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FOR RELEASE: 8.2.2016

REFERENCE: Alton B. Sterling

CONTACT: William “Beau” Clark, M.D.

Coroner, East Baton Rouge Parish
(225) 389‐3047

Final Autopsy and Toxicology Report Release

(BATON ROUGE, LA) – On 7/5/2016 an autopsy was conducted on the remains of Alton B. Sterling. (age 37)

The results were as follows:

Mr. Sterling’s manner of death is homicide.

The cause of death is multiple gunshot wounds to the chest and back.

On 7/26/2016, the Final Autopsy Report was completed by Dr. Smith and signed by Dr. Clark on 8/1/2016.

Our condolences are extended to Mr. Sterling’s family and friends.

For any questions, please contact the East Baton Rouge Parish Coroner’s Office at 225‐389‐3047.


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