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Bringing Safety and

Beauty Together
Wellcraft Egress Wells and Windows

Bring Safety and Beauty to your Basement

Window well escape systems may be a safety requirement, but you don’t have to sacrifice your basement’s beauty to
comply with the code! Wellcraft offers a complete system that turns your basement into a bright, comfortable living
room or bedroom — at the same time ensuring the safety of those inside.

Whichever Wellcraft egress system you choose, you will
Fire can spread rapidly through a home,
be truly satisfied with the quality and beauty that these
leaving as little as two minutes to escape
windows and wells provide. Your basement will be filled
safely. In the event of a fire or emergency,
with natural light and our well colors will blend with your
family members have the ability to escape
interior décor.
out of the basement quickly through
Wellcraft egress windows and wells.
It’s The Law
According to the 2006 IRC - International Residential Code
(section R31) requirements, egress windows and wells are
required under the following circumstances:
• If you add a bedroom in a basement, an egress
window must be installed in that bedroom.
• If you create a habitable space in your basement
and you currently do not have an egress window,
one must be included with the installation of the
habitable room.

You can count on a closed well cover to be sturdy enough
to support up to 500 pounds while eliminating the risk of
anyone falling in the well. The cover is also light enough
for a child to escape easily.

An Easy-To-Install System
• Choose between a one-piece unit or a modular unit
that can be stacked to any depth with no bracing

• Well covers can be attached to the well easily and

protect people and pets from accidentally falling in.

• Windows are shipped “ready to pour” with the sash

and screen inside the frame for one-step installation.

Wellcraft egress window wells are made from polyethylene
with UV inhibitors. This durable material gives them su-
perior weathering capabilities and no maintenance once
they have been installed. They are warranted against rust-
ing, rotting and decay for a period of ten years. 3
5600 Modular Egress Window Well

Installs in a snap.
The 5600 offers many custom possibilities.
You’re not limited to a set height - make
your well as short or as high as you
need. A typical installation uses four 5600 features
a modular,
sections and is made easy with simple, snap-together
snap-together construction. The 5600 connection
system for easy
is designed for windows up to 4-foot
wide. Each section weighs only 24
pounds and is easy to transport.

Shown with optional lattice cover. 52"
See cover options on page 6.

Sizing Options 62.8"


Sections 1 2 3 4 5 14"

Total 14"
207⁄8" 347⁄8" 487⁄8" 627⁄8" 767⁄8"
Height Front view Top view Top view with
wall and window

2060 Single Unit Egress Window Well

sandstone granite grey
#020600191 #020600190

The 2060 is designed for use with up to 4-foot wide egress windows.
One-piece construction makes this well both durable and simple to
install. With the optional 12" extension, the 2060 can accommodate
greater depth requirements. (maximum of two extensions per unit)

2060 Extensions (Sold separately)

#020601291 granite grey

Optional well dimensions


Shown with optional

polycarbonate cover.
See cover options on page 6.
window egress
dimensions path

Front view Top view Top view with

wall and window

2062 Single Unit Egress Window Well
sandstone granite grey
#020620191 #020620190

Space Saving Design.

Designed for use with 3-foot wide casement egress windows.
This model is the ideal choice for projects where space is a concern.
One-piece construction makes this model simple to install.


window well
Shown with optional dimensions dimension
polycarbonate cover.
See cover options on page 6.

Front view Top view Top view with

wall and window

2067 Modular Egress Window Well

sandstone granite grey
#020670391 #020670390

The 3-tier multi-piece construction is specially designed to
accommodate 5-foot wide egress windows. Terraced steps allow
for quick and easy egress, and provide the perfect place for
growing plants and flowers.

well dimensions

Shown with optional

polycarbonate cover.
See cover options on page 6. window egress
dimensions path

Front view Top view Top view with

wall and window 5
Egress Window Well Covers

Wellcraft has it covered!

While Wellcraft egress window wells ensure that those inside your
home are safe, don’t neglect those outside — like children, neighbors,
and pets — who might accidentally step into an open well. Be sure to
install a Wellcraft egress window well cover!
A clear polycarbonate cover is available for each model which allows
sunlight in while keeping debris and bad weather out. They are also UV
inhibited for long life protection.
No matter which cover type you choose, you will be pleased by the ease
of installation and durability of Wellcraft egress window well covers.

All Wellcraft Covers

• Safely hold up to 500 pounds.
• Designed for easy emergency escape.
• Eliminate constant cleaning.
• Improve the look of your home.
• Allow sunlight to brighten your basement.

New Construction and Remodeling Applications

2060 Polycarbonate Cover 2062 Polycarbonate Cover 2067 Polycarbonate Cover

#020600900 #020620900
900 #020670900

Width 78" Width 45.5"

5" Width 72"
Depth 46.25"
5" Depth 42.8"
8" Depth 58.5"
17 lbs 9.4 lbs 17.7 lbs

5600 Polycarbonate Cover 5600 Steel Grate Cover (two piece) 5600 Lattice Cover
#056000900 #056001900 #056002900 (without clear Polycarbonate backing)
#056002909 (with clear Polycarbonate backing)
Width 60" Width 57.8"
Depth 44.3" Depth 42" Width 58.4" 4"
12.6 lbs 30.2 lbs Depth 44.1""
15 lbs - w/o backing
16 lbs - w/ backing

Remodeling Applications
5600 Polycarbonate Dome Cover* 2060 Polycarbonate
arbonate Dome Cover*
Cover * Polycarbonate Dome Covers are recommended
#056000918 #020600918 when the window top is higher than the well.

Width 57" Width 72"

Depth 45" Depth 48"
46 lbs 31 lbs

• All vinyl frame is maintenance free - no painting or rusting.
• Window is poly-wrapped before pour to prevent any Time Saver!
concrete from getting on window.
All models are fully
• Sash is removable for easy cleaning or to pass material braced and wrapped for
through opening.
poured wall installation.
• Reversible if poured incorrectly - header, jamb and sill
parts snap-in for correction.
• Wood braced to support window during the concrete pour.

• Handles are die-cast and powder coated; hinges are corrosion proof.
• Fiberglass full screen is removable from the inside.
• ¾" insulated Low-E glass is standard - U-value of 0.37.
Frame Dimensions: 30½" x 16"

In-Swing Egress
#WISE2745 #WISE2745
(Egress compliant)
• Meets IRC Building Code for Egress. Frame Dimensions:
• ¾" insulated Low-E glass is standard - U-value of 0.37. 27" x 45"
• Fiberglass full screen is removable from the inside. Net Clear Opening*:
201⁄8" x 407⁄8" (5.71 sq. ft.)
Net Clear Glass Opening:
203⁄8" x 383⁄8" (5.43 sq. ft.)
*When sash opened in the
normal inward position.


Egress Slider
• ¾" insulated Low-E glass is standard - U-value of 0.37.
• Half-screen is removable from the inside.
Slider #WFWS3016 Egress Slider #WFWS4848
Frame Dimensions: 30½" x 16" (Egress compliant)
Frame Dimensions: 48" x 48"

Acrylic Block Egress

• Acrylic block provides privacy, security and is 75% lighter than glass block.
• Tested energy rating comparable to 7/8" insulated glass.
• Full screen is removable from the inside. ##WAB2947
• Acrylic block is UV stabilized and will not turn yellow. (Egress compliant)
Frame Dimensions: 29¼" x 47¼"
6" Block Configuration: 4 x 7
6 7
All Wellcraft Egress Window Wells comply with the
Window Well Model Comparison
International Residential Code (IRC) 2006 Egress code for one 5600 2060 2067 2062
and two family dwellings. Following are some of the high- 207⁄8"
lights of the IRC 2006 Code (Section R310) as it pertains to Height and up 60" or 72" 40" or 60" 62"
(in 14"
windows below ground level. See your local building inspec- increments)
tor with questions regarding code requirements in your area. Up to Up to Up to Up to
4ft. wide 4ft. wide 5ft. wide 3ft. wide
Sill height of window above floor:
Not to exceed 44" Available Egress Windows and Covers
Minimum opening area: ≥ 5.7 sq. ft.
Minimum opening height: ≥ 24" 5600 2060 2067 2062
Minimum opening width: ≥ 20" Windows
Window Wells/Area Wells: WISE 2745 • • • •
Required where window opening sill height is below
WFWS 4848 • • • n/a
ground elevation.
WAB 2947 • • • •
Horizontal dimensions: ≥ 9 sq.ft.
Horizontal projection: ≥ 36" Covers
Ladders: Polycarbonate • • • •
Required on window wells deeper than 44" and Lattice • n/a n/a n/a
must be permanently attached. Ladder may
encroach into well up to 6". Dome • • n/a n/a
2-Piece Steel Grate • n/a n/a n/a
Step distance between rungs: ≤ 18"
Rungs: 12" wide or greater and must project a
minimum of 3" away from wall but maximum of 6".
Grates: Shall be removable without special tools.
Code sponsored by: The International Code Council (ICC), the
Building Officials Code Administration (BOCA), the Uniform
Building Codes (UBC), and the Southern Building Code Congress
International (SBCCI).

Wellcraft Egress Window Wells install in four easy steps!

1 Dig 2 Mount 3 Backfill 4 Cover

*If the well is installed on an existing win-

dow, you must use a dome style cover,
fence, or other enclosure to ensure safety
around the well.
For detailed instructions specific to
each model, see installation instruc-
tions included with each well or visit


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