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BE E 3


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The Coat of Arms of the City of

Newcastle upon Tyne

Front cover: Blackfriars at night, Newcastle upon Tyne

Stewards Committee and New Freemen photographs courtesy
of Lee Dobson (
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BE E 3
We can look forward to 2008 with


pride and confidence
heath where the public
can enjoy rights of
“air and exercise”.
A strategy to reinforce the
agricultural dimension of our Editorial 4
affairs is of pivotal to the Organisational Restructure 5
revival of the role of Town
Town Moors 6
Moor superintendent and all
this entails. The Stewards The Hoppings 7
Committee are delighted
Committee. New Freemen 8
Kevin Batey is to carry the
mantle in this regard. Antiquated Poetry 9
The Freemen are much more Notice Board 10
than a historical artefact hence
Customs & Excise Visit 11
are moving forward to ensure
the legacy Newcastle upon Blackfriars 12-13
Tyne is so justly proud of can Stints 14
The traditional values which be successfully sustained.
are the bedrock of the The Master of the Gild 15
I am entering into by 21st year
Freemen are being upheld in as Chairman. For 20 of those FEW Leicester weekend 16-17
all that we do but the Court of years. Stephen Alderson has
Guild and the Stewards Dates for your Diary 18
been Vice Chairman.
Committee do recognise that Stephen has chosen to step Contacts 19
in this day and age there are down from this appointment
the dynamics of a changing and he will be sorely missed
society which must be account by myself and colleagues,
for. As a consequence we are The Editorial Team
having contributed so The Newcastle upon Tyne
pursuing environmental much to the work of the
improvement to enhance the Freemen Magazine
Stewards Committee. Moor Bank Lodge
landscape yet not detract from
the very essence of the open The positive feedback in Claremont Road
space as an area where relation to the magazine is Newcastle upon Tyne
ancient rights of “sole and very much appreciated. Do NE2 4NL
several” pasture are not hesitate to voice opinions. E-mail
successfully exercise. As we
all know without the grazing L.R.Fenwick CBE
cattle there would not be the Chairman Stewards
Moors as an unfettered open Committee

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Editorial Team
The Editorial Team continue to be enthused by
the positive feed-back from our readers

Your encouragement has been interposed

with useful ideas for features and articles, all of
which are carefully considered and utilised
wherever possible.
Our magazine is being distributed world wide, the
eventual aim being to deliver a copy to every
individual Freeman of Newcastle upon Tyne. If
you are aware of any case where this is not so,
please let the Editorial Team know so the mailing
list can be modified accordingly.
Although magazine returns have decreased, we Alan Robson Jim Johnson
still had 15 copies of issue2 returned by the Royal
Mail; so please make sure you promptly inform us The day to day variety and pressure of work
of any change of circumstance. Likewise, any shouldered by the Stewards’ Committee and the
items you would like to share with your fellow Town Moor Staff has come as a big surprise to
Freemen, such as new Stewards, deceased many of our readers. Some had not realised that
Freemen, or important Company information, can there is such a substantial investment in time
all be posted on the magazine’s “Notice Board” . and money from the Freemen of Newcastle
Contact details for the Editorial Team can be found upon Tyne that goes into the upkeep and
on page 3 of this newsletter. management of the Town Moors – this being
It is our intention to continually remind you of the contrary to the local media reports of past years.
benefits that are available to Freemen of Our newsletter does not have enough copy
Newcastle upon Tyne and their families; and we space to report in detail on the vast volume of
will tell you how to apply for such benefits. work undertaken by the Stewards’ Committee,
but we promise to always keep you abreast of
In this issue we cover in detail the subject of
“Stints” – beneficial to you if you live within the the topical highlights.
boundaries of the City of Newcastle upon Tyne. We look forward to reading your letters
In this case, as with the other benefits, it is up to and emails.
the individual to apply. Your Company Steward is
always there to give assistance, if required. Editorial Team

‘‘ It is our intention to continually remind you of the benefits that are

available to Freemen of Newcastle upon Tyne and their families; and
we will tell you how to apply for such benefits.
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The Stewards Committee have undertaken an
organisational review of the supporting infrastructure
and related costs
We have also considered the future The positions of Administrator and
strategic direction of the organisation Town Moor Foreman are discontinued.
and the imperatives we must achieve Kevin Batey was successful with his
in order to be a viable and successful application for the position of Town
organisation and ensure stability in Moor Superintendent which merged
the future. tasks and responsibilities of both
Arising out of a lengthy consultation Administrator and Foreman role.
period where our staff were given the David Holland and Billy Harland,
opportunity to express their views agricultural staff wished to continue in
and have an input, we found the their existing jobs.
enthusiasm for change from our staff
very encouraging. Mrs Ansell did not want to be
considered for the post of Town Moor
The first phase of the re-organisation Superintendent, and requested the
was to restructure our staff following statement be conveyed to
responsibilities; in particular the all Freemen.
position of Town Moor Superintendent
has been reintroduced and combines “I am proud at having set up the Office
the tasks of the Town Moor Foreman at Moor Bank Lodge, of my many
and Administrator, improving our varied achievements whilst in post and
effectiveness in managing the various the cordial working relationships
aspects of Town Moor management. forged over the years.
The enhanced role and accountability I wish to say ‘thank you’ to the
of the Stewards Committee members multitude of contacts and friends in the
with distinct areas of management vast number of external organisations I
responsibility has served to institute a have had the pleasure of working with
much greater spirit of ownership and over the last 23 years and extend best
team working with inherent wishes to my many friends in the
organisational flexibility and better individual Companies of Freemen.
informed deployment of resource. There are too many to name
individually, but no doubt each
one will recognise themselves in
this statement.
Please be assured I am in good health
and looking forward to new ventures”.
We are now setting up a review of
our IT system, and the external
infrastructure at Moor Bank Lodge to
ensure we are in the best position to
face the challenges of the future.
Moor Bank Lodge

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Grazing Traditional Elizabethan

the Moors
Despite the rather
metal fences
changeable weather Our environmental improvement The reclamation of the Grandstand Rd
grazing was very good this program continues with the allotment site is now complete, the
season with 549 cattle installations of new fence lines at grass sword is flourishing and the
depastured on the various Nuns Moor adjoining Ponteland Rd, finishing touch being the new fence.
Town Moors. Fenham Hall Drive, Nuns Moor being It is intended to complete the
complete with the Elizabethan remainder of the Dukes Moor leading
Foot and mouth restrictions
specification. The exception being up to Blue House during the winter
were a concern, the
Nuns Moor Park where a metal period leading into 2008.
restrictions prevented the
movement of cattle even palisade fence was introduced, as a A further phase is now planned for
between Moors, hence counter measure to the anti-social the Nuns Moor perimeter to the north
when a cow calved we behaviour that poses a threat to the of Fenham Hall Drive and the
were unable to have them grazing cattle. Ponteland junction.
returned to the farm being
the normal practice.
Also as we neared the end
of the grazing season the New cattle pens
phased removal of cattle by New cattle pens have been installed at Dukes Moor and Nuns Moor, as can
the farmers was restricted, be seen the pens are of high specification to ensure a safe working
hence 215 head of cattle environment for our staff and graziers, also as good husbandry during the
had to graze longer than movement of cattle back to the farms.
anticipated on the Town
Moor and combined with
the loss of the Hoppings
site due to reinstatement,
even with 70 acres to graze
the cattle headed for the
hills as they pursued the
perfect eight inch fresh
green grass, they will be
returning to the farms not
only healthy but fitter.
Ricky Alder
Stewards Committee

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The Hoppings 2007

Due to persistent rain the pull on In real terms the event was a authority in running such an event
and setup of the fair was put back costly write off with operational and the financial consequences.
one day in an attempt to minimize losses all round. Town Moor Along with our staff, to whom the
damage to the site. The circular herbage reinstatements has travelling Showpeople have paid
service road drainage incurred extraordinary expense in great tribute for the tireless effort
improvements proved to be excess of £70,000, prompting the and commitment they showed
helpful but the concentration of Freemen in partnership with the before and during the fair, in
heavy vehicles across some 40 City Council to consider certain particular in ensuring the safe
acres took their toll. evacuation of the vehicles and
On opening day the sun came out equipment in what proved the
to greet the Lord Mayor for the most atrocious conditions in living
official opening, the crowds memory and the energy shown in
turned out, hopes were high and commencing the reinstatement of
fingers were crossed this was the the Moor. We are striving to help
start of a good Hoppings, but with make sure the Hoppings
dusk came the rain, along with the continues, having said that, we
previous wet weather and by the realise the event must modernise
turn of the week the fairground to keep pace with the
became a quagmire. requirements and expectations of
Many thousands still turned out key elements, scope and layout of the public at large
and “plodged” through the mud, the fair, density of equipment To achieve our objectives we
determined to enjoy the fair, including living trailers, types of will continue to work closely
returning home covered in mud, rides and their suitability, impact with the City Council and the
wet, but happy, in typical of environmental damage year on Northern Syndicate of the
Geordie fashion. year, future organisation and Showmen’s Guild.

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Stewards Committee
Elected at the Michaelmas Guild for the ensuing year:
Mace Bearer, P.Anderson, J.Johnson, K.Hall, H.D.Wilson Vice Chairman, Councillor P.J.Arnold Lord Mayor,
L.R.Fenwick Chairman of the Stewards Committee, W.Frizzle, D.M.Lowdon, I.F.Miller, C.Atkinson,
F.H.Alder, Sword Bearer,
also elected (not in photograph) R.M.Grey Hon Treasurer, A.R. Bainbridge

New Freemen
Lord Mayor Mr Peter John Arnold
with new Freemen.
Ryan Phillip Sample son of Noel, House
Carpenter. Christopher Henry Thompson
son of Robert, Butcher.
David Thompson son of Brian, Butcher.
Oliver James Freeman Pashley son of
Simon James, Shipwright.
Sworn in at the Michaelmas Guild
October 8th 2007.

James Duncan Usher, son of Gordon Frazer, Cordwainer.

Sworn in at the Civic Centre June 18th 2007

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Poetry of powerful
Freemen in the 1700s
When reading through our magazine, it is easy to assume it is a new concept,
keeping the Freemen of Newcastle informed of our affairs, alas no. Way back in
the mid-1700s (when Bonnie Prince Charlie was around), a publication was
produced "The Freemen’s Magazine" or the Constitutional Repository. It contained
accounts of Guild proceedings, articles such as the bills of Rights, letters to the
editor and the replies, the Burgess Poll for the election of Members for Newcastle
upon Tyne, and the names and company of all Freemen taking part, (noting it
was the Freemen alone who elected Members of Parliament). This old publication
also contained odes and poems to amuse the readers; one such poem
‘The UNFORTUNATE CUCKOLD’ gives a brief glimpse into humour of the time.

The Unfortunate Cuckold

FATIGUE’D with work of the day, She struck him with
Gay John homeward does bend his way; them on the head;
Knocks at his door, but is was lock’d Extended poor
Within, and entrance quite was block’d. John on the floor,
He thunders then with all his force, Then her gallant run
Call’s his wife till he was hoarse, out of the door.
Who was then with her gallant toying, Not yet content
And Venus’s pleasures full enjoying. with what
Their hearing such a thundering noise, she’d done,
Did then confute their present joy’s. The devil who did like such fun,
Under the bed she hides her gallant, Made her again to mischief run.
For she had a most cunning talent; John had not yet recovered,
The gin-pot after him she threw Nor could lift up his aking head,
Under the bed, the pot it flew Before she struck another blow
To pieces, this their fright renew. With the bellows, the blood did flow,
Then eagerly opens the door, Death seemed in his eyes to glow.
Says John, could you not hear before ? She went where all the cash was laid,
But let me stand an hour to roar ? Took all, nor then one moment staid,
Says she, I had a great head-ach, But quick after her gallant hied,
And on the bed a nap did take. Regardless if John liv’d or died.
In truth, says he, all is not weel, When John a little did recover,
For an odd smell I’m sure I feel. His senses did begin to hover;
Then for a candle quick did go, He went in haste his desk to open,
All her craft could not stop the woe, With sorrow saw it had been broken;
Which was then hasting to begin, Cash, cloaths-all gone –
All on account of the curs’t gin. shocking to say!
The Devil, who does always hear, His senses in an instant flew away.
And help all those who do him fear, Old Nick a rope laid in his way,
Made her to duty then quite blind, To end the strife – chase grief away;
A pair of bellows chanc’d to find: And possessed by the hellish elf,
While John did look under the bed, Without ado– he hang’d himself.

061 Freemen Nov 07 27/11/07 23:10 Page 11

New Stew ements
and bereav
New Stewa rs Company
John Tate
Return o
Bereaveme y
mpan Town M f the
Butchers Co o
Derek A lde r Superint or
Taylors Com
g in
James Fog Since the
Trinity House retiremen
Freemen of
Douglas M f
Company, 1996 the rley in
and Colliers f Freemen
r of the Gild o Stewards
Past Maste Committe
e has
r Hall
James Taylo operated
with the
distinct ro
any les
eons Comp Administr of
Barber Surg th and Town r
st Hogar
Alfred Erne Foreman
Kevin Bate respectiv
ompany y
apprentice (pictured) joined th ely
Bricklayers C in 1985 o e staff as
under the n leaving an
Robert Row and beca
of Dougla
school an
me Town s,
Moor Fore flourished
Company We are d
Upholterers elighted K man.
oatsworth the more evin has st
Robert A.C Superinte
ensive ro
epped up
ndent wh le of
agricultura ich embra
la ces both
as routine nd environmental
administr d
ative affair uties as well

Michaelmas Guild
The Guild at Michae
lmas paid tribute to
for the contribution Pat Ansell
she has made to the
organisation and we
llbeing of the Freem
spent some 23 years en, having
as Administrator du
of significant change ring times
and development.

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Customs and Excise visit!

On the day the Showmen were to both tractors to test the fuel (ie. involves a 2 fold plus cost increase
arrive to set up on the Town gas oil) that was being used. because of tax – fuel duty
Moor, the Chairman Len Fenwick Arising out of the test and the surcharge, should be used on
was present on site to address initial response given, the Town Moor based activities.
prevailing ground conditions with Chairman was placed under The guidance is less than clear in
the staff and also, Messrs Colin caution and obliged to respond to respect to type of activity different
Noble and John Murphy of the a series of structured questions as fuel must be used. The outcome
Northern Syndicate. The staff part of a detailed lengthy was that for some but not all
were deployed at this time interview and in providing a activity red diesel could be used,
undertaking routine preparatory recorded statement but as a tractor has a single fuel
tasks, much of which was directed tank, the dual fuelling is neither
at surface protection work. Both The tractors were released from
seizure following negotiation and practicable nor appropriate.
tractors were in use.
avoidance of an on the spot fine. As a consequence it was decided
Unbeknown, the staff were under Subsequently, a senior to run our tractors solely on white
surveillance and a team from investigating officer attended diesel, the fuel storage and
Customs & Excise came onto site Moor Bank Lodge to meet with dispensing installation at Moor
in a vehicle, and following some myself, Honorary Treasurer and Bank Lodge has had to be
initial questioning impounded the Chairman to further address replaced at a cost of £2,100.
whether or not derv (white diesel)
or gas oil (red diesel) which
Kevin Batey
Town Moor Superintendent

Impounded tractors on the Town Moor

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The Dominican or Black Friars Blackfriars Church that Edward
settled in Newcastle in the early Baliol, with the Earls of Athol,
11th century. There had been a Dunbar, Mat and Buchan did
community of Friars Preachers homage to King Edward III for
since 1238-9, it is assumed that the Kingdom of Scotland in the
the Dominican friary was presence of the Earl of Cromwell
consumed in the raging fire of and Warren, the Archbishop of
1248 along with the Tyne Bridge York and the Bishop of Carlisle.
and much of the Borough. The On the 10th January 1539, during
present Monastery of Blackfriars the reformation, King Henry VIII’s
was built by Sir Peter Scott and visitor (Richard) – the Suffragan
his son Nicholas Scott on a site Bishop of Dover, received the act
given by three sisters. This took of surrender signed by the Prior
place between 1250-1260. The visited en route to and from (Roland Harding). There were 14
building consisted of three sides Scotland. In 1322 King Edward II members of the Friary at its
with the church forming the and Queen Isabella stayed for dissolution. The church was
fourth, the walls being eight feet two weeks. In 1334 King Edward returned to the Crown and on
thick in places. III and Edward Baliol (the Scottish the 7th March 1543 King Henry
Over the years many Royals King) stayed; and it was in the VIII sold the remaining buildings

The Friars occupied the buildings from about 1240 until 1544
‘‘ some three centuries: but the Companies of Freemen were in full
occupation from 1555 up to 1955 and later.

061 Freemen Nov 07 27/11/07 23:10 Page 14


to the Mayor and Burgesses of Guilds became less prosperous Freemen’s Hall. This hall has its
Newcastle. The church itself and struggled to find the money own entrance built in 1679 and
was destroyed and the to meet cost of maintenance. repaired and restored in 1803,
recovered materials were used Sadly by 1951 the fabric of the 1823 and 1926 by the Smiths
to build the first lighthouse in buildings had come into Company. In the Freemen’s Hall
Tynemouth and the High and disrepair, so the Freemen there are fine fittings consisting
Low Lights in North Shields. handed over their rights in the of a Steward’s bench and desk, a
In 1552, the Corporation leased property to the City Council large round table with a wrought
the main range of buildings of pending the restoration of the iron enclosure and numbered
Blackfriars to nine ancient Craft buildings. At this time, some of seats for the Brethren. There is
Guilds of the Town for a yearly the Companies continued to also a fine carved wooden
rent of 42 shillings – each Craft use the halls for their meetings.
fireplace which dates from about
Guild to pay a ninth. These nine The City set out several
1775. The hall is still used today
Companies were the Smiths, the proposals on what to do with
for several of the Companies for
Tailors, the Cordwainers, Blackfriars, one of which was to
their meetings.
Saddlers, Dyers, Bakers and demolish the buildings and
Brewers, Skinners and Glovers, leave the foundations as an It is worth noticing that The Friars
Butchers and the Tanners. The ancient monument – this occupied the buildings from
halls were used as meeting was vigorously opposed by about 1240 until 1544 some
rooms and workshops along with the Freemen. three centuries: but the
a Pub called the Bakers and Finally, in 1963 the City Council Companies of Freemen were in
Brewers Arms in the area known converted the buildings into an full occupation from 1555 up to
as Friars Green. Over the years exhibition and education centre. 1955 and later – a century longer
the Guilds rebuilt and improved The Smiths Hall was retained for than the Friars. There is no doubt
the buildings. However, use by 5 of the original nine that the Freemen played a pivotal
following the Municipal Companies as their meeting roll in the preservation of
Corporations Act of 1835, the place – it is now known as the Blackfriars as seen today.

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The popular perception of a Freeman of Newcastle upon Tyne is that
he has an ancient legal right to graze his cattle on the Town Moor

The Freemen have ancient rights, enshrined in Committee do ensure that enough cattle are
legislation (i) to exercise rights of 'sole and several' depastured across the season (April to November)
pasture which enables the grazing of cattle on the and hence the integrity of the open space is
Town Moors. In essence this is the raison d'être of maintained as well as the distribution of the income
the Freemen and is the very reason why the Moors benefit to the respective Stint ticket holders.
still exist today as an open space. Without the Note: The quantum of Stint tickets are distributed
grazing cattle, the very future of the environment as each year following application to (pro-forma
we know it may well be put at risk! circulated annually) eligible beneficiaries to the
Any Freemen or his widow, providing they reside Town Moor Superintendent, Moor Bank Lodge,
within the boundary of the City of Newcastle upon Claremont Road, Newcastle upon Tyne. Closing
Tyne enjoy the rights to the privilege of grazing date lst April. A ballot is held in the Guildhall to
cattle. The number of cattle that each Freeman or determine distribution of any residue of tickets over
their dependants may seek to graze is dependant and above the basic quota.
upon the quota of 'Stints' earmarked on an annual Newcastle upon Tyne Town Moor Act 1988.
basis by the Stewards Committee. In particular, the
available acreage of fit for purpose pasture does
determine the total number of cattle that is then
converted into 'Stints'.
The expectation is that some 800 'Stints' will be
allocated and recognising in this day and age that
whilst the duty to effectively graze the Moors is a
statutory duty, the beneficiaries themselves will not
be in a position to directly provide and lead cattle
onto the Moors. As a consequence the Stewards
Guild Hall under the Tyne Bridge

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The Master of the Gild

This is my first column as Master of the Gild, but I do not want to waste
the space in pledges and emotional words. So, to business!
One of the principal functions associated with the and others with “questionable” admissions policies).
Gild of Freemen in recent years was the Gild It was equally understood however, that the Gild
newsletter, which went to members of the Gild and could be as much an additional interest to company-
was financed through their Gild subscriptions. The keepers, as to those for which it was originally
direct funding provided by the Stewards Committee conceived. I listen with amazement to stories of some
means that the new magazine now goes free to every of the events that were run in times gone past and the
Newcastle Freemen but this has inevitably impacted numbers that attended them. Hopefully, we can again
subscriptions to the Gild of Freemen, even though build some of that same enthusiasm and interest.
they are a mere £2 a year and £1 for senior citizens! So, I would draw your attention to the annual
We are therefore most grateful to those companies Freemen’s Christmas Buffet on Saturday 15th
and individuals who have pledged their December (details on page 17).This year we
continuing support to the Gild of Freemen will have live music to go with the buffet, the
by financial donations and subscription carols and customary impressive raffle. All
renewals and would appeal to others are welcome – and no, it doesn’t clash with
not to forget us. Funds will still be put a Newcastle home game!
towards Gild events and we hope too,
to expand our activities and In the spring, we are hoping to organise a
responsibilities in the coming months. get-together with the Alnwick Freemen and
another with the Durham Freemen, of
When the Gild started, the aim was to which details to follow.
provide a forum and social
calendar for those Freemen So, the Gild of Freemen of Newcastle
who were not members upon Tyne is alive and kicking
of their Companies. and I am looking forward to
(Remember, in my term as Master.
those far-off
days, there were Captain Stephen Healy,
several closed Master of the Gild

I listen with amazement to stories of some of the events that were run in times
gone past and the numbers that attended them. Hopefully, we can again build
some of that same enthusiasm and interest.
061 Freemen Nov 07 27/11/07 23:10 Page 17

A report by Captain Stephen Healy, Master of the Gild

Time for the annual jolly again and this year the City of
Leicester beckoned to the Freemen of the far-flung
boroughs of the lands of England and Wales
Yes, for us, it meant the M1 on a Friday, but a by the main event, the Annual General
timely start avoided the build-up and also Meeting of the Freemen of England and
meant we arrived, following the obligatory Wales. Some interesting information was
circuit of Leicester’s inner ring road, at the given on land registry, for those boroughs
hotel in good time to relax and prepare for like Newcastle where rights to common land
the opening evening’s get together. are an issue and the status of the Borough
This was a very pleasant, casual, carvery- Freedom (Family Succession) Bill also
style dinner and, as an ice-breaker, the gained a particular mention for Newcastle.
organisers had put together a “freelage” Now I’m not a space buff, never was, but the
quiz, which proved both interesting and afternoon visit to the National Space Centre
challenging. Our table actually came was certainly different and who would have
second, only losing out in a tie-breaker to a guessed it was in Leicester of all place?!
table that contained two long-standing Housed on the site of the old Wolseley car
members of the FEW executive, so I think factory, the building is almost taller than it is
we did rather well! round, its futuristic rocket tower, a strange
This particular FEW weekend coincided plastic shell, which housing a couple of full-
with the 900th anniversary of the City of sized rockets, is visible for miles around.
Leicester Freemen and Saturday’s
By way of contrast, I never realised quite
programme commenced with a talk
how small the capsules of the manned space
on their history by the Deputy
rockets are – that of the USSR Soyuz rocket
Master of the Gild of Freemen
in the entrance hall seems frighteningly tiny
of Leicester. This was followed
and fragile. The Space Theatre, equipped
with a domed, 360 degree edge-blended
screen, delivered a unique multimedia
experience, using surround video
technology, lasers and digital surround
sound to involve the viewer in a fascinating
show on the training of astronauts and
proved a fitting finale to our visit.
Then it was back to the hotel for the evening
Gala Banquet, attended by over 200
Freemen and their partners. The Lord
Mayor of Leicester, the Right Worshipful
Councillor Gary Hunt, one of the guests
of honour, had the room in stitches
with his account of a recent fact-finding
visit to Albania.

061 Freemen Nov 07 27/11/07 23:10 Page 18

Newcastle Freemen with their partners

Sunday’s Church Parade, as always by the Lord Mayor, for which we all Durham, Alnwick and Berwick
a colourful and well-attended affair, squeezed into the City’s 14th also ensured that the region was
led from the Castle House to the century Guildhall. And then it was well represented.
nearby St Mary de Castro Church, off, back up the M1, with another Next year it’s Hale (near Liverpool) and
where a friendly and enthusiastic weekend under the belt. This one already the preliminary programme
vicar, who would not have looked had been particularly pleasant, as looks fun, as we might expect. The
out of place down the road in the we met up with a number of Sunday lunch caught my eye – it’s to
front row of the Leicester Tigers, “ex-pat” Newcastle Freemen, be held at Halton Stadium, home of the
presided over the service. residents of the deep south, who Widnes Viking Rugby League Club –
The climax of the weekend was a were able to make it to the Midlands I’ve never had a Pukka pie and a mug
lunchtime civic reception, provided on this occasion. Colleagues from of Bovril at a FEW weekend before.

Christmas present suggestions

Silk tie bearing the Newcastle upon under-knot badge. Price per tie (including P & P) is
Tyne Coat of Arms (a choice of single £8. These Gild ties are available direct from the
crest or repeat crest is available). Gild Hon. Treasurer – see page 19 for his address.
Obtain an order form from your
Company Steward. Sales are dealt Ceremonial Robes
with at Moor Bank Lodge by mail Complete with the Newcastle upon Tyne
order only. Price per tie (including Gild arm badge. These can also be
P & P) is £21. ordered direct from the Gild Hon.
A Newcastle Gild of Freemen Tie (Jaquard Treasurer at a price of only £50each
woven) in navy blue or maroon with (P&P included).

Freemen’s Christmas Buffet 2007

Reservations to be received by Alan Robson (Hon. Gild Treasurer) by the 10th December – see page 19 for
contact details. This popular event takes place upstairs in the Newcastle Guildhall on Saturday 15th December
2007, starting at 12 noon.
Plenty to eat and drink in the good company of your fellow Freemen and their families.Carol singing and festive
raffle. Live background music this year. Cost is only £5.50 per head (your school children can attend free of
charge). NOT TO BE MISSED!

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Diary dates
Monday 10th December 2007 Close Court of Guilds (for Company Stewards only)
Newcastle Gild of Freemen meeting. Upstairs in the starts at 10am.
Newcastle Guildhall, starting at 7.30pm. Open Court of Guilds (for all Freemen of
Newcastle upon Tyne) starts at 12 noon prompt.
Saturday 15th December 2007 You must be seated by 12 noon for the Open Guild in
Newcastle Gild of Freemen Christmas Buffet, readiness to receive the Lord Mayor.
upstairs in the Newcastle Guildhall, starting at 12 The meeting concludes with new Freemen being
noon. Booking forms must be returned to the Gild called, and if present sworn in by the Lord Mayor.
Hon. Treasurer before the 10th December.
After the proceedings a buffet lunch and refreshments
Monday 14th January 2008 are available in the Merchant Adventurers Court.
Freemen of Newcastle upon Tyne, Christmas Guild,
upstairs in the Newcastle Guildhall (on Quayside, Sunday 12th May 2008
bottom of Dean Street). Newcastle Gild of Freemen Head Meeting (AGM)
Close Court of Guild (for Company Stewards only) upstairs in the Newcastle Guildhall starting at 7:30pm.
starts at 10 am.
Sunday 18th May 2008
Open Court of Guild (for all Freemen of
Freemen of Newcastle upon Tyne Annual Church
Newcastle upon Tyne) starts at 12 noon prompt.
Parade. Held in the Cathedral Church of St Nicholas.
You must be seated by 12 noon for the Open Guild in
Robing in the Cathedral Chapel of St George at
readiness to receive the Lord Mayor.
9:30am with the Lord Mayor.
The meeting concludes with new Freemen being
Should you need to borrow a robe, please advise the
called, and if present sworn in by the Lord Mayor.
Hon. Treasurer of the Gild of Freemen.
After the proceedings a buffet lunch and refreshments
As this Freemen’s Church Parade is attended by the
are available in the Merchant Adventurers Court.
Lord Mayor, it is vital that there is a good turn-out.
Monday 10th March 2008 Annual Guild Days
Newcastle Gild of Freemen meeting. Upstairs in the
• Christmas Guild – the first Monday after
Newcastle Guildhall, starting at 7.30pm.
13th January.
Monday 31st March 2008 • Easter Guild – the first Monday after
Freemen of Newcastle upon Tyne, Easter Guild, Easter Monday.
upstairs in the Newcastle Guildhall (on Quayside, • Michaelmas Guild – the first Monday after
bottom of Dean Street). Michaelmas Monday.

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Freemen of Newcastle upon Tyne
Superintendent and Office
Mr K.Batey,
Moor Bank Lodge, Claremont Road,
Newcastle upon Tyne, NE2 4NL
Tel: 0191 2615970
Fax: 0191 2324677

Gild of Freemen of Newcastle

Hon. Treasurer of the Gild
Mr A. Robson,
“Monarkens Fryd,”
4 Parklands,
Hamsterley Mill,
Rowlands Gill,
Tyne and Wear, NE39 1HH,
Tel: 01207 543509

The Freemen of England and Wales Association

Warden for the North of England
Mr J. W. N. Petty,
7 Wentworth Grange,
The Grove, Gosforth,
Newcastle upon Tyne, NE3 1NL
Tel: 0191 2850591

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The Newcastle upon Tyne Freemen Magazine

Moor Bank Lodge, Claremont Road
Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 4NL

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