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Adapting the Schedule Reflection Journal

Monday 2/26/18
A lot of filler time has been taken up by the Friday math packet that some students hadn't
finished yet. The students went faster during the first part of Lang. Arts so I had to move up the
second part of doing their spelling pre-test. To fill the second part, I read a science book,
"Barnum's Bones" which was good because we don't often have time to do that and they need to
find 5 facts from what I read for an assignment later on about paleontologists, but then after that
it was 20 minutes of OYO while other students finished their Thursday math test. During math
the lesson and worksheet went well, a lot finished faster but I did have some students who were
not complete. I had them take out white boards and do more practice problems. It was nice to not
move on completely so that the remaining students could actually finish.

Tuesday 2/27/18
Heidi said if I ever needed to fill more than a couple of minutes of time that I could have
them sing their program songs to help them memorize them. CD is in the computer already. She
also showed me a website which takes questions that kids send in and
creates a 5 to 6 minute, well done, scientific video answering the question. We decided that if
students finish early with math today that I will have them read a packet on another
paleontologist Mary Anning. There is a worksheet with about ten questions and then they need to
select their five favorite facts and copy them down in their spiral notebook like they did for the
Barnum facts. So, that should be a good time filler for the next few days for some students.
During the first day of our fossil creating activity, the plaster didn't set up quite as fast as I
thought it would. We did get all students to place their shell into their plaster before they left, but
we did just have to take the shells out ourselves after school.

Wednesday 2/28/18
While students where finishing an assignment, I pulled the three students from the
previous day who were absent during our fossil creation so that they would be prepared for
today's portion of the activity. I pulled out the Mary Anning packet as an OYO today. Planning
to do SPARKLE tomorrow if any time left over during Lang. Arts.

Thursday 3/1/18
Needed to do the bulletin board for March and used that for a time filler after
biographies. Played sparkle for 15 minutes after the students finished their comprehension quiz.
Wrote and read "peace builder notes" for a time filler. They write something nice about a person
and we read them aloud.

Friday 3/2/18
Need to incorporate 30 minutes of reading time into the schedule for Dr. Suess Day.
Instead of going outside to walk (it is pretty windy) we are going to do some GoNoodle's, and
then use that extra time that we would be walking the track to start our reading time. We have
quizzes on Friday's, so we already have a little bit of extra time in the morning. We were not able
to give the vocabulary test because we reviewed a little too long.

Monday 3/5/18
Needed to fill some time before IM so we handed out graded papers and the students
graphed them in their data folders. Gave the vocabulary test and gave a shorter spelling pre-test
than normal so it fit perfectly. I planned for students to wrap up two activities and start working
on another that is not time sensitive so that I could stop them and do a whole group activity
reading about a palentoligist. A lot of students needed extra help on one of the actvities that was
supposed to be just wrapping up. So I stopped and helped students answer each question on the
document camera, allowing others to continue working on their other projects. This led to us not
having the time to get to the paleontologist reading, which we will save for tomorrow morning. I
also did an activity about mineral replacement fossils, I was planning on getting through the craft
portion and read about that specific type of fossil, but we only got to create the craft. The rest
will be saved for tomorrow.

Tuesday 3/6/18
Found out this morning that the counselor is coming at 1:00 today, she sent the email out
yesterday afternoon after most everybody had left... It is a half hour lesson, so that wipes out
most of our math. Going to give math pre-test after 1st recess and if we have time start into our
fossil activity we did not get to from yesterday.
During fossils: need to read about mineral replacement fossils, answer the questions, and
write in their craft that we did about everything they learned. Then if we have time get to KWL
chart and cut out pictures for our fossil pocket.

Wednesday 3/7/18
We had an Aquarium come to do the 4th grade water cycle and show some animals and
we also had to fit in our read-a-thon that we missed out on last week. I had to bump my
measurement introduction to earlier in the day.

Thursday 3/8/18
There is a lot of catch up to do for fossils. Students loved writing their paleontologist
reports yesterday and requested more time on them, however some students are finished with the
minimum requirements and don’t want to add more to it. Because of this, we introduced the
fossil abc book as the next project and allowed everybody to get going a little bit on that. From
now on, students have the opportunity to work on that when their reports are finished. And there
can always be more detail added to the booklet so that should take them some time. Today I did
8.1 of measurement which went really well. However, I did choose for the students to take more
time on the hands on activity so I will need the students to finish their worksheet for an OYO

Friday 3/9/18
Today we have to have students take their spelling test, friday morning math quiz, finish
their math worksheet from yesterday, finish paleontology report. Also they are going to pick a
plaster fossil and decide what they thought its life was like and what happened to it. (We ended
up not having enough time to do the plaster fossil.)
Their math quiz took a lot longer than I expected it to so we had to push grading it
together until after IM which took some time away from spelling, but nothing too drastic.
Fun Friday is Will's mom. We did Fun Friday instead of Math.
Monday 3/12/18
We practiced for the 4th grade program 8:50-9:40 and then walked the track from 9:40-
9:55. We normally do our morning routine but weren't able to because of that. They did their
fluency quickly before IM got to our room. We did not have the time to do our math timing,
math cards, or journals. Two days of math cards will be done tomorrow but the other parts are
not time sensitive. We worked fossil writing of all kinds to catchup during language arts because
we will be typing the reports within the next few days. Fossil time was used to explain what else
was left to do in their packet on their own.

Tuesday 3/13/18
We used a lot of our language are time to finish paleontology reports because we are
going to type them tomorrow. Fossil time was used for vocabulary because it is one of the only
pieces left that are required to do as whole group.

Wednesday 3/14/18
The lab schedule got messed up and when we went down there for our time to type our
reports we had another class kick us out. We will have to figure out a different time to do that
and we used the remaining time to practice our program songs because it is coming up soon. We
also had to fit in Sawyers birthday song into the end of our day.

Thursday 3/15/18
Today was a busy day so not a lot of actual class work got done. We had two hours
scheduled for kindergarten buddies (one for the morning and one for the afternoon). Then we had
about 45 minutes dedicated for the lab to finish our Dino Zoom piece of our fossil packets. We
didn't get to math today.

Friday 3/16/18
We were requested to help kindergarteners with online surveys which took some time out
of walking the track, but it wasn't a big deal. Then instead of using the ten-ish minutes to read or
finish up, we went to the 6th grade Ancient Greece Wax Museum. All of the kids loved that, but
we ended up getting to IM a little late, which was also not too big of a deal. Today we are going
to practice for our program and have fun friday. All that we will be able to do today is our friday
math quiz, friday comprehension quiz, vocab quiz, and spelling test. It's difficult to have a half
day because I know I won't be able to get everything done that I need to. Fun Friday is good but
it takes away my math time every friday.

Monday 3/19/18
It is a prfoessional day today which means there are no kids at school. The term ended on
friday and Heidi is going to work on entering grades so that I can finish planning out just exactly
when my measurement unit is going to end, I need to think about all of the days that I will not be
able to teach math because of fun friday or the 4th grade program or fields trips... My solid end
date has to be (maybe) friday March 30th, because of spring break and Cathi's syllabus says that
the post data is due by April 10th (but because we have to extend our time in the classroom by a
week, maybe that will be extended too. Need to ask.) (update: hard due date is april 20th,
everything completely finished.) I am going to try to get their post test administered by April 10th
, which will give us a review day on the 9th which is when we get back from spring break.
Tuesday 3/20/18
This morning we are going to have the students take a math quiz instead of doing their
math cards because the math test is for all of the fourth-grade teachers to see how they compare
to each other and it needs to be done this week. We also need to do a 3-minute multiplication
timing, but we do that every monday so that wont alter anything. We will end up reviewing two
days of math card problems tomorrow morning. I also need to have the students give me their
left-over restroom passes to do the drawing we did not get to on friday. Today I am starting back
up again with math, I feel like it has been a very long time since I was able to do a lesson!! I
brought some items with me and some scales to show students what weight and volume actually
looks like. That went wonderfully! I got through everything I needed to cover, and I felt students
really enjoyed it.

Wednesday 3/21/18
Normally the students don't do vocabulary on a short week but I don't see why they cant
so I am having them do it anyway. Today we completed filling out our vocab paper and we read
the short story and talked about it. Normally they then work in teams to fill out a worksheet
about the story but I we did not have time because we were trying to squeeze two days of vocab
in one day. With the less than five minutes we had left we played a quick game of sparkle with
their spelling list. We also had program practice this morning so we couldn't do morning math
again. We also were able to play a fossil review game which was super fun!

Thursday 3/22/18
This morning we needed to do all four days of math card review because we have had no
time to do our morning routine in the typical manner. We shared journals and did our
multiplaction timing first and then we were able to get through two days of math card problems.
It is not a huge deal so I just had them turn them in. I also needed to fill in our writing time from
11:15-12:10 because we finished typing up our fossil reports. Cathi came in to observe so I
decided to fill it with a writing prompt about Gallon Man which goes with our measurement unit.
We are taking our fossil test today and anything they haven't finished in their packet or their
ABC book is due tomorrow.

Friday 3/23/18
It's Friday again! Morning consisted of taking the friday math quiz, the comprehension
quiz, and then finishing up the fossil test from yesterday, anything left in their fossil packet, and
their fossil ABC book. We have IM like usual then we will take our spelling and vocab tests.
After first recess we will go practice for our program and then it will be lunch, then fun friday. I
have adjusted my teaching schedule to never include math on fridays and if we do get time
somewhere, sometime, it will be an added bonus. (FRIDAYS AFTER THE PROGRAM: do
math for half an hour, review or new lesson, then do pass back party.)

Monday 3/26/18
We have our dress rehearsal for the program this morning so that will take place of our
morning routine. We didn't have quite enough time to walk the track so we filled time before IM
by doing a short go noodle and I read a little bit. We pushed our morning work into our writing
time because we haven't started anything new there yet. We had an assembly during half of their
PE time, recess, and a bit of our science time. We have been getting really behind with classroom
duties so we decided to do a passback party, clean desks, and record scores in data folder.

Tuesday 3/27/18
We get to do our morning routine how we are supposed to today, which is awesome!

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