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The target audiences of the Sun and Four Four Two

The magazine four four two has a target audience which is mainly people living in the UK with mixed
ethnicity this is because the magazine can be bought in 9 languages.The magazine has released editions
all over the world in Brazil,Bulgaria, Croatia, Egypt ,Hungry,Indonesia ,Italy,Korea,
Malaysia/Singapore,Nigeria, Poland,Portugal,Sweden, Thailand,Turkey and Vietnam spreading its
audience from one nation to the next.In the UK The magazine has a very huge following,94.5% of readers
are men and 64.7% are from the working classes of upper middle class,middle class and lower middle
class.85.4% are from the age group of 15-32 years old.The print daily readership of adults for newspaper
is an astounding 3,417,000 which is a vast amount considering its a monthly magazine(1 issue a month)
and its PC monthly readership is 3,592,000 adults.The readership is quite a young age range this is
probably due to the younger generation being more technologically minded and using the internet/Apps
more than the print based media product of a magazine.Four Four Two costs £4.99 and has a new issue
every month,I believe this is reasonable and that the target audience do too as it is such an in depth
analysis of football and provides interviews with footballers of interest which appeal to the consumer.The
target audience must feel that it’s a good price as there's so much information for their money they soon
become loyal customers due to the positive intellectual journalistic technique which comes across as
they’re passionate about the sport.As the target audience is so young I believe the specific reason these
people buy this magazine is that they are aspiring to possibly be a footballer or are just idolisers of the
professional footballing communities different lifestyles,fame and fortune and simply want to find out more
about what goes on and off the pitch for different top level footballers.Their main audience is the age
range of 15-32 this could be due to people having a more relaxed lifestyle for example people from 15-23
are still in full time education the majority of the times so they have more free time to relax and read this
magazine to support this theory the socio-economic group that they fall into is E as they’re students and
are likely unemployed or in part-time jobs.The Four Four Two magazine has widened their audience by
the creation of their app which in this digital age can be seen as more appealing to the younger
generation especially fitting into their main target audience of 15-32.Media and sport have always been
partnered together so Four Four Two has followed suit.The rest of their main audience(24-32) will
probably just be beginning jobs so will not have experienced the stresses of full time employment
before,so many may well see the magazine as a chance to unwind and recover from their jobs and
problems they face.As this range of people have only just joined their chosen profession they might just
be an apprentice in the socio-economic group of D (semi-skilled workers).
The Sun is the largest newspaper in the UK and has a daily readership of 5.5 million people,their target
audience will most likely be british with mixed ethnicity and people in the middle and lower classes of
society.The sun costs 40p this is a reasonable price for middle and lower class people as its fairly cheap
costing a total of £2.80 per week.The upper class will most likely not be a target audience as the
newspaper is written informally and not sincerely so it may be less appealing to them.The sunday edition
has a readership of 5.42 million making it the most read paper on a sunday in the country.Their largest
age group is 15-34(4 million readers)The target audience may want to buy the magazine as it gives a
wide range of articles possessing views on different matters in the news,showbiz,politics and sport. The
newspaper has a 2.8m media footprint.If the sun was a TV show it reaches more 15-34 year olds at the
weekend than “Britain’s Got Talent” and “The Voice” combined.The Sun’s target audience would fall into
surveillance,personal identity and diversion from Blumler and katz’ theory.Personal Identity is our need to
make judgements and many views on things we read,watch and listen to and to show its a way of
reinforcing our personal values.Surveillance is our need to keep up to date with what's going on in the
world and local/international news or events taking place.Diversion is the need for us to escape from our
everyday lives and turn our attention to something else which relaxes and entertains us.The geo-
demographic for the sun is clearly national based as it is distributed across wales,scotland and England.

The suns target audience maybe such a young age due to the use of technology in the modern
generation as the Sun has an app on android and iphones called”Sun mobile” which is free to
purchase.As the app is free it makes it more viable for the younger generation to buy and read the
magazine as they can do anywhere anytime as it is digital based.The sun is read by people above the
age of 45 making up 41% of their readership,as this age group takes up quite a high percentage of their
readers,the newspaper has to facilitate the news and articles to what interests or is important to them.As
the newspaper is a tabloid then therefore it’s written more informal they would still need to provide a
certain essence of seriousness to persuade their older age group to keep on reading.Even though some
45 year olds and older my watch popular TV shows like soaps and may want to hear about news in
showbiz the majority will most probably want to hear about politics and world news.As they’re older they
will most likely have important jobs in the socio economic group of A with jobs like,bankers,lawyers and
doctors so they will most likely be looking for articles which may affect their livelihood like articles on the
government cuts on the NHS and shortage of nurses would concern and interest doctors.So once again
using the blumler and katz theory then this audience would most likely be in surveillance as they feel the
need to know about what's going on in the world and the effect it may consequently cause on them.56%
of males and 44% are females which read the sun.This is quite an even split supporting the fact the sun is
appealing to both genders on the majority of articles which the sun produces and put into their
newspaper.As the split is even it also shows the sun is not seen as sexist and doesn’t cross any lines in
the way their journalist write their articles and how it chooses it’s various articles showing no swaying
towards either male or female news stories.
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