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Name : Alfian

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P2TK 2015



The first intertextuality goes to Chairil Anwar’s work “Aku”. In Chairil Anwar poetry
"Aku" we can find the words "Aku ini binatang jalang". Sindhunata in "Kutukan Asu" tried to light
up it in opposite by using the word "bukan" - "Aku ini bukan binatang jalang - Aku ini hanya
kewan omahan - Aku ini asu. Asu, Su! Tak ada peluru menembus kulitku - tapi cerca dan nista
setiap hari mengirisi hatiku: Asu kowe! Tak ada hari berlalu tanpa makian itu. "The speaker
experienced inner turmoil so that he insulted himself as "Asu" as the "hewan rumahan/pet".
The words "Asu" (filthy) and the sacred words in Sindhunata is the author expression of
the social situation in the social community. The Fact, Sindhunata is a Catholic priest, where the
view of historical era Catholic power in Europe, the churches not only controlling religious, but
also a government that makes the laws of the State including political.
In the other way, double-voiced discourse can be looked at word “aku” and “asu”
sometimes, “asu” in many place in Sindhunata works become the other subject not the author
himself. In “lebih baik jadi asu daripada jadi manusia”, shows that asu in here represents to the
general dog and do not refer to the author as a subject. Double-voiced discourse of “asu” from
Sindhunata might be manifestation of “binatang jalang” from Anwar. After reading Anwar’s Aku
which shorter than Sindhunata’s Kutukan Asu, it can be concluded that Aku is a part mosaic
in bigger part of Kutukan Asu. But the most thing that some words of Anwar, for example,
“aku”, “binatang jalang”, “peluru”, “merajang menerjang”, “hidup seibu tahun lagi” is used by
Sindhunata consistently, but many of them is served with paradox of real life which are different
between two era. The same words but they are in different Ideologeme between those two works
piece by piece are different.
In Sindhunata literary work, there are words in couplets that a form antithetical of poetry
Anwar entitled "Aku". In this case it is said that Sindhunata re trying to express through poetry,
which is also contained in the poetry of Anwar. In the literary work, Sindhunata uses imagery and
characterizations in the puppet as in "Dayang Sumbi", Mendhut, and others. In stanza Sindhunata
work is intertextualition in comparative literature.
The parable of the feelings of Sindhunata "kutukan asu" describes or depicts about life or
life is a painful experience. However, although the author considers himself as asu or animals
omahan, he still has loyalty to his employer. It thus still much better with basically human nature
that the public is actually more savage than the beasts, such as those described or emphasized in
expletive Sindhunata or humans who are corrupt, so as to make other people miserable and
suffering. Therefore, the word "Asu" is appropriate if it addressed to "Manusia-Manusia Biadab"/
human savages.