Aromatherapy For Children

By Johanna Pedranti

It is ve ry co nv e nie nt to use es se ntial oils compa red to her bs si nce it is easy to j us t drop a fe w oils i n mas sage oil s. t wig. the volatile molec ule s begi n to b e abso rbed right i nt o the m ucos a of the sinuse s. or ai r sa cs. Esssential Oils Ess e ntial oils have uniq ue p rope rtie s tha t are e nha nc ed by ea ch othe r. so it c an b e ca rri ed by the ai r to the 10 million se nsory ne uro ns locat ed in the nos trils. shampoo o r in s oap. ho rmo nal. . The s e ns e of smell co nne ct s em otio ns with m emo ries a s well as i nt eg rate s mi nd a nd body. roo t. Af te r th e informatio n about the sc e nt has b ee n pe rc eived a nd a nalyzed o f the limbic sy st em. They go to wo rk immedia tely i n the bod y beca use th ey don’ t have to go th ro ugh th e digestiv e sy ste m to g et t o the blood st rea m. Whe n y ou i nhale a n e sse ntial oil. re sto re o r e nha nc e body. bala nc e. leaf. re sin. E ss e ntial s oils st ay mo re pot e nt for a lo ng er time than h erb s. It is impo rta nt to p urchas e good q uality to oils be c aus e th e cheap er v er sio ns a re of te n diluted wi th harm f ul chemi cals o r infe rior co ns tit uents. esp eciall y for ho rmo nal a nd em otio nal co nce rns. Ess e ntial oils ca n be used for emotio nal.Introduction What is Aromatherapi? Aroma the rapy is th e inh alatio n a nd bodily applicat ion of es se ntial oils fro m aro matic plant s to relax. The limbic s ys tem is the ma in relay st atio n a nd it is there all the emotio nal resp onse s are loca ted. The se ch emical s ca n ca use ha rm to the body. It i s importa nt to k no w that th e e ss ential oils are mo re pote nt tha n th e herb s a nd it is importa nt not to exc eed the s tat ed dos es. Th e f ro ntal lob es o f the limbic sys tem co nt rol th e mem ory and at te ntio n. I t mea ns that they wo rk in sy ne rgy a nd ar e mo re po we rful wh en they a re mixed wi th each o the r. Th ey ne ed to be sto red i n a co ol place a nd a way f rom ligh t. ri nd a nd rhizom e. The a roma finally e nds up in the limbi c sys te m of th e brai n whe re i t is perc eived a nd a nalyzed. The a roma o f a n es se ntial oil is very po werf ul. be rry. it is se nt to o the r part s of th e brai n a nd th e n to sto rage i n th e me mory. bark. In o rde r fo r an a roma to be d et ect ed it has to be volatile. Ess ential oils ca n wo rk almos t insta ntly. or heali ng co ncer ns. P ure ess e ntial oils a re ex tra ct ed f rom ma ny pa rt s of the plant i ncl udi ng th e flo we r. Aroma the rapy is po werful no t just b eca use it’ s heal ing be nefit s of the body. b ut also beca us e it’s soothi ng eff ec ts o n the e motio ns. rej uv e nate. s eed. bath sal ts. and i t is also he re the e motio nal res ponses a re se nsed. Othe r volatile mole c ules e nt er the l ungs a nd are a bsorb ed into th e bloods tr eam th ro ugh the alveoli. E sse ntial oils mas saged i nt o the ski n mov e th ro ugh th e ski n a nd int erstitial fl uid and a re ab so rbed i nto the blood st ream. mi nd a nd spiri t.

lo cal massage Othe r ways to use esse ntial oils. Roll-ons 1 roll on bottle fill ¾ with vegetable oil add 3-8 drops of essential oils. un-scented lotion 80 drops essential oils Aromatic Shower Wet wash cloth 6-8 drops of essential oils Aroma Lamp ¾ full of water 3-5 drops essential oils Facial Scrubs 3-4 teaspoon carrier 2-3 drops essential oil Compress 4-8 oz. 1 tablespoon 15 ml 1 oz. glass bottle 1 ¾ oz.3 drops essential oil Facial Massage 3-4 tsp massage oil 3-5 drops essential oils Shampoo/Conditioner 8 oz. 2% dilutio n for g eneral. distilled or filtered water 10-30 drops essential oils Optional: ¼ Add witch hazel or vodka to emulsify the oils. Foot/Hand Bath Small tub H2O 4-6 drops essential oils Steam Inhalations 4 to 6 cups of water 2 . who le-bo dy massage. 4 tablespoons 60 ml ESSENTIAL OILS 1% dilution 3 drops 2% dilution 6 drops 3% dilution 12 drops 6 drops 12 drops 24 drops 12 drops 24 drops 48 drops 1% dilutio n for childr en a nd t he elder ly . 4% dilutio n for concentrated. The se a re ad ult dil utio ns a nd som e ways may not b e sui table for yo ung childre n. Important for thick oils like jasmine and myrrh. 2 tablespoons 30 ml 2 oz.Dilutions and Aromatherapy Ideas Basic suggested dilution for essential oil massage blends CARRIER OILS Volume ½ oz. un-scented shampoo 80-100 drops essential oils Body Lotion 8 oz. b ut a re i ncl uded i n ca se pare nts wa nt som e pampe ri ng too ! Spritzers 2 oz. warm or cold H2O 8-10 drops essential oils .

Dispe r sion i s importa nt b eca us e mo st e ss e ntial oils will float o n the s urfa ce a nd may b urn the ski n. Use caution in cases of high or low blood pressure. May absorb smell of essential oils. remineralizes the body. Add about 8-12 d rops o f e ss ential oil or ble nd pe r a dult ba ths. disperses essential oils. Be sure not to slip. Make s ure yo u ble nd the e ss e ntial oils with th e dis persio n ag e nt b efo re addi ng it to the bath. Mix with essential oils before adding to water. disperses essential oils. Detoxifying. Detoxifies. Do not use if Candida is present. I have added some re cipes b elo w th e chart. Use caution in cases of high or low blood pressure. heals eczema. Detoxifies the body. eases muscle pain and joint aches. disperses essential oils. Detoxifies. heals eczema. PRECAUTIONS Can be drying to the skin. 1/4 cup 1/8 of a cup 1/3 to 2 cups BENEFITS Cleans skin. prevents tub ring. Mix with essential oils before adding to the water. Conditions skin. Massage Oil Jojoba Oil Epsom Salt Moisturizes lightly. disperses essential oils. Has a strong smell. Moisturizes deeply and heals. Do not use in cases of low blood pressure. Mix with essential oils before adding to the water. detoxifies. Conditions skin.Mommie s need pamp eri ng too so this pag e is mai nly for th e pare nt s. Mix with essential oils before adding to water. Agitates the bath water. He re is a char t of sui table disp ersio ns a nd the amo unt needed for a f ull bath. contains minerals. disperses essential oils. disperses essential oils. Mix with essential oils before adding to water. None Sea Salts 1/3 to 2 cups Dead Sea Salt 1/3 to 2 cups Hydrated Bentonite Clay Kelp Honey Milk Apple Cider Vinegar Invigoration Bath 3 drops tea tree 3 drops pink grapefruit 1 drop peppermint 3 drops lavender 2 drops rose 3 drops bergamot ½ to 2 cups 1/8 cup 1/8 cup 3 cups or more ½ to 2 cups Refreshing Bath 3 drops bergamot 3 drops lemon 1 drop rosemary Detoxifying Bath 4 drops lemon 3 drops thyme linalol 1 drop rose 3 drops lavender 3 drops geranium Diuretic Bath 3 drops rosemary 3 drops geranium 2 drop lemon Relaxing Evening Bath 1 Relaxing Evening Bath 2 3 drops sandalwood 1 drop chamomile 2 drops ylang ylang Relaxing Evening Bath 3 . remineralizes the body. ADDITIVES Castile Soap AMOUNTS Quick bath: 2 teaspoons bubble bath: ¼ cup plus ¼ cup glycerine. Conditions skin. Detoxifies. disperses essential oils.

but only use 1/3 of the dosage directed for other oils Dosage: 5-10 drops diluted in 2 tablespoons Base Oil. NE WBOR N B ABIE S Chamomile Roman Chamomile German Yarrow Lavender Dosage: 1-3 drops diluted in 2 tablespoons Base Oil 2-6 MO NTHS OL D As above plus: Mandarin Eucalyptus (Never apply on face) Neroli Dosage: 3-5 drops diluted in 2 tablespoon Base Oil. Jojoba Borage Wheatgerm As above As above As above As above As above As above Carrot .Suitable oils for Babies and Young Children from Valerie Ann Worwood’s Book “The Complete Book of Essential Oils & Aromatherapy”: Base Oil Additives ( 10% of Essential Oils Base Oils Hazelnut Sweet Almond base o il unless ot her wise stated) Yo u ca n a dd t his to enha nce the massage oil . 6-12 MO NTHS OL D As above plus: Calendula Grapefruit Tea tree Dosage: 3-5 drops dilutet in 2 tablespoons Base Oils 1-5 YEA R S OL D All the above plus: Ginger.

plus: Female s: Rose Geranium Sweet Marjoram Male: Marjoram Bergamot Dosage: 10-20 drops diluted in 2 tablespoons Base Oil. Hazelnut Sweet Almond Apricot Grapeseed As above As above As above As above As above . Fennel Frankincense Cypress Basil Dosage: 5-15 drops diluted in 2 tablespoons Base Oil. PU BER TY All the above oils at full dose. plus the following at 1/3 dosage directed for other oils.5-7 YEA R S OL D All the above plus following used in 1/3 dosage directed for other oils: Ginger Peppermint Rosemary Thyme linalool Clary Sage Geranium Dosage: 5-12 drops diluted in 2 tablespoon Base Oil 7-12 YEA R S OL D All those to 7 years old.

Lav e nder a nd m and arin a re well liked by childre n a nd th ey can b e used i n a ha nd or foo t mas sage b efo re b edti me. Amo unt o f bas e oil depe nds on th e child’s ag e. The re a re ma ny way s to i nco rpo rat e es se ntial oils int o a child’s life a nd th ey respo nd v ery positively t o aro mathe rapy. wo rki ng to ward s the h eart. I us ed to p ut es se ntial oils o n a cott on b all and t uck it in und er my daugh te r’s pillow wh en she wa s s uf fe ri ng f rom a pe rsis te nt co ugh whe n we lived in Wale s. Y ou ca n o f co urs e s wit ch ma ndari n for ano the r oil or us e only lav e nder. Favorit e Ba th Ble nd Lave nde r 2 drop s Manda ri n 2 drop s. ma rjora m.Aromatherapy and Children Ess e ntial oils are sa fe a s long a s yo u f ollow the s af ety reco mme nda tio ns a nd pe rfo rm a skin pa tch t es t whe n yo u us e the oil for the fi rs t ti me o n the skin. yla ng yla ng . Bedtime secrets It ca n be a challe nge ma ny time s to g et a child t o g o to sle ep b ut I no ticed that a relaxi ng calm bath ca n m ake wo nde rs a t bed time. ro se. Add this to v ege table oil a nd add to th e bath wa te r and s wi sh. cham o mile. Plea se ref er to dilutio n cha rt. Wa rm ve geta ble oil 5-10 drop s of Lave nde r or ma ndari n. M as sage the f ee t. Many childre n als o e njoy ha nd or foo t mas sage. clary s age. B efo re the bath time y ou ca n t ry to giv e the child a cup o f diluted cha momile t ea. gera ni um. Aroma tic Ma ssag e Oil fo r Childre n 2 tbl. Th e es se ntial oil blend s sho uld be kept i n da rk bot tles. Othe r relaxing oil s fo r bed time a re be rgamo t. a nd i nhalatio n. lotio ns. Yo u ca n mak e this ah ead a nd keep i t in a dark or am ber glass bo ttl e. M ethod s incl ude a roma tic bath s. U K. Humidifie rs a re also a wa y yo u ca n utilize a ro mathe rapy i nhalatio n sa fely for childre n. A drop or t wo of a n es se ntial oil o n a pillow cas e is a g rea t way to us e e ss ential oils whe n th e child is co ng es ted o r has a ha rd time falli ng asl eep. f ra nki nce nse. Mix the e ss e ntial oils in the wa rm veg etabl e oil.

1 cup dis tilled wat er 10 drops lave nd er 5 drops ma rjor am 2 drops s andal wo od a spray bo ttl e wi th mis t nozzle Aroma thic bath s are relaxing and calmi ng. M SG. Roma n a nd Ge rma n Cha momile. The se oils m ay also be b eneficial i n ta ntrum s. I t is impo rta nt to rem embe r to use s tat ed dos es whe n using the rape utic relaxatio n oils a nd no t too much. Sta te o f ove rs tim ulatio n a nd excit eme nt may be nefit from relaxatio n and s edative es se ntial oils. ne rol u. cl ary sag e a nd ge ra nium. sweet marjo ram. cla ry sa ge. ja smi ne. sand alwo od. slo wi ng th e re spira tio n a nd hea rt rate. this ca n be di ff us ed in the air. Relaxatio n oils a re na t ural pla nt derivativ es tha t may aid th e body i n relaxatio n. Th e mos t ef fe ctive meth ods utilizing aroma the rapy ar e usi ng tho se oils which cro ss the b lood-brai n ba rri er by i nhalatio n. An opposit e e ff ect take s place if the oils a re ove rus ed. be rgam ot. Stim ula ting/m e ntal ale rtne ss: e ucalyptus. cla ry sa g e. Anti-irritability oils: chamomile. and using diff us ers are also a g rea t wa y to spre ad the h ealing oils. . Othe r relaxing a nd calming oils are chamo mile. sa ndal wood. food co lors a nd additive s have be e n k no wn to cause ov era ctivity i n child re n. marjo ram. b erg amot. ne roli. a nd yo u ca n eve n spray it o n things if needed. g era ni um. and so othi ng a n ove rs tim ulat ed nervo us sy st em. lave nde r. ylang ylang. Re fi ned ca rbohyd rat es. ne roli. sa ndal wood. Massa ge is le ss direc t b ut als o ef fe ctive. Arom athe rapy wo rks o n a subtle level. Anti-dep re ssio n a nd a nti -fearful ness oils: grap efrui t. For bala nci ng e motio ns: b ergamot. ma nda ri n. sa ndalwood a nd ta nge ri ne. Some childre n be com e hypera ctiv e wh e n the y eat som ethi ng they a re s e nsitiv e to. Extra Es se ntial oils i nfo. clary sage. and ove rti red ness. le mon. fra nki nc e nse. lavend er. lave nde r.Calming an Overactive Child An ov era ctive childe is n’t ne ces sa ry “hyp era ctive ” a nd so me times childre n a re ov era ctive a t certai n time s. ne roli and m elissa a re a re co nside red rela xant nervi ne s a nd valua ble whe n feeli ng stressed a nd te nse. ple ase check to mak e s ure the oils are s uit able fo r yo ung childre n. peppe rmi nt (adap toge n) Anti-dep re ssa nts: be rgam ot. ora nge. cla ry sag e. ma ndari ng. be rgamo t.a room spray to r elax. a nxiety a tta cks. sa ndal wood. Calmi ng Mis t. franki nce nse. lave nde r. clary sage. gera ni um.

Bay. Som e oils need to be avoid ed in p reg na ncy. Caj up ut. Cedarwood. Clove Lea f. Som e oils tha t may irri tate the skins are: Ani se. Esse ntia l oils are mo re po te nt tha n th e herb s so less am ount is ne eded i n ord er to achiev e the d esi re d effec t. It is also impo rta nt not to use the same e sse ntial oils mo re tha n o ne we ek at a time.Essential Oil Safety Esse ntial oils are sa fe to use a s lo ng as yo u follo w the reco mme nded do sag e and re sea rch the co ntrai ndica tio ns b efo re yo u use th em. a nd othe r e sse ntial oils are co ntra indicated in spe cific illnesse s. and Thym e A skin pa tch test ca n b e co nd uc ted with a c arrier o il or with undil uted esse ntial oil. A skin pa tch test sho uld be co nd ucted whe n usi ng oils listed as po te ntial se nsi tize rs o r . I t is ve ry importa nt to cho ose g ood q uality e sse ntial oils for a roma the rapy si nc e ma ny a re diluted with ha rm ful substance s a nd the y are of i nferio r quality Som e oils are k no wn ski n irrita nts a nd the re fo re it is important to co nd uc t a ski n patch test be fore yo u use esse ntial oils. which mea ns tha t the dividi ng line betwee n th erap e utic do se a nd a ha rmful do se is very small. Black Pepp er. O rega no. E ucalyptus. Neve r use the oils undiluted on th e ski n. Oils like e ucalyp tus sho ul d nev er b e applied in th e fa ce. Ba sil. The se oils needs to be avoid ed orally a nd used with ca ution. Wh en i t com es to childre n it is ex tra impo rtant to follow th e recom me nded do sage s si nc e too m uch esse ntial oil ca n produce ov er stim ulatio n. The q uality o f th e esse ntial oils also diffe r. Almost all of th e repo rted cases o f poiso ni ng by esse ntial oils have o cc urred by self-d osi ng of small qua ntitie s of undiluted e sse ntial oils. Do n’t use e sse ntial oils undil uted o n the ski n. Th e o nly ex ceptio ns are te a tree a nd la vend er. I actually do n't re comm e nd anyo ne to use e sse ntial oils orally unl ess yo u have co nsulted with p rofessio nals ed ucated in e sse ntial oil safety. Ging er. Som e esse ntial oils hav e low the rape utic margi n. a nd th e liver wo uld re ceive a large do se via the p ortal circulation. wo und s or a small burn. or rash es. Esse ntial oils sho uld no t be used at all in the fi rst trim ester. I highly reco mme nd that yo u do yo ur research whe n you use e sse ntial oils to mak e sure yo u kno w th e co ntrai ndica tio ns o f the oil s yo u use. so if long er time is ne eded j ust alterna te with o the r e sse ntial oils. and the re is a cha nce that yo u c ome a cro ss oils diluted wi th harm ful substa nc es. which take s its blood fro m the gastroi ntesti nal trac t to the live r. Clove B ud. asth ma. Ci nnamo n. som e oils ca n be toxic if no t co rrect do sag e or duratio n is used. This is esp ecially importa nt if yo u have a histo ry of allergie s. Pepp ermi nt. Extra care is req uired whe n taki ng a n esse ntial oil orally si nc e a highe r amo unt o f th e oil wo uld reach the ci rc ulatio n. which ca n be used in tiny amounts o n sti ngs.

Hyssop. Wh en co nd uc ting a skin pa tch te st usi ng e sse ntial oils diluted in c arrier oil s yo u first wa sh and d ry th e fo rea rm. Add o ne d rop of oil in the cro ok of th e arm and close the arm. pine (d wa rf) . ve tive r. ca ssia. clary sage. caj up ut. fe nnel. myrrh. garlic. Or simply wa sh wi th soap a nd wa te r . ro sema ry. Esse ntial oils not to be used by peopl e wi th stoma c h and inte sti nal ulce rs: Cinna mo n bark Esse ntial oils not to be used by peopl e wi th e stroge n dep end e nt ca nce r: A nise. clove leaf. basil. Wh en te sti ng a n undiluted e sse ntial oil. swee t marj oram. Cove r the applied area with ste rile ga uze a nd leav e fo r 24 hours I f sig ns o f irrita tion a re sho wn. Oils no t reco mme nded i n p reg na ncy a re : A nise seed. remov e th e ga uze a nd avoid usi ng tha t partic ular o il in the future. rosemary. ba sil and fe nnel Esse ntial oils which sho uld no t be used o n the skin at all: Ajo wa n. orega no. orega no. I f a ny irritatio n is no tic eable the applied area ca n be wa shed with cotto n dipped in milk or ve geta ble oil. rosemary. junip er. th e n apply esse ntial oil blend e nough to moi sten the a rm. rosema ry. yarro w Esse ntial oils not to be used by peopl e wi th hypote nsio n: Clary sage a nd ma rjora m Esse ntial oils not to be used by peopl e wi th liver di sease are: clove b ud a nd clov e leaf. eucalyptus. jasmine. eucalyptus. sage a nd thyme. Esse ntial oils not to be used by peopl e pro ne to epil epsy a re : clary sag e. ma rjora m. lave nd er (lava nd ula sto echas). birch. a nd ope n a nd clo se th e arm again a fter five mi nutes. A s me ntioned above i ndividuals with all ergie s or a sth ma sho uld al ways co nd uct a skin pa tch test be fore applying a ny esse ntial oils. ceda rwood. sa ssa fras. sag e and thym e Esse ntial oils not to be used by peopl e wi th high blood pre ssure a re : Cyp re ss. sa ge a nd thy me Esse ntial oils not to be used by peopl e wi th asthma : campho r. cypress. hy ssop. thy me. ci nnamo n ba rk. ele campa ne. o rega no. clove b ud. you wa sh the arm with unsc e nted vege table soap and dry before applying the oil.irrita nts. c ajup ut. Fe nnel. Alway s use the rec omme nd ed dose whe n co nd ucti ng the ski n pa tch test. peppe rmi nt.

blogspo t. More a roma the rapy i nfo rma tio n o n my blog : http ://j osheal thco rne r.html http ://j osheal thco rne r. Once agai m/2009/10 /ma ssa ge-a nd -ho w-to -dilute -e sse ntial.html http ://j osheal thco rne m/2009/10 /oils-for-ski m/2009/10 /e ssential-oils-fo r-respira to ry-and. o ra m/2009/10 /make -your-o wn-spa.h tml http ://j osheal thco rne r.blogspo t. Feel free to co nta ct me if yo u are not sure abo ut the oils. fi r needl e(Sibe ria n).Esse ntial oils which sho uld b e used with ca utio n o n th e ski n: b asil (all vari etie s).blogspo t. m elissa.html http ://j osheal thco rne r.blogspo t. cinnamo n l eaf.blogspo t.blogspo t. lemo ng rass.blogspo m/2009/09 /do -yo u-have -hard -tim e-at-work.h tml .blogspo t. peppermint. lem on. plea se look i nto the co ntrai ndica tio ns of the esse ntial oils y ou a re using.html http ://j osheal thco rne r. Co nsult wi th yo ur phy sicia n if yo u have existing m edical co nditio m/2009/11 /ma ssa ge-oils. ve rbe na.html http ://j osheal thco rne r. red and wild thy m/2009/12 /are-h olidays-maki ng -yo m/2009/10 /so me -way s-to -use -e sse ntial -oils.h tml http ://j osheal thco rne r.