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But there are two issues here. One is whether science is a gift of the wests.

Number two is, can it handle the present crisis which is caused by itself. The
answer to both the questions is in the negative.
Actually science took its roots from our country, which was rich in every
respect. Mathematics, the basics of most scientific researches was developed
very highly here, which had gone from here it the west. Also the rudiments of
most other physical sciences are from our culture and tradition.
As long as it was here, it was generally well regulated and had specific
For all these we now have documented evidences. But once it went out of our
hands, rather farer away by the European invaders, it became uncontrolled
and unregulated. This is because, they took away only the material aspects of
our intellectual wealth and not philosophical and spiritual aspects. And that
precisely is the reason why science has become so destructive today.

Nevertheless, it is not that all is lost. People of late have come to realise the
value and relevance of our ancient wisdom. The most important point as far as
our seers are concerned is that the physical world is not is not something that
stands outside, surprised by some god sitting above. No. It is something
enrolled by Brahman. Hence what actually seems apparently discrete and
individual to our ignorant eyes are all united and form part of an underlying

When science was in its nascent stages, it was believed there is nothing
beyond perceptual observations. It was believed that there was no scope for
`belief’ in science research, that these views are changing rapidly.It was also
and still being believed that life emerges from a combination of chromosomes
and other factors like DNA,RNA and proteins. But inspite of their best efforts
the scientists have not been able to succeed on bringing about `life’ or
`intelligence’ from a combination of these in the last.
The world is full of multiplicity. There is variety and plurality in nature.
There are innumerable living species from microbes to giant elephants. There
are countless varieties of vegetation.

If we observe nature, what can be strikingly patent will be that, there is a cyclic
pattern everywhere. It is not just that planets move around cyclically but
within the earth also all natural happenings occur in a cyclic order. The reason,
and the consequent effect they have on the flora and fauna of mother earth
are all cyclic. No creation in this world can be termed purposeless, for
everything makes its own contribution for the sustenance and wellbeing of the
world. This may not be evidently known in certain cases according to our
current knowledge. But it is certain that it will be found out in future. We are
now aware of Bio-diversity and biological chain. But due to indiscriminate
destruction of forests and poaching and other such activities, this diversity is
dwindling and the chain is broken at several places. If this continues unabated,
it will only lead to complete annihilation of our world.