“Abraham called the name of that place “The Lord Will Provide...” Gen. 22:14a
If you ask my family, they can attest to the fact that I love to sleep! I am an “8 hour per night” kind of guy. One thing that I enjoy more than my sleep is the Lord waking me up to talk. Some of my most intimate times with Him are in the early morning hours. Recently, He woke me and spoke two of His names to my heart - Jehovah-Jireh and Ancient of Days. I was familiar with the name “JehovahJireh”. It means “The Lord Will Provide and Abraham used it to name the place where the Lord provided for him in his time of need.”

sees”. In other words, the Lord saw Abraham’s need and provided for him. One theologian defined the word as “the Lord who will see to it that my every need is met.” I like that definition because it is consistent with Jesus’ own promise that He knows our needs and He will always meet them.
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of our lives from the beginning. In other words, He has always known what we are going to need.

He knows what we need today and He is not taken by surprise when we need something new tomorrow. Even before we know what we need and can voice a request to Him, He knows it.

As I reflected on Him being the “Ancient of Days” I was a bit perplexed how that name related to Jehovah-Jireh. Thankfully, He explained it.

As I researched it more, however, I learned it literally means the “Lord

The name “Ancient of Days” reminds us that He is eternal. He has always existed.

Jehovah-Jireh and Ancient of Days together remind us of who God is and that He completely cares for His children. We lack nothing and we will never lack. As we believe this truth, we will experience His perfect peace every day. What a wonderful way to live life!


Not only is He eternal but He also knows everything. He can see the end

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ages that Nate and Samuel recently turned

year of homeschooling him

more months to his/her due date in early March

more marriage seminar this year (October 7-8)

the grade Nate just started

little one God is blessing us with

more Grow In Grace seminar this year (November 12-13)

students who are completing Part 2 of our discipleship training

from those we are ministering to...
"Once in a while, things happen in a person's life that will make such an extraordinary impact, it will change the way they live their lives. Now, having taken the ADT course, my understanding of God's word and His character has changed. I have learned that God made me ALIVE with Christ!“ God’s love for me, His grace & power available to me was presented in such a clear way. So much great stuff! Now I need another weekend to let it all sink in.”

Thank you for discipling me on what should be ‘Christianity 101’. All of the presenters were engaging, knowledgeable and genuine. What a blessing!

When I began the ADT I focused on self, which meant I allowed my circumstances to define my feelings and identity. Being a part of the ADT has allowed me to finally hear the message of God’s love and grace that has been there all along.

the Lord reveals His truth & healing to those who come to CFT for help and for us as we work with them.

Do you have a friend who needs help? We have gifted counselors and life coaches on staff who can help!

From seminar setup and refreshments, to “behind the scenes” office work, we always welcome help.

If your small group or Sunday school class would like to be inspired and encouraged in how to consistently experience healthy relationships, weʼd be happy to share (either in person or through a video chat).


If you would like encouragement in your own relationships, we regularly present refreshing seminars and training opportunities at our office and at local churches.

CFT is a faith based ministry. Our salary is paid from the generous donations of those whom the Lord leads to give towards our work. This frees us to help all of those who need help but can not afford to give.

We thank the Lord for you and your friendship. We always enjoy hearing from you. Please let us know how we can pray for you and your family!

Beau and Patti

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