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The Company Flawsome is a company of Indian origin.

The company envisions providing

women with lehngas that meets her needs and aspirations. Establishing the company has been
explained in three phases – Prelaunch, Launch and the Post Launch Phase. It shows how we plan
to manage the growth of the company.

1. Phase1: Prelaunch

All the preparation before setting up the company has to be done in this phase.

 Manufacturers:
We would provide designs to the pattern maker and they would do the production
according to our needs.
 Management Committee:
We will set up a partnership firm, the ownership of which will be divided in the ratio of
1:1:1:1:1 between five partners Nidhi Yadav, Asha Maru, Rakhi, Trisha Varshney and
Harshita Puri .
 Rakhi will be in-charge of approving designs and maintaining the product
portfolio. She will look over the ambience of the locations selected.
 Nidhi Yadav & Asha Maru will be in-charge of launch plans that would include
selecting the locations, handling press releases and marketing the products. He
will involve with the website development team to have a fully functional website
before the launch.
 Trisha Varshney will be in-charge of raising and accounting for finances and
inventory management at the stores. She will also take care of registering and
establishing a partnership firm and establishing contracts with manufacturers and
We would have designs under our brand and contracts with manufacturers & designers.
We would have a website to showcase our products and services.
Store locations would be selected and the interiors would be designed keeping the
positioning of the brand in mind
Gujarat-Central Park, Pandesara GIDC, Udhna, Surat. The reason for choosing this
location is that our target segments are premium and the super-premium. These segments
cater to the upper-middle and the upper class of customers. The areas within the city have
been carefully selected and represent a population that has a good chunk of our potential

2. Phase 2: Launch
 Promotion
 Press Releases & Magazines: To position yourself as a premium brand it is
important to promote your product in the right channel. Press releases and articles
in magazines will give a sense of credibility and seriousness to our brand.
 Using Influencers/ Referent Groups/ Opinion leaders: Influencers are people who
can sway or change the thoughts of a person. Influencers are not a part of the
company and people trust them easily. Hence influencers in our case would be
friends of young girls who would suggest the use of our product. Referent groups
are those groups that individuals relate to and aspire to be a part of. Our Target
Group’s referent group needs to be identified and will be used for promotional
activities. Opinion leaders are listened to and their advice is followed. They are
believed to have technical knowledge and no hidden interests. Examples would be
beauticians and event planners. Roping in such opinion leaders will enable us to
promote our brand without sounding to and looking too eager to do so.
 Promotional packages: For weddings and bachelorette parties - There is no
concept of throwing a party for the bride before her marriage in India. We will
come up with an online promotional campaign “Make your best friend’s night
special”, where exclusive wedding night lingerie will be given at heavy discounts
of almost 50%. This will be done to create a strong positioning of our brand and
product. This discount will only be given after some proof in the form of a
wedding invitation card, an engagement invitation card or a bachelorette part card
is scanned and uploaded on our website. This is to ensure right use of the
 Banners: Banners like the ones put up by triumph in malls will be put up near the
shop. Banners will draw attention to the shop when potential customers are
around, driving impulse purchases.
 After sales service: Right from the beginning we will have a customer relationship
management system where we will keep the customer informed of the new
designs through web mails. Customers will get loyalty points and have
membership cards. We will also encourage customers to give feedback on the
service and products.
 The Store
The store will be 1000 sq ft store in all the locations. Good spacious outlets had a
space of about 1000 sq ft. This space will include the space for changing rooms,
display and the store room. The colors and décor will be tailored to go with the
theme of our brand.
The store will be open from 9 AM in the morning to 10 PM in the night
In store display of garments will be of high importance. The premium products
will be placed so as to catch the eye. The products will be placed based on type
and functionality. The next classification will be based on look, colours and
fabrics used. The final classification based on sizes and price.
 Location
Location is of very high importance to any business. The location should be
where your target group is. When a new brand is being launched your customer
will not travel to you, you have to go to your customer. Hence we have choose
location like Central Park
The factors that have been considered in selecting the location is
 Desirable demographic composition
 Strong foot traffic
 Complementary retailers
 Successful retail reputation
 Relatively easy access via primary streets
 Inventory
Stores will open up with three months of inventory. This is to ensure no loss of
business due to unavailability of stock. Stock counting will be done once every
fortnight and orders will be placed to manufacturers keeping a three month stock
level in mind. The expected sales will also change based on the expected growth.
 Products & Services:
Once we have positioned ourselves as a Bridal Lingerie brand we have to be a one
stop shop for the Indian woman whenever she would want to look her best in her
most intimate moments. For this we will design a wide product. We will go
beyond lingerie and provide accessories for lingerie and forward looking theme
lingerie. We will help the customers with their fitting. We would have a service
where customers could customize their lingerie and for this we will have trained
sales assistants at the shop floor. The assortment of products will be made from a
variety of fabrics. To promote the use of accessories with lingerie we will have
packages and sets i.e. we will bundle our products.
 Managing the employees
As we focus on customer service, our entire stall will have training on fitting once
every month. The staff will be educated about the types of garments and the
fabrics used. The staff will also be trained to help the customer customize her
garments. The staff would be trained in taking measurements and explaining the
technical aspects of the garments to the customer. The staff will be trained in soft
skills as handling the customer right is very important with this product. The
organization structure will be covered in detail later when we will see how we
plan to manage our manpower.
 The Website
The website will be simplistic. It will be informative and educate the customer
about bridal lingerie. Our communication will be focused on empowering the
customer to make the purchase. The customer would be educated about the
functionality of the variety of lingerie offered. The website will have tabs for the
customer with all the products for easy navigation. The customer details like
email ID will be captured for relationship management purposes. Customers will
be educated so that they can measure their right size and also the website will
have tools for the customers to design their own lingerie. Online help will be
available 24 X 7 for any concern the customer may have.
Information about our designers will also be featured on the website along with
our goals, vision and mission. Nowhere will any personal details be captured and
all details acquired will be kept confidential. And the customer will be informed
about the same.
At the close of the launch phase. We would have established a strong brand in this
niche segment. Our brand would be positioned such that it would have the highest
recall value when a customer would think of bridal lingerie. We would have
established stores at premium locations. Our brand would be known for the wide
variety of product offerings and customer service. The company would have
started functioning and employees now would have defined roles.
3. Phase 3: Post Launch
 Promotion
We plan to retain the existing promotional model of using print media, online
media, influencers and opinion leaders, banners, promotional packages and after
sales service. Promotion in the media through designers and fashion shows would
be added in this phase.
 Shop-in-Shop:
As the awareness of the brand increases the need of this product will be felt by
those not in the vicinity of our store. Hence to satisfy these customers a store at
leading Departmental stores like Shoppers’ stop and lifestyle will be established.
Here all our highest selling designs will be kept. A contract will be established
with the departmental store keeping the profit margins, the store space, the
visibility of our brand and the sales targets in mind.
 Manufacturing v/s Outsourcing:
As the demand rises we will have a steady demand for some designs. Based on
the demand, in the next five years we plan to set up our manufacturing plant.
Setting up a manufacturing plant would not be a feasible option during the launch
phase because that would entail a lot of initial capital investment. Hence
manufacturing will be considered only after the brand is well established and
demand could be forecasted.
To have high control over our cost and inventory. Accessories for garments will
always be outsourced as these are not the core competency of our company.
 Online Selling
Once the brand has been established, we would include the online selling channel
to our trade channels. It would be make sense to launch the online channel only
after the brand has gained recognition. So, once the brand establishes itself in the
market we would launch online selling on our website. This would help us
increase our customer base and reach out to potential customers in other cities.
 Expanding to other tier 1 and tier 2 cities
Based on the online sales from other cities we would establish stores in those
cities. Based on the expected demand either an independent store or a shop-in-
shop model will be implemented. It is seen that women in smaller cities are not
shy of expressing their sensuality. Hence we are positive about the development
and demand from these cities in this sector.
 HR Management
As the company expands managing employees and processes in the company will
be very important. And this will be covered in the organization structure later in
this proposal.

The post launch to only aims at maintaining all the ideas that the brand stands for but also at
expanding and reaching out to more and more aspiring customers. We would slowly have in-
house production of lingerie based on demand and customer feedback

Marketing Mix

A) Range
B) Fabrics

Type Description

Is a lightweight, openwork fabric, patterned with open holes in the work,

Lace made by machine or by hand.

It is a natural protein fiber, some forms of which can be woven into

Silk textiles.

The fabric is sheer, light and floats, it is often used for wedding dress
Georgette overlays and train embellishments, which can soften the silhouette of the

Is a manufactured regenerated cellulosic fiber. Rayon is produced from

Rayon naturally occurring polymers and therefore it is not a truly synthetic fiber,
nor is it a natural fiber.

Sometimes, it may be referred to as ‘Duchess Satin’, it’s heavy, plain and

Satin lustrous, it’s mostly popular due to its dress shape and natural sheen. Ideal
for traditional formal weddings, but not suggested for hot seasons due to
it’s heavy structure.

It’s transparent, sheer without sheen. Largely available in simple styles,

Chiffon like prom and evening dresses. Chiffon wedding dresses are generally
perfect for destination weddings in warm weather.

Wedges Stillettoes

Flats Peep Toes

Sling back heel


 Fitting and consultative service:

This service will be available at the store and the website enabling the customer to make the
purchase. Online help will be available in the form of documentation and a chat box where a
customer service representative will be addressing the concerns of the customer 24X7.
 Customization service:
The sales personnel will be trained to take the measurements of the customers and guide
them in customizing their garments. Online tools will be designed that can be used by the
customer for designing her lehngas & other garments.


The price has twofold objective

 Uphold the Brand Value

 Maintain competitive advantage

Keeping the above factors in mind we will price our products and sell them at a premium.


Promotions will include

1. Print Media

2. Online Media

3. Influencers & Opinion Leaders

4. Banners

5. Promotional Packages

6. After Sales service and Customer loyalty programs

7. Fashion Shows
With the use of the above medium the brand message and information will be diffused to the
customers. As this is a new and technical product, the initial campaigns will focus on educating
the customer where as the subsequent promotions will focus on building the brand equity and
reinforcement of the brands message.

Place is of utmost importance in such a high involvement product. In phase 2 we will open a
store at Surat, Gujarat. The place is visited by the up market crowd and the target group. We have
youngsters coming to these places and hence our brand gets the right exposure. Highest footfalls
are expected if the Brand is launched at these locations.

Next is Phase 3, when the Brand has been established we will explore the shop-in-shop model.
Online sales will be a strong venue for sales through all the phases.