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Total Marks: 100
Attempt all questions.
Question 1 to 5 carries 2 marks each.
Question 6 to 15 carries 3 marks each.
Question 16 to 20 carries 12 marks each.

1. The unit of stress in the SI system are-

(A) Kg/m2 (B) N/mm2 (c) MPa (D) any one of these

2. The resistance to deformation of a body per unit area is known as-

(A) Stress (B) strain (C) modulus of elasticity (D) modulus of rigidity

3. 1 MPa is equal to-

(A) 1 N/m2 (B) 1 N/mm2 (C) 1 kN/m2 (D) 1 kN/mm2

4. Wherever the bending moment is maximum, the shear force is

(A) Zero (B) also maximum (C) minimum (D) of any value

5. The flexural rigidity of a beam is-

(A) E/I (B) EI (C) I/E (D) E2I

6. Hook’s law is valid up to the

(A) Elastic limit (B) yield point
(B) Limit of proportionality (D) ultimate point

7. Temperature stress is a function of

(A) Modulus of elasticity
(B) Coefficient of linear expansion
(C) Change in temperature
(D) All of these
8. Modulus of resilience is
(A) Percentage of elongation of an elastic body
(B) Strain energy stored in the elastic body
(C) Strain energy per volume of the elastic body
(D) None all these
9. The point of contra flexure lies where
(A) Shear force changes sign
(B) Bending moment is zero or changes sign
(C) Shear force is zero
(D) Bending moment is maximum

10. Maximum bending moment in a cantilever carrying a uniformly distributed load is

(A) wL2/4 (B) wL2/8 (C) wL3/4 (D) wL2/2

11. In thick cylindrical pressure vessels, the variation of the hoop stress is

(A) parabolic (B) uniform (C) linear (D) cubic

12. In thick cylindrical pressure vessels, the variation of the radial stress is

(A) parabolic (B) uniform (C) linear (D) cubic

13.Rankine’s formula is applicable to

(A) long columns (B) short columns (C) both of these (D) none of these

14. The equivalent length of a column fixed at one end with the other end free is:

(A) l (B) 2l (C) l2 (D) l/2

15. The ratio of diameters of two shafts joined in series is 2. If the two shafts have the same
material and the same length, the ratio of their stresses will be

(A) 2 (B) 4 (C) 8 (D) 16

16. (a) What is volumetric strain ?

(b) What do you mean by tensile, compressive and shear force ?

17. (a) Define the terms shear force and bending moments.
(b) Indicate the shapes of bending moment diagram in case of uniformly distributed
load on cantilever beam.
18. (a) What do you mean by point of ‘contraflexture’ or ‘inflection’ ?
(b) A simply supported beam of 8-m span carries point loads of 24 kN and 40 kN at
distances of 2 m from each end. Draw the shear force diagram.

19. (a) Develop an expression for strain energy in a shaft subjected to torsion.
(b) What do you mean by equivalent torque?

20.(a) What is a strut ? How does it differ from a column?

(b) Define slenderness ratio of a column.