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A. Match the pictures to the correct words.








B. turn right 4 ________________________ ________________________ _________________________ _________________________ 4 . Write the name of the directions. Go straight Turn right Turn left Go straight.

Sunday Monday Thursday Wednesday Tuesday Friday Saturday 5 .C. Arrange the days according to the right sequence.

D. Write the letters “e” or “o” a x ___ b ____ x k ___ y b ____ l l b r ___ o m f ___ r k 6 .

. There is a ______________________ I have a _____________________ Ali use his _______________ to listen to music. Aiman likes to eat _________________ 4 . Write the correct words according to pictures.E.

3. 6. 1. 5. Fill in the blanks. 4.F. 2. shoulder nose knee eye fingers mouth 6 .

MAY MARCH JUNE SEPTEMBER Our birthdays are in June. Write the correct answer for each picture. Muthu’s birthday is in March. 4 . My birthday is in May.G. Our birthdays are in September.

Write the small letters and capital letters correctly.H. Example: A a Q j B m K d Y o L G 10 .

Purple Red Yellow Green Orange 5 .I. Colour each “splash” with the correct colour.

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