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Make an Impact with United Way of the Brazos Valley’s

Youth Leadership Cabinet

United Way of the Brazos Valley brings the community together to find solutions that change peoples’ lives.

I. Purpose: The purpose of United Way’s Youth Leadership Cabinet (YLC) is to form a cabinet of
passionate high-school aged youth who are actively seeking ways to Connect, Serve, and Lead to
make a positive and lasting impact throughout our community through United Way of the Brazos Valley.
YLC promotes civic involvement and responsibility by providing high-school students with opportunities
to participate with United Way.

II. Mission: The United Way of the Brazos Valley’s Youth Leadership Cabinet fights for the health,
education, and financial stability of every person in the Brazos Valley.

III. Opportunities to Connect, Serve, and Lead

Connect (Social/Networking): Provides opportunities for high-school youth to meet students from other local high
schools as well as get to know others in their own school.
- Youth Leadership Cabinet meets weekly usually from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm beginning in August until the
YLC fundraising campaign is completed (typically in December). In the spring, the cabinet meets as
needed, typically every other week.

Serve (Community Involvement & Fundraising): Community involvement opportunities allow YLC members to
engage in service in their community, helping United Way impact people’s lives. Additionally, YLC raises funds and
coordinates the Mini-Grant Program each spring for local organizations.
- Youth Day of Caring (Spring semester): All YLC members volunteer and participate in Youth Day of Caring.
This is a day where students spend their day off from school giving back to their community by volunteering
with community service projects at local United Way Partner Agencies.
- Fundraising (Fall semester): All YLC members will participate in determining which fundraising activities will
be conducted each year. They will also engage in planning and execution of the fundraising events. Monies
earned from these events will be distributed through the Mini-Grant Program to area organizations.

Lead (Leadership Education): Leadership development is central to the work of YLC. Members will have
opportunities to develop their leadership abilities through service on the Cabinet and helping to coordinate
fundraisers and service opportunities. Additionally, YLC works to provide leadership development opportunities to
other high-school youth in the community.
- Youth Leadership Day: A one-day Leadership Development seminar in the fall for local high-school students,
where youth tour agencies, receive information about United Way, and learn how they can GIVE, ADVOCATE
and VOLUNTEER in their community. Youth Leadership Day is the YLC annual campaign kick-off!

IV. Requirements for New Membership:

Age Requirement:
 9th grade – 12th grade students at local high schools (A&M Consolidated High, Allen Academy, Bryan High,
Bryan Collegiate, College Station High, College View, and Rudder High).

Application Phase:
 United Way staff representative will manage relationships with the high-school counselors and principals to
promote YLC. Counselors will assist in identifying qualified and interested candidates for application. Current
YLC members will increase awareness by distributing applications throughout their high school campus.
 Interested candidates will complete an application and submit it to their United Way YLC school staff
representative by Friday, April 20, 2018. The staff will review applications and nominate students to serve
on the YLC. Current YLC members will have final approval of all nominated new cabinet members. Limited
space is available each year depending on the number of current members returning in the Fall.
 New cabinet members will receive notification of their acceptance into the YLC by May 31, 2018.
 All cabinet members have an annual membership due of $20.00 to be paid by the orientation day
held in July. The fee covers the cost of the YLC t-shirt and meeting supplies throughout the year.

Attendance Commitment:
 Commit to attend 75% of weekly meetings/events
o Meetings are a time for social networking as well as planning upcoming fundraisers and projects.
Meetings are a vital part of service on YLC.
o Meetings are one hour in length and are from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Meetings are determined by
general consensus prior to the start of school. Meeting days could possibly change throughout the
year depending on general consensus.
 Commit to attend fundraising activities.
 Commit to participate in planning and attend Youth Leadership Day (fall semester), United We Serve
fundraiser (winter), and Youth Day of Caring (spring semester). Additional service opportunities are
presented to the youth throughout the year as requested.
Total: Approximately 6 – 12 hours per month

V. Benefits of YLC
Members of United Way’s Youth Leadership Cabinet:
- Gain unique knowledge of the community
- Understand the work of United Way and feel invested in positively impacting the community
- Develop critical leadership, organizational, and planning skills
- Develop key contacts
- Become a part of a “community-wide” effort to make a difference

VI. Support Structure

Community Leaders and United Way Staff Liaison – YLC Community Leaders are community volunteers who
have expressed an interest in serving as the adult leadership to the Cabinet. Community Leaders support YLC
through attendance at events and meetings, as needed. Community Leaders have completed a background check
run by the school district. The Staff Liaison is a United Way employee that serves as the connection between YLC
and United Way to ensure that YLC has the resources needed from United Way to be successful. The United Way
Staff Liaison also facilitates on-going relationships with all local high schools. All high schools have an assigned staff
member to serve as the United Way YLC School Representative. This person stays in contact with the United Way
Staff Liaison, YLC students, and the school principals to help facilitate activities and communications within their

Collegiate Advisor(s) – The Collegiate Advisor is a former Cabinet member who has remained in the area to
attend college and serves as a mentor to the Cabinet. Collegiate Advisor(s) will encourage and guide the Cabinet
offering ideas and suggestions, but allow the current Cabinet members to lead the group. Collegiate Advisor(s) will
attend meetings at least twice per month and attend events as available. Collegiate Advisor(s) have completed a
background check run by the school district.

To submit an application, please complete the attached Application and Membership Agreement.
Application packets must be submitted to your school staff representative by Friday, April 20, 2018.

School: __________________________ Staff Representative: _________________________

For internal use: ____ Application ____ Membership Agreement

United Way Youth Leadership Cabinet
2018-2019 Application

City ______________________________________ Zip Code _________________________________
Home Phone Cell Phone
Email Address
Parent(s) Names
Parent(s) Cell Phone
Parent(s) Email Address
What school will you attend in the Fall of 2018?
What grade will you be in the Fall of 2018? (Please Circle) 9 10 11 12
Birth Date Gender (Please Circle) M F Race/Ethnicity (Optional)
What nights are typically the best for you to meet for an hour? (check two):
_____Monday _____Tuesday _____Wednesday _____Thursday ____Friday

Extracurricular Activities: Please list all activities you have participated in for the past two years.
School ______

List planned extracurricular activities for next school year
How will you balance Youth Leadership Cabinet commitment and these activities?


Please attach responses to the following questions. Maximum of 100 words per question, typed answers are preferred.

How have you benefited from one of your extracurricular activities listed?
What does leadership mean to you?
What is a leadership characteristic you need to work on?
Why do you want to be a part of the United Way Youth Leadership Cabinet?
What unique skills can you offer the United Way Youth Leadership Cabinet?
What is your favorite quote and why?
United Way Youth Leadership Cabinet
2018-2019 Membership Agreement

Youth Leadership Cabinet is united to lead the way volunteering, raising funds and helping others in the Brazos Valley.

Thank you very much for your interest in the United Way of the Brazos Valley’s Youth Leadership Cabinet (YLC).
Being a part of YLC is a privilege and an honor. It requires that both you and your parents are dedicated and
committed to certain responsibilities as a YLC member.

Youth Leadership Cabinet Member Responsibilities:

Attend 75% of weekly meetings/events:
o Meetings occur weekly in the United Way conference room during the week typically from
6:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Meeting day will be determined by a general consensus prior to school
o Meetings are a time for social networking as well as planning upcoming fundraisers and projects.
Meetings are a vital part of service on YLC.
o Meetings are one hour in length unless told ahead of time by the United Way Staff.
Attend 100% of the following: Membership Orientation (July/August), Youth Leadership Day (fall semester),
and Youth Day of Caring (spring semester).
Attend fundraising activities planned by YLC.
Serve as a representative of YLC to school and as a leader to peers, helping to coordinate fundraising
activities and promotion of activities and events.
LIVE UNITED by promoting and advocating for United Way of the Brazos Valley in the community.

Parent Responsibilities:
Support the purpose of United Way of the Brazos Valley to invest in measurable and lasting improvements
in our community.
Support the purpose of Youth Leadership Cabinet to develop future civic-minded community leaders.
Ensure awareness of YLC meeting dates and times; make all efforts to ensure youth’s attendance to at
least 75% of meetings/events (ensure transportation is secured to and from meetings).
Communicate with YLC Community Leaders and/or United Way staff when necessary and/or appropriate.

We have read the above responsibilities of becoming a Youth Leadership Cabinet member, and commit
to the responsibilities listed above.

Print YLC Applicant Name YLC Applicant Signature Date

Print Parent Name Parent Signature Date