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To: Interested Parties

Re: CA Governor’s Race

March 24, 2017

A new voter survey completed with 1,750 voters likely to participate in the state’s June primary confirms
that Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom is the front-runner in the contest for Governor. Results from
this survey mirror a recently released public survey that also shows Newsom with a double digit lead
over his next closest competitor – Republican businessman John Cox.

This latest survey, conducted online between March 16 and March 21, allowed voters to examine a
simulated ballot, with accurate ballot designations and party labels of all the candidates that will be
listed on the June ballot.

Results show that Newsom now gathers support of 29 percent of likely voters, increasing his support
level by 3% from a survey taken earlier in the month. Similar to the previous survey, Republican John H.
Cox holds the second position, with 16% of the vote. Assemblyman Travis Allen is in third place, with
13% of the vote, followed by John Chiang at 9% and Antonio Villaraigosa at 7%. Ten percent of the
voters chose other candidates, and 16% stated they are undecided.

If the Primary Election for Governor were held today, for whom would you vote?
Lieutenant Governor/Businessman Gavin Newsom, Democrat 29%
Businessman/Taxpayer Advocate John H. Cox, Republican 16
Assemblyman/Businessman Travis Allen, Republican 13
California State Treasurer John Chiang, Democrat 9
Public Policy Advocate Antonio Villaraigosa, Democrat 7
Education/Youth Advocate Delaine Eastin, Democrat 2
COO, Department of Justice, Amanda Renteria, Democrat 2
Other candidates 6
Undecided 16

With only about 10 weeks to go until election day, Newsom’s hold on one-quarter to one-third of the
electorate means it is highly unlikely that any other candidate can finish ahead of him, and will likely
need to do battle with each other for second place.