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Professional Engineering Practice (PEP) – Assignment – Resume –

Tips/Mark Sheet
Document name:
 Student name in document file
 Do not just name your file resume, CV etc.

Headers and Footers:

From page 2, name in header, page number footer
 Go to page set up
 Select page layout tab
 Select different first page

Appropriate email address:

 Ensure is professional and will not give wrong impression, i.e. partygirl@,

Space out mobile number:

 xxxx xxx xxx
 Make it easy for recruiter to dial your number
 Ensure you have a professional voicemail in case you are not available when called

Make email address live:

 Make it easy for recruiter to contact you, so they can just click on your email

Include your LinkedIn URL in your contact details:

PEP – Resume Assignment – Tips

Provide dates to and from:

 For qualifications, training, certificates and employment
 All sections have dates with most recent first

Do not include personal information:

 Marital status
 Religion
 Political preference
 Age
 Any personal details
 Photo

Use consistent formatting:

 Always use easy to read fonts, not too many colours

If you have a non-Anglicised surname (family name) and you are an Australian Citizen or
have your Permanent Residency include your citizenship so they do not assume you are
an International student and may not be eligible for the opportunity.

Avoid writing in first or third person:

Do not write:
“I managed a team of three”, or “Sarah managed a team of three”
“Responsible for managing a team of 3”
Use: Concise bullet points below headlines

Except for your Career Objective section

 Ensure use capitals appropriately
 For example when giving month of training or work experience March has a capital
M, it will not be picked up with spell check as it is also a word with lower case
 Do not overuse capitals

First page: What to include:

Career objective: – short and long term – often asked in interviews “where do you want to
be in 5 years?” This answers that question

If you are an experienced person rather than use Career Objective use Career Summary:
Date to and from Job Title Company
Will give a quick overview of your experience

Education – current degree i.e.:

2014 – 2017 Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical and Mechatronic) Honours (LHIF)
University of South Australia
GPA 5.69 / 7.00 – if your GPA is low do not put on resume

Any awards, recognition i.e.

PEP – Resume Assignment – Tips

2015 Chancellor's Letters of Commendation (top 5% of students in my discipline)

 University of South Australia
2015 Best and Fairest
 Tea Tree Gully Football Club
2014 Golden Key Honour Society
Invitation only

Licences, Languages and Certificates:

Include car drivers licence, can you drive manual
Any other licences, i.e. fork lift
Any recognised industry certificate training i.e. White Card if you have it
Any trade certifications i.e. Electrical Licence, licence number
Include WHS certificates – demonstrate you are safety aware
Can you speak another language? They may have clients that do

Professional Memberships:
i.e. Engineers Australia, Professionals Australia, iMech, IET, TIA, SPE, Golden Key etc.

From Second page:

Employment History: – most recent first

Job title first and bold – more important what you have done and skills developed than
where you did it
Company work/ed for second line (not bold) – if not a well-known organisation use a few
words to explain industry sector
Dot point main duties
Dot point any achievements i.e.
developed prototype now in production
reduced waste and production costs by 10%
suggested work flow improvement implemented by organisation
Employee of the Month

Technical Skills:
Include all software and programs i.e. SolidWorks, DOORS, Matlab etc.
Always include “Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite of programs

Community / Volunteer Work:

Include any volunteering, engagement with sporting club as committee member
Highly valued by industry. It demonstrates that you are not just centred about yourself.
That you give back to community and society

Don’t list words, expand on your level of interest. Do you compete, are you a part of a
team, how long etc. Shows commitment, team work, follow coach instructions – all
transferable skills

Relationship to you – i.e. Supervisor
Contact phone/mobile number – make sure you space the number out
Email address – make sure you make email address live