DRAGONBALL X THE KAIDOKHAN SAGA, Book one: Mission to Vindus


Shana Gar-Tol ran with all her might, hot on her heels were the finest hunters of the Kaidokhan¶s legion, the armored vakir droids knew no compassion, they knew no fear and, unlike Shana, they certainly never tired.

Her jet black hair flying behind her, Shana bounds down the ravine as fast as her feet can carry her. Her father Metron, the Premier of the house of Tol was a powerful man that knew no fear. His was a dominion that extended to over a third of the planets surface.

The house of Tol was the most powerful and longest ruling dynasty on the planet Vindus but their power paled in comparison to that of the kaidokhan whose sole purpose seemed to be the annihilation of every planet that dared to not bow before his might.

As Shana runs out the deep ravine a pulse grenade blasts the forest behind her and blows her off her feet for several hundred meters. Instinctively she tucks into a ball and rolls with the force of the explosion. She rolls through a bed of green mushroom-type plants and is back on her feet running for her life and the lives of everyone she has ever loved.

More explosions, closer this time, the powerful blasts rip concussive force around Shana Tol but she manages to keep her footing.

As Shana runs her anger rises, this is evident by the reddening of her normally green pupils and the darkening of her normally pale tiger-like striping that is shared by all of her people.

³I am a trained warrior,´ Shana thinks, ³It is better to fight ones enemy face to face than run like a coward..!´

Running like this disgusted Shana to her soul. Her warrior heritage screamed to be let loose. With all her being she wanted to turn, to exact revenge and destroy these who would dare to invade her world and destroy her people.

Shana clenches her teeth even harder as she forges ahead. The fate of her people depends upon far more than the wants of Shana Gar-Tol. If her people were to survive then she would have to stick to the plan. Part of which meant evading capture or death and find a way off world.

Time was of the essence. The besieged capital of the house of Tol, the fortress city of Kurak was about to fall.

The Planet was invaded over 7 (10+ earth years) annuals ago; the other ruling houses were crushed. The city had now been under tense siege for more than 3 Annuals (5+ earth years).

The Tol defense had admirably held their ground against the onslaught of the Kaidokhan¶s forces. Then, very recently, the house of Tol began to suffer one setback after another. They began to lose the ground they so magnificently held onto before.

Their numbers were decimated by the full power of the Kaidokhan unleashed; many fine warriors fell in the months since.

Nearly every tactical advantage and strength lost, Tol¶s forces which were now mixed with the two nearly decimated houses on Vindus were pushed back to Tol¶s capital city Kurak.

Within a day the decision was made by the Metron to pull every citizen, soldier, weapon and resource back into the city perimeter, enact the cities powerful perimeter defense and energize the cities impenetrable force field.

Kurak was Shana Tol¶s place of birth and held her fondest and earliest memories, running with Gak, her Casidan canine down by the Fetted River among the beautiful blossoms and tall, red cypress trees in the spring time.

Gak was a Canine variation of monstrous proportions that was given to Shana as a pup when she could barley walk. Gak and Shana grew together and despite Gak¶s monstrous appearance, he was gentle and loving towards Shana and her family and a vicious lion towards anyone that dared to threaten Shana. She wished he were here now.

Kurak was able to hold off the aggressors well for some time, but the Kaidokhan was a being of great resources and great patience, a valuable asset to any conqueror. The house of Tol had learned this the hard way and with each and every renewed assault it became clear that his aim was to wear the magnificent defense of Kurak down piece by piece until all food, water and other needed resources ran out.

As with any metropolis, Kurak depended upon trade for much needed commerce. The other cities and houses of the planet traded with Kurak and each city thrived because of the vital trade that each had learned to respect and depend upon.

Vindus even began trading with neighboring worlds within the Twin Suns system. That is until the Kaidokhan eliminated them one by one, saving the most powerful, Vindus, for last.

When the city defense began to collapse due to their increasing heavy losses the Mertron devised a plan to bring much needed aid to the house of Tol.

He would send his only child to the planet of the greatest warrior in the north galaxy. Shana would then request that this warrior accompany her home.

If he agreed he would then accompany Shana home and then with help from the creator, the great champion would destroy the invaders.

Normally, the great House of Tol would never think of requesting help from anyone. Every enemy that ever threatened the house of Tol was repelled. Even the marauding Saiyans were held at bay by the power of Tol.

The Saiyans«Shana felt disgust rise at the thought of the vicious marauders that invaded her planet so long ago.

She was just born when the Saiyans left but the tale that was given to her by her father told Shana that the Saiyans were a fierce,

horrendous enemy who were directly responsible for the death of Shana¶s mother.

Vindus had time to rebuild and relative peace ensued. Her father led a peace delegation to each ruling house of the planet Vindus and brokered a lasting peace deal based on respect of values of ruling dynastiee, border definition and recognition.

In a brilliant move by her father the Tol delegation brokered a war time clause that required each house to unite in times of war as one. This meant if any one house was targeted and attacked by an outside force the other two houses would unite as one and fight the invader together for the betterment of the entire planet. Vindus praised The Tol Premier as the negotiator of unity and peace. Once enacted all ruling families were able to then send delegations to strengthen their alliance with the worlds of the Twin-Suns system.

Now with the other ruling houses shattered, all their resources nearly gone and the defense of the house of Tol pushed back to the breaking point, Metron was left with little choice.

All now knew that the Kaidokhan, whatever devil he truly was, would never leave until Kurak, the entire house of Tol and Planet Vindus lie broken and bleeding before his feet.

All the events of the past annuals became a blur in Shana¶s mind as she ran with all her might. Her physiology was in high flight mode. She could feel her heart thundering in her chest and the blood flying through her arteries bringing oxygen and nutrients to her starved but muscular frame.

There was no hiding now; the Kaidokhan¶s forces were on to her position and the only thing that would save Shana now from the Kaidokhan¶s relentless forces was all out speed.

Shana knew that her father the Premier really wanted to get her to safety before the city fell and he believed his only chance to do so would be to send her away from the planet on this desperate mission.

Breaking through the planetary barricade proved disastrous, Shana escorts were destroyed and Shana Tol¶s own crippled ship fell back to Vindus with the grace of a tumbling ox. This is where we now find Princess Shana Gar-Tol bereft of every resource save her battle armor, a fusion blaster on her hip, her trusty battle blade and her indomitable will.

Another ravine, this one deeper and wider than the last.


down hill view of the approaching drop-off aided in her building speed.

Unfortunately the approach left her with little cover, with a half second to make up her mind she pours on her incredible speed and leaves the cover of the overhead canopy.

Enemy sensors now able to clearly ascertain her position lock onto her position and begin raining hellfire down on her.

Shana¶s downhill approach is all speed. She does not even bother dodging the blasts raining about her but puts everything into her run for only that will enable her to clear the wide gap.

She picks her leap point and twenty power-charged seconds later, she leaps and soars across the ravine. She makes it, barley. She rolls and smacks her head into a large boulder, dazing herself.

Shana lays stunned against the boulder. The bombardment has stopped and Shana mistakenly thinks that she can take a few minutes to catch her breath under the wide branches of the Bilbo tree. She has not slept in days, which combined with her hours long run has taken its toll on her. If only she could rest«

³Princess Shana of the House of Tol, we meet again.´

Shana Tol recognizes the voice and opens her eyes to see the form of Commander Cain, the head of the Kaidokhan¶s RAZIR force.

Shana struggles to her feet, she stands wavering before the Commander and his entourage.

She surveys her surroundings. She is surrounded by armed mercenaries of the RAZIR force. These men are not amateurs and are not to be taken lightly.

Shana sees this but what really grabs her attention is the sleek Quantum Drive cruiser that sits just behind the RAZIR force.

Shana straightens to her full height, muscular shoulders rippling, and gazes with contempt at Commander Cain. The team of Mercenary¶s and droids tighten their stance and their grips on their weapons, zeroing on Shana Tol.

³Commander Cain, I see you have decided to pay another visit to our beleaguered little planet. Has running the RAZIR force from space become a bore for you?´

Cain regards Shana as if she were a speck of dirt.

³Princess Shana, I am amazed that Metron would agree to allow his beloved daughter to leave the relative but soon non existent safety of the walls of Kurak!´

Cain moved closer to Shana, not even bothering to remove his weapon, He knew the vakir droids would vaporize Shana if she even breathed the wrong way. Cain stops about six feet from Shana. Cain is a powerfully built humanoid. His red hair tied in a long braid hung down his back. His imposing physique covered with deadly neural armor.

This cutting edge armor contained a vast array of weaponry. It efficiently provides protection against injury and offers ³top shelf´ options for dealing death. The entire RAZIR force each possesses similar armor.

The Neural Armor operated by tapping into the hosts¶ nervous system and in doing so becomes an extension of the hosts¶ nervous system. It reads electronic impulses from the brain, effectively operating by the speed of though.

Shana¶s attention was still on his ship even as she was looking at and speaking with Cain.

³My father trusts me and has trained me well, Commander. Even if I am killed you can be sure of this, my people will never surrender.´

Cain shakes his head at the defiant princess.

³When will you Vindans ever learn?´ He says. ³I declare, you are the most defiant bunch of scum that I have ever encountered!´

Anger flashes in Shana¶s eyes.

³We are an honorable people«warriors! We will defend our race until the end, monster!´

Cain snorts in derision. ³You are nothing Shana Tol! Nothing but a member of another conquered race that will serve the whims of the supreme Kaidokhan! You may not believe this now but it will become very clear, very soon. The final option is now in its final stage and it will soon be served to the people of this planet!´

Shana stares at Cain and then she giggles. The giggle feels good so Shana tilts her head back and laughs a hearty, long and very amused laugh.

³My word Commander, I never realized this but you have made it very clear to me today. You invaders are more scared of us than we ever will be of you! I never would have believed it if I did not witness it firsthand. I guess this long siege has taken the thirst for blood from your lips after all, final option«indeed!´ Shana taunts.

Fury knits Cain¶s brow, He takes aim at Shana with his blaster.

³My thirst for Vindan blood could never be quenched, Princess«as a matter of fact I thirst right now«´

Cain¶s finger tightens on the blaster«

KABOOM!! Explosions shatter the surrounding area. Shana is thrown from her feet by the force of the blast. She quickly regains her footing and finds cover behind the large rock.

Peering around she sees Cain¶s force trading blasts with what is left of her escort. They tracked her to this location and from the looks of things they are not going to be able to hold out against the RAZIR force for more than a minute. The time is now. Shana springs from her hiding place and begins to run up the hill to get around the RAZIR force as they fight the royal escort.

Several of the Vakir droids sense her flanking movement and begin to give chase. Shana lobs several fusion grenades from her vest at the droids destroying several of them in the process. The others are deadly accurate and begin firing upon her with a multitude of weaponry.

Shana screams with rage and pain as a tree she is passing explodes sending wooden shards in every direction, some of the wood penetrate her skin about the neck and right arm causing her to bleed from her wounds, weakening her even further. Shana keeps her target in sight as she sets then throws the entire bandolier of grenades behind her.

The blast pushes Shana forward; she rolls down the hill suffering more scrapes and bruises. She rolls to her feet and sees the Quantum cruiser fifty feet from her.

She feels a surge of hope; her original ships were all quantum class cruisers like this one. The other ships and her loyal guards were now lost but the mission might still be possible if she can commandeer this ship and make it past the blockade.

The entrance to the ship is open. Shana makes a beeline for it, just as she reaches the opening she feels a ball of fire burn its way into her lower back. The blast brings an unbidden scream of agony from Shana¶s lips. Commander Cain stands at the far edge of the clearing holding his blaster that just tore through Shana¶s armor.

Shana spins, running sideways, and throws a quick volley at Cain. Two of the bolts miss the third blast tears through the ground at Cain¶s feet. Cain pitches forward cracking his head against the ground. His brow sensor which controls the neuro armor shatters, effectively shutting down the system. His protection field blinks out.

Both opponents lie stunned. Shana¶s mind screams ³get up!´ Though severely wounded, the Princess warrior begins to move. She is in Agony, her back a large fiery wound.

Cain¶s damaged armor begins to reroute circuitry and affect repairs slowly becoming battle ready. Not willing to wait he rolls to his knees and picks up his blaster lying near him. Regaining his footing he targets Shana who has shakily regained her footing.

³Today you die, Princess.´ Cain gloats.

A dark, large blur breaks from the tree line behind Cain and flies towards the two combatants.

Not even pausing it speeds past Cain as he targets Shana¶s wounded frame, so fast that Cain sees the blur before he feels the pain.

Large teeth amputate the blaster bearing right arm of the RAZIR force commander in a flash.

Cain howls in shock and pain. The trigger finger squeezes of a shot that goes high and wide. The thought made it to the digit a hundredth second before the traumatic amputation.

Cain¶s armor immediately detects the damage to its host. Secondary systems re-route command functions while engaging first aid and life support priority modes for its bearer.

Small exo-constructs eject from a hidden mount in Cain¶s shoulder, quickly working down to his injured arm to begin to control bleeding by neutralization and knitting the injury with SynthiDermis. Shana, barely alive from shock and loss of blood, sees this with a frame that keeps standing only because of her iron will. Suddenly Gak stops in front of her barking and wagging his bushy tail.

³Gak!´ Shana croaks as she falls to her knees and hugs her oldest friend who stoically but lovingly nuzzles Shana, sniffing her black hair.

Shana realizes that Gak¶s huge teeth coupled with his speed and power are what severely wounded Cain who is lying on the ground across the clearing writhing in pain and shock, his neural armor working on his severe wound.

Shana realizes with some disgust that Cain¶s hand and forearm are probably digesting in Gak¶s stomach.

Two Vakir Droids appear at the clearing. Out of time! Shana grabs her dog as blasts hit the ship; they run up the plank and into the ship.

Shana wastes no time, she cannot even check on her loyal guards because she is now in mortal danger due to the severity of her wounds. If she dies her people¶s fate may very well be sealed.

Running aboard the cruiser, she seals the doors of the moderately sized ship. Immediately she hears the blasts of the RAZIR force firing at the ship.

She kills two humanoids that appear from the forward section of the command deck with her blazer. She is grateful this time for the training that she received even she does not even blink at the taking of these two lives nor does losing her ships and guards even give her pause, she will have time to mourn her friends later, now, only the mission is paramount.

She gains access to the command deck and seals the bulkhead doors behind her. Not certain if the rest of the ship is occupied; she seals every door on the ship and locks all primary and secondary functions from the control panel on the command deck.

She looks out the forward view port to see the rest of the RAZIR force converging on her position.

She quickly hits the forward cannons and blasts several of the opposition to pieces.

At the same time she scrambles all ground communications for several miles to prevent the ground force from communicating with the rest of the invading force.

Weakening, Shana realizes that pain and loss of blood will leave her unconscious or dead if she does not soon attend to her healing. Shana engages the antigravity drive and heads the cruiser for space. She realizes that the blockade surrounds her planet and that the chances of her making it through the blockade are very slim at best.

Originally she and her escort were going to try and forcefully pierce the blockade by using her defender ships to attack a weak point in the blockade and then, once clear the blockade, Shana¶s ship and any that were left with her would engage the ships quantum drive. With plan A dead, Shana hoped plan B would fare better.

Shana¶s father taught her that the creator initiated the law of averages for all created beings but for those who trusted him and tried their very best the law would at times work in their favor, Shana needed the creators favor now more than ever.

The ship was not fired upon as it approached the imperial command ship. Shana slowed the vessel down as if she were going to dock within the ships bay.

As Shana came within receiving distance she received a comm from the imperial vessel to which she were to appropriately reply or risk destruction from the imperial command ship if she did not reply appropriately.

As soon as Shana receives the initial hail she engaged the ships quantum drive. The ship vibrated with power as the drive is engaged and disappears in a flash of shimmering light.

Shana shakily sits in the command chair, leaning forward she checks her readouts on the illuminated panel. Quantum Drive indeed engaged, no pursuit of any kind, not that she expected any.

All ships in the blockade are Quantum Drive equipped or better but the enemy would have to be literal mind readers to track her route and destination through the limitless void.

That is why this mission was ultra surreptitious, classified to the highest levels and only on a need to know basis.

Her destination: Earth.

Her Mission: a last ditch effort to save her race and planet by contacting and convincing a legendary warrior to come to the aid of her people.

Shana¶s mission was to find the great Goku of Earth and convince him to come to Vindus and save her people.

Shana shakily leans back in the command chair and screams in pain from the severity of her wound. Shana¶s hand goes to the edge of her injury and comes away bloody.

She checks the readout of the ships interior and verifies she is alone on the ship. After checking the quantum drive and her travel coordinates again she slowly gets up to head for the medical bay and collapses before she reaches the command deck door.

Gak nudges and nuzzles Shana; When Shana does not respond he howls mournfully, not knowing what to do.

Her tail unwraps from around her waist and she begins to writhe from convulsions. As she falls into unconsciousness her very real fear is that her mission may be over before it has even begun.

³I cannot fail.´ She pleads as she slips away, ³I cannot«fail«´

Her Saiyan tail twitches and then falls still. The cruiser streaks on through oblivion.



Far and away from the failing Shana Gar-Tol the great warrior, martial artist and teacher inhales the crisp morning pre-dawn air.

Krillin sits on a hill overlooking the great sea. Krillin, perfectly still, senses eternity in a cross-legged position of peaceful meditation. The moment he has waited for was upon him.

The brilliant sun edges above the waves of the great sea and washes the aging Krillin with its vibrant energy and warmth. Krillin does not move but keeps his eyes closed and smiles at the wonderful warmth of energy given by the creator this new day.

He has already been up for several hours. He spent an hour running along the high ridge that overlooked his training area. Long finished his run Master Krillin now awaits the rest of his students who were only now reaching his location winded, spent and trembling from their fifteen mile run.

Krillin sighs to himself. He was nearly seventy years old now and all of his hair was a bright grey. He had finished his run nearly an hour ago and here these young ones could not even do half as well as the old man, they had much work ahead of them.

It took about another five minutes for all of Krillins students to catch up. When they finally arrive he waits in silence another five minutes basking in the warmth of the rising sun, breathing in the cool energy and fresh air of another day.

Krillins students, winded, sweating and shaking from the morning¶s exertion wait expectantly for the next directive from the great martial artist.

All were young, the oldest was thirteen the youngest ten. All were dedicated to learning the martial arts from one of the greatest martial arts masters alive.

Krillin opens his eyes and gracefully stands to his feet. He turns to his students and with a twinkle of humor in his eyes he says:

³My old teacher, Master Roshi, was an excellent martial artist and I loved him dearly but he used to goof off rather excessively, especially when launch lived with us. But even with that He kept Goku and I on our toes and trained us constantly. He hammered into us every martial arts technique he knew.´

Krillin walked in a large circle keeping his eyes on his panting students.

³I honestly wanted to quit a dozen times. Oh yes I wanted to learn the martial arts from master roshi whom everyone knew was the greatest the world had ever seen but I did not realize just how hard roshi would push us or how hard he would break us, mentally as well as physically.

Half the time he was not even fully engaged because he was too busy chasing skirts.´ Krillin laughed.

Krillin stopped walking and looked squarely at the group.

³My brother Goku set the proper example that kept me from quitting. He showed me that no matter how hard life became or how extreme master roshi pushed us that one could still laugh and find joy in even the worst of circumstances.´

Krillin bends to pick up a smooth stone lying near his feet; he feels the texture of the smooth white stone and squeezes it in his hand.

³Goku taught me a lesson that was outside the realm of fighting but was in effect the greatest lesson of all. Goku taught me that if you can find joy in the everyday drudgery then your success will be far sweeter.´

A young bald student raised his hand.

³Master, are you telling us to take it easy?´

Krillin paused, cocking his head to the side. ³Uhh, no. You will work hard but as you do, do not lose focus of who you are and rejoice in the happiness of life constantly, I guess that is what I am trying to teach you.´

Krillins students each smile, the lesson learned. Krillin was sure to have to reinforce that one as time passed and the lessons got harder. Like this time.

³You see this stone?´ He asks his students.

They all nod their heads.

Krillin launches the stone from his grip in a seemingly innocent throw that launches the stone over a mile out into the sea where it lands with a small ³kerplunk´.

³Whoever is the first to find that stone will eat breakfast, the rest will go hungry«and don¶t try to fool me by finding a similar stone, I put my special mark on that one so I will know the real one from a fake.´

Krillin looks at his watch.

³You have exactly twenty minutes.´ Krillin watches as his four students fly top speed into the foliage to race down the ridge towards the water.

Krillin laughs to himself, memories flashing through his mind.

³I am such a stinker.´ He says to himself. He turns and walks towards the Kami House in the opposite direction.

The four students each rush towards the shoreline in their own particular fashion.

The slowest and largest of the four is a male named Brick. He plows along knowing he is not the fastest but determined still to give it his best. His big heart and care for his fellow trainees make him an indispensable asset to the student team.

Next comes Podi, the smallest member of the group. Similar in appearance to Krillin, Most of Podi¶s family was wiped out during the final battle with Shenron years ago. His mother and father were among the last of his village to survive. After some years

they married and had a son, Podi. Not long after Podi was born he became an orphan when his parents were killed in the Windsong disaster.

Podi runs as fast as his little legs could carry him concentrating fiercely the whole way. Trying to outthink his comrades while simultaneously keeping an eye on the location where the stone hit the sea and sank. Little legs moving faster still a large cloud of dust spins up in Podi¶s wake.

Gale is next, the female member of the group. She is a white haired beauty from Evergreen City. Her father was a boy when Cell invaded evergreen city and killed nearly everyone there. Her father and grandfather were among the last defenders of the city against the horrible monster known as Cell.

She remembers her fathers face glowing with remembrance as he related to her the story of how the tide turned upon the arrival of five super powered defenders, one of them a certain man named Krillin.

They fought the monster head on and finally drove him away from the city, saving its last survivors. Later, Hercule along with these super beings were able to finally defeat Cell, saving the earth from the incredible menace.

Gale loved Master Krillin. He was the best teacher a student of the martial arts could have. He was tough but Gale knew that Krillin cared deeply about each and every one of them and would not hesitate to step between any of his students and danger, just as he had done for Gale¶s family«so long ago. Gale¶s smile is wide as she rounds a bend.

In the lead running flat out, his fisted arms trailing behind him while narrowly skirting large trees and rocks runs Ginko«the son of Goten and grandson of the great Goku.

Ginko carries within him a tremendous inheritance and responsibility. He is of a small group of super-powered and committed defenders of the planet earth.

Ginko claims two famous men as his grandparents, Goku who is the father of Goten and Vegeta the last Prince of the Saiyan race and the father of his mother Bra. Ginko realizes that the blood of many great Saiyan warrior burns hot in his veins. Stomach growling with an extreme need for feed, Ginko flies from the foliage, crosses the small patch of sand and launches into the sea. He is determined to find the small stone and return it to Master Krillin.

³I just gotta get breakfast«!´ The twelve year old kid thinks excitedly ³I gotta find that stone!´

Unfortunately, as soon as Ginko flies into the sea his glasses are knocked loose by the waves. He begins to panic, his cannot see without his glasses.

Suddenly a small strong hand grabs his long hair and places the lost glasses back on his face. The white haired Gale comes into focus.

³Ginko if we work together to find the stone then we can split the meal!´

Ginko looks kinda unsure at this, the others were gaining«nearly upon them now.

Gale yanks his arm.

³«Better than nothing!´ She yells

Ginko could not argue with that.

³Deal, Let¶s go,´ Ginko yells.

Side by side Goten and Gale swim. Goten occasionally pulls the slower Snow to keep up with him. They are now a team and have to operate together. Especially with Goten¶s poor eyesight he needs to keep snow near in case he losses his glasses again.

When they get to the area where Krillin sunk the stone, they both dive under the water to begin looking for the stone. In these conditions Ginko¶s abilities are limited. The water is dark this time of morning and with Ginko¶s poor eyesight it would be nearly impossible for Ginko to find the stone, even with his Saiyan power.

Ginko knew that he initiated many of these challenges to test some students greater than the rest. This one was definitely a particularly difficult test for Ginko.

By now all four students are at the area diving in forty feet of sea water trying to use everything they were taught to locate the stone.

Podi and Brick apparently have teamed up like Ginko and Gale in the hopes that if either locate the stone then at least both will get something to eat.

After more than ten minutes of diving no one has found the white stone yet and the group was starting to become a bit frantic at the thought of missing yet another meal.

Gale breaks the surface, her fist raised in triumph.

³I found it!!´ she yells.

Suddenly a fiery object streaks overhead. Treading water, the students watch in shock as the object falls into the sea more than fifteen miles away.

Krillin has already taught the students Bukujutsu, the art of flying but has ordered them not to use it for the time being in order for them to concentrate more on the other lessons they are learning.

Krillins form flashes overhead heading in the direction of the crash. The four students follow their teachers lead for this emergency. Seconds later Krillin and his students dive into the sea at the crash site. Krillin uses a small scale illumination similar to the Solar Flare to illuminate the dark deep. Several sharks, Cougar-rays, Barracudas and other predators flee in fear from the heroes.

Twelve year old Ginko is the first to reach the door of the ship which has come to rest on the sea bed about a hundred and seventy

feet down and is about to rip it off when a hand restrains him, he turns to see Krillin shaking his head and mouthing ³no´ to him.

Krillin points to the ship then raises both palms towards the surface. Ginko nods in understanding. Powering up he blasts into the sea floor near the ship and begins tunneling under the silt covered sea bed then up under the alien ship to raise it off the sea floor.

Ginko clears the water and begins flying the vessel toward shore, Krillin and the others escort him.

Minutes later, they reach shore. Ginko gently sets the ship down with Bricks help. Krillin, Snow and Podi peer into the bridge view port to see several command and control areas but no one in sight.

They all assemble by what they assume is the ship entrance. After a short examination Krillin jerks his head in surprise.

³Kinda reminds me of a Ginyu force ship!´ Krillin exclaims.

³You got a good memory old man.´ An even older Yamcha exclaims upon landing.

Krillin smiles at the appearance of his old friend. Yamcha dwelt in a home near the Kami house on the island and helped Krillin in the day to day instruction of the students.

Yamcha was in his seventies but still going strong. His lean bearded face wore shades this sunny morning that reminded Krillin of Master Yoshi¶s. His tanned face bore a smile that was Yamcha¶s trademark ever since Krillin could remember.

Yamcha returned to studying the martial arts not long after Goku disappeared with Shenron and in the years since retired to the island to lend a helping hand with training and day to day operations.

³Hey Yamcha, You think Freiza has returned for one last round?´ Krillin asked.

Yamcha bent to examine the beached ship. ³Let¶s hope not, we barely managed to defeat him last time and that was with Goku and Vegeta both leading the fight.´ He said. ³With Goku gone we wouldn¶t stand a chance against him.´ Ginko steps up. ³There does not appear to be any external controls. You want me to rip it off?´ He asks.

Yamcha looks at Ginko who reminds him of another boy a long time gone.

³Stand by kid, let¶s try and figure this out.´ Yamcha says.

Suddenly locks are heard disengaging within the hull, the entire group steps back several paces. The door slides up and a ramp lowers to the ground. A beautiful woman walks down the short ramp.

She is as tall as Yamcha, wearing black form fitting armor. Her black hair cascades down her back. A monster of a dog follows directly behind her, his eyes suspiciously checking out the island residents.

Krillin and Yamcha¶s eyes go wide however as they see the long tail twitching back and forth behind her.

³She looks like a bronze-skinned Saiyan!´ Krillin thinks.

The beautiful woman stops in front of the group, and bows.

³I am Shana Gar-Tol of the House of Tol, Planet Vindus of the Twin Suns federation. I am here on a desperate mission to save my people from Annihilation. I am here to find the warrior known as Goku of Earth.´

Chapter THREE

The Man known as Vegeta soared among peregrine falcons above the Karakoram mountain region located in the north-western part of the greater Himalayas. This area has the largest concentration of glaciers on mainland Asia. He slowly surveys the glacier below looking for any sign of his quarry.

Vegeta, The last Prince of the great Saiyan race, carried within his heart a fierceness that had never quite gone away. This was due, in large part, to the pure royal Saiyan blood flowing through his veins and the upbringing he experienced at his Father, The Saiyan King¶s tutelage. His heritage was one to envy, and one to fear. As the only son of the great King Vegeta, prince Vegeta was molded to rule. From the time he developed understanding he was taught that he was the inheritor of a great destiny. This destiny he was expected to undertake as the future king of the Saiyan race.

«Envious indeed, to anyone looking at the surface.

The Saiyans were also a warrior race since before time immemorial. They were known to wage savage battles across entire star systems.

They remained a nomadic warrior race spread out across the North Galaxy, ruled by tribal leaders. That is until Vegeta¶s Ancestor, The great tribal king Cebolla, came upon the homeworld of the Truffles.

King Cebolla knew his people would never flourish without another base to serve as their homeworld. Their original home world was lost to war ages ago and ever since that time the Saiyan race wandered the galaxy, waging war from one end of the galaxy to the other, destroying entire civilizations to appease their bloodlust.

Cebolla knew that his people killed because they despised their true condition. It was because they lacked a world of their own and true unity and leadership that the Saiyans had become the warmongers of the galaxy.

When Cebolla and his war party found the Truffle planet they decision was made to not destroy but to study the planet. The Truffle planet was found to contain a wealth of natural resources.

Finally, A planet fit to serve as the homeworld for the Saiyan people. Cebolla¶s plan now revolved around finding a way to unite his people, to convince them to settle down on a planet of their own again, to unite under a single head-a single governing body.

This way the power of the Saiyan race could be directed from a unified location. The Saiyans would evolve an orderly and effective government from the corrupt and diseased clans which now warred for the sake of war from one end of the galaxy to another.

Several problems had to be overcome in order for this vision to be realized. One that was truly was not a problem at all was what to do with the peace loving truffles?

The Truffles fought the marauding invaders as valiantly as they could but their effort could not come close to the awesome power and ferocity of the Saiyans.

Finally, the truffles were destroyed. All save that disgusting symbiotic slug Baby. Cebolla then worked for many years to unite The Saiyans by offering them the mouthwatering carrot of a homeworld, the most beautifully lush world they had seen by far.

That was several millennia ago and in the thousands of years since the Saiyan race had re-worked itself into a flourishing empire. That is until Freiza overcame them.

The power that Freiza, King Cold, Cooler and their opposing force displayed literally dwarfed anything the Saiyans had. These beings had power on the galactic level and could rip apart a star system with but a thought.

They did not need to fight for years on end, they only had to wish their enemies death and it was done.

King Hampus, Vegeta¶s fifth generation Grandfather, saw that a prolonged battle with Freiza would end only with the complete destruction of the Saiyan race. And so Hampus, with a royal delegation, met with Freiza, his father King Cold and his brother Cooler and negotiated the Salvation of the Saiyan race.

Hampus agreed to have the Saiyan Empire of twenty known worlds annexed by Freiza¶s huge empire. The Saiyans were allowed to retain control over their territories but they were required to

answer to Freiza by way of the Saiyan ruler whom they would be allowed to keep facilitating their own unique identity.

Saiyans would also serve as Freiza¶s elite mercenary force. Unlike the Ginyu force whom regarded the Saiyans as trash, Saiyans teams would be composed of Saiyans alone.

They would be dispatched to different worlds, either alone or in teams whenever Freiza called upon them for aid in conquering another world for the empire of Freiza and his ruling family.

This accepted Agreement allowed the Saiyans to survive another day. Vegeta thought Hampus a weak minded fool. Although Freiza, Cooler and Cold¶s triune empire greatly outnumbered that of the Saiyans it was of Vegeta¶s determination that the Saiyans should have stood their ground and fought them, to the death if necessary.

Vegeta, leaving the falcons behind soars south toward the Bhutanese boarder. His quarry remained elusive, good«Vegeta always loved a challenge, smiling Vegeta streaks across the Bhutan border.

Vegeta knew that human governments regard the crossing of borders without permission as something of egregious trespass. Earth men have waged war over such trespasses.

They would have to be pretty pissed indeed to wage war with the Prince of Saiyans, Vegeta laughs aloud at this thought.

His people should have been pissed, pissed at the thought of essentially becoming Freiza¶s slaves.

Several revolts were launched at Freiza by The Saiyan people. The final revolt was launched nearly simultaneously by his father and that idiot Bardok a leader of a small mercenary team which conquered planets in the Canit system 75 light-years from Planet Vegeta.

Bardok was also, Vegeta later learned, the father of Radditz and Kakarrot«naturally.

There was a renewed sense of Saiyan pride around this time, Vegeta remembers, as well as anger and indignation over the realization that they had now become pawns of Frieza. It was a state they had chosen and agreed to because of the ill conceived planning of Hampus.

Hampus thought that by negotiating a deal with Freiza he would be able to ensure the Saiyans continued existence.

In reality, the deal nearly turned the Saiyans into the Galaxies trash, pathetic shades of a once mighty race. Even Vegeta¶s father bowed in servitude before the disgusting Freiza. Vegeta¶s head turned left, a power signature-due east. Fainter than he remembered but he was sure it was him. Vegeta turned east and followed the signature.

Vegeta remembered as a boy hearing agitated discussions whispered within the palace halls, talk of revolt from under the hand of Freiza, a restoration of Saiyan dominance.

This was an ideal that Vegeta understood fully. During his early life Vegeta had never witnessed his people live free, under the absolute rule of their own King.

He had never seen with his own eyes the Saiyan race grasp their destiny. He had never seen his people firmly realize the mighty potential for absolute power that lay within each of them«and now, only the smallest handful of half-Saiyans remained with Vegeta himself was the last Saiyan of pure blood.

Bhutan was a small nation of mountainous regions, very little roads were carved in this place and travel was a difficult prospect for normal humans into the interior. For a Saiyan warrior it was the simplest of tasks.

Nearly there, Vegeta sensed his quarry dead ahead and saw a stone mountain dwelling on a wide plateau stretching from the side several hundred feet below a vertical summit. It was one of several dwellings his quarry chose to call home, he obviously liked to stay on the move.

He landed on the edge of the plateau and stood motionless. Vegeta wore a black power suit that stretched over his muscular torso and legs, a leather vest covered part of his torso.

A black mane stood up from his crown under which his furrowed brow and fierce eyes stood out as his most outstanding features. A black mustache and goatee-type beard covered the lower half of his face.

After many years Freiza began to sense the true power of the Saiyans and it extended beyond anything ever dreamed by either him or the Saiyans themselves. It was a power that, if tapped by some intrepid Saiyan prince, would tear apart Freiza and his family as if they were a child¶s plaything.

It was at this time that Bardok¶s revolt occurred, his final act. Kakarrot was on his way to earth in a space pod, Vegeta, Radditz, Nappa and that fool Tullece were off world as well as well as Paragus and the powerfully mad Broly who escaped Vegeta the moment Freiza destroyed Bardok and the remaining Saiyans as well as the Planet Vegeta.

But that power was not discovered by Vegeta, at least not at first. No that honor fell to a buffoon who did not even suspect the nature of his own birth and existence. That honor fell to the low class Saiyan called Kakarrot, the son of Bardok.

Kakarrot grasped the true power of the Saiyan race without even pursuing it. He became all that the Saiyan race was meant to become and more.

He accomplished all he did because he possessed the one trait that was sneered upon by every Saiyan that was worth his tail, by every Saiyan who breathed for the power of a Saiyan came by the war they waged.

Kakarrot loved everything and everyone. He possessed a heart bigger than any man Vegeta had ever known. Vegeta thought Kakarrot a fool that would be immediately crushed by him and this was very nearly so.

But Kakarrot showed Vegeta, even though it was years before Vegeta fully understood, that a Saiyan who pursued the noble purity of love, was a Saiyan who was able to harness the even greater power available to the Saiyan race, power enough to conquer and destroy all Saiyan enemies.

Of course if one accomplished this, one would not wish to conquer nor destroy. Love did not allow for this, and so, in pursuing this, one must turn his back on everything that was built on and learned from his Saiyan heritage. In effect, one would no longer be Saiyan at all.

This was the reason why Vegeta had such a difficult time attaining and then maintaining strength at the level of super Saiyan and why he nearly drove himself insane in the pursuit of this level«initially.

True power came not from war nor evil pursuit, at least not easily. True power, Vegeta observed, came from«something else.

Clearing his mind Vegeta focuses on the stone structure several hundred yards away. He inhales and shouts.


The echo of Vegeta¶s shout rebounds off the rocks and cliffs.

³Right over here, Vegeta.´ A voice responds.

Vegeta laughs. ³You hid your power, and then snuck behind.´ Vegeta observes with derision.

Tien, floating above and behind the Saiyan prince flies down and lands thirty feet in front of Vegeta.

The two warriors regard each other in silence for several seconds. Tien still posed a powerful figure but had now become old as humans do at this age.

His once powerful frame had lost some of its thick muscle and the weight of age had somewhat stooped the back that was once ramrod straight but the eyes of the man contained the same determination, the same fierceness that Vegeta had first seen many years before.

³What«do you want?´ Tien demanded.

The Saiyan prince¶s arms remained folded as he regarded Tien.

³The years have not been kind to you Tien, you have become nearly an invalid in your time upon this mountain,´ Vegeta remarks.

³I had a hell of a hard time trying to locate you; you hid your power well, or has old age robbed your vitality?´ Vegeta taunts with a smirk.

Tien snorts and looks at Vegeta incredulous.

³Have you come all this way to make fun of me murderer? Is there no one left for the great Vegeta to kill or maim that he has to fly up to a lonely mountain peak to make fun of an old man?´ Tien asks. ³Life must be pretty dull indeed.´

Vegeta cocks his head to the left. ³One might think.´ He says.

³Yes Tien, you are right, the challenges left to me in this world are very few and far between «and so, I have decided to take this opportunity to see how things would fare between you and I«in battle.´

Tien stares at Vegeta in shock. Vegeta sees this and continues.

³You see for the true warriors there is only the war that remains«´

Vegeta lowers his arms and begins to power up.

³«In the end only the battle remains and the fire and the blood«´ Vegeta Snarls

³«You will fight me Tien, here and now. We will cross that line together; we will end what was begun so long ago. We will see who the better fighter is and it will be decided by death, either mine,´ Vegeta laughs, eyes narrowing«´ or yours.´

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