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David B.

President Pro Tempore

DOVER, DE 19901

March 26, 2018

Dear Colleagues,

National headlines from the last several months have revealed what countless people have known their
entire lives: sexual harassment and abuse are rampant at every level of our society. Too many stories from
survivors across the country have also made it clear that many of the worst actors have been in positions of trust
and influence, and that much of their misconduct has happened in plain view. Like many of you, I have been
saddened and angered by those stories and by the complacency that accompanied them.

I take my duties as a legislator and as an employer extremely seriously. I will not wait to protect our
employees from harassment until after the fact. We have to be proactive and uncompromising about the example
that we set, and that begins with us.

Over the last several months, the Senate has taken a number of steps to reinforce our standards on sexual
harassment, including mandatory training required of all of our employees and staff. We have also taken this
time to review those standards and to revisit where they need to be updated and strengthened. As part of that
review, I have worked with Senate leadership, our colleagues in the House, our staff, and our attorneys to develop
a formal sexual harassment policy that I hope to incorporate into the Senate rules. That policy is attached for your

It’s my sincere hope that the invocation of this policy never becomes necessary; but, in the event that it
does, I also believe that it will prove to be fair, firm, and fitting of the high bar we ought to expect of ourselves.
The behavior it prohibits is specific, the processes it creates are impartial and confidential, and the potential
consequences of violation are – rightly – substantial.

Words on paper are not a sufficient answer to this generations-old problem. Harassment, sexism, abuse, and
disrespect are cultural diseases that require cultural cures, and this conversation deserves ongoing attention both
in and out of this building. But policies like this one help set the tone of that conversation by making clear that we
take victims seriously, that we value due process, and that we expect the most of ourselves. I ask for your support
of those values when the policy comes to a vote Tuesday, March 27, 2018.

Yours truly,

Sen. David B. McBride
President Pro Tempore
Delaware State Senate

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