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Salisbury University

“What About the Liberals” Micro-Campaign Report

Jeremie Davis
Digital Public Relations
Dr.Vinita Agarwal
19 December 2017
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Table of Contents

Executive Brief……………………………………………………………………………3

Issue Analysis……………………………………………………………………………..4

Campaign Framework …………………………………………………………………….6

Resources Used………………………………………………………………. ………….8

Digital Network Analysis…………………………………………………………………9

a. Twitter

b. Facebook

Campaign Evaluation…………………………………………………………………….31

Event Analysis …………………………………………………………………………...33

Appendix …………………………………………………………………………………18
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Executive Brief

This campaign was designed to increase awareness about the uncertainty/avoidance that

graduating communication arts majors in the Fulton School of Liberal Arts experience. Over the

course of a month I was able to address the lack of support that students often feel from the

department in regard to post-graduate opportunities. Through the digital networks of Facebook

and Twitter I was able to increase awareness about issue and engage with a variety of students at

Salisbury University. The content that I developed for both of these channels were innovative,

engaging, and thought provoking. I wanted target audience members to interact with my posts

but also to share it with like-minded individuals. With the assistance of tools like Hootsuite and

Google Analytics I was able to effectively monitor the campaign and save data that I could

possibly use in the future. I teamed up with the Society of Professional Journalist for the final

event where many of the issues that I discussed on the social media networks were the source of

discussion. Using this campaign, I wanted to improve the relationship between students, the

Fulton School, and career services.

Everything I used for this campaign was cost-effective and realistic in regard to data. Included in

this document are the goals, missions, values, and tactics that were the driving force my

campaign. You also will find my original strategic planning document and the revised one as this

project has helped me to realize how things do not always go as planned, thus highlighting the

importance of flexibility and compromise. This campaign will help further discussion and

encourage action to be taking for the future communicators and public relations specialist of

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Issue Analysis

Salisbury University has 43 undergraduate degrees programs (offering B.A., B.S.,

B.A.S.W., and B.F.A.). For the Fall 2016 semester the top four popular undergraduate majors

were Biology with 565 students enrolled, Nursing with 548 students, Exercise Science with 546

students, and 476 students for Communication Arts (CMAT). The Fulton School of Liberal Arts

houses the communication arts majors along with: Art, English, Conflict Analysis & Dispute

Resolution, Environmental Studies, History, Modern Languages, Music, Theatre & Dance,

Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology. There are five tracks within the

CMAT Departments: Human Communication, Strategic Communication/Public Relations,

Media Studies, Media Production, and Multimedia/Journalism. A major goal that the department

has for students is for them to have a “first-hand experience in the burgeoning global

communications market” by offering them yearly study abroad opportunities to Ecuador,

Scotland, Vietnam, and India if students choose to participate.

During their time at the university many students enjoy the experience that they received

through practical assignment that force them to get out of their comfort zone. However, many

students are confused as to what it is they exactly want to do after graduation. It is evenly split

where one side wants to immediately launch into the career field while others want to take

pursue higher education through masters and Ph.D. programs. Instead of walking across the stage

with a degree in hand and a post-graduate opportunity on the other end of the stage, a large

majority of students are walking into nothing.

I chose this particular issue because as a communication arts major at the university I

have discussed with my peers the stress that we are currently feeling as we do not have a solid

plan as to what we will be doing and feeling as though our University of Maryland System
Davis 5

counterparts are receiving offers. One university that we talk about in particular is University of

Maryland-College Park who seems to have the necessary tools and variety of opportunities to

ensure that their students are equipped for a successful career. From observation it appears as

though they have a really strong alumni network who continuously invests in the school. For

Salisbury there seems to be a lack of data that shows the career paths of alumni who majored in

communication arts. Having this type of information could help build a strong network between

students and alumni. The way current students find alumni who are pursued a similar career path

is through LinkedIn, when they search a company up and it says that “1 person from Salisbury

University Works Here.” With my micro-campaign I could address this issues by teaming up

careers services and the Fulton School to hold an event that is tailored specifically to

communication arts majors that thoroughly prepares them for the future.
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Campaign Framework
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Goals for Micro-campaign

Vision: A community of students who are equipped with the tools and internship experience to

confidently pursue a full-time job or master’s program in the communication arts field.

Mission: Provide communication arts majors with guidance on how to navigate post-graduate


Values: Higher Education, Personal and Substantial Growth of Students, Practice of Creativity,

and Principal of Networking.

Overall Digital Engagement Strategy: To interact with my target audience using Twitter,

Facebook, and LinkedIn using photos, videos, interactive articles, and GIFS.

Target Audience:

 Full-time and part-time undergraduate students in the Fulton School of Liberal Arts who

are Communication Arts Majors.

 Students who feel a lack of support within the departments, and want to see a variety of

job internship opportunities that are not solely located on the Eastern Shore.

 Communication Arts Students who are not aware of Career Services.

 Club Involvement includes, but not limited to: National Broadcasting Society,

Photography Club, The Flyer, and the Lambda Pi Eta Communication Arts Honor

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Resources Used:

1. Twitter (

2. Facebook (

3. Hootsuite (
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Davis 10

Digital Network Analysis


 Regular Posts Times: Monday-Thursdays/9am to 3pm.

 Peak Times: Monday-Thursday/1pm to 3pm.

Goal: Engage with SU Communication Arts Majors on Twitter through discussion, polls, and

video marketing while also increasing twitter impressions.

Objective: Conduct an audience survey addressing the issue and use the data as an outline for the

content to follow.

Digital Engagement Strategy:

1. Implementation: I will conduct surveys and post videos/articles centered on the issue.

Using the hashtag “What About M3” I will to conduct an on-going analysis to ensure

my content is meeting the targeted audience

2. Outcome: Using twitter insights I was excited to see how effective my posts were and

seeing how I made over 4.8K impressions for the month of November. People

participated in the surveys and even responded with questions asking for clarification

on the purpose of the campaign. Having a hint of my personality in the posts really

helped for me to appeal to the audience.

Davis 11

Top Tweets

Tweet Activity

November 2017
Davis 12

November 8th – 4.8%

November 24th- 14%
December 1st – 1.6%

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

1. 2. 3 4 5

OI: 399 OI: 501 OI: 297 OI: 48 OI: 93

T: 0 T: 2 T: 0 T: 0 T: 0

6 7 8 9 10 11 12

OI: 24 OI: 91 OI: 181 OI: 103 OI: 14 OI: 28 OI: 70

T: 0 T: 1 T: 2 T: 0 T: 0 T: 0 T: 0

13 14 15 16 17 18 19

OI: 78 OI: 170 OI: 131 OI: 905 OI: 75 OI: 96 OI: 65

T: 1 T: 1 T: 2 T: 15 T: 2 T: 0 T: 0

20 21 22 23 24 25 26

OI: 116 OI: 281 OI: 93 OI: 27 OI: 249 OI: 203 OI: 59
Davis 13

T: 2 T: 2 T: 0 T: 0 T: 2 T: 0 T: 0

27 28 29 30

OI: 37 OI: 98 OI: 85 OI: 160

T: 0 T: 1 T: 0 T: 12


Organic Impressions (OI): How many times users have viewed and engaged with Organic


Tweets (T): A posting made on the social media website Twitter

Tactic 1: Interact with Fulton School Students using Surveys

Impressions: 568
Davis 14

Total Engagements: 53

Votes: 27

Detail Expands: 12

Profile Clicks: 10

Retweets: 4

Evaluation: I am very grateful for the number of votes I had as I know many of my counterparts

did not have that many votes. I would have extended the poll so that as people shared the tweet

their followers would be able to participate in the discussion.

Impressions: 658

Total Engagements: 81

Detail Expands: 32

Votes: 26

Detail Expands: 14
Davis 15

Profile Clicks: 4

Retweets: 4

Likes: 1

Evaluation: This survey had the same number of votes as the previous one. I wanted the survey

to seem like conversation that would typically come up in SU students’ conversations. The word

“triggered” is used a lot, which is why I decided to use it.

Tactic 2: Post articles centered on the theme of post-graduate plans.

Impressions: 123

Total Engagements: 11

Detail Expands:9

Likes: 2
Davis 16

Evaluation: I originally discovered this article on LinkedIn and it resonated with me as I

experienced some of the things that they were talking about. It also mirrored a conversation I had

with a peer on his fears about graduating.

Impressions: 66

Total Engagements: 5

Detail Expands:4

Likes: 1
Davis 17

Evaluation: Infographics are always useful because they help people to easily digest the

information that is being given to them. This info graph really helped break down the different

avenues that exist within communication arts.

Tactic 3: Increase Awareness about the lack of support for Communication Arts


Impressions: 97

Total Engagements: 4

Detail Expands: 2

Likes: 1

Link Clicks: 1
Davis 18

Evaluation: My goal for this post was to have over 100 impressions because it really highlighted

the debate of communication arts majors have it easier than STEM majors. I feel that if I would

have retweeted it using my personal account I would have gain at least 10 more impressions.

Tactic 4: Encourage students to further explore graduate school opportunities.

Impressions: 56

Total Engagements: 0

Detail Expands:0

Likes: 0

Evaluation: I wasn’t surprised about the number of engagements, being that one of the surveys

revealed that not many people were interested in pursuing a graduate degree. The lack of color

takes away from the posts, because if there was a picture in the preview there would have been

more engagements.
Davis 19

Tactic 5: Utilize video marketing to engage audience using visuals

Impressions: 58

Total Engagements: 2

Detail Expands: 1

Hashtag Clicks: 1

Evaluation: Even though this video was for the anniversary, it was very informative for students

who may not be aware of the impact that the Fulton School has made and how they structure

their academics.
Davis 20

Tactic 6: Engage the audience by using interactive articles

Impressions: 84

Total Engagements: 2

Profile Clicks: 2

Evaluation: I found this article on Buzzfeed and found my results to be humorous. I decided to

post it because it was something interactive that the audience could share with others and discuss

their results.
Davis 21

Impressions: 87

Tactic 7: Live tweet the event to engage with the target audience

Davis 22

Impressions: 60

Media Views: 9


Impressions: 36

Evaluation: The hashtag helped me to separate the live-tweets from the event, from

the tweets that I posted leading up to the event. The video impressions were low,

but I feel that if I used some of the editing tools on Instagram the it would be more

Davis 23

Davis 24

Digital Network Analysis


 Regular Posts Times: Monday-Thursdays/9am to 3pm.

 Peak Times: Monday-Thursday/1pm to 3pm.

Goal: Utilize the Her Campus Salisbury Facebook Page following to increase awareness about

the issue since a majority of their followers (including the writers) are communication arts

majors or are interested in communication arts.

Objective: Increase the number of visits to the page to get more people involved with the

organization and raise advocacy about communication arts majors.

Digital Engagement Strategy:

1. Implementation: This will be similar to the Twitter implementation where I will post

the same content during the designated times and

2. Evaluation: Facebook did not perform well due to the main reasoning of people

tending to use twitter and Instagram, because it is quick and concise in regards to

Davis 25

Top Facebook Posts

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

1. 2. 3 4 5

6 7 8 9 10 11 12

19 Reached

13 14 15 16 17 18 19

70 Reach 69 Reach 26 Reach 8 Reach

Davis 26

20 21 22 23 24 25 26

9 Reached 6 Reached

27 28 29 30

4 Reached

Tactic 1: Encourage Students to Get Involved in Clubs/Activities that help

enhance their major.

Type: Link

Targeting: Shared with the Public

Reach: 11

Post Clicks: 1
Davis 27

Evaluation: I learned about this video through a friend who was conducting a

research project on student involvement on college campuses. I chose this video

specifically because I wanted my target audience to understand the importance of

networking and taking advantage of the different opportunities the university does

offer our major i.e. The Flyer, SU-TV, Her Campus.

Tactic 2:

Type: Photo

Targeting: Shared with the Public

Reach: 66
Davis 28

Post Clicks: 0

Evaluation: I wanted to do motivational posts because those are easy to share and

tends to lead to an increase in followers. I was pretty disappointed with the number

of clicks, and I feel as though the only reason it reached 66 people was because it

was from Oprah.

Tactic 3: Utilize video marketing to engage audience using visuals

Type: Link

Targeting: Shared with the Public

Reach: 69

Post Clicks: 0
Davis 29

Evaluation: This was my highest reached post on Facebook, compared to Twitter

it did have more impressions. I used this video because it was informative and

would be enlightening to audience members who are not in the Fulton School, but

could do their part and help raise advocacy about the issue.

Tactic 4: Facilitate Discussion with the Target Audience

Type: Status

Targeting: Shared with the Public

Reach: 6

Post Clicks: 0
Davis 30

Type: Poll

Targeting: Shared with the Public

Reach: 4

Post Clicks: 1

Evaluation: I was disappointed in the polls and discussion because I had better

engagement on Twitter with more reactions, comments, and shares. If I had a more

diverse following such as following the SU Class of 2018 Facebook I would have

received more discussion and votes.

Davis 31

Campaign Evaluation

When I first heard about this assignment I was extremely nervous as I felt

that I did not have the necessary tools to ensure a successful campaign. However, I

am pleased with my overall execution. I am grateful that this assignment gave me

an insight to some of the tasks that I will be doing as a future public relations

specialist. While reflecting I was able to perform a SWOT Analysis and it really

helped with creating a framework that I could use if I ever were to do another

micro-campaign. My biggest campaign strength was being able to use tools like

Hootsuite to help me plan my posts which really helped with efficiency. This also

ensured that I was posting during the regular and peak times that I discussed in my

strategic planning document. Another strength that I had was my personal twitter

account, which helped me to promote my survey tweets. My followers on my

personal page really helped with spreading awareness and connecting me to other

communication arts majors who were not following my professional page. Lastly,

my content was a strength because it was very interactive and it allowed me to

better appeal to the twitter culture, by using things such as popular GIFS, memes,

and emoji’s. A major weakness was not having a lot of followers on my

professional twitter. My solution to this problem if I were to do this in the future

would be to hold a mini event outside of Commons or in Red Square where I

would sit and collect social media handles and discuss the issue with others who
Davis 32

are being affected by this. Having this event would have really helped increase

engagement on my social media. A second weakness I had was my choice of using

Facebook as a digital network. My engagements on Twitter were higher than on

Facebook and not as many people were of the Facebook page that I used. My

solution to this would be to figure out how to get access to some of the Facebook

pages associated with the university. Lastly, the lack of financial resources really

hindered me in being able to boost my posts and reaching a wider audience. If this

were to happen I may have been able to communicate with communication arts

majors at other universities.

For opportunities, I was able to connect with communication arts students

and students who were from schools like Perdue and Siedel that were experiencing

similar issues. I was able to gain valuable insight to data analysis as I frequently

checked Twitter and Facebook analytics to see how the campaign was doing. The

only threat that I experienced was the time frame, because I had to get everything

done in a month when the average time frame for a digital campaign according to is a little over six weeks.

Davis 33

Event Analysis

Framework: On the last week of November I will be hosting an event in

collaboration with the Society of Professional Journalist and Careers Services. The

tweets from micro-campaign will be the foundation of the event, where each tweet

will be tailored to post-graduation plans, such as graduate school or working, and

how career services can assist students with taking some of the stress away. The

event will only be two hours and students will be able to ask questions. Along with

the live-tweets there will be a hashtag to help monitor the social media. We will

discuss solutions to certain problems and encourage them to take the call to action

and take advantage of the available resources at the university.

Strategy: The event will be centered on career preparation and evaluating the

different graduate school opportunities. I wanted it to be in a small intimate setting

so that audience members would be comfortable with sharing some of the issues

that they are currently experiencing. Having a career panel was essential to the

event, because it would allow students to talk with professionals who have been in

their same place. On the career panel, I wanted it to consist of alumna, career

services, and a professional in the communications field. The event would be live-

tweeted and the discussion topics would consist of: valuable lessons, graduate

school options, job interviews, and the pros and cons of post-graduate internships.
Davis 34

Evaluation: The event was a success but building up to it I experienced a lot of

issues. For two weeks, me and the president of SPJ struggled with finding panelist

who were willing to come. We also struggled with trying to find people who were

in the communication arts field. I was in charge of securing a representative from

career services. I had been in communication with someone for three weeks, but

since the date of the event changed she was no longer available. Two days before

the event I reached out to the Kevin Fallon, who is the director of career services. I

apologized to him for the last-minute request and told him some of the topics that

we would love for him to speak about. Alexis had confirmed with me that she

booked an alumna, but was still struggling with finding someone in the

communications field. I recommended that she reach out to Andrea Staub, the

Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications at Perdue Farms. Me and

Andrea first met during my one-day internship at Perdue Farms that I had to do for

my professional selling class. By the end of the day, Alexis had told me that

Andrea agreed and was honored to be invited. If I were to re-do the event for the

future I would have done it by myself, because some of the main goals that I had

for the event had to be compromised due to SPJ’s missions. For example, I

originally wanted to have some current students who had internship experience on

the panel because I believe in not only networking up, but across as well. Including
Davis 35

current faculty members would also be something that I would change. Having

them at the event would have offered a different perspective and opinion for the

students. Overall, I was pleased with the event I had a total of 13 people and

Andrea was even nice enough to bring free-swag to hand out to our attendees

which really helped the event stand out.

Davis 36

Appendix Contents

Live Tweet from Event……..………………………………………….....37

Original Strategic Planning Document……………………………………40

WordPress Analytics…………………...……………………….................43

Flyer……………………………………………………………………..... 44
Davis 37

Live Tweets from the Event

Davis 38
Davis 39
Davis 40

Strategic Planning Document

I. PR Brief

1. Vision: A community of students who are equipped with the tools and internship experience
to confidently pursue a full-time job or master’s program in film, television, and music after
Mission: Through career services and the Fulton School of Liberal Arts, this campaign will
seek to provide communication arts, music, theatre & dance, and art major students a
job/graduate school fair. It will accessible to all students and effective towards their plans
post-graduation from Salisbury University.
Values: The values for this campaign will be centered on the importance of higher education,
personal and substantial growth of students, the practice of creativity, and the principal of
2. The timeframe for campaign will be from November 1st-30th, 2017.
3. Target Audience
a. The target audience will be full-time and part-time undergraduate students in the
Fulton School of Liberal Arts who are Communication Arts, Music, Theatre&Dance,
and Art majors.
b. These students will feel a lack of support within the department, and want to see a
variety of job/internship opportunities that are not solely located on the Eastern
c. These students will be involved in clubs like: National Broadcasting Society,
Photography Club, The SU Dance Company, Music Ensemble, The Flyer, and the
Lambda Pi Eta Communication Arts Honor Society. They also will have accounts
with Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


1. The media used will be photos, videos, interactive articles, and GIFS.
2. Following the effective case-studies done by the, I will be posting content
on Facebook between 1pm-4pm and during the peak time at 3pm on Wednesdays. For
Twitter, I will be posting Mondays-Thursdays 1pm-3pm and at the peak times of 9am-3pm
during the same days. For LinkedIn, I will be posting Tuesdays-Thursdays and at the peak
time of noon and 5pm-6pm.
3. The majority of content will be curated digitally so the campaign will be cost-efficient and
will be able to reach the mass of people.
4. Social media applications and websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn will
be for facilitation. Campus resources such as the daily student activities email will also be
used as a form of direct marketing.
5. I will be conducting an on-going analysis for each channel so that I can keep up with the
overall pulse of student’s conversation and the impact of the event. A hashtag will be used on
social media so that I can make sure my content is meeting the targeted audience and it will
help build recognition for the campaign.


Davis 41

1. Social Media Goal: Boost traffic to the career services social media accounts by 10%; Obtain
over 40 responses on surveys/polls posted and build engagement with the target audience by
using compelling content.
LinkedIn Goal: Connect current students with people alumni and employers who actively
search for candidates using the websites search engine.
Student Activities Goal: Increase student awareness about the internship/graduate school
opportunity event by having a reoccurring advertisement for the time frame of the campaign.
2. Objective 1: Develop a partnership with graduate schools and companies who are willing to
send representatives to speak to students.
a. Request information from the universities using resources their websites (will be
completed over the span of a week).
b. Send a press release to the public relations office of different universities and
companies (will be completed over the span of a week).
c. Tag potential universities and engage on social media (4 times a day on twitter and 5
times on Facebook).
3. Objective 2: Conduct an audience survey to determine what have students experience thus far
in regard to their majors’ career field and inquiry about whether or not their academic needs
are being met within the department for the 2017-2018 academic school year.
a. Students will fill out the survey after meeting with their academic advisor to register
for spring semester classes, results will be sent to the advisor and career services
(October 31st-November 11th)
b. Professors will be giving self-reflections to assess their impact thus far and a call-to-
action plan based on their results (October 31st –November 11th).
4. Objective 3: Increase the presence of Fulton School of Liberal Arts students on social media
and LinkedIn
a. Have #FultonFridays on social media which will be a weekly discussion during the
duration of the campaign where their will a list of topics where students can connect
with other students within the school who share their same beliefs/concerns towards
the future (This will be done every Friday between 9am-3pm)
b. Post a series of blogs on LinkedIn discussing the importance of personal branding
and how to develop a portfolio for the film, music, and television industry (This will
be posted Bi-Weekly).
5. Each tactic will be evaluated using Google Analytics, Hootsuite, Twitter’s Advanced Search,
and Facebook Insights.


1. Stakeholder 1- Career Services

The strategy for this message will be to encourage students to visit the career center at
least three times a semester to look over their resume, cover letter, LinkedIn Page, and should
bring a list of internships that they are interested in. I will generate interaction through reposts
and commentary. This content will be implemented with a 30 second video of a student and the
Sammy the Sea Gull mascot visiting the career services to look over the students resume. Sammy
the Sea Gull is familiar to students and will help build awareness.

2. Stakeholder 2- Potential Graduate Schools and Employers

Davis 42

Graduate Schools and Employers will be notified about student events and activities that
are happening on campus so that they can engage with students. They will be invited to
participate with students during #FultonFridays and will be asked to list some of the
qualities and experience that they are looking for in job candidates. They will be notified
by press releases and curated flyers.

3. Stakeholder 3- Professors of the Fulton School of Liberal Arts

Professors will be given a monthly newsletter with internship opportunities and the
graduate school program of the month. The letter will also give them tips on how to
effectively help students with preparing for their life after graduation. It also will provide
them a list of online career and personality tests to use with their students and advises.
The newsletter will be delivered in PDF format to professors will be carefully curated
with pictures and statistics to better illustrate how they can make a difference by helping

4. Stakeholder 4: The Previously Specified Majors in the Fulton School of Liberal Arts

These are the most important stakeholders in the campaign because they need to be
informed at satisfied at all times. To help achieve this task it will be stressed to students
the importance of networking, internship experience, and accumulating new skills to
appeal more marketable to schools and employers. The content will be strategized by
having them sign up to receive an updated list of internships and graduate school
programs based on their survey that they took after meeting with their advisors. It will be
personalized with their name, to allow them to have a sense of ownership not just with
the survey, but with their future as well.


On the last week of November, I will be hosting an event in collaboration with the Men
of Distinction (MOD), the Society of Professional Journalists, and Career Services where
students will be given a list of information containing internship and graduate school
program opportunities. They will pick their top 3 and will be split into groups where
student leaders and professors will help them with the application process and will give
them tips on how to stand out. There will also will be a panel of alumni who have gone
and have gained success in the film, music, and television field.
Davis 43
Davis 44