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May 2014 Newsletter Newsletter
BUILDING- A Root Cause Editorial Board
Editor- Ar. Abhinav Garg
of our Diseases Team Members- Nisha Verma , Nidhi Jain, Rupesh Bedi
The mental and physical health of the occupants
depends a lot on the environment. Healthy
environment can help a person grow better both
mentally and physically. Various diseases can also
occur due to unhealthy conditions. Nowadays there
is a fair possibility that the building could be the
root cause of our problems For instance a person
may not be aware of the fact that there is a
Geopathic stress just below the chair the person sits
for continuous eight hours in the office. The direct
impact of Geopathic stress is on the immunization
system. The person may turn sick and take medical
help. But still the person would not be aware of the
root cause of the problem, the chair and the
placement still continuous to be the same

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Healthy Building Healthy Life is an Awareness Campaign initiated by Ar. Prof
B.B.Puri- & Dr. R.M.Mehra PhD & DSc through Building Doctors & Design Gurukul in
India and Abroad. They are creating awareness on Healthy Buildings based on Vastu
Friendly, Nature Friendly and Green principles. They have transformed Vastu into
Scientific Vastu by reviving the scientific laws of Vedic Architecture & Vastu Science
Ar. Prof Dr. B.B.Puri
and have added science of creation of Healthy Homes as per guidelines of various
Dr. R.M.Mehra PhD Founder Chairman
Founder Director national & international agencies. For details log on to
BUILDING-A Root Cause of our Diseases
Now in this case either the medication does not Just to emphasize on the relationship between
help much or else if it does, then the problem an unhealthy environment and diseases, some of
erupts again. It is essential to understand the the examples are stated below:
problem but more essential to understand the •Unhealthy interior material can cause multiple
root cause of the problem chemical sensitivity.
•Imbalance in the air can cause depression,
WHY IS IT HAPPENING? A person is most affected irritability and rashes etc
DR R M Mehra PHD & •Radon gas emissions can even cause cancer
by the environment. The overall environment is a
DSC-Interior •Over exposure to sound can cause palpitation,
result of temperature, light, sound, indoor air
Designer,Colour quality, construction material, furniture, blood vessel constriction, and adrenaline rush
Expert,Scientific Vastu electronic gadgets, orientation and direction etc. and pupil dilation.
Expert,Interior ,Sick The impact of overall environment on the human •Unhealthy furniture can cause repetitive strain
Building Expert body is explained through the below mentioned injury, backache, pain in shoulders and neck, mid
diagram. back and lower back pain and even stress and
•Contaminations in the air can cause chronic
bronchitis, sneezing, watery eyes, coughing,
dizziness, lethargy, fever, humidifier fever and
digestive problems.
•Exposure to too much of light can cause skin
related diseases
•Unhealthy plants can cause allergies and
•Geopathic Stress can cause lowering down of
immunization system, cramps and
•Electro magnetic frequencies can cause insomnia
and migraine.
•Fungus (wuchereria bancrofti) can cause
elephantiasis (swelling of foot)

Benefits of having meals while seated on floor

Our ancestors were very intelligent and did helps in reducing back pain and discomfort.
everything with a logical reasoning behind. Along with sitting on floor while having food,
Whatever is written in our “Shastras” is based on if we have our food with our hands rather
scientific facts and researches are still on to prove than using spoon and fork, as in western
such facts. Having meal while seated on floor is countries we aid one more health benefit.
commonly seen in our Indian culture and it is a Having meal with our hands enhance the
scientifically proven fact that the cross legged transformation of our sense organs plus
posture aids in keeping the mind and body relaxed gives a feel of hygiene as we have to wash
Geetanjali Gulani
and it also helps in increasing the blood flow our hands before and after food. It helps to
Scientific vastu expert ,
interior designer , towards heart as compared to the posture while feel the texture and temperature of food
architect sitting on chair which circulates the blood towards and there are no chances of tongue burns.
feet rather than heart. Sitting in cross legged So it is suggested to switch on to the
posture engage our muscles which helps in traditional method of having food rather
increasing the digestion process because when we than the modern trend of dining table
move forward to have food our abdominal concept. We can give a modern look by
muscles stimulates the secretion of digestive giving low height dining table along with a
enzymes to aid good digestion. Another benefit of smart seating on floor. It also offers a respect
cross legged position is that food intake will be less to our meal. So let’s start with a healthy
as compared to having food while seated on chair change in our lifestyle by adopting our
It also strengthens our lumbar region of the body traditional methods.

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Sound Be A Criteria OF Soundness Of The Earth
(Identifying the Sixth Element Of Vaastu)
Initiating the scientific decoding of Nature’s Though the graphical presentation of telluric
Language’: As a true researcher, a devoted scholar, a sound’s beat, intensity, rhythm & concentration
scientist or as a Vastu consultant this note may be can be looked at in the above exercise but as a
useful to trace some more advanced but super layman Just try to hear the sound of an open
sensitive aspect of vibrations of which we talk in day- field with bare ears or with doctors’ stethoscope
DR Anand Bhardwaj to-day life. This article is not written to distort the and ask to yourself what feels to be at a point

MA MBA PHD& traditional essence of Vastu Shastra that works on the and what is the feel at the other point. If one
DSC(VASTU) Fengshui, principles of five elements i.e. Panch-Mahabhootas learns with some practice and sensitivity the
edial Consultant (Space, Air, Fire, Water, Earth) established since times language of sound, rest assured, it is now
immemorial but to explore the possibility to incarnate decoded. The pleasing earth-sound symbolises
an avenue in the arena of wide possibilities of the positivity, neutral sounds to be neutral &
exploring the natural energies or vibrations been irritating sound indicates negativity. May be
defined in many & most of the occult sciences existing today, the above new theory seem to be of less
in the world. In my D.Sc. studies I worked on the value, but the continual R&D may yield it to be a
earth’s sound and found that this may be one of the vital addition to the Vastu audits in time to
criteria to identify & classify the basic essence of a come. With reference to the Vastu studies, the
study, analysis and investigation of analyzing the selection of right track may help in maintaining
intensity and quantum of various positive or negative the shape, pace & direction to the new theories
vibration-forces at a virgin site. Telluric sound may be & practical experience may be the helping factor
the sixth element of Vastu on which I have worked for in time to come. The scientific research needs
quite a long time. The findings were astonishing. As a patience, endeavor, unbiased analysis and deep
Vastu or vibrations consultant, one may experience insight, but the resultant outcome is definitely a
the sound of earth at different distance, which may boon to the mankind.
differ from one point to the other. How to classify this
sound? Why unconsciously one feels cozy, cool and
comfortable at a place and restless at the other?
There may be numerous factors but the current
context pinpoints a peculiar view point.

BUILDING- A Living Organism

Vastu is a nurture-oriented science. It all begins optimally healthy environment is achieved. In
with considering your home as a living organism. order for a home to be healthy it needs to be able
From a Building Biology perspective your home is to facilitate a balanced exchange of air and
your “third skin,” your outermost layer. Your humidity, just like our physical lungs do. This
physical skin is the first layer and your clothes are process is a form of breathing. A breathing home
Dr. Ifshan Mehraj PHD
Healthy Home Expert
the second layer or second skin. As you start needs to be able to allow humidity and air to
thinking of your home this way, and how it move in and out of its walls. Homes need to be
interacts with you and your family, you realize it’s able to keep warm or stay cool, just like we do. It
all interconnected. Everything from the materials is essential that only healthy building materials
used to build your home, to the furnishing inside, should be used to enable homeostatic abilities in
to how your care for it, need to be considered in building. Turning your home into a health heaven
an overall plan for health When everything works is a process, just like raising a child or caring for a
together to support everything else in this way an family member.
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Healthy Sleep Healthy You
Sleep can be said as a naturally recurring state Try to block out unwanted sounds with earplugs
or use "white noise" such as a fan, air cleaner or
that is characterized by altered consciousness, sound conditioner. Take your favorite clock along.
relatively inhibited sensory activity, and inhibition Remove TV and computers from your bedroom.
3. Light: Researches by sleep scientists have
of nearly all voluntary muscles. It is distinguished shown much of our sleep patterns are regulated
from wakefulness by a decreased ability to react by light and darkness. Bright outdoor light is the
Dr Gaurav Malik most powerful regulator of our biological clock.
Medical Practitioner and
to stimuli, and it is more easily reversible than Make sure to expose yourself to enough bright
Healthy Home Expert being in hibernation or a coma. light during the day. Find time for sunlight, or
purchase a lightbox or light visor to supplement
As per researches carried on by Harvard, sleep your exposure to bright light. At bedtime, think
has many physiological impacts. It may impact dark: a dark bedroom contributes to better sleep.
Try light blocking curtains, shades or blinds. Avoid
blood pressure, disease susceptibility, memory, bright light in the evening and expose yourself to
learning, behaviour, immunity, mental health, sunlight in the morning.
4. Ventilate your room daily-Regulate air in your
sexual health, safety, and longevity. There can be rooms
difference between a sound night of sleep and a 5. Use different aromas, nice coloured and simple
bedsheets, and flowers in your room.
fitful night that leaves you tired the next day. As
B. Stick to the same bedtime and wake up time,
per Sleep foundation adults need 7-9 hours of
even on the weekends- Helps to regulate your
sleep daily. Powerful tools to help you sleep body's clock .
C. Practice a relaxing bedtime ritual- Meditate,
read a book, listen to music, or get romantic with
A .Sleeping environment your spouse. Keep your mobile on flight mode. If
you associate a particular activity or item with
1. Temperature: Sleep scientists at sleep anxiety about sleeping, omit it from your bedtime
foundation and Harvard recommend routine.
keeping your room slightly cool. Turning the
thermostat down at night in cold weather. D.Avoid naps, especially in the afternoon.
Blankets, comforters or electric blankets can
lock in heat without feeling too heavy or E. Exercise daily.
confining. For physically active people cool
rooms help you sleep better. Looking at the F.Avoid alcohol, cigarettes, and heavy meals in the
available research with sleep foundation evening.
temperatures above 24 degrees centigrade
and below 12 degrees centigrade can be G.In case required do something relaxing until you
disruptive to deep sleep. feel tired.
2. Noise: As per sleep foundation, noises at
levels as low as 40 decibels or as high as 70
decibels can keep us awake. Absence or
presence of a familiar noise can have as
great an impact on your sleep as out-of-the-
ordinary noises .

Complementary Session On Dreams For Ex-Students

An exceptional effort was done by the
institute to arrange a complimentary
session on Dreams for ex students.
EX- students working as Vastu Experts
& Consultants explored new horizons of
subconscious and its wonderful
language. The session was conducted
by Dr. R.M.Mehra PhD & DSc.
Rupesh Bedi - Member Editorial Board

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