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Editorial 4

‘Open’ and ‘Closed’ Company 4

Exhibition Park Clock Tower 5

Superintendent’s report 6-7

Michaelmas Guild 8-9

Changing Role of the

Stewards Committee 10

The Coat of Arms of the Moor Bank Botanic Gardens 11

City of Newcastle upon Tyne These are to say the least, the
Stewards Committee supports
most challenging of times from the
perspective of the national economy
the Environment 12
and the consequential impact on our Shipwrights tour of
North Shields Fish Quay 13
The Freemen can and are making
a positive contribution from the Hoppings 2012 14-15
environmental and heritage
perspective, perhaps more now than in
Summer Spectacular 16-17
living memory. Gruesome and Hard Times

in Newcastle 18-19
13 DE

Our close working relationship with


Newcastle City Council has served to

The Mansion House 20
20 12

facilitate and engender confidence

that we are not simply a social artefact
Mayor’s Gilded State Barge 21
of history that has managed to survive
since time and immemorial. We are Diary dates 22
demonstrating trust in the public realm
as the catalyst for many aspects of well Notice Board 23
being through the guardianship of the
Town Moors. It is with pride that we set
about these commitments and in the


good name of Newcastle upon Tyne.



May we commend Newcastle

City Council and residents for such Magazine Editor:
unequivocal support in 2012. Jim Johnson
Tanners Company, Stewards Committee
We shall use every endeavour to be Ian Miller
Front Cover photograph: ‘Owl’ carved by Tommy Craggs at the even better in all that we do in 2013. Shipwrights Company, Stewards Committee
Summer Spectacular 2012.
Swearing in photographs taken by Freemen of Newcastle upon The Newcastle upon Tyne Freemen
Tyne Official Photographer, Steve Brock Photography: Magazine, Moor Bank Lodge, Claremont
Sir Leonard Fenwick CBE Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE2 4NL Tel: 0191 2863430 Chairman, Stewards Committee

FreemenMagazine 03
Welcome to the 7th year of the (which are not for the squeamish) if
publication of our Magazine. In issue you are then best skip page 18/19.
13 we again cover the activities of
As ever the editors are keen to hear
the Stewards Committee providing
your comments and ideas to improve
an insight into the management of
the content of the Magazine, or learn
the 1200 plus acres of Moors as well
more about the activities of your
as related affairs, although it is not
possible to cover much of the behind
the scenes work which the committee We are still receiving a number of
undertakes. Magazines returned with the message
‘addressee has moved away’, hence
Many readers commented how they
please keep the Administration Office
enjoy reading about the lesser known
at Moor Bank Lodge informed of any
and at times rather gruesome side of
change of circumstance either within
our past, so in our look back into the
your family or Company.
History of our fair City we include a
couple of rather grotesque incidents

What is the difference between

an ‘Open’ and ‘Closed’ Company
A question is often asked what the at the time they became a Freemen.
difference is between a Closed and A ‘Closed’ Company will not accept
Open Company in this day and age. as a member any Freemen sworn in
through another Guild.
In essence term ‘Closed’ Company
covers several scenarios. In respect to an ‘Open’ Company
Historically it would indicate a An ‘Open’ Company will not only
Company where only members who admit members who hold an Oath
hail through the Company and hold paper for the parent Guild through
an Oath paper for their Trade would whom they hail, but will also accept a

Exhibition Park Clock Tower

be admitted, ‘Closed Company’. Freemen of the City from other Guilds
into their Company, either by invitation
The majority of ‘Closed’ Companies
or by proposal of Company Keepers at
whilst retaining their closed status As reported in Issue 12 the restoration of the Exhibition Park clock tower to
the Head meeting. This has provided
welcome in, or indeed actively commemorate the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee was completed which
an opportunity where the number
engage in seeking out and admitting included the replacement of the old workings with a modern electronic clock
of Company Keepers are such that
Freemen to the Company who were mechanism and lighting.
the Company may cease to exist, if
sworn as a Freemen of the City through
not bolstered by a more proactive
their Guild but were not for whatever To inform that the restoration was funded by the Freemen of Newcastle, a plaque
reason admitted into the Company has been placed to mark the commitment.

04 FreemenMagazine FreemenMagazine 05
Superintendent’s Report

I may have tempted fate with the last sentence of my June

table the plant would have made recreation by the residents of Fenham
report as we suffered the wettest June for 100 years, weather more mess than was worth risking, so and the Arthur’s Hill area. This fence
and ground conditions we have ever experienced during the boundary work such as strimming and line is being installed as part of the
Hoppings before arose to test our resolve. rubbish clearing was undertaken. contribution to the ‘Greening Wingrove’
project and does also serve to more
The Elizabethan metal fencing
Standing firmly together with the City the elements thrown at it that may distinctly identify this particular parcel
programme continued with the inner
Council and the members of the hamper its germination, the site will of land as Town Moor.
boundary of Nuns Moor Central, our
Showman’s Guild of Great Britain we be monitored through to the spring
staff worked with our contractors Scott As Winter approaches the staff assist
met the challenge head on, with all and any outstanding reinstatement
Fencing to dismantle the old wooden the graziers with the removal of their
parties agreed that “the show had will be carried out then “if the weather
fence and remove all spoil from site. cattle, as well as continuing with
to go on” we commenced to pull allows”.
As ever the prevailing wet weather the installation of the metal fencing
into position every single ride and
The weather has had an impact on hampered this work with staff having to at Walter Terrace. Our drainage
attraction that had applied to attend
all of our Summer tasks that were pull Scott Fencing trucks into place each programme will hopefully commence
this year’s event, a first in the history of
scheduled to be undertaken. For day and also decant their concrete into in late November as the cattle will
the Hoppings. I will not dwell on this too
example the spraying programme the tractor bucket and deliver it to site have gone, with general maintenance
much as it will be covered further on
was hampered as some 350 acres where it could be used to set the metal and key environmental improvements
in the Magazine, but needless to say
that were requiring attention due posts into position as some 54 cattle to the moors continuing through the
what was pulled in had to be pulled
to creeping thistle and buttercup were still grazing this moor. Winter months.
out leaving behind a reinstatement
infestation had to be split into two
nightmare and beyond anything we The fenceline is now complete and May I take the opportunity to wish you
treatments, the second a little late in
have had to tackle before. has improved the boundary security all a Merry Christmas and a prosperous
the season but still fit for purpose.
of this moor. We have now moved the New Year.
The weather again played its part as
The Summer topping task was delayed metal fence programme across to
we couldn’t get anywhere near the
by almost 6 weeks as the moors were Walter Terrace, where we have several Kevin Batey
site to reinstate until early September,
so saturated with the very high water acres of grass land which are used for Town Moor Superintendent.
now the seed is sewn it’s had all

06 FreemenMagazine FreemenMagazine 07
Michaelmas Guild
8th October 2012

Michaelmas Guild

Sir Leonard welcomed the Lord Mayor Newcastle, there were thirty six callings.
to the first of the 3 Guilds she will preside (It is at this juncture that any Freemen
over. The Chairman then welcomed may call a ‘Stop’ to anyone being
John Sofley, recently appointed Head called whom they believe do not qualify
of Law at Newcastle City Council to his or as in ancient times an unfit person to
first ever Guild, referred to by tradition be come a Freeman. The stop if stated
as the ‘Town Clerk’, also Ian Humphries shall be entered into the ‘Stop’ book).
Principal Secretary to the Lord Mayor.
The swearing in ceremony was
Following responses from the Lord Mayor
convened directly after the proceedings
and the Town Clerk, Ian Humphries
with six new Freemen being sworn in.
read the callings of those who claimed
Jackie Slesenger, John Softley and Sir Leonard Fenwick their right to be sworn in as Freemen of

The Michaelmas Close Guild which is restricted to Company

Stewards only, commenced at 10:30am, following the welcome Late News Items . . . . .
by the Chairman of the Stewards Committee. The election of the
Stewards Committee was a key task. Moor Bank University Botanic Gardens
There were 14 nominations for the Sir Leonard Fenwick, was re-elected Volunteers under the auspices of Friends of Moorbank’ have set up a
12 positions and with the following Chairman of the Stewards Committee, campaigning group ‘Growing Moorbank’ with a view to a charitable Trust
elected: F.H. Alder, Butchers: H. Alder, and David Wilson, re-elected Vice being set up to take responsibility for and run the facility. An open letter to
Butchers: P.Anderson, Bricklayers: C. Chairman. Michael Grey was re- Senior Stewards has been circulated by this campaign group.
Atkinson, Ropemakers: A.R. Bainbridge, appointed as Honorary Treasurer.
Goldsmiths: Sir L.R. Fenwick, Shipwrights:
The Open Guild, which is open to all
W.G. Frizzle, Goldsmiths: R.M. Grey, The University have stated that it is their intension to re-house any valuable or
Freemen of Newcastle commenced
Hostmen: K. Hall, Colliers: J. Johnson, rare plants at one of their other local facilities as part of the transition of the site.
at 12 noon and presided over by Lord
Tanners: I.F. Miller, Shipwrights: H.D.
Mayor Councillor Jackie Slesenger.
Wilson, Ropemakers.

8 FreemenMagazine
08 FreemenMagazine FreemenMagazine 09
Changing Role of the
Stewards Committee

Moor Bank Botanic Gardens

The Newcastle University botanic garden is to close in
what is its 90th year!

Newcastle University leases the four- Viburnum and Corylopsis collection.

acre Moor Bank botanic garden from
In addition there is a large building
the Freemen of Newcastle. They have
The affairs of the Freemen of Newcastle are overseen by the informed us they will not be renewing
containing offices, education rooms,
and a soil sterilisation plant, the plants
Stewards Committee i.e. twelve members who are elected at their lease as the botanic garden
and the hot houses along with the
Michaelmas Guild by Stewards of the 28 Guilds, and meet on no longer meets the University’s
outbuildings will be removed over the
educational or research needs.
the first Wednesday of the month. next 12 months with the land being
The garden has two large ‘hot houses’, returned to grassland if the decision
Over recent years there have been financial, business, administrative, A Tropical House, rainforest habitat goes ahead, although dialogue is on-
many changes, the positions of land management, and much more, contains a unique collection of rare going in this regard.
Secretary and Administrator being all of the facilitating occupies a and endangered plant species
During the Summer Spectacular many
discontinued, and the role of Town vast amount of their personal time including cycads, strangling figs,
Freemen and guests would have
Moor Superintendent reinstated. attending extraordinary meetings in tree ferns and orchids. One area is
visited the gardens.
addition to working from home. There dedicated to economically important
The Town Moor Superintendent has plants that include rice, coffee,
are also many Freemen who make
overall responsibility for the day to banana and sugar cane. The Desert
themselves available for specific
day management of the Town Moors House contains cactus and succulent
tasks and commitments where they
and is the first contact for City officers, collection
have knowledge, expertise and
graziers, contractors, and the public.
networks that ensure the Newcastle Across the outside garden there are
The Committee has evolved to Freemen meet the needs of a modern Rhododendron and rare species of
become much more involved in day organisation. Alchemilla whilst the Primula and
to day affairs, with members taking on Meconopsis bed contains species
We will continue to embrace change
specific areas of responsibility where grown from wild seed collected from
as and when called for.
they have professional expertise, China and Nepal. There is also a

10 FreemenMagazine FreemenMagazine 11
Stewards Committee
supports the Environment

The previously reported fence line diverse area of Newcastle upon Tyne.
improvements are continuing with the The Newcastle Freemen supported their
Elizabethan metal fence replacing the bid which culminated in the BIG Lottery
wooden ranch style fences is being awarding Greening Wingrove almost a

Shipwrights tour of
installed. A new metal fence on the million pounds to spend over the next
perimeter of Nuns Moor South the site five years under the Communities Living
of the former Benwell Cricket Club. Sustainability scheme.
This is our contribution to improve the

North Shields Fish Quay

It also aims to tackle the problems
area for local residents as part of the
of climate change and urban grime
Greening Wingrove initiative.
through a ‘green lens’.
The Greening Wingrove is a partnership
Any meaningful change for the
of local Councillors, residents, On Saturday morning the 15th
better in a neighbourhood depends
community organisations and September twenty two members of the
on focussing Council services on
Newcastle City Council and aims to Shipwrights Company met at the North
neighbourhood needs, and unlocking
create a sustainable, inner city garden Shields Fishermen’s Mission for a guided
resident’ enthusiasms.
suburb in an ethnically and socially tour of the Fish Quay with guide
Alex Hastie. After such an inclement
summer we were indeed lucky to have
a fine sunny day for a very informative
tour which we can recommend
During the tour a collection was made
from which Alex took his out of pocket
expenses and we all had a nice day
out while about £40 was raised for did not have far to go for their fish and
a deserving charity, the Fishermen’s chips lunch.
Mission. Ian Miller
After thanking our guide, members Senior Steward, Shipwrights Company

12 FreemenMagazine FreemenMagazine 13
Hoppings 2012
a year to forget! We are understandably anxious as to
whether or not the site will be fit for
purpose by June 2013.
We continue to meet with Showmen
The Hoppings 9 day event was reduced to 6 days as a instatement, no less than 324 tons of from around the country at our
materials were removed to land fill.
consequence of the most challenging weather and persistent Disappointedly much of the rubbish had
consultative meetings which we hold
torrential rain leading up to the planned opening day on Friday at the Guildhall. These meetings are
been left around the site by Showmen, an opportunity for our Event Group to
22nd June to be deferred for safety reasons. including bags of household rubbish, keep the travelling fairground industry
lorry wheels, diesel drums and tank, informed of the site condition and to
wooden and plastic boards. put ideas for improving the fairground
On the Saturday we worked with all Thursday 28th witnessed the worst storm
Unfortunately following the re- offer to the people directly involved with
agencies including the Showmen in living memory totally flooding the site
instatement and seeding the weather the event. We have a long standing,
laying tons of bark chippings and straw preventing once again the opening
turned very wet, and due to the high generation on generation relationship
enabling the fair to open on Sunday of the fairground. On the Friday many
water table level preventing drainage with the Showmen and share cultural
24th, although ground conditions were attractions were unable to open for the
the site soon resembled a paddy field. values.
poor the public turned out in their final two days, and once the fair closed
thousands to support the event and for at 11pm on the 30th the pull down
which we are grateful. commenced.
Four specialist tracked vehicles were
deployed to assist the removal of the
equipment many weighing up to 80
tons, leaving the turf resembling a bomb
site. Due to extensive flooding around
the City and overstretched demands
on manpower the City Council were
unable to fully clear the site of litter
so we took control and cleared the
site with our staff which enabled us to
arrange for our specialist contractor
to begin the site clearance thereby
ensuring the commencement of re-

14 FreemenMagazine FreemenMagazine 15
Summer Spectacular August 2012
The 2nd Freemen Summer event, short period. At times the queue for produced music that was a joy to listen as many did not know that such an
according to the majority of my food was snaking around the tarmac to, providing a great rhythm to the interesting and informative place
feedback, can be described as a area with people drooling when they afternoon activities and their period existed in Newcastle. The visit inevitably
success. got close to their choice of meat; costumes reminded some of us of our turned to purchasing with many
reinforcements had to be drafted onto youth. I was convinced that the guitarist visitors staggering back to their cars
The weather of course makes a big
the catering team in the shape of a was wearing one of my old jackets. overloaded with green bundles.
difference to attitudes and the way
Steward to cope with demand.
people view any organised event and The Pipe and Drum band of the 101 One of the amazing attractions was the
this summer in particular has seen lots Throughout the afternoon the drinks Regiment of the Royal Artillery was wood carver Tommy Craggs who took
of disappointment with events not just table was busy dispensing a whole a delight to watch and listen to. The a huge chunk of timber and with great
in Newcastle, but around the country range of beverages which helped marching skills they demonstrated skill and talent using only chain saws
that were cancelled or modified to wash down the Pork and Lamb rolls, were of the highest order. Their carved an owl.. There were several
everyone’s dismay. my thanks must go to the ladies who performance culminated with Sir Freeman who were mesmerised,
Organising such an important event as worked so hard during the event. Leonard Fenwick taking the salute including myself, by the skill with which
the Summer Spectacular you cannot which was quite moving for lots of he wielded the chain saws.
All the attractions were very popular.
rely on bright sunshine to come to your visitors as it reminded them of their own
The Birds of Prey were the most glorious The owl which was carved will be
aid and make the day a success, as experiences under the colours.
when they were flying around the donated to the Great North Children’s
we proved the previous year. grounds of Moor bank, the animals Our thanks must go to both to Drum Hospital at the Royal Victoria Infirmary
2012 however proved to be totally proved to be a delight to young and Major Ian Alexander, another active where it will be mounted and on
different from 2011 with sunshine old with several visitors experiencing a Freeman, who was responsible for the display for the children, parents visitors
prevailing throughout the afternoon. rather large spider walking over their way the soldiers turned out together with and staff to admire.
arm, and snakes slithering across the Pipe Major Cameron who is responsible
There were well over 350 Pork and If any reader has any ideas that
table - a truly scary experience. for the music that was played.
Lamb sandwiches consumed which would fit into the Summer Spectacular
gives an indication of how popular “Heartbeat” a local group led by Lots of visitors wandered through the for future years please email me at
the event has become in a very Doug Tate an active Freeman, Botanic Gardens just to have a look

16 FreemenMagazine FreemenMagazine 17
Gruesome and Hard
Times in Newcastle
1703 a horrid suicide was committed in happened, and excited the horror and
the suburbs of Newcastle The following commiseration of all Europe.”
particulars are given by Brand from
During the severe winter of 1739–40, the
the MS. Life of Barnes:—”Elizabeth
poor in Newcastle suffered severely; and
Sharper was well respected by all her
numbers must have perished with the
neighbours, and lived with her sister
excessive cold, had not Alderman Ridley
to a great age unmarried, only it was
permitted them to carry away as much
whispered she bore a child to another
as they pleased from his heaps of small
woman’s husband in her younger years.
coal. The corporation also gave £50 to
When she had reached her 80th year
the four parishes of the town, and Walter
of age, she fell at once into a deep
Blackett, Esq. 200 guineas, besides £50 to pressing an emergency. The mob soon William Keed, alias Kid, alias Keedy.
despair: there was no outward cause by
Gateshead parish. grew extremely unruly; and a gentleman, This affray is said to have cost the
losses or other calamities, that could be
venturing out to inform them that the Corporation £4000.
assigned as the occasion of it:—most, On the 9th of June, this year, an alarming
ship would be defended until the poor
if not all the parish clergy of Newcastle riot commenced at Newcastle, in It appears that the Guild-books of the
were supplied with the rye in it, was
visited her, but no comfort they could consequence of the dearness of corporation, from Christmas, 1721, to
knocked down. Upon this, the rioters
offer ever staid with her. She confessed provisions. The militia of the town was Michaelmas, 1738, were destroyed in
were fired upon; and one of them having
her bearing a bastard, which was taken instantly raised; and a promise being this riot. Those who withheld any of the
been killed, and several wounded, they
from her body, and she believed was given that corn should be sold at a much books, parchments, paper, writings,
rushed in a body upon the gentlemen
murdered. She ripped up her belly with lower rate, the mob was pacified. On or other things that were then carried
assembled in the hall, wounded most of
a pair of scissors, and pulled her bowels the following day, Alderman Ridley, at off, were threatened with prosecution;
them, and then proceeded to ransack
out with her hand. A surgeon put them the head of the militia, announced that and a generous gratuity was offered
the town-court and chambers. Many of
in their place again, and sewed up her the corn-factors had set a certain fixed for such information as might lead to
the public writings and accounts were
belly. She had her reason and senses price on their grain, which information their recovery. The wood-work in the
destroyed, and a very large sum of the
perfectly, and lived and died in a house was received by the multitude with town-court was greatly damaged,
corporation money was carried off. The
that belonged to Mr. Barnes.” satisfaction and applause. the portraits of Charles II. and James II.
mob afterwards traversed the streets,
“I was myself,” continues Brand, “an On the 21st of June, the pitmen, where, finding all the shops shut up, spoiled and torn, and all the windows
eye-witness of the deplorable effects keelmen, and poor of the town, finding they threatened with horrid execrations towards the Sand Hill were broken. Some
of a similar paroxysm of despair in that the factors kept their shops shut up, to burn and destroy the whole place. say 12 or 13, and others £1800, was
Susannah Nicholson, an inoffensive old and that most of them had absconded, In the evening, three companies of taken from the Hutch. Captain Sowle
laundress, who lived in the Back Row proceeded to plunder the granaries. Howard’s regiment, under the command applied for preferment for his services
in Newcastle upon Tyne, and who on A vessel loaded with rye, and about to of Captain Marmaduke Sowle, who had on this occasion, and his request was
Sunday evening, October 23, 1763, sail, was also stopped, and the grain marched that day from Alnwick, entered seconded by a letter to his Grace the
maimed herself deliberately in the most sold to the poor at the stipulated price. the town, and soon dispersed the Duke of Richmond from the Corporation
dreadful manner, by cutting off her On the 25th, the militia was imprudently rioters, forty of whom were seized and of Newcastle. The innkeepers, who
breasts, her lips, ears, and nose, and disbanded; when, on the following committed to prison. At the following had dragoons quartered upon them in
yet lived for some days afterward.—An day, immense numbers of people assizes, six of this number were convicted consequence of these riots, claimed of
account of this suicide (as a gentleman assembled on the Sand Hill, while the and transported, each for seven years. the corporation six-pence a day for each
with whom I then corresponded at Mayor, Aldermen, and other gentlemen, Their names were, Thomas Grey, James man and horse, to the amount of £213,
Paris informed me) had found its way were consulting in the Guild Hall on the Harriot, Thomas Wilson, William Sopit, 10s. 6d. The Common Council appointed
into the Paris Alamain, soon after it best measures to be adopted during so Robert Hatherick, alias Hatherwick, and a committee to settle this account.

18 FreemenMagazine FreemenMagazine 19
The Mansion House

The first Mansion House was built in 1692 on the Quayside and

Mayor’s Gilded State Barge

used until 1837, the Copthorne Hotel now stands on the site.
Newcastle was without a Mansion 1930’s he purchased and demolished
house until No.1 Ellison Place was two adjacent houses in order to have
purchased in 1865 for £3000 plus a larger back garden and more Behind the old Mansion House on the quayside the Mayor’s
a further £1700 for furnishings to garage space.
accommodate visiting judges.
Gilded State Barge was moored to receive his Worship and
Sir Arthur had followed his father into guests for the processions on Ascension Day.
However in 1868 it became the second
a shipping career and also into local
Mansion House and was in use until
government. His father had been Sheriff
1953 when Sir Arthur Sutherland died Barge Day was a grand event in old proclamation was again read. On
of Newcastle in 1891 and Sir Arthur was
and bequeathed the present building Newcastle. The whole town turned returning to the Mansion House the
Sheriff in 1917 becoming Lord Mayor in
to the City. out to see a gallant show. Barges of rest of the day was spent feasting and
1918. He was knighted and took over
the Mayor, the Trinity House, and of merrymaking.
This third Mansion House is conveniently the Evening Chronicle group in 1920
the various trades’ companies rowed
situated on the North side of Fernwood and subsequently became Sheriff of
by men in picturesque costumes,
Road, just off Osborne Road, near Northumberland in 1943.
accompanied by a flotilla of boats
Jesmond Metro Station. The building
The house has been maintained moved down river amidst the firing
had been two houses which Sir Arthur’s
substantially as it was in Sir Arthur’s of cannon, ringing of bells and
father bought in1879 and he lived in
time and, in addition to its use for cheers from the crowds on shore.
Thurso House while renting out Kelso
civic functions, from 1993 it has They continued to Spar Hawk at the
House to business colleagues.
been available for private hire and rivers mouth, the proclamation of
In 1901, after the death of his father, licensed for civil weddings. Usually the jurisdiction of the corporation of
Sir Arthur bought the two properties during Heritage Open Days in early Newcastle over the river was read.
from the family and in 1910 he started September free guided tours of the The procession returned sailing passed
modifications to convert the two into building can be booked and it is well Newcastle to the other boundary
one large house, as it is now. In the worth a visit. at Hedwin Streams where the

20 FreemenMagazine FreemenMagazine 21
Diary Dates Notice Board The Freemen of
New Stewards Newcastle shop is open
Monday 14th January 2013 You must be seated by 12 noon for the
Philip Elsdon Bell Freemen of Newcastle upon Tyne
Open Guild in readiness to receive the
Doreen Fagan pin badges are available. The 16mm
Smiths Company badge depicts the armorial bearings
upstairs in the Newcastle Guildhall (On
Quayside, bottom of Dean Street) The meeting concludes with new of the City circled by the inscription
Nicole Hankinson
Freemen being called, and if present “Freemen of the City of Newcastle
Ian Andrews
Close Court of Guild (for Company sworn in by the Lord Mayor. upon Tyne”.
Saddlers Company
Stewards only) begins at 10am
Following the proceedings a buffet The ever popular multi crested
Peter Blenkinsop
Open Court of Guild (for all Freemen of lunch is served in the Merchant silk ties are back in stock.
Coopers Company
Newcastle upon Tyne) commences at Adventurers Court. And new for the ladies 25mm
12 noon prompt Charm, Necklace’s are also
Sunday 12th May 2013 Bereavements available complete on a
You must be seated by 12 noon for the
John Bainbridge 60mm chain, both depict
Open Guild in readiness to receive the FREEMEN OF NEWCASTLE Goldsmiths Company the armorial bearings of the
Lord Mayor.
UPON TYNE ANNUAL City circled by the inscription
The meeting concludes with new Joseph Proctor “Freemen of the City of
Freemen being called, and if present
CHURCH PARADE Plumbers Company Newcastle upon Tyne”.
sworn in by the Lord Mayor. Held in the Cathedral Church of St.
Orders to Kevin Batey Town
Nicholas. Mark Stephenson
Following the proceedings a buffet Moor Superintendent at Moor
Robing in the Cathedral Refectory Gordon Stephenson Bank Lodge, Payment with order
lunch is served in the Merchant
at 9.30a.m. for commencement of Elizabeth Stephenson by cheque payable to Freemen of
Adventurers Court.
parade into the Cathedral at 9.45a.m. Barber Surgeons Company Newcastle upon Tyne’ the address
Monday 8th April 2013 with the Lord Mayor of Newcastle may be found at the rear of the
upon Tyne. Kenneth Elliot Marshall magazine.
EASTER GUILD All Newcastle Freemen are welcome.
Cordwainers Company
Ties - £27.00
upstairs in the Newcastle Guildhall (On Pin Badge - £3.00
Should you need to borrow a robe Mary Oliver
Quayside, bottom of Dean Street) Stick Pin Badge - £4.00
there will be a small quantity available Skinners & Glovers
Charm - £6.00
Close Court of Guild (for Company on the day. Company
Necklace - £7.00
Stewards only) begins at 10am
To assist on the day, parking will be Pat Coatsworth
Open Court of Guild (for all Freemen of available at Moor Bank Lodge and Upholsterers Company
Newcastle upon Tyne) commences at transport at 9:00am to and from the
12 noon prompt Cathedral will be provided. David Stephenson
Butchers Company

James Hall
George Morris
Joiners Company
Annual Guild Days Thomas Miller
Nora Wilson
Christmas Guild - the first Monday after 13th January Taylors Company
Easter Guild - the first Monday after Easter Monday
John French Annan
Michaelmas Guild - the first Monday after Michaelmas Monday Tanners Company

22 FreemenMagazine FreemenMagazine 23
Freemen of Newcastle upon Tyne
Superintendent and Office
Mr Kevin Batey,
Moor Bank Lodge, Claremont Road,
Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 4NL
Tel: 0191 2615970

COPYRIGHT: Freemen of Newcastle upon Tyne.

PUBLISHER: Riney Publishing Limited, Sue Riney-Smith Tel: 01325 304360 Email:

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