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Project SHE Management System

Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment & Determining

Document No. HSEMP-01-F12 Revision No. R 00 Date of Revision:

SR - Severity Explanation Rating PR - Probability Explanation H 3 4 5

Legends: D: Direct, I = Indirect, RL = Risk Level
Leading to Permanent Disability /
Disorder / Fatality
High - H Will happen; > 50% Chances M 2 3 4

Requiring Medical Attention /

1 = Trivial, 2 = Acceptable, 3 = Moderate, 4 =
Hospitalization; Loss of Man-days, Medium - M May / Can Happen; < 50% > 10% Chances L 1 2 3
Substantial, 5 = Intolerate Medical Compensation

Activities : R = Rouitine, NR = Non Routine , E = Leading to Temporary Discomfort or First Rare Chances / Never Happened: < 10%
Low - L ↑ PS → L M H
Emergency Aid Cases Chances
JOB : Cement Grouting in Precast Pier Caps

Severity Probability
R / NR / E

Risk Existing Controls

D / ID

Srl. Activity, Proposed Legal & Other

Hazard, Concern Level (Adequate PPEs are strictly Compulsory Responsibility
No Product, Service Controls Requirements
Rating Explanatio Rating 1-5 at all PPE Zone Area)
H/M/L n H/M/L


Dust during mixing of May Use of Nose Mask, use of fresh water for Supervision and
R D cement, skin infection, Health effect M Happen L 2 washing hands and face training by SHE

Cuts, frictions, Competent

contusion, crush and Fractures/ Major May Safe movement of Equipments. Trained Supervision and
Grouting by R D back movement of Injuries/ Fatality M Happen L 2 Operator and Drivers. Ensure adequate lighting training by SHE Site In Charge , P&M In
1 arrangements. Tool Box Talk before start work. R 42 of BOCWR
grouting machine team Charge

Ensure fall protection (hand rails, and toe

Slip, Trip and falling. Cuts/frictions / May support.) Safety net, life line. Safety harness Work area
R D M M 3 inspection & Tool
Failure of PPEs Major Injuries Happen and other required PPEs. Adequate lighting Box Talk
arrangement shall be provided at working area.