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Physical Geology at Georgia Perimeter

Dr. Pamela Gore

New World Seafloor Map from NOAA, Marine Geology and Geophysics

Click here to see complete map

Explanation of map
Link to images from NOAA
As the world turns - animated gif
Global Relief - Select a view of the Earth to rotate globe
Topography of Georgia

Course Syllabus
 Fall 1998 Lecture Syllabus
 Teaching Objectives for Lecture
 Teaching Objectives for Lab

Helpful Resources
 Link to textbook's web site - Tarbuck and Lutgens,
Pick a chapter, press "Begin" and link to several types
of quiz questions. I just discovered that for each
chapter under "Further browsing", many of their
chapters link to my course notes.
 Laboratory Manual for Physical Geology - includes
corrections and web links for each lab.
 Earth Online: An Internet Guide for Earth Science. In
particular, see the Internet Resources for Earth Science
 Illustrated Glossary of Geologic Terms
 Geology Link from Worth Publishers
 Geologic Time Chart
 Geology lecture notes from other institutions:
o Physical Geology at University of Houston (John

o Floyd College, GA

o Geology at Duke University

o University of Cincinatti

o University of British Columbia

 WH Freeman GeologyTextbooks
 Textbook: Understanding Earth, by Press and Siever
 Search for images in the University of British
Columbia Earth and Ocean Sciences Image Collection
 University of Akron Geology Photo Archive
 The Canadian Rockhound - a neat web magazine!

Submit your questions and comments to Dr. Gore at

Georgia Geoscience Online

Interactive Course Outline

Homework Additional
Lecture Notes
Assignments references
 Introduction to the
Introduction to Internet
Physical Geology  Important information
for class
Topographic Maps Stone Mountain Topo Lab
(for lab)
Worldwide Distribution of
Earthquakes - Due
Earthquake Information Page
Learn how to locate
Seismic Resources on the Web -
Faults earthquake epicenters on-
Part 1
line. - Due __________
Seismic Resources on the Web -
Print out the Certificate of
Earthquakes Part 2
Completion with your name
Seeing California Move With
when finished.
Global Positioning Satellites
Dacula, GA Earthquake
Intensity Exercise and this
Interior of the Earth's Interior from UNR
Earth's Interior notes from U.
Texas, El Paso
New England Meteoritical
Map showing age of the ocean
crust - NOAA
Spinning globe showing age of
Please print out movie
ocean crust - NOAA
notes and see video
Plate Tectonics - The cause of
Planet Earth - The Living
earthquakes - great graphics!
Plate tectonics Tectonic and paleogeographic
maps (and Grand Canyon)

Good Plate Tectonics notes from

Volcano World. Click on arrow
at bottom to go on to each
 Crystal Structure Movies
 The Mineral Gallery
 World Wide Mineral Link
 Physical Characteristics of
 Minerals, Magmas, and
Volcanic Rocks. Includes good
Hints for pre-lab mineral diagrams of silicate tetrahedra.
quiz  Gems and Precious Stones
Minerals Internet Course
 Mineral formula database
 Rocks and minerals in thin
 Minerals in thin section - is
it working?
 Smithsonian Gem and
Mineral Collection
 Mineral Museum in Paris
 The World of Amber
Igneous Rocks Hints for pre-lab igneous Minerals, Magmas, and
quiz Volcanic Rocks. Includes
Ancient Lava classification and good photos
Flows and Plutons Igneous rock chart. Print of igneous rocks.
out and bring to lab. See Petroglyph - An interactive
program which simulates
looking at thin sections with a
petrographic microscope
Atlas of Igneous and
Minerals, Igneous Rocks
Metamorphic Rocks, Minerals,
and Volcanoes web
and Textures

Please print out movie

Volcano Information
notes and bring to class: Page
Volcanoes - Exploring the Information on currently
Volcanoes Restless Earth erupting volcanoes.
QuickTime movie of
Volcano Research and Popocatepetal eruption Movies
Writing Assignment of volcanic eruptions and pillow
lava formation
Weathering slides - Part 1 , Part
2 - Duke Univ.
Main Index for Weathering
Weathering and Soil - John
Butler, U. Houston
Weathering of Granite and
origin of sediment - GA
Weathering Southern
Chemical Weathering of Marble
at the mall
Soils Small-scale weathering in
Karst in Slovenia
Weathering and Karst
Virtual Geomorphology
Weathering of Rocks and
Earth Science - Weathering and
Sedimentary Rocks Hints for pre-lab USGS Bedform Sedimentology
sedimentary quiz Site - images and movies
Sedimentary Structures and Quick Time movies of bedforms
Stratigraphic Features Landforms

Metamorphic Hints for pre-lab

Atlas of Igneous and
Metamorphic Rocks,
Rocks metamorphic rock quiz Minerals, and Textures
Metamorphic Rock pictures
See this neat site on the Water
Cycle with Shockwave!

Hydrologic Cycle, Please print out movie Flood damage and related
Running Water, notes and bring to features in Albany, GA
classThe Great River
Erosion, and Hydrology and Flooding -
Sediment Georgia Geology and annotated references with links
Hydrology Online
Transport Assignment Mississippi River flooding
U.S. Geological Survey Water
Groundwater Resources Branch, Georgia
Current Georgia hydrology
Past monthly reports on Georgia
Geologic Structures - U. Texas,
El Paso Structural Geology Lab
- U. Texas, El Paso
Structure models - U. Texas, El
Digital relief map of the U.S.
Color landform atlas of the U.S.
Crustal Shaded relief map of Georgia
Deformation Structural Geology Slide Set
Radar imagery and text of
folded mountains in the
Apppalachians near Sunbury,
Print out the image and draw in
the correct fold axis symbols in
the proper locations.
Geology and Geography
of Georgia Lab

Stone Mountain Field Trip

Georgia Southern University
Geology of Print this out and work on it
pages on Geology of Georgia
in the field.
Georgia Satellite image of Georgia -
Color Composite, 1996
Mount Arabia oblique air

Map of major Georgia

Mountain building
 Scientific American
article - Three types of
continental margins
around North America,
with computer-generated
images of the seafloor
 Satellite altimetry of
oceans - NOAA
Ocean Floor  Deep submergence
vehicle - ALVIN
 How deep can they go? -
Nice diagram!

 Educational materials
associated with Ocean
Planet exhibit at
See videos:
 The Beach - A River of
Shorelines Sand
 Portrait of a Coast
Mass Wasting links and class
Mass Wasting notes - Univ. of Texas, El Paso

Links to other geology sites

Smithsonian Museum of Natural History
Try the "Ask-A-Geologist" service offered by the U.S.
Geological Survey. If you have an e-mail account, try
sending e-mail to this address:
Old Assignments
 Assignment 1 - Spring 1997
 Writing a student web page - instructions and grading
 Writing Web Pages - An Introduction to HTML for
GPC Students
 Assignment 1 - part 1 (Spring 1996)
 Assignment 1 - part 2 (Spring 1996)
 Assignment 3 (Spring 1996)
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