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AQ-4 is an electronic strobe based on a

xenon gas flashtube. This gives a short,
extremely intense flash, visible at
minimum 6 miles (10 km) on a clear
night. The xenon gas tube has a life
expectancy equivalent to several years
of continuous use.

- High flash intensity
- Long lifetime
- Light weight
- Waterproof down to 500 m.
- Xenon gas tube
- Highest Quality

The AQ-4 has been tested under the

most extreme climatic conditions.

Materials : lens : Lexan
: housing : ABS
Dimensions : 160 mm in length,
45 mm in max. diam.
Weight : 190 g.
Battery : 1 pc. alkaline «C» size cell.
Voltage : 1,5V
Flash rate : Approx. 50 flashes/min.
Operation time : Approx. 12 hours
Visibility : Min. 6 miles (10 km) on a clear night.
Waterproofing : Waterproof down to 500 m.
Switch : Magnetic (reed contact) through case.
Color : Yellow body.
Fixing : Delivered with Velcro grip band.