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Elements of Mechanical Engineering
Max. Marks: 100

1.Rapping allowance is provided on a pattern to take care of

(a)distortion (b)shrinkage (c)easy withdrawl (d)machining

2.The pump with a low initial cost and low maintenance cost is

(a)bucket pump (b) gear pump

(c)double acting piston pump (d)centrifugal pump

3.In Industry of the developed nations the type of production most often occurring is

(a)Mass production (b)Batch production

(c)Single lot production (d)Create lot production

4.An aircraft gas turbine operates on

(a)Rankine cycle (b)Bryton cycle

(c)Otto cycle (d)Sterling cycle

5.Which of the following is not used as a refrigerant ?

(a)sulphur dioxide (b)amonia

(c) carbon monoxide (d)carbon dioxide

6.Which of the following operations cannot be performed on a lathe

(a) drilling (b) slotting

(c) facing (d) thread cutting

7.For the purpose of comparison, the steam generating capacity of a boiler is generally
expressed in terms of

(a)steam pressure (b) equivalent evaporation

(c)kg/hr (d)thermal efficiency

8.Mandrels are used to hold

(a) cutting tools (b) hollow work pieces

(c)drill bits (d)face plate

9.The output of a gas turbine is 300 KW and its efficiency is 20 percent, the heat supplied is

(a)6000 KW (b)150 KW

(c)600 KW (d)15 KW

10.A refigerant used in the domestic refrigerator is

(a)air (b)methane

(c)Sulphur dioxide (d)freon

11(a). Define fuel, calorific value. Describe two types of the calorific values of fuel.

(b). With the help of Temperature –Enthalpy diagram explain the generation of steam
at constant pressure

12 (a). Distinguish between Non-renewable and renewable energy resources.

(b). With a neat sketch explain the working of Babcock and Wilcox Boiler.

13(a). With the help of line diagrams, describe how solar energy and hydel energy can be
used to generate electric power.

(b). With a neat sketch explain the working of Parson’s turbine.

14(a).With neat sketches explain the working of a 4 stroke Petrol engine.

(b). Differentiate between Open-cycle and Closed-cycle gas turbines.

15(a). With a neat and labeled sketch explain the working of Francis turbine.

(b)With suitable sketch explain Taper Turning by swiveling the compound rest.

16.Define a composite material. How are composite materials classified? Give example for
Guideline –

• Ensure to solve every question in series.

• Do not copy past answers, as it will lead to rejection of answer sheets.

• Make sure to write enough length answers of descriptive questions as per the weightage.

• Highlight more relevant case studies and practice examples.

• Submit answer sheet in standard format only.

• Make sure to be in time limits of submission to avoid rejection of submission after deadline.

• In case of hand written sheet submission please be assure of sober writing and cleanliness of answer

• Do take care of numerical and diagrammatical representation up to the mark if applicable.