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The Rise of Dictatorial Regimes

Directions: Use chapter 28.2 and 28.3 to completely answer the questions in the chart.

Italy Soviet Union Germany

1. How was Mussolini able to 5. How did Lenin’s New Economic 9. What were the various names
create a dictatorial state Italy? Policy (NEP) both preserve and given to the Nazi militia?
change Russia’s economic

10. Summarize the Beer Hall

2. What is expected of citizens in a Putsch?
totalitarian state?

6. How did Stalin gain and

maintain power?

3. What was the result of the 1922 11. What was the basis of Hitler’s
March on Rome? ideals?

7. Explain the pros and cons that

Stalin’s Five Year Plans had on
the Soviet Union?

4. Why did so many people find

fascism acceptable? 12. How did the Enabling Act
contribute to Hitler’s rise to power?

8. Who were the player involved in the Spanish Civil War? What outside countries helped? How did the
conflict end?
Name:____________________________________________________ Date: ____________ Period: ______

How did Hitler Build a Nazi State?

Anti-Semitic Culture and

Economics Women
Policies Leisure

Critical Thinking

1. Do you think all German women agreed with the Nazi view about their role in society? Why?

2. Why do you think Hitler’s government had a special department called the Propaganda Ministry?