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Is God anti-gay?

Sam Allberry

Main points:

● Homsexualitiy is not a major topic in the bible, but biblically and scripturally it is wrong.
● The only two ways of “relational” living is heterosexual marriage and singleness.
● If someone is struggling with SSA or claims to be a homosexual, that is not their lone
● If you are Christian and struggle with SSA, you must pray, think about it in the right way,
and seek the support of others.
● Do not point out others sin because the power of the gospel can do it more and better.
● The church can serve those struggling with SSA by:
a. Make it easy to talk about
b. Honor singleness
c. Remember that church is family
d. Deal with biblical models of masculinity and femininity, rather than cultural
e. Provide good pastoral support
● If someone you know comes out to you, thank them and listen before all else.

Scripture used to defend:

● Genesis 19
● Leviticus 18 and 20
● Romans 1 : 18 - 32
● 1 Corinthians 6 : 9 - 10
● 1 Timothy 1 : 9 - 10

● “Sex is God’s idea. It was not our invention but his gift.” (p. 15)
● “Physically, psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually, two people are becoming
knitted together. God has designed it to work that way” (p. 18)
● “Christians who want to explain the Christian faith to gay friends need to know that what
the Bible says about homosexualitty is not the only thing they need to explain, and it is
probably not the first thing, or even main thing, they need to focus on” (p. 26)
● “We see God’s wrath in this: he gives us what we want.” (p. 33)
● “Faithfulness demonstrated in an otherwise prohibited relationship does not make it less
sinful” (p. 40)
● “Activity that is faithful and committed is no moree permissible than an activity that’s
promiscuous and unfaithful.” (p. 40)
● “If the New Testament has reaffirmed a commandment, then it is still in force for us
today” (p. 61)
● “So we are not to tolerate in our churches those whose teaching leads people into sexual
sin. They must be confronted, their ministry forbidden, and their teaching refuted. This is
a gospel matter.” (p. 74)
● “The invitation (for salvation) is there for everyone. And so precious is this gift that God
cannot be truly said to be “anti” anyone to whom this wonderful gift is being offered.” (p.