellow organized events. I thank you all who
Freemen. I would like to thank the Court of supported me during this period and wish my
Assistance for their preparation and help on the successor an equally enjoyable time during his
day, and also thank those who donated prizes term as Master of the Gild.
for the Master’s charity raffle. George Gee, in
Good Health to you all.
his usual enthusiastic manner, organized the
raffle, which is always one of the highlights of
our Christmas Buffet. On this occasion, George
sold so many tickets
that the Gild was able
to donate the sum of £100
to the Master’s chosen
charity - The Women’s Cancer
Detection Society at the Queen
Elizabeth Hospital in Gateshead. In
a letter from the Society’s Finance
Secretary, thanks was expressed to “those
who organized the raffle and to all who
donated the prizes and of course to everyone
who supported the event and gave so
generously”. As Master of the Gild, I
wholeheartedly concur with these sentiments.

Freedom of our City is a treasured inheritance that If, prior to receiving the “Freemen Magazine”, you
has been actively maintained and fiercely guarded were not a recipient of the “Gild Newsletter”, this
by our predecessors. As Freemen of today, it is our means that you are not a registered Gild member.
lifetime duty to play our part in keeping the So now is the opportunity to make your personal
Newcastle upon Tyne freedom strong, safe and in commitment to the good work of the Newcastle
good order for our descendants. upon Tyne Gild of Freemen. The subscription is
only £2 per year (£1 if you are 65 plus). For this
The Gild (old English spelling) provides an organi-
small contribution towards the Gild funds you have
sation to which every Freeman of Newcastle upon
the opportunity to participate in Gild meetings and
Tyne can commit and contribute to:
be involved in their events and activities. If you do
• The promotion of social, cultural and educational not reside in the North East of England, the Gild
activities for the benefit of Freemen, their part- could introduce you to an associated body of
ners and their families. Freemen near to where you live.
• The promotion of knowledge and appreciation of To join the Newcastle upon Tyne Gild of
the ancient custom of the freedom and its lawful Freemen send your full name and address and
role in Newcastle upon Tyne today. the name of your Incorporated Company, with
• The promotion of friendly relations with other your cheque/PO to Alan Robson, the Gild Hon.
bodies of Freemen within the Freemen of Treasurer. You will find Alan’s address on the
England and Wales Association. inner back cover of this magazine.

Friday 7th to Sunday 9th September

The finishing touches are being put to the As Newcastle upon Tyne have a Guild
plans for the celebration of the 900th Membership of FEW all Freemen of Newcastle
anniversary of the granting of a Charter to the are free to attend this weekend with their part-
Merchants of Leicester by Robert of Meulen, ners and friends. If you are an Individual
allowing the Merchants to reform their Gild and Member of FEW you will automatically receive a
enjoy the rights and customs that they had booking form with your copy of the FEW
during the time of William of Normandy. These gazette. If you are not an Individual Member of
celebrations will be held in conjunction with the FEW and are interested in attending the above
Freemen of England and Wales 2007 AGM weekend in Leicester, contact Alan Robson, his
weekend. All readers are urged to mark this contact details are at the back of this magazine.
weekend in their diaries.
The weekend will be based at the 4-star Holiday
Inn Hotel in the centre of Leicester, which has
ample parking facilities and is within 400 yards of
the Cathedral, Town Hall and city centre. The
programme will follow the usual format with an
Executive meeting and a welcoming dinner on
the Friday, a general forum and AGM on the
Saturday morning, followed by a choice of out-
ings to either the National Space Centre or a
guided tour of the city’s historical sites. A Gala
Banquet will be held on the Saturday evening
when the principal guests will be the Duke and
Duchess of Rutland. The Duke is a descendant
of the aforesaid Robert of Meulen, to whom it
can be said that the existence of the Freemen of
Leicester is owed. On Sunday, there will be a
service at the delightful St Mary de Castro
Church, preceded by a robed parade, and the
weekend will come to a close with a civic recep-
tion in the Town Hall.

Weekend 7th - 9th September 2007 Saturday 15th December 2007
Freemen of England and Wales AGM Newcastle Gild of Freemen Christmas
weekend in the City of Leicester - see page Buffet, upstairs in the Newcastle Guildhall,
17 for details. starting at 12 noon.
Booking forms must be returned
Monday 15th October 2007 to the Gild Hon. Treasurer before the
10th December.
Michaelmas Guild, upstairs in the
Newcastle Guildhall (on Quayside, bottom
of Dean Street) Monday 14th January 2008
Close Court of Guilds (for Company Christmas Guild, upstairs in the
Stewards only) starts at 10AM Newcastle Guildhall (On Quayside, bottom
At this particular meeting the Stewards’ of Dean Street)
Committee is democratically elected for the Close Court of Guilds (for Company
ensuing year. Stewards only) starts at 10 AM
Open Court of Guilds (for all Freemen Open Court of Guilds (for all Freemen
of Newcastle upon Tyne) starts at 12 of Newcastle upon Tyne) starts at
noon prompt 12 noon prompt
You must be seated by 12 noon You must be seated by 12 noon for the
for the Open Guild in readiness to receive Open Guild in readiness to receive the
the Lord Mayor. Lord Mayor.
The meeting concludes with new Freemen The meeting concludes with new Freemen
being called, and if present sworn in by the being called, and if present sworn in by
Lord Mayor.
the Lord Mayor.
After the proceedings a buffet lunch and
After the proceedings a buffet lunch and
refreshments are available in the Merchant
refreshments are available in the Merchant
Adventurers Court.
Adventurers Court.

Monday 8th October 2007

Annual Guild Days.
Newcastle Gild of Freemen Meeting,
Christmas Guild - the first Monday
upstairs in the Newcastle Guildhall, starting
at 7.30PM. after 13th January
Easter Guild - the first Monday after
Easter Monday
Monday 10th December 2007
Michaelmas Guild - the first Monday
Newcastle Gild of Freemen Meeting, after Michaelmas Monday
upstairs in the Newcastle Guildhall, starting
at 7.30PM

Freemen of Newcastle upon Tyne
Administrator and Office
Mrs P. Ansell,
Moor Bank Lodge,
Claremont Road,
Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 4NL
Telephone 0191 2615970
Fax. 0191 2324677
Web site:

Gild of Freemen of the City of Newcastle upon Tyne

Hon. Treasurer of the Gild
“Monarkens Fryd,”
4 Parklands,
Hamsterley Mill,
Rowlands Gill,
Tyne and Wear, NE39 1HH,
Telephone 01207 543509

The Freemen of England and Wales Association

Warden for the North of England
Mr. J. W. N. Petty ,
7 Wentworth Grange,
The Grove,
Newcastle upon Tyne NE3 1NL
Telephone 0191 2850591

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The Coat of Arms of The City of Newcastle Upon Tyne

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