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The Coat of Arms of the
City of Newcastle upon Tyne


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Front Cover photograph: Town Moor Cattle looking at an

unexpected arrival, taken by Kevin Batey.
Swearing in photographs taken by Freemen of Newcastle upon
Tyne, Official Photographer Steve Brock Photography: Tel: 0191 2863430
Foreword Contents
Editorial 4

Town Moor Working Group 4

Making use of the Town Moors 5

Town Moor Environment

Program 6

News 7

Superintendents Report 8-9

News 10
As the next decade beckons, the
Freemen of the City of Newcastle Michaelmas Guild 11
upon Tyne can with some measure
of pride, reflect upon what we have Company Membership 12
achieved to ensure the Newcastle
News 13
Town Moors continue to feature as
the environmental jewel in our city Special Swearing in
landscape. Ceremonies 14-18
In everything that we do, the protection
and presentation of the Moors is the Social Event 19
overriding consideration. In essence this
very distinct responsibility is the raison Sheriff Rode with Death 20-21
detre’ which binds the Freemen into the Richard Grainger 22-24
very future and wellbeing of the city.
The Freemen may well be viewed Diary Dates 25
by the less than well informed as an
anachronistic curiosity but in reality Notice Board 26
no other organisation can give such
assurance of constancy, free of the
prevailing political influence of any
given era.
2010 was a year that did of course
demonstrate the Freemen can rise to
challenge, modernise and with gusto
when called upon!
We shall be doing all that we can to
Magazine Editor:
match expectations in 2011 and look
Jim Johnson
forward to hearing of your thoughts Tanners Company, Stewards Committee.
and opinions, so do not hesitate to get
in touch. The Newcastle upon Tyne Freemen
Magazine, Moor Bank Lodge, Claremont
Sir Leonard Fenwick Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE2 4NL
Chairman E-mail

FreemenMagazine 03
Welcome to the ninth publication at Moor Bank Lodge or by emailing
of our magazine which as you
would expect has a high volume of
Even though the distribution list
photographs as a result of the extra
continues its growth to near 1400 we
swearing in ceremonies giving so
still have in excess of 130 Freemen not
many memories for our new and
receiving the magazine due to not
existing readers.
having their current address details,
We continue to strive and offer a we remove double figures from the
good mix of news and information distribution list every issue because
on our organisation, while including a magazines are returned undelivered
sprinkling of the historical events and due to Freemen not informing of their
characters of the City and Freemen of change of circumstance, please keep
Newcastle upon Tyne. us up to date with any change.
Always conscious of the content
becoming stale or predictable and
May you all have a merry Christmas
with this in mind we would seek your
and a prosperous New Year.
opinion or suggestions on how best to
refresh the content. Please let us know
your thoughts by dropping us a line

The Town Moor Joint Working

Group. ‘Working in Partnership’
The Town Moor Joint Working Group
consists of members of the Stewards
Committee and representatives
from various departments of the City
Council together with Councillors
to address matters of policy and
actions arising there from as part of
partnership working. Meetings are
held two or three times a year and
are very effective in resolving issues in
a timely and constructive manner. All
of this serves to reinforce the common
purpose of doing what is best for the

04 FreemenMagazine
Making use of the Town Moors
The Town Moors are known as the lungs Act, which legislates 100 acres only of
of the City, a place where the ‘Right of the 1200 may be let by the Freemen
Air and Exercise’ can be freely taken and the City. The most prominent
by all, visitors and residents alike. Apart enclosure is St James Park football
from the grazing of up to 700 head of ground and of particular note too is
cattle, many events are staged, such Little Benton sports ground (NUFC)
as many high profile charity runs, the and some 12 allotment sites, also
Great North Run, Newcastle Hoppings, the Newcastle Dog & Cat shelter on
mini fairs, and a Circus. Claremont Road, in addition there are
The air ambulance helicopter lands playing fields at the Great North Road.
on Castle Leazes Moor to deliver The Town Moor as the City lung
critically injured patients to the Royal requires thoughtful management on
Victoria Infirmary, a helicopter recently behalf of the Freemen by the Stewards
landed on Castle Leazes bringing the Committee and the dedicated day
FIFA delegation to visit St James Park to day management by the Town
football ground on their inspection tour
Moor Superintendent Kevin Batey
for the 2018 World Cup. All require an
and our two full time agricultural staff,
input to various degrees by our staff.
Davy Holland and Billy Harland, all
There are sections of the Moors leased of this being in close partnership with
in accordance with the Town Moor Newcastle City Council.

FreemenMagazine 05
Town Moors – Our ongoing
environmental improvement programme
Ongoing poor drainage/flooding
issues in a range of locations are being
addressed in partnership with the City
Council, we have identified failings
with the main drains on the periphery
of the Moors which the City engineers
are investigating.
Elizabethan Fence Line
The Stewards
Committee had
called a halt to
the installation of
the Elizabethan
metal fence line
in 2009 as we
took a cautious
with regard to
finances during
the economic The initial cost of the Elizabethan metal
downturn. Early fence is high yet it is proving to be
this year Honorary very cost affective in terms of ongoing
Treasurer Michael Grey, advised our maintenance, and is anticipated to
finances had improved sufficient to continue to benefit in this regard for
restart our improvement programme. generations.
Estimates obtained from local Gateways
businesses has enabled us to secure an
Many of the access gates to the
acceptable quotation for the metal
Moors have been subject to damage
work and installation of the fence line
by vandalism and ‘rough usage’ by
along with two access gates, and we
cyclists, engineers are investigating
have recommenced the replacement
solutions to reduce the impact of
of the wooden fence line beginning at
rough usage.
Grandstand Road from the Blue House
to the Hoppings car park entrance Grazing Season
a stretch of some 212 metres and a
spend of £40,000. Averages of 550 head of cattle were
depastured over the season on a
Commitment to the next phase is very high standard of herbage which
scheduled for Grandstand Road from contributed to a very successful year.
Kenton Road junction to the Cow Hill Our staff are to be commended for the
junction, work is set to commence presentation, standard of the herbage
in November 2010 with a budget of and overall partnership working with
£161,000 being set aside. the graziers.

06 FreemenMagazine
The 2010 Hoppings was opened
by Councillor Brenda Hindmarsh
Lord Mayor on Friday 18th June,
following the customary speeches
the Lord Mayor toured some of
the attractions accompanied by
members of the Showmen’s Guild,
City Officials and members of the
Stewards Committee.
this year being the best for several
Many of the Showmen families have years highlighted by the increased
attended the Hoppings for generations attendances.
and have become good friends to the
There was a good selection of
Freemen, names from rides which you
attractions although with some
will all remember from your youth, ie
repetition and some areas looking
Noble, Murphy, Crow, Clark, there are
sparse indicating a decline in the
attractions you will recall with some
attendance of showmen. Highlighting
consigned to history due to modern
the need for change which is required
legislation or simple lack of popularity.
to preserve and regenerate the
No more boxing, dancing girls,
fair, change may be initially resisted
bearded lady, or novelty shows.
by some but we and the City are
The weather always plays a major determined to remain focused and
part to the success of the event with forward looking

August Bank Holiday Fair

Fair on Nuns Moor South at the time.
Following completion of the relevant
checks with regard to safety and
permits, permission was granted and
the event ran from Wednesday 25th
to Tuesday 31st August. Despite the
mixed weather it was a successful
event with a good mix of machine
rides with many other attractions for
young and old alike.
Nuns Moor South is grazed by
The MELA which is held annually on cattle belonging to Ricky Alder of
the Exhibition Park during the August the Butchers Company, who gave
Bank Holiday weekend was cancelled agreement for part of the grazing area
because of the timing of Ramadan. This to be occupied thereby enabling
left fairground organiser Jamie Clark with the event to proceed, many people
a free Bank Holiday weekend. Jamie enjoyed all the fun of the fair and
subsequently approached the Stewards which is set up within a secure safety
Committee with a request to hold a Fun fence line.

FreemenMagazine 07
Superintendent’s Report
As the grazing season has come the grass so rapidly recovered you
to a close I can reflect a highly would never know that such an event
successful year. Unfortunately had been staged.
we lost the first week or so at the
beginning of the season due to With ground conditions holding up well,
extreme inclement weather and the we welcomed the Chinese State Circus
Moors being saturated, the Stewards for its annual two week slot at the end
Committee decided to extend the of August and first week in September.
season into November the weather Attendances in the first week looked
and grass conditions did reflect such to be down on previous years which
an opportunity. Feedback from the may have been a knock on from the
Graziers has been good and early economic downturn, but the event
indications are that all will be returning organisers remained sceptical and
to graze their cattle next spring. hoped for improvement in the second
half of their stay.
The sun shone in June providing ideal
ground conditions for the annual Town Moor staff spent the remainder of
Hoppings. Record car park receipts the summer month’s pasture topping
proving that the fair is still a very all our moors which removed a lot of
popular date in everyone’s diaries. the older dead grass and encourages
The fair came and went with minimal a second growth of fresher greener
reinstatement works needing to be grass that usually carries the cattle
carried out by the Town Moor staff, and into the last weeks of our season. This
once the site was ‘pasture topped’ and benefits the sward in the long term,

08 FreemenMagazine
as the cattle leave the moor grass much better entrance to the moor.
very short which allows the frost in to
We are now entering the end of
eradicate any infestation and it also
October and the illegal bottle digging
encourages better spring growth.
has once again raised its ugly head.
A small part of our continuing A total of eight pits have been dug on
environmental programme was Nuns Moor Central, our staff reinstated
under taken with the installation of these very quickly but we did have
Elizabethan fencing being installed one pit collapse and a Belgian Blue
on the Town Moor at the bottom of heifer found itself trapped. With a little
Grandstand Road to the Blue House gentle persuasion she was reunited
roundabout, a total of 221 metres thus with the herd. The Police have a high
completing the full length of the Town profile with the dog section deployed.
Moor. Until the next
issue, may
After a few heavy downpours the
I take this
Committee received one or two
letters of suggestions for improving
to wish you
the access onto Nuns Moor North, as
all a very
the cattle had been seeking shelter
under the trees adjacent to Kenton
Road and turning the area into an
and a
almost impassable quagmire. As
concerns grew over health and safety
New Year
we requested the help of Debmat a
specialist surfacing contractor to install Kevin Batey
a tarmac footpath which provides a Town Moor Superintendent

Bottle Diggers
The scourge of the Moors has returned
with incursions by illegal bottle diggers
decimating large areas of Moor.
Following extensive work in 2008 by a
specialist contractor who effectively
cleared the site of the Victorian glass
and related items these vandals
seek, the onset of the dark nights yet
again saw the gangs return to dig
the perimeter no doubt in the belief staff with extra patrols and the filling in
there is still some booty to be had. As of these dangerous pits.
the photograph shows the pits left by
the diggers pose a significant hazard We are liaising with the local police
not only for the cattle but the public who are stepping up their patrols
at large who walk this area during the assisted by the dog handling unit, this
day and at dusk. All of this disturbance at the very least serves to discourage
serves to increase the workload for our this troublesome crime.

FreemenMagazine 09
Church Parade

The Annual Church Parade held at 9:45am, during the

on May 16th 2010 saw a significant service the reading
increase in attendance in contrast was read by Keith
to previous years with members from Hall a member
many Companies attending. Transport of the Stewards
was provided between the Cathedral Committee.
and Moor Bank Lodge where parking
This occasion is
was available. It was particularly
open to all Freemen.
pleasing to see newly sworn in ladies
We do hope the support will
taking part in their first Civic Occasion.
go from strength to strength. Our goal
Robing took place at 9:30am in the is to have representation from all of the
Cathedral refectory prior to joining Companies. The 2011 Parade will take
the Lord Mayor Mike Cookson in place on Sunday 15th May 2011, when
procession into St Nicholas Cathedral we hope to see you there.

Swearing in Ceremony
A change to the swearing in ceremony
to include Company Stewards, this
being initiated by Lord Mayors Office
has been very well received.
Applicants are seated and stand
individually to be sworn, following
taking the Oath whilst holding the
Musket, a company Steward steps
forward and escorts the new Freemen
to the Lord Mayor for the signing of
their Oath paper, once the formalities
are completed the Steward escorts After the ceremony the Lord Mayor
the newly sworn Freemen back to the addresses those assembled prior to the
their seat. taking of official photographs.

10 FreemenMagazine
Michaelmas Guild 11th October, 2010
At the beginning of the Michaelmas Close Guild meeting the Stewards the Committee
were elected for the ensuing year by the Stewards of the Incorporated Companies.

Frederick H. Alder, Christopher G. Atkinson, Richard M. Grey, Keith Hall, Jim Johnson,
Sir Leonard Fenwick (Chairman), Alan R. Bainbridge, David Wilson (Vice Chairman),
Paul Anderson, Ian F. Miller. Harry Alder, William G. Frizzle.

Ian Humphries the Lord Mayors Principal Secretary read the callings for 184 new
Following the Open Guild the Swearing in Ceremony of 7 new Freemen took place,
presided over by Lord Mayor Councillor Brenda Hindmarsh.

FreemenMagazine 11
Admission into your Company
The rise in Company numbers as
a consequence of more than 200
daughters being sworn in and a further
180 called to enable admission at
Michaelmas Guild is something many
Companies have warmly welcomed.
Companies have different methods of
admitting newly sworn Freemen, these
being in accordance with Company
rules. It is important on being sworn
as a Freemen to make the effort and
seek admittance to the Company
from which you hail. The majority of
Companies perform the admittance
ceremony during the Head Meeting,
consequently many will have to wait
as many Head meetings are held
around Corpus Christi, although dates
do vary so do not hesitate to check
with the Senior Steward. There are
various ways of being admitted, some
by the signing of an admittance book
some by giving a certificate signifying
admittance or as in the case of the their contact details can be found in
Tanners the signing of a 400 year the Company section of our web site
old scroll on the day being sworn in. or from
Whatever the method your Company Moor Bank Lodge, email
follows the Senior Steward will advise,

Easter Guild
2011 a break
from tradition
Easter Guild is traditionally held on the the May Bank Holiday. Resulting from
first Monday following Easter Monday, discussions with the Lord Mayor Office
but with Easter 2011 being at the end it was decided the Easter Guild is to be
of April, consequently the first Monday called the following week and will be
following Easter Monday will fall on held on Monday 9th May 2011.

12 FreemenMagazine
Lord John Shipley OBE
The Queen has conferred a life Disappointedly the
Peerage of the United Kingdom rules of the House
to Newcastle City Council leader Carpenters have
Councilor John Shipley. prevented John
and other Shipley
John had served as a councillor for
family members
the City for 35 years, the last four as
from entering the
Leader. He stood down at the end
Company and he
of the summer as group and council
remains a Non Company Keeper. The
leader to take up his duties in London
House Carpenters is the only Company
as a working peer.
still applying the antiquated rule and
John a Freeman of Newcastle was goes to show “You can become a
sworn in as a House Carpenter in Freeman, serve your community for 35
1981, his ancestral line can be traced years, and have the Queen bestow
to Robson Shipley who in July 17th a peerage on you, yet as with many
1839 was sworn in as a Freemen of others, when you knock on the door
Newcastle upon Tyne after serving an of the Company of your hereditary
apprenticeship to Richard Grainger. family; it remains closed”.

Office & IT upgrade Albert’s View

We continue to improve the
functionality of our organisation
not just within the environmental
agricultural components but also
the administration office. Since
reorganisation there has been
significant improvement, tasks from
organising and archiving the filing
system, reviewing procurement and Ian Miller & David Wilson enjoy the view.
dealing with matters involving general
purchase have been addressed. The day following the Civic opening
of the 2010 Hoppings, members of the
At over 10 years old our IT equipment Stewards Committee along with City
although outdated has served us well. Councillors and Officers, Showmen’s
A new computer system has been Guild representatives and friends
installed to bring the office into the gathered with Albert’s wife Maureen,
21st century. It is interesting to note the to commemorate a seat in memory of
old system was installed at a cost of Albert who had been involved with the
Hoppings since 1958, longer than many
£12,000, the new system specification is
could remember. The seat is positioned
far advanced than that of the original at the north east corner of the Town Moor
yet at a fraction of the cost at £2,500, facing south. The ceremony of dedication
which was funded by the substantial was performed by David Wilson, Vice-
savings identified that accrued via the Chairman of the Stewards Committee,
reorganisation. the seat bears a plaque ‘Alberts View’

FreemenMagazine 13
Special Swearing in Ceremonies 2010
To ensure the majority of applicants served following the ceremonies at the
called at Easter Guild were given Guildhall.
the opportunity to be sworn prior the
The first ceremony was held on 24th
Michaelmas Guild, Ian Humphries
May 2010 when 16 daughters were
the Lord Mayors Principal Secretary
sworn in by Councillor Mike Cookson
arranged for ceremonies to be held at
Lord Mayor, this being his final
the Guildhall throughout the summer.
engagement in his term of office which
The Stewards Committee provided
ended on the 27th May.
for a buffet and refreshments to be

Swearing in Ceremony
held at the Civic Centre,
Monday 14th June
Presided over by the newly elected
Lord Mayor Councillor Brenda

14 FreemenMagazine
Swearing in Ceremony held at the Guildhall on
Friday 9th July a.m.
Presided over by Lord Mayor Councillor Brenda Hindmarsh.

FreemenMagazine 15
Swearing in Ceremony held at the Guildhall on
Monday 19th July a.m.
Presided over by Lord Mayor Councillor Brenda Hindmarsh.

16 FreemenMagazine
Swearing in Ceremony held at the
Guildhall on Monday 19th July p.m.
Presided over by the Sheriff of Newcastle upon Tyne
Councillor Geoff O’Brien.

The City Council has had Sheriffs legal status as

since 1400, the first one being Vice-Chair of
William Redmarshall. However the the Council,
practice was discontinued upon local having been
government reorganisation in 1974. appointed
The title of Sheriff was reintroduced at the Annual
in 1996 and added to that of Deputy Meeting by the full Council. The Deputy
Lord Mayor. The more common form of Lord Mayor is given precedence
address is simply “Sheriff”. immediately after the Lord Mayor and
carries out all the functions of the Lord
Since the Local Government Act
Mayor in his or her absence.
1972, the Deputy Lord Mayor has full

Swearing in
held at the
Civic Centre,
28th July
Presided over
by Lord Mayor
Councillor Brenda

The majority of the 213 callings at Easter Guild have been sworn in, although
there was a quantity unable to attend on the date given. It should be noted
in these cases it is up to the applicant to make contact with the Lord Mayors
Office, Civic Centre, Newcastle upon Tyne, to rearrange a mutually agreed
date to be sworn in.

FreemenMagazine 17
Swearing in Ceremonies held at the Guildhall on
Monday 16th and 23rd August
Presided over by Lord Mayor Councillor Brenda Hindmarsh.

18 FreemenMagazine
Freemen of Newcastle
upon Tyne Social Event
We continue with our initiative to an
all inclusive approach to the Freelage
of Newcastle upon Tyne by organising
events. The first social of 2011 will take
place on Saturday January 15th in the
Guildhall on the Quayside Newcastle
upon Tyne and we look forward to
seeing you there. Previous events have
proved to be a very popular way for
Freemen from different Companies to
come together and socialise. Places To book your place please complete
are limited so to avoid disappointment and return the form below to Alan
you are encouraged to book your Bainbridge, Freemen of Newcastle,
place as soon as possible. Claremont Road, Newcastle upon
Programme Tyne NE2 4NL. or email giving
the details requested on form to
12:45pm The Guildhall will be
opened for Freemen of Please respond by January 4th 2011
Newcastle upon Tyne.
Please note we are unable to accept
Hot and cold drinks will be telephone applications.
provided on Reception.
1:10pm Welcome by the Name:
Chairman of the Stewards
Committee, Sir Leonard Company:
Places requested:
1:30pm A talk by John Charlton,
who will explain one of the Tel. Number:
darker sides of Newcastle. Email:
2:15pm Entertainment by Ollie
Burton, who will reminisce
in song and verse?
Due to the expected high demand
3:00pm Buffet will be served, places will be allocated on a first
including drinks until 4 come basis, while every endeavour
o’clock. will be made to accommodate, any
unsuccessful applications will be
Members of the Stewards informed by email or telephone.
Committee will be within
the Hall throughout and Why not visit the Freemen of
will be available to answer Newcastle upon Tyne web site and
queries or questions. find out what’s going on.

4:00pm Farewell

FreemenMagazine 19
Sheriff Rode With Death
Town Moor explosion killed ‘burial squad’

In December, 1867, the police learned have nothing to do with it, and it was
that a quantity of explosive was decided to pour it into depressions on
stored in a cellar in the White Hart the Town Moor caused by the workings
Yard, and on examining it they found of the Spital Tongues Colliery.
it to be nitro-glycerine which had
On a grey day in 1867, a cart, driven
been intended for blasting purposes
by Thomas Appleby, laden with nine
in mines and quarries. Following a
canisters of deadly nitro-glycerine, left
conference between the police
the yard of the White Hart Inn in the
superintendent and local authority
Flesh Market (now the Cloth Market),
representatives it was decided that
Newcastle , bound for the Town Moor.
the nitro-glycerine should either be
removed from the town or destroyed. Behind it, in a cab, rode the Sheriff of
The railway company however, would Newcastle John Mawson, the Town

20 FreemenMagazine
surveyor Thomas Bryson and James
Shotton labourer, Police constable
Donald Bain and Sub-Inspector Wallis.
Their purpose was to see the material
safely buried. They did not know it, but
they were riding to their deaths…
Nor did two small boys and a man,
whose identity was never discovered,
know when they tagged on to the
procession out of curiosity, that they
were walking to their doom.
At the Town Moor the party converged
on a spot near where a wooden
building had been erected to serve as from the White Hart Yard. Nearby also
a temporary hospital in the event of an was found the body of the unknown
outbreak of cholera. man, apparently about 40 who had
also followed the cart to the moor.
It was then found that a portion of
the nitro-glycerine had crystallised, on Lying on the side of the bank was Mr
the side of three of the canisters, Mr Bryson and on the top was Mr Mawson.
Mawson asked for a sample to take Both alive but fearfully injured.
away for examination, which he put Wallace rushed for help into the town,
in his pocket. He then said to Bryson, and Drs Fife and Heath set out for
Bain, Appleby and Shotton we will the scene, but were preceded by a
take three tins and bury them under young surgeon named Walpole, who
the other hill, referring to a part of the had been walking on the moor when
moor some little distance away leaving the explosion occurred, dust, stones,
Wallace to bury more of the lethal fragments of clothing etc had fell all
material. Just as Wallace had finished around him, 30 yards away he found
his task and was about to join the a human foot believed to belong to
others a violent explosion occurred. Constable Bain.
Fragments of clothing and human
remains were sent flying in the air. Walpole administered stimulants to
Bryson and placed him, Mawson and
Wallace was uninjured having been the boy Waddley in the cart which had
sheltered by a bank which lay brought the explosives to the moor,
between him and his companion, and sent it to the Infirmary. Two hours
but on hurrying to the scene of the after being admitted Waddley died,
explosion he found the mutilated and and in the early hours of the following
shattered remains of Bain, portions day, Bryson and Mawson succumbed.
of his body having been blown
away. He next came to the body The Tragedy caused great excitement
of the cartman, Appleby, fearfully and consternation in the town, with a
disfigured and lifeless, and near him great amount of indignation against
the mutilated body of the labourer those who had stored the lethal
Shotton, also dead. weapon in the centre of a large town.
In a hole he found the body of a boy, A Mr Burrell had prevailed upon the
later identified as Stanley Waddley, who ostler of the White Hart Inn to allow him
with another lad James Stonehouse to store the explosives in the cellar of
(who also died) had followed the cart the Inn.

FreemenMagazine 21
Richard Grainger
House Carpenter,
Freeman of Newcastle

22 FreemenMagazine
Richard Grainger was born in 1797 in contract. He married in 1821 to Rachel
High Friar Lane the son of a Quayside Arundale the eldest daughter of Joseph
porter, his school years were spent at Arundale a wealthy business man in one
St Andrew’s Parish Charity School, on of Tyneside’s burgeoning industries, the
leaving at the age of 14 years pupils tanning and leather trade (Tanners).
were given a Bible, and 40 shillings “to In 1824 he worked on houses in the
put them out to Apprentice or Equip newly widened Blackett Street, this
them for Services”. Richard put his 40s to development was designed by Thomas
good use and served an apprenticeship Oliver. In 1825 Grainger started work
to a local master carpenter John Brown. on Eldon Square using John Dobson’s
In 1816 he set up a building business with designs by 1829 he had begun another
his eldest brother George a bricklayer development, Leazes Terrace.
and Freeman of Newcastle, George
died leaving Richard to carry on the In May 1834, supported by John
business during their first substantial job, Clayton, the Town Clerk, Grainger
the reconstruction of their neighbour’s presented his plan for the wholesale
house in High Friar Lane. Numbers 3, redevelopment of the town centre to
4, 5,and 6 Strawberry Place were the the town council. It offered new streets
first houses Richard built on his own in particular Grey Street to connect
account. In 1819-20 his first major the Quayside with the town centre.
contract was Higham Place. He is said The first building completed was the
to have worked daily from 3 a.m. to 9 Grainger Market opened in October
p.m. to guarantee the success of this 1835. The Classical elevations of Grey

FreemenMagazine 23
Street were mostly created by two architects, John
Wardle and George Walker. Dobson designed the
stretch on the east side between Shakespeare
Street and Mosley Street, while John and Benjamin
Green were responsible for the Shakespeare Street
to Market Street section, which included their main
contribution to the Great Plan, the Theatre Royal,
opened in February 1837.
At the intersection of Grey Street, Blackett
Street and Grainger Street Benjamin Green was
commissioned to design a column. The 134 foot
coarse grit stone Roman Doric column supports a
13 foot Portland Stone statue of Earl Grey in robes,
sculpted by Edward Hodges Baily, The statue stands
on a pedestal above a balcony reached by 164
steps within the column, the column itself was built
by Joseph Welch, the foundation stone was laid in
September 1837 and the statue placed in position in
August 1838.
By 1839, Grainger had built the Markets, Greys
Monument, the Theatre Royal, Grey Street,
Grainger Street and several cross streets. His wide
ranging plan was never completed. But, his aims of
improving access and providing a new centre for
Newcastle had been achieved. Richard Grainger
died suddenly of “disease of the heart” in 1861
aged 64 and was buried in St. James’ Church,
Benwell. It can be said of him that he found
Newcastle of bricks and timber and left it in stone,
‘Grainger Town’ as it is known still stands today.

From a speech at the opening of the Grainger

Market 1835; “Under the magic hand of a Grainger
a City of Palaces had suddenly sprung up”

“You walk into what has long been

termed the ‘Coal Hole of the North’
and find yourself at once in ‘A City
of Palaces’; a fairyland of newness,
brightness and modern elegance.
And who has brought this change? –
It is Mr Grainger”. (W.Howitt,1842)

24 FreemenMagazine
Diary Dates
Monday 17th January 2011 Close Court of Guild (for Company
Stewards only) begins at 10am
upstairs in the Newcastle Guildhall Open Court of Guild (for all Freemen of
(on Quayside, bottom of Dean Street) Newcastle upon Tyne) commences at
12 noon prompt
Close Court of Guild (for Company
Stewards only) begins at 10am You must be seated by 12 noon for the
Open Guild in readiness to receive the
Open Court of Guild (for all Freemen of Lord Mayor.
Newcastle upon Tyne) commences at
12 noon prompt The meeting concludes with new
Freemen being called, and if present
You must be seated by 12 Noon for the sworn in by the Lord Mayor.
Open Guild in readiness to receive the
Lord Mayor. Following the proceedings a buffet
lunch is served in the Merchant
The meeting concludes with new Adventurers Court.
Freemen being called, and if present
sworn in by the Lord Mayor.
Sunday 15th May 2011
Following the proceedings a buffet
lunch is served in the Merchant FREEMEN OF NEWCASTLE
Adventurers Court. UPON TYNE ANNUAL
Saturday 15th January 2011
Held in the Cathedral Church of St.
upstairs in the Newcastle Guildhall
Robing in the Cathedral Refectory
(on Quayside, bottom of Dean Street)
at 9.30a.m. for commencement of
Reception at 12:45pm. parade into the Cathedral at 9.45
a.m. with the Lord Mayor of Newcastle
Monday 9th May 2011 upon Tyne. All Newcastle Freemen are
welcome, and to assist on the day,
EASTER GUILD parking be available at Moor Bank
upstairs in the Newcastle Guildhall Lodge and transport at 9:00am to and
(on Quayside, bottom of Dean Street) from the Cathedral will be provided.
The date of the 2011 Easter Guild is 1 Should you need to borrow a robe
week late due to the Bank Holiday. there will be a small quantity available
on the day.

Annual Guild Days

Christmas Guild - the first Monday after 13th January
Easter Guild - the first Monday after Easter Monday
Michaelmas Guild - the first Monday after Michaelmas Monday

FreemenMagazine 25
Notice Board Christmas gifts
New Stewards
Alan Hall
Raymond Douglas Nelson
Masters & Mariners Company
(Freemen of Trinity House)

T.M.M.C Trustee Appointment

Sherod W.D. Walker
Plumbers Company

Peter Lawrence
Brian Hudson Cato
Plumbers Company

Joe Petty
If you are looking for a small Christmas
Hostmens Company
gift for someone close may we suggest
you give a Freemen of Newcastle
Edward Hall upon Tyne pin badge or cuff links
Norman William Taylor which are available to order from Moor
Masters & Mariners Company Bank Lodge.
(Freemen of Trinity House) Badges: Pin £3:00. Stick Pin £4:00. Cuff
Links £6.00. Prices inclusive of P&P.
Ian Dodds
Butchers Company Please include payment with your
order, cheques made payable to
‘Freemen of Newcastle’
Christopher Edward
Harle Story
Tanners Company
Administration Fee
Following a review of administration
costs the City Council of Newcastle
Useful Web Sites have increased the administration fee
for Freemen admittance applications to £20. The new charge applies to all applications received after
10th October 2010. The fee has
not increased in decades and at
£1 was not a true reflection of the
‘Freemen of the City of administrative costs incurred by the
Newcastle upon Tyne’ City Council.

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Freemen of Newcastle upon Tyne
Superintendent and Office
Mr Kevin Batey,
Moor Bank Lodge, Claremont Road,
Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 4NL
Tel: 0191 2615970

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