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MediaAccess TD5130 v2

Wireless ADSL2 + Gateway

European environmental regulations & Voluntary Features at a glance
The TD5130 v2is compliant with RoHS, REACH and WEEE  Integrated ADSL2+ modem
and ERP directives and with the European Code of Conduct  4 FE LAN ports to connect multiple devices
on Energy Consumption of Broadband Equipment Version 5 such as PCs,
voluntary initiative.  laptops, set-top boxes...
 Wireless networking on-board: 802.11b/g/n
TD5130 v2Networked ports 1x1for enhanced 802.11b/g
Networked Port is a network interface providing a  Supports up to 4 virtual wireless access
permanent connectivity and having the capability on points
trigger reception to wake up the equipment from a  1 USB 2.0 master port for hard disk, printer,
specific low power mode called Networked Standby Mode. 3G adapter...
The TD5130 V2 networked ports are: the DOCSIS cable  Remotely manageable: TR-069
modem, the four GE LAN ports and the Wireless Access
 Built-in firewall
 IPv6 enabled

Wireless interface activation/deactivation
Per default the Wi-Fi access point is activated. Wireless
access point may be deactivated/activated in the Wireless
Access Point Configuration by disabling the Interface see
User Manual in 8.2.2.

This document contains all information related to networked equipment which have to be published on the manufacturer website in accordance with
EC1275/2008 regulation amended by EC 801/2013 amendment.

com tél.4W <5mn all other wired and wireless ports disconnected or deactivated Networked standby mode with only WiFi networked port activated and all other wired and wireless ports disconnected or <3. please contact us at: 92443 Issy-les-Moulineaux France thinkgreen.4W <5mn connected and all wireless networked activated Networked standby mode with only DSL modem is connected and <3.Power consumption and time to switch in networked standby The table below provides the TD5130 v2power consumption in various mode and the time needed by the equipment to switch from On Mode to a specific Networked Standby Mode. All rights reserved .Fax : 33(0) 1 © Copyright 2015 Technicolor. Mode Description Power Time To Switch In Consumption Networked Standby Off mode <0.12W NA Networked standby mode with all wired networked ports <4.9W <5mn deactivated Technicolor Worldwide Headquarters Contact 1.connect@technicolor.3W <5mn all other wired and wireless ports disconnected or deactivated Networked standby with only one Ethernet port connected and <3. rue Jeanne d’arc For any question. : 33(0)1 41 86 50 00 .