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Class- VI CBSE SUBJECT : Science MARKS-60

Date: /03/2018 Questions Paper Manuscript Time:2 Hrs.
First/Second Unit Test/ First/ Second Term

Q1A ) Observe the given diagrame , and explain the

process denoted in it. ( 04)

B) Observe the table and complete the balnks: (04)

(Conductor and insulator.)

Objects used in. Material it is made bulb glows?

place of. Of. Yes/no
the switch bangle glass ...........
2. Iron nail. Metal yes
3. Key ............ . Yes
4. Eraser rubber ............
5. Match stick wood ............
Q1C) Observe the given diagram and write their names

Q1D) Report the deer has eyes on the sides of its

Q1E) Observe the given diagrame and write its proper
proportion in atmosphere:(02)

1. Nitrogen ...........%
2. Oxygen ...........%
3. Carbondioxide .........%

Q1F) Tick the correct option :(04)

1. The envelipe of air around the earth is
a. Oxygen b. Sodium c.atmosphere
2. Excessive rains may cause
a. Flood b. Drought c. Earth quack
3. Magnet always has
a. No poles b. One pole c. two poles
4. One meter is
a. 100 cm b. 1000cm c. 0.1km
( Identification and classification )
Q1A ) Match the pairs: (04)
1. Lungs planet
2. Periodic motion good conductor
3. Star repulsion and attraction
4. Copper oxygen
Motion of secinds hand of watch
Q2B ) classify the following (as magnetic and non
magnetic material) (04)
( plastic, button , paper pin, iton nail , pencil, blade , brass
utencil, knife, copper wire)
Q2C) Name the following(any5) (05)
1. Name the most important source of light.
2. Fog apperaing on a cold winter morning.
3. Which gas in the atmosphere is essential for respiration
4. Name the term used for a place where plants or animals
5. Which gases are exchanged in our lungs?
6. Steam rising from a hot griddle when water is sprinkled
on it.
Q2D) say wheather the following statements are true or
false: ( 04)
1. Oxygen supports burning.
2. The evaporation of water takes place only in sunlight
3. Electric current cab pass through a sheet of thermocol
4. Similar poles of a magnets repel each other .
Q2E) Identify the given picture and write its two
characteristics: (03)

Q3A ) Fill in the blanks : (any4 ) (04)

1. The......... particles cab be seen moving in a beam of
light in darkroom.
2. Paper is not a ............ material
3. used to break an electric circuit
4. The image which can not be projected on a screen
called ........ image.
5. Motion of a child on a swing is.............
Q3 B ) Explain the following term (any1) (02)
1. Conductor.2. Respiration 3 . Non magnetic material.
Q3C ) Differentiate between : (any1) (03)
1. Oxygen and carbondioxide
2 living and non- living things.
Q3D) Answer in one sentence: (any3) (03)
1. What is a mirror?
2. What is an electric circuit?
3. What is habitat? Write its types.
4. What is an electro magnet?
5. Which process is involved in the formation of clouda in
the sky.
6. Which property of light is illustrated by the fact that we
can not see a corner?
Q3E ) Give reasons : ( any 2) ( 03)

1. The tall chimneys are installed in the factories.

2. We need a S.I. unit of length.
3. Camel live in a ot desert where water is scare.
Q3F ) Answer in brief : (any2) (05)
1. What are the different uses of magnets
2. Explain the charateristics of living things .
3. Explain the water cycle.
4. Write a story on how packaging increase the amount of