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R E V I E W B Y : T A R E K S A A D
C O - F O U N D E R
M A R C H 2 0 1 8

Part 1: The Current Problem in Blockchain Projects

Part 2: What is CasinoCoin (CSC)?

Part 3: Specific and Regulated

Part 4: Problems Vs. Solution

Part 5: The need for “Governance”

Part 6: CasinoCoin's Differentiation

Part 7: Who Benefits from CasinoCoin?

Part 8: History and Team

Part 9: CasinoCoin’s Development Strategy

Part 10: Achievements and Future Plans

Part 11: Capturing The Real Value

Part 12: Presentation Vs. Whitepaper

Part 13: CSC’s Price, Market Cap, and Price

PART I The Current Problem in
Blockchain Projects

Disclaimer: The views presented in this document reflect

those of the author only. The author of this document neither
speaks for, nor represents the Double C Foundation, or any of
their affiliates.

We all know that Blockchain technology is here to stay. The
rise of "smart contract" projects has taken the digital world by
storm. However; not every project that went public had a solid
mission, vision, or strategy.

Most of the projects in the market today seem to promise high

returns and quick riches. Altcoins and digital assets are being
hyped before a final working product that resolves an existing
problem is available. This has caused unexplainable volatility,
overpriced assets and eventually a disappointment for noob
investors .

As a distinguished student of Engineering Economics and

Planning, I know that successful implementation of any project
depends on its ability to:

1- Identify an existing problem

2- Present a solution
3- Formulate an implementation strategy
4- Deliver a final working product and capture value.
More than 90% of altcoins and digitial assets in the market
today are based on “ideas” with no clear implementation

This is the reason why 90% of altcoins are already priced-in

and by the time a final working product is presented there
will be no significant value to be captured.

CasinoCoin is currently trading around 1/10th of a cent

and is one of the 10% blockchain based projects that are
strictly abiding by the 4 steps of the successful
implementation process.

This is the kind of projects that is creating value in order to

capture value. In this review paper, I will tackle all aspects
of successful implementation that CasinoCoin , in my
opinion is adhering to.
PART 2 What is CasinoCoin

“CasinoCoin is an open source, peer-to-peer,

cryptocurrency specifically designed for the regulated
online gambling industry.”

This is how Casinocoin introduces themselves in simple

terms under the FAQ’s section on their official website.

At first instance of reading this statement, one may think:

“Yeah, We’ve seen that before”, but there are key-terms
that any smart investor would look at in such a statement.

These key-terms are “Specific” and “Regulated”.

Being able to identify and research those “key-terms” is

what differentiates a smart investor from an average
PART 3 “Specific” and

When I first got introduced to “CasinoCoin” by someone

who does intensive research on projects, the first thing
that caught my attention was the key-terms :

“Specific” and “Regulated”.

Instantly, I was able to differentiate “CasinoCoin”.

Specific: What is amazing about CasinoCoin is the fact

that they have clearly identified a “Specific” market - that
is the “Online Gambling” market- be it Online Casinos,
Online Sports betting or other Online Gambling activities.

Identifying a “Specific” market means that the project is

able to identify problems and challenges, and provide
solutions specific to that market without losing focus or
direction. This is crucially essential for the success of any

Regulated: This key-term sums up everything the

CasinoCoin is aiming to achieve and we will talk about that
in details in the coming sections
PART 4 Problems Vs. Solution

The problems facing the “Online Gambling” industry

today are:

1- The complicated, slow, and highly charged transactions

2- The various regulatory requirements such as (KYC,

AML, and Responsible Gaming Limits)

3- The lengthy processes of verifying players and shifting

between various operators

The solution provided by CasinoCoin:

Solution to problem 1: CasinoCoin was built on a modified

code of Ripple. This allows CasinoCoin an ultra fast
transacting property (personally tested <3 seconds) with a
fee of less than a penny. CasinoCoin allows CSC tracking
which will facilitate transacting between online gambling
operators and serve regulatory requirements.

It is very important to note that we are not arguing

whether a blockchain project should be decentralized or
governed. Haters of Ripple will most probably hate on
CasinoCoin; however we are not here to argue this point.
In my opinion, what is worth looking at is the fact that
CasinoCoin is presenting a solution to an existing problem
in a fast growing market (online gambling) which is valued
at more than $ 45 B.

Solution to Problem 2: CasinoCoin has recently partnered

with “Jumio” an identity verification service provider that
has been serving big clients such as “Coinbase”, “IAMTN”,
“888.COM”, “World Remit” and others. “Jumio” is the
Identity Verification Service provider for 90% of the online
gambling operators.

CasinoCoin is also working on implementing “Bankroll

Manager - Integrating Responsible Gaming Limits”, “KYC
– Know Your Customer ”, and “AML – Anti-Money
laundering” tools into its already available wallet. This is
crucially important for CSC to fulfill global regulatory
requirements and achieve its long term objective of being
a fiat-liquid digital asset (Another reason why they are
expanding to Malta - Part 10).

Solution to problem 3: With the above said, and being a

payment method (NOT a platform) that can be
incorporated in existing platforms of "Online Gambling
Operators”, owners of CSC coins would be able to enjoy
playing with different regulated operators that support
CasinoCoin, swiftly, without the need for re-verification ,
and most importantly at a negligible cost.
PART 5 The need for

In addition to the superb transacting speed and negligible

fees, “Ripple” has gained the support of world leading
banks as it was able to build a bridge between the
centralized banking system and the decentralized

For a project driven by the need to comply with regulatory

requirements, there was no better alternative to Ripple for
CasinoCoin to build its modified code based on.

CasinoCoin has built a custom block explorer to trace the

path of coins in a simple manner and allow a smooth
boarding process for customers while entirely abiding by
the regulatory requirements of governments and

Another reason why governance is needed in such a

project, is CasinoCoin’s aim to easily convert CSC’s into a
range of fiat currencies and enable direct bank deposits
and withdrawals .
PART 6 CasinoCoin's

Casino Coin stands out among all other online gaming

coins in three main differential attributes:

1- Unlike other gaming coins that are building a platform

for developers to use, CasinoCoin is a payment method
that can be incorporated into existing platforms.

2- CasinoCoin is built on a modified version of “Ripple”

which gives it a competitive advantage among all other
similar coins that lack governance and traceability
required to make it a fiat-liquid asset.

3- CasinoCoin has partnered with “Jumio” – a highly

reputable identity verification provider. A competitive
edge that will make regulatory compliance an easily
achieved milestone.
PART 7 Who Benefits from

In a thread titled "How the iGaming industry works (and

where CSC fits)" by "Honeybyte" , published on on the 14th of March 2018, the publisher
identified the following entities who benefit from CSC.

1- Payment Processors will be gaining a new way to create

transaction fees. It would also give an opening for
integrating other cryptocurrencies into their platforms.

2- Gaming Software providers Adding another currency

to their systems requires very little in the way of
development costs, and creates new products to license to
the management platform operators. If the market
demands it, why not provide it?

3- Management Platform operators This is similar to

handling an additional currency, with the added value of
removing the verification cost for a new player.
Additionally, the ability to transfer directly into the system
without using a payment processor could open up the
capability to reduce processing costs.

4- Casino operators By partnering with CasinoCoin,

operators open themselves to a new untapped market of
players. If the management platform is already integrated
with CasinoCoin, then being added as a partner in the
Bank Roll Manager would simply be signing an agreement
and flipping a switch.

5- Players will love it since it simplifies things and

removes casino switching costs. They can keep a single
stash of coins, easily transfer between casinos to check out
different offerings, and get an opportunity to participate in
the cryptocurrency excitement.

6- Regulators Let’s not forget the most important people

in the game. They love CasinoCoin because it makes their
job easier. It is really hard to cheat when everything is
verifiable on a public blockchain. Reporting becomes a
breeze when you only have to go to one entity to get
information on who is who for compliance.
PART 8 History and Team

CasinoCoin has been there since 2013.

It was bought by the Double C foundation in 2017 where

the newly-established foundation started aiding the
development of CasinoCoin from its offices in the “Isle of
Man” with the help of a growing team that included a
number of gaming industry lawyers, executives, and

Following the take-over in 2017, CasinoCoin’s circulating

supply was increased from 40 million to 40 billion and a
coin swap was gradually implemented and was
successfully completed in Q1 of 2018.

Along side John Caldwell - Director of Advocacy for the

Double C Foundation -who previously worked as an Editor
in Chief for and had a senior marketing
role for PokerStars- the List of the Board of Trustees and
Advisors from the gambling and gaming industry can be
found on the official webpage:
PART 9 CasinoCoin’s
Development Strategy

In my opinion, and based on current indicators,

CasinoCoin is implementing a “Product Driven” strategy
to capture its real value.

A "Product Driven" strategy states that marketing efforts

and major introduction campaigns remain at minimal
until the final product is ready for public use.

Why is this crucially important?

We have seen hundreds of altcoins being listed on major-

high volume exchanges before even having a final working

This often created a hype, and an unexplainable price

volatility. In addition, these coins were often subject to
"pumps and dumps" that were either controlled by the
developers themselves or some anonymous pumping
groups. Many altcoins with a great potential product and a
good roadmap lost public trust because they were
overpriced way before their product was ready due to the
above stated reasons.



As a matter of fact, it is pretty evident that CasinoCoin is a

very serious project with an industry changing product.
CasinoCoin is aiming at satisfying regulators in order to
provide its users (players, operators, and investors) with
endless possibilities. This is one of the main reasons why
CasinoCoin is not currently marketing itself the way other
"altcoins" do.

The team behind CasinoCoin seems to be very critical

about not over-hyping CSC price before satisfying
regulators and provide a safe and trustable environment
for regulated operators.

CasinoCoin is listed on Low-volume trading exchanges to

enable investors to buy their coin without creating major
market movements or be subject to pumping groups.

Following CasinoCoin’s community groups on social

medial platforms, it is evident that most of the current
marketing efforts are community driven.

Just recently, the CasinoCoin Community members

initiated a campaign to sponsor Corey LaJoie in the
LasVegas/Dover Nascar event by doing a CasinoCoin
driven fundraising initiative .

LaJoie's video message to the community:

Economically speaking, every asset has a price elasticity

attached to it, the faster it grows the faster it crumbles.
Growing organically is the right approach to any asset with
long future plans and this is exactly what CasinoCoin is
doing in my opinion.
PART 10 Achievements and Future

Following the take-over by Double C Foundation in 2017,

CasinoCoin was able to successfully increase its total
supply (40 million to 40 billion) and finalized a major coin-
swap earlier in 2018.

Furthermore; CasinoCoin has undergone a major

rebranding to its current image and logo.

One of the most noticeable achievements for CasinoCoin

this year was Sponsoring the "ICE - Totally Gaming"
conference in London which is the largest gambling
conference in the world where CasinoCoin was able to
showcase, educate, and build new relationships with
industry makers, potential partners, and regulators.

For more information on the " ICE - Totally Gaming " event
review , please visit the following link :

Above: "Isle of Man e-gaming" at "ICE " event.

Below: John Caldwell at "ICE" discussion pannel.


Another noticeable achievement for CasinoCoin this year

was the wallet creation.

The CasinoCoin wallet has already been introduced and

saw a number of updates for the IOSX, Android, Linux, and
Windows version.

The IOS ( iphone) version is coming soon as of the date of

writing this review.

Some of the upcoming wallet updates will include the BRM

(BankRoll Manager) and other regulatory compliance

The future holds a lot for CasinoCoin that has recently

announced an expansion plan to the European Island of
"Malta". (2 days before Binance announced the same)

It is not a coincidence that Binance announced plans to

open a new office in the European island of Malta too.

Malta is striving to be a pioneer in the crypto-to –fiat

supported banking system and this is the reason why
CasinoCoin and Binance have chosen to expand their
operations there.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to see several other

exchanges and serious crypto projects following the lead.
PART 11 Capturing The Real Value

In my opinion, CasinoCoin will soon release its final

product and capture the right value.

With the expected release of the BRM and regulatory

functions in the CasinoCoin Wallet that satisfies
regulators, there is only one thing left for CasinoCoin to go
live with a “Working Product”.

That is, CasinoCoin would have to have at least 1 online

gaming operator adopting the CSC .

Allow me to analyze things a little further, and explain why

this could already be happening .

Seeing that CasinoCoin had been taking careful strategic

steps forward, any person - with a minimal economical
background - would realize that NO company would
expand its operations to another country and shoulder
additional expenses, UNLESS there is a need for it that will
cover those expenses.

With that said, I am almost sure that CasinoCoin's decision

to expand its operations to Malta comes from the need to
deliver to a lined-up operator that is ready to incorporate
CasinoCoin into their platform.

Once this happens, we will start seeing CSC being listed on

major exchanges and gaining its desired and deserved
PART 12 Presentation Vs.

Wikipedia defines a “Whitepaper” as:

“an authoritative report or guide that informs readers

concisely about a complex issue and presents the
issuing body's philosophy on the matter. It is meant to
help readers understand an issue, solve a problem, or
make a decision.”

CasinoCoin doesn’t like to complicate things or follow

trending terminology.

We all know a “Whitepaper” when we see one.

CasinoCoin calls it a presentation and here is the link for

you to view:
PART 13 CSC’s Price, Market Cap,
and Price Expectation

As of the Date of writing this review, CSC is priced at

0.00000012 BTC or an equivalent of $0.001070 .

The current Market Cap for CasinoCoin according to is $42,079,713

The Circulating Supply is 39,999,999,925.

CasinoCoin is currently listed on and Cfinex


Price Expectation:

CasinoCoin is certainly an undervalued Coin that is

currently trading in the range of $0.001

Once The final product (KYC-BRM enabled Wallet) is

released and a regulated operator is on board, the price
would certainly move to the range of 0.01$ that is 10 x or
more than its current value.

The mooning gains would be seen once CasinoCoin gets

listed on major exchanges like Binance.

The lowest priced coin on any major exchange is

somewhere between $0.02 and $0.05, that is 20x to 50x the
current price of CSC.

With a solid project like the CasinoCoin, these numbers

would be and underestimation once CSC gets going.

"Why HODL an already priced-in coin, when you can

HODL underpriced CasinoCoin!"

Learn more about CasinoCoin:



Discord App:

Community Chat :






Malta Expansion:

Mobile Wallet launching:

Tarek Saad is a Distinguished Student in Engineering

Economics and Planning at the Lebanese , American
University of Science and Technology - A.U.S.T

Having initially graduated in Business Management at

the American Intercontinental University, Illinoise,
Tarek decided to indulge in the world of economics and
investment early in 2016 after discovering that his
passion was in this field.

A trained and practiced Technical and Fundamental

Analyst who is also the co-founder of the CryptoSpective


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