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Time: Three Hours Maximum marks: 80

Part A (Short Answer)

(Answer all questions. Each question carries 1 mark)

1) What is Minutes Book?

2) What is Co-Operative Societies?
3) What is Statutory Audit?
4) What is Audit note Book?
5) Define Co-operative Audit
6) State the major own funds of societies?
7) What is a liability register?
8) State any four features of Co-operative Accounting
9) State the administrative set up of Co-operative audit
10) What is Criminal liability?

(10x 1 = 10 marks)

Part B (Brief Answer)

(Answer any eight questions .Each question carries 2 marks)

11. Distingush between principal state partnership fund and subsidiary state partnership
12. Diffrence between Company Audit and Co-operative audit
13. What are the Stages of Audit?
14. Explain the various Duties, Powers and Responsibilities of Co-operative Auditor
15. What are the salient features of co-operative accounting?
16. Briefly explain provisions regarding provisions for over dues.
17. Explain general ledger.
18. Define Day book.
19. Define Accounting.
20. What is Co-operative Audit programme?
21. What is mechanical audit?
22. Define Vouching?
(8x2=16 marks)

Part c (short essays)

(Answer any six questions. Each question carries 4 marks)
23. What are the uses of Co-operative Accounting?
24. What is a Balance Sheet?
25. Explain the special features of Co-operative Accounting?
26. Explain the major types of own funds of societies.
27. Write a short note on duties and powers of Co-operative auditor.
28. Explain about borrowed funds of societies.
29. Explain the modes of investment of reserve fund.
30. Prepare R&D Statements of a service co-operative bank for the year ended 31 march 2012
from the following:

Item Amount Item Amount 31.

Share capital 25000 Deposits paid 40000

Deposits Received 100000 District Bank loan paid 20000
Dist.Bank loan taken 180000 Sale of forms 600
Admission fees 2500 Share invested 10000
Interest paid to DCB 13000 Salary 9000
Loan to members 225000 Interest on bank account 150
Managerial grant 3000 Loan from members 40000
Miscellaneous receipts 250 Sale of goods 200900
Interest collected from 17000 Advance due to (Cr) 4000
members 55000 Postage 150
Bank withdrawals 9000 Bank charges 20
Advance due by (Cr) 1100 Admission fee paid 200
Office rent 750 Office contingencies 200
Printing and stationary 300 Land purchased 10000
Travelling allowance 280 Bank deposit 60000
Registration expense 7500 Trade charges 2500
Furniture 22000 Advance due by (Dr) 5000
Purchases 7000
Advance due to (Dr)

Write a note on efficiency audit.

(6 x 4 = 24 marks)

Part D (Essays)
(Answer any two questions. Each question carries 15 marks
32. Explain briefly the different types of Account Books and Registers maintained by C-
operatives as per the provisions Co-operative Societies Act and Rule?

33. Define Co-operative audit. What are the important types of co-operative audit?

34. The following is the Receipts and Disbursement Account of an industrial society for the year
ended 31 March 2009 and a Balance sheet during 2009-2010. Prepare Profit and Loss Account
and Balance sheet as on 2010-11.

a) Balance Sheet 31-3-2010

Liabilities Amount Assets Amounts

Shares 75000 Cash in hand 12500

Loans From Government 250000 Loan to members 350000
Deposits 65000 Reserve fund invested 10000
Reserve Fund 10000 Share in Khadi Board 2500
Bad debts Reserve 5750 Furniture 5000
Interest payable 2000 Bank deposits 26000
Rent payable 250 Interest receivables 10500
Reserve for gratuity 3500
Net Profit 5000

416500 416500

b) Receipts and Disbursement for the year 2010-11

Receipts Amount Payments Amounts

Shares 2500 Deposits 65000
Deposits 145000 Loan from Government 250000
Loans from Government 350000 Share 1500
Loans from members 275000 Interest paid 37500
Sale of forms 200 Salary 30000
Interest on investments 750 Loan issued to members 444500
Telephone charges received 75 Sitting fee paid 1000
Interest received 67965 Share in khadi board 1000
Bank withdrawals 42500 Rent Paid 3250
Stationary 600
Telephone charges 1200
Bank Commission 120
Printing Charges 600
Postage 320
Board meeting expensese 500
Account books 900
Travelling allowances 750
Bank Deposits 51500
Total 883990 Total 890240
Opening Balance 12500 Closing Balance 6250

Grand Total 896490 896490

Grand Total

1. At the end of the year interest of Rs.20000 has to be received from the members and interest of
Rs.5000 has to be paid for District Co-Operative Bank Loan.

2. Provide depreciation at 5% for the furniture.

35. Explain the provisions of the Co-operative Societies Act and Rules regarding the preparation

of final accounts.

[2x15 = 30 marks.]