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Texas Serial
Bombings Blizzard
A total of five
mysterious bombing
incidents have occurred Cuts off
Power at
this month only, and
the residents of Austin,
Texas are living in

fear. The most recent
mysterious bombing...
Star Wars:
The Last Jedi
Movie Review
Familiar faces make
a comeback as both
Carrie Fisher and Mark
Hamill return to reprise Photo by Dylan Lepore | The Tartan
their roles as General D yl a n L e p o r e
Organa and Skywalker.
The Tea
A “As an RA, in any
round 10:30 p.m. Saturday, RUPD immediately after the power
March 24 the power went out went out, and they came as quickly as
A Preview of at Radford University due to
a blizzard surrounding the City of
they could to help!”
It seemed that most students
situation, it is our
COMS Week Radford.
The power outage first started
were calm and collective during the
outage while also supporting each primary goal to
Delegate Chris Hurst is
the keynote speaker,
with the sidewalk and street lights,
eventually cutting off some of the
other by congregating in the halls of
dormitories. make sure that all
and he will share
his transition from
journalism to politics
building’s power entirely with
emergency lights still working.
Jamisa Williams, a freshman art
major, said, “I would be fine with this, of our residents
are safe.”
Then coming back on at 11:14 p.m. I’d be sleeping.”
on Tuesday, April to cut off again for only 30 seconds at Williams continues to talk about the
10 at 10:30 a.m. in 11:52 p.m. people who were stuck in the elevator
Bondurant Auditorium. Lastly, all the power in the City of in Trinkle Hall, “That’s dangerous! I’d • Do not operate building
PAGE 8 Radford cut off at 12:15 a.m. which be scared! Luckily there is no one in elevators due to the possibility
Sports lasted for little than over an hour, 1:19
there now.”
Radford University soon sent out
that electrical power may be
temporarily lost and the elevator
Radford Snow accumulation at this time was
about 12 inches.
an email to its students at 1:39 a.m.
informing them of the outage. •
becomes inoperable.
Keep windows and doors closed
Sports Recap Tori Denny, Radford University “Due to the recent heavy snowfall, to preserve heat in your residence

of the week Resident Assistant at Trinkle Hall, had
this to say about the power outage,
the New River Valley has experienced
widespread electrical outages, adverse
hall or apartment in anticipation
of a possible power outage.
Men’s and Women’s “As an RA, in any situation, it is our conditions on local roads, and downed • In the event of a power outage,
Tennis collected some primary goal to make sure that all of trees and power lines. These may use battery-powered flashlights.
pretty good results our residents are safe,” said Denny. create hazardous condition on roads Open flames and candles can be
on the week with “In the instance of a power outage, and sidewalks in the city and on dangerous and pose an elevated
such as the one we just experienced campus.” risk of fire.
the Women’s team
from the snow, my biggest concern Radford also had these precautions • Exercise caution walking on
coming... was students being stuck in the to share with their students:
PAGE 12 elevator. My fellow RA’s and I called >> Blizzard, Continued on page 2

Check this out, its 12 pages!
2 | The Tartan News
From Page 1
• sidewalks in the city and across campus due
to low-hanging tree branches and inoperable
street lighting. Drivers may have difficulty seeing
pedestrians at night and during low visibility
• Keep cell phones and personal communications
devices charged.
• Monitor university email and social media for
updates regarding campus services.
• Please report emergency situations to Radford
University Police Department at (540) 831-5500.

Radford University is promptly recovering from the
storm as the facility help clean up the many fallen or
broken tree limbs around campus and by keeping most
of the sidewalks covered with salt to prevent slipping on
Radford relations is also ensuring safety by keeping
their students informed of the weather and any
significant closing that may happen on campus through
emails and other various alerts they give out by social
The ten-day weather forecast expects highs in the 50s
while Thursday will reach up to 70 degrees and lows to
reach in the mid-40s. There is an average of a 50 percent
chance of rain for the next ten days, but for the most
part, it will be partly cloudy.
However, this storm was a pretty big one, and I would
Photo taken at 11:15 p.m Saturday, March 24.
say this is not the last of it, even if Spring is here.

Comics! Comics! Comics! Wednesday, March 28, 2018 | 3

Why You Should
Consider Making
Radford Your Home
S h i z a J. M a n zo o r , T r i sta n B l a k e R i n e s,

“...populations are
projected to reach up to
18,392 by 2030 and 19,320
Photo by Tristan Blake Rines | The Tartan

Orphan’s Promise, a
ith the beautiful New River, an reinvent ourselves.”
expanding university community, and For those perhaps looking to raise a family
affordable living, Radford is a city
that you could seriously consider living in post-
in Radford, Virginia, the area also provides
excellent public education. With graduation
rates of high schoolers at 87%, according to
Trip to Puerto Rico
Average costs of a one bedroom apartment Radford, as of a January 2018 has
in Radford is around $570 monthly. Meaning an unemployment rate of 4.6% according to the
A u st i n W h i t e
annually, $6,870 is spent on a home of your own. Department of Labor Statistics. Not much higher

With a stable food budget of let’s say $300 per than the rest of the country, 4.1%, or the rest of here are some countries that still haven’t recovered from
month, this being $3,600 annually, you would Virginia, 3.7%. Meaning there is work in the New the destruction hurricane Maria caused. Puerto Rico was
have food and shelter for $10,470 per year. River Valley for those who are willing to seek it. hit directly in its’s path, causing multiple tragedies and
One online user on, under the In fact, according to the Virginia Employment catastrophe.
identity of Nick Allgauer, noted that there wasn’t Commission, the populations are projected to Even though it occurred back in September, conditions were
much around the city to secure a livelihood, reach up to 18,392 by 2030 and 19,320 by 2040. terrible enough for one Radford student to make a move.
as many businesses were either heading to This means that the increase in desired jobs and Sophomore broadcast journalism major, Jay Foster saw along
Christiansburg or Blacksburg. “So long drives businesses is anticipated to increase. with the rest of the world how much Puerto Rico was suffering.
should be expected when going to places, such as Darryl Campbell is a leasing agent with CMG Even though he is from Brooklyn, New York his mother is from
the mall.” who’s considering making a move to Radford Puerto Rico.
However, some new companies are moving in the coming few months. Currently, he is a When he showed interest in wanting to go down to Puerto Rico,
into Radford; From restaurants like Golden Bowl resident of Blacksburg, another college town his best friend since childhood Stacey Pertrin reached out to him.
and Viv’s Place to facilities like Cryptix Escape about 25 minutes away. She runs an organization called Orphan’s promise at Liberty
Rooms, 24/7 access to gyms, and theatre shows “It’s affordable,” he said. “And the area is really University, a charity program that helps orphanages explicitly.
open to the public mid-April. The community is beautiful, too.” “They really wanted someone who could relate to the culture
expected to “grow and evolve and compete well in The university itself plays a significant role in the down there, being that I’m half Puerto Rican and can fluently
the 21st-century” according to David Horton. region’s sustainability. speak the language,” said Foster.
Horton, the president of the Radford Chamber The city of Radford has sizeable economic
of Commerce and administrator for Radford
University, is running for mayor in the May 1
investment placed upon the student population.
With over 9,000 students attending Radford “Now that I’ve seen so
much, I can’t just sit
elections. He talks and believes in a “Radford University, this accounts for over 50% of the
Renaissance.” 17,000 plus residents in the area. Meaning
As quoted in The Roanoke Times: “I’m seeing student spending and involvement with the
neighborhoods develop. Our central business
district is starting to return to a sense of vitality,”
community is a tremendous source of income for
the city.
here and do nothing.”
Horton said. “We have the right elements coming During the summers when students are He and a team from Liberty University went to Bayamon, Cantano
to place. We have to help those neighborhoods away, and the place is more commonly known for ten days last semester during Thanksgiving break. What they
and enhance those property owners. We can as a “ghost town.” Radford University opens up saw will live with them for the rest of their lives.
Governor’s School for Humanities and Visual and As soon as they arrived, they met with local pastors and people
Performing Arts’ kids from around the State of to talk about the conditions of the country.
Virginia. They explained to Foster and the group that 85 percent of the
Part of their four-week program involves people have no power and for an entire month 100 percent people
interacting with the Radford community from had no power.
“opportunities for recreations, field trips, In mid-conversation, Foster got the sense that they were angry
concerts, guest lectures, movies, student that they were not civilians in the United States. They complained
performances” which helps maintain businesses how they are a part of America, but they cannot vote for anything
in the area. but are allowed to join the army.
Students and adults from all over consider Foster then started to head to some orphanages to see what he
Radford to be a great place to start, retire or for could do to help. While on the way there he noticed what a third
second chances in general. world country honestly looked like.
Grace Dhondt is a freshman at Radford He saw people walking three hours to stand for another three
University who said she’s staying for the hours just to get ice. One house was wiped off the side off the
university’s Interior Design program. “I like the island; another was caved in from the bottom-up. What the locals
>> Home, Continued on page 4 call “el baldío” is a lower-class village (or the vacant) which was
>> Puerto Rico, Continued on page 4
4 | The Tartan News
From Page 3
community and the program.”
Will Christman, another freshman
from Richmond, said he chose the campus
because of its location. “It was in-state,
and far enough away, so I can just be away
(from my family).”
On top of all of that, the overall crime
rate in Radford is 20% lower than the
national average according to areavibes.
com. The University Police works alongside
the Radford City Police Department,
offering assistance to the city whenever
This includes everything from
“crime reports, investigations, medical
emergencies, fire emergencies, traffic
accidents, enforcement of laws regulating
criminal activity” and all other incidents
that require their assistance.
In addition, the university strives
to educate the community on sexual Law enforcement gathering evidence outside a FedEx Store. Taken from Reuters/Sergio Flores

Texas Serial Bombings
harassment, alcohol safety, personal safety,
offers unique services like the Women’s
Resource Center, Substance Abuse and
Violence Education Support Services I da D o m i n g o
(SAVES), Residential Life, and Student

Health Services.
n March 19, Austin, Texas police department Caucus called for the bombings to be classified as terrorist’s
With an expected increase in the
confirmed a suspected serial bomber is attacking their attacks and determine whether they are ‘ideologically or
population and local businesses, Radford
city. racially motivated,” which was noted by CNN.
could very well be a gem of a community
A total of five mysterious bombing incidents have occurred Vox also mentioned that “Police say they are still
to settle in at any point in life, be it post-
this month only, and the residents of Austin, Texas are living considering whether some of the bombings might be hate
graduation or for retirement.
in fear. crimes.” This is a considered motive because the victims of
The most recent mysterious bombing occurred on the first three attacks were black and Hispanic and Sunday’s
Wednesday, March 21 at a FedEx facility in Schertz, near San victims were white males.
Puerto Rico Antonio at about 1 a.m. After these bomb blasts occurred, Time reported, “Austin’s
From Page 3 According to The Washington Post, “A law enforcement Chief of Police Brian Manley took to social media following
source said that police were investigating whether the the latest package bombing. He posted a statement and urged
the first orphanage that Foster visited.
explosion was related to the other four that have hit Austin, residents to remain “vigilant.”
The orphanage hadn’t had power
killing two people and injuring others. That “is definitely a “The Austin Police Department is aware of the incident
for over a year and there were about 25
concern of ours,” said the official, who spoke on the condition that has occurred in Schertz, Texas, and is working closely on
orphans, and all of them were either
of anonymity to discuss the latest incident.” the investigation with our federal partners, Federal Bureau of
newborns or toddlers with a staff that
At this point, the investigations were at an early stage, and Investigation and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and
consisted of three senior women.
no arrests or suspensions were made so far. Explosives,” said Manley
The next orphanage that he visited
Reported by The Guardian, FBI Special Agent Michelle Lee The last five horrific bombing incidents left law
Foster described as the worst. It was
believed in the four bombings to be related and also believed enforcement scrambling for answers and had some Austin
a special needs orphanage with half of
that the state was dealing with a serial bomber. residents treading with more caution. 
its building torn down. While inside he
The bombings began when the first package exploded on The most recent update on this event came after the fifth
noticed electric wires dangling from the
March 2, killing Anthony Stephan House, 39, of Austin when package bomb. On March 21, the man behind the mysterious
ceiling and water on the floor that was two
he picked up a suspicious box on the front porch of his home. package bombings in Austin, Texas, has been identified as
feet high and they had been trying to get
The second bomb exploded on March 12 inside of a house Mark Anthony Conditt, 23, according to Time. In the Time
rid of it for the past month.
killing Draylen Mason, 17 and injuring his mother. article, it notes, “Police said Wednesday night that they
As he started to help dump the
The third explosion happened on the same day which found a 25-minute recording — which Manley described as a
water away, that is when two kids got
seriously injured a 75-year-old woman, who also picked up a confession — on Conditt’s phone, in which he described the
electrocuted by the wires. Fortunately,
package on her front porch, and lastly, the fourth bomb blast explosive devices and detailed how he made them.”
they were OK, but it was more than a
occurred on March 18 that was set off by a tripwire injuring When the suspect was tracked down at a hotel in Round
scare nonetheless. “The whole time at that
two men. Rock outside Austin, Conditt’s vehicle was being monitored.
orphanage I didn’t see a kid not smile,”
According to the Time’s article, “Authorities pursued the
said Foster. “They were acting as if [they]
vehicle [as the suspect began to drive away], and it eventually
were living lavish [lives] with no worries”.
ran into a ditch on the side of the road. As SWAT officers
As they spent the next couple of days
approached, a bomb went off inside the car, killing the
helping rebuild Bayamon, Thanksgiving
suspect. One officer sustained minor injuries in the blast,
Day was soon approaching, so Foster and
Manley said.”
the rest of the group made sure to do as
Although the suspect is no more, it states that “Manley also
much as they could after all the traumatic
said there is some concern that other packages may have been
left around Austin before the suspect died. “We don’t know
“We ended up feeding 300 people on
where this suspect has spent his last 24 hours and therefore
Thanksgiving,” said Foster. “The people
we still have to remain vigilant to ensure that no other
we gave the food to were so grateful they
packages have been left throughout the community,” Manley
even tried to give us anything they had in
return.” Photo taken from Sinclair Broadcas Group;
Manley also added that the community should pay close
Foster plans on visiting India this Mark Anthony Conditt, suspect in the bombings.
attention to any suspicious devices like packages, bags,
summer with Orphan’s Promise to try and
According to Vox, there have been similarities found in three backpacks, or anything that’s out of place on the day of the
do the same he did for Puerto Rico. Even
previous bombings though the one that occurred on March fifth bombing.
if it is just a little help, he wants to make
18 was set off by a tripwire and required a “higher level of Safety is always the top priority so always be aware and
some difference.
sophistication” noted by Austin Police Chief Brian Manley at suspicious. In these situations, it is best just to report what
“Now that I’ve seen so much, I can’t just
a press conference. you saw or heard to the police and do not approach or touch
sit here and do nothing,” said Foster.
On Monday, three members of the Congressional Black anything.
Culture Wednesday, March 28, 2018 | 5

Arts and Entertainment in Radford

A Movie Review

Jeremy Moser
Star Wars: The Last Jedi
he Last Jedi is the latest installment Hamill plays it very well. The most entertaining awkward attempts at humor and forced
of Disney’s newest Star Wars trilogy. scenes in this film involve Luke, namely the romance between returning character Finn and
Taking place after Episode VII, The precious few scenes where he is training Rey. new character Rose are only two examples.
Force Awakens, The Last Jedi continues the Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for There are also a couple of poorly
story of Rey, Finn, and Kylo Ren in the conflict the writing. Characters are poorly written with implemented moral messages that just feel
between the remnants of the First Order and motivations that either doesn’t make sense or out of place. The negative emphasis placed
the Resistance. just don’t exist, plotlines go nowhere or end up upon war profiteering and animal cruelty
Familiar faces make a comeback as both being unnecessary, and several plot points from was not only unnecessary but were just not
Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill return to the previous film are either changed, directly entertaining. For these reasons, the film does
reprise their roles as General Organa and Luke contradicted or avoided altogether. not feel like it fits within the Star Wars series.
Skywalker, respectively. This could be a fault of the previous director, That all being said, casual fans or even
The Last Jedi is, without a doubt, the most J.J. Abrams’s “mystery box” directing style uninitiated moviegoers can expect to find a
visually striking film in the Star Wars series. which deliberately leaves things mysterious great experience with this film.
The effects are sharp and realistic, the space for the audience, but this film’s director, Ryan In an almost ironic fashion, the lack
battles are rendered gloriously with multiple Reynolds, is certainly a contributor. of connection that this film has with its
camera angles and masterful shot design, One thing that you should know before predecessor can be attractive to new viewers,
and the vistas of the latter half of the film are watching this film: The Last Jedi, for better or as there is very little necessary background
stunning. Few other movies contain these many for worse, subverts every expectation. Do not information that isn’t conveyed within this film.
jaw-dropping spectacles. get excited about wherever it may seem that the In some ways, Episode VIII is better for
While the performances range from very story is currently going because you will find those who have not previously watched Episode
good to passable. that not only does it not go in the direction that VII, or any other Star Wars media, for that
Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker steals the you might expect, but the results you are left matter.
show, as expected. Hamill is an odd, ambiguous with are inevitably disappointing. Star Wars: The Last Jedi is being shown in
character in this film, which is a stark contrast The Last Jedi has a few marks that reveal the Bonnie on March 29th, 30th, and 31st.
to his characterizations in previous films, and Disney’s behind-the-scenes influence. The
6 | The Tartan Culture

A Glimpse Into the Hollins Art
Faculty Show
V a n F au s t -S t e p h e n s o n

his past week, the new RU Art Museum
on Tyler welcomed five guest artists from

“Donna Polseno - White Lilies, Mid-range porcelain”
Hollins University to host the Hollins Art
Faculty Show.
The guest artists specialize in different styles
and mediums, ranging from physical porcelain
works to the more usual use of oil on canvas,
to even using printer ink as their instrument of
choice. The diversity and specialty are awe-
Elise Schweitzer specializes in oil paintings,
with many of her works, such as Degas Rider,
being portraits of horse riders.
Robert Sulkin is, as I see it, one of the more
interesting contributors to the gallery, showing
off surreal and unsettling images like Ode to
Leda that feel like they have been taken right out
of a horror movie.
Both Donna Polseno and Richard Hensley
work with porcelain, and each takes his or her
style with it. For instance, Polseno’s White Lilies
encapsulates the titular flower on what seems to
be a stylish dinner plate, and Hensley’s Untitled
shows off a style similar to Ancient Greek relics.
Finally, Jennifer D. Printz has one of the
“Richard Hensley - Untitled, Porcelain”

unique art styles I have seen, combining and
layering many other individual mediums and
amalgamates them into one.
For instance, Waning and Then Not is made
using, “Graphite and Sumi Ink on Epson Ultra-
chrome Inks on Rives BFK paper mounted on
cradled boards.”
If you would like to see the gallery for your-
self, which I suggest those interested do, the
Hollins Art Faculty Show will be running until “Richard Hensley - Untitled, Porcelain”
Saturday, April 28 at The RU Art Museum on
Tyler, located at 214 Tyler Avenue, next to BTs.

“Elise Schweitzer - Degas Rider, Oil on linen” “Jennifer D. Printz - Waning and Then Not, Graphite and Sumi Ink”
7 | The Tartan Paid Advertisement
The tea
8 | The Tartan The Tea
Editorials and Opinions Quote of the week
“Never put off till tomorrow what you
can do the day after tomorrow.”
- Mark Twain
The Tartan publishes 1,500
copies per week and is distrib-
uted at more than 26 locations
on the RU campus. The Tar-
tan is always looking into ex-
panding  their distribution.
The publication is printed at
Shenandoah Publishing House
in Winchester, Va.

The Tartan is part of Highland-
er Student Media and is com-
pletely student-run. As a news-
paper, The Tartan reserves the
right to address, explore and
delve into issues that affect the
university student body and the
surrounding area.
Student Media
P.O. Box 6895
Radford VA, 24142

Fundraiser at Moe’s for COMS Week. Taken from Coms Week Radford Facebook Page

A Preview of COMS Week
“Our Opinion” pieces are
written collectively by members
of The Tartan Editorial
Board. The Editorial Board is
comprised of the editing staff,
the Tea writers, and other
Radford University students.
Alexis Gardner

These undergraduate and OMS Week 2018 is coming up, and there are a lot of fun Eta, Public Relations Student Society of America, and RadAd
graduate students represent things planned for not only Communications majors, but have come together to create a Campaign-A-Thon. This will be
multiple class levels and also for all other majors. happening on April 12 in the MAC Courts from 4-9 p.m. (the
different political, cultural, This is a week dedicated to engaging students and community Campaign-A-Thon starts at 4 p.m., and the Carnival starts at 5
ethnic, and religious through career-centered workshops, informative speeches from p.m.).
backgrounds. Members may professionals in the field, and philanthropic fundraising. So what exactly is a Campaign-A-Thon?
or may not belong to a variety This year, the theme for COMS Week is  COMLYMPICS, and it Six teams will apply the knowledge gained in the classroom to
of student organizations. The
is kicking off April 9 10:30 a.m., but the fun starts before then. create campaigns in a marathon-like fashion for a local business
Editorial Board is open to all
On March 22, the students planning COMS Week held a bake or nonprofit. All teams will be entered to win prizes which include
RU students who apply.
sale outside of Quickway from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. gift cards and an HP laptop. The winning team will be announced
TARTAN There was also another fundraiser at Moe’s on March 27 from
5-8 p.m.
and receive recognition and RU Swag at Friday’s award ceremony.
All participants will end the competition with something to add to
STAFF All of the money raised from fundraisers goes to Bobcat
Backpacks, which according to their Facebook page has a mission
their resume and will be given certificates for their participation.
These are just some of the activities planned for COMS Week,
Dylan Lepore to, “…meet the needs of hungry children in our community over they all can’t be revealed now! To stay up to date with all things
the weekends during the academic school year and throughout the COMS Week, make sure to follow @ComsWeekRadford on all
summer.” social media platforms!
Ida Domingo
Managing Editor So what exactly will be going on the week of COMS Week? Well, besides the wide variety of speakers in fields like journalism,
Annie Schroeder production, public relations, broadcast journalism and more, there
Copy Editor are also a lot of other events planned.
On Monday, April 9, there is a 3x3 basketball tournament going
Gracie Miller
News Editor on in the MAC Courts from 7-10 p.m. To register, each team either has to pay $15 or bring 15 canned goods. The winning team gets a
Van Faust-Stephensons $100 gift card to Sharkey’s
Culture Editor Also on Monday, learn more about Highlander Student Media
which will be having its panel in the Bonnie Auditorium from
Alexis Gardner
The Tea Editor 3-3:50 p.m.
Delegate Chris Hurst is the keynote speaker, and he will share
Davis Byrd his transition from journalism to politics on Tuesday, April 10 at
Sports Editor 10:30 a.m. in Bondurant Auditorium. Some other things that are
Hailey Scherer
planned for COMS Week is a brainstorming workshop, sports-
Photography Manager themed smackdown, alumni panel, professional headshot session,
and a strategic communication graduate panel.
Tyquan Holloway Some may remember COMS Week ending with a carnival,
Distributor but this year it is slightly different. There will still be a Carnival
with free food, games, prizes, and music. However, Lambda Pi Wednesday, March 28, 2018 | 9

Millennials and the Constant Hate They Get
S ava n n a h R o b e r s o n

hen it comes to entering the There are a lot of issues of workplace
working world and creating discrimination for many factors in
lives of our own, it is no secret today’s time, so why should age not also
that we can often face some hard and be considered a factor of discrimination?
discouraging times while we are trying An equal workplace environment means
to get our footing in “the real world.” an “equal workplace environment,”
It is also no secret that many people whether you are 50 or 15.
worry about the future of America if states that millennials
it is to be placed in the hands of our are the generation that is “fun to
country’s young people, often portrayed hate.” To many people, millennials are
as lazy and entitled, according to AdAge. “killing every industry from diamonds
com. The age group that often seems to to napkins, wrecking religion and
receive the most flack is the generation university campuses, ruining the
known as millennials. economy in Japan, destroying America
While there are no specific ages for and maybe even destabilising China.
when one generation ends and another That’s not to mention how much they’re
begins, there is a definite age group annoying…everyone.” The problem with
that continually faces doubt, suspicion, this line of thinking is that nearly all of
and distrust as far as completing tasks, it is based on stereotypes or utterly false
achieving success, and stepping into the knowledge that has not even been fact- Photo by Mikaala Shackelford on Unsplash
future. defines this group as checked or proofed against anything

It is
“those born between 1980 and either the else.
mid-to-late 1990s.” Before we condemn millennials,

Breakup Season!
The exact reason for this distrust of we should remember that they are a
the millennial generation is unclear, but relatively new generation, learning to
it is clear, according to, that make their way in the world just like
millennials are not the first generation every generation has to at some point.
to face the challenges and questions We also need to keep in mind that
that they do today. Forbes states that though there are stereotypical “bad Ola Elshaar
“. . . every generation has to deal with things” about millennials, there are

negative comments and broad-brush also good things, both stereotypical and
generalizations, but the generation- completely true. t seems like 2018 has been the year and a friend. Malik mentioned that
bashing is worse for millennials.” says millennials are for the dramatic endings. Many he is grateful to all of their fans for
Whether or not other generations generally thought of as “tech savvy, fans were disappointed about the understanding this hard decision and
have faced similar treatment, I feel that socially conscious” and sometimes even announcement of the breakups of Gigi their privacy at this time.
the reasons for the negative feelings as “workaholics,” which could be both Hadid and Zayn Malik’s, Selena Gomez The second breakup features
towards the millennial generation good and bad in different settings. and Justin Bieber’s, and the girl group America’s sweethearts - the lovable
are probably identical to any other All in all, we have to remember that Fifth Harmony, after they have called, it Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber. The
disapproval of a specific group. As a every generation has been stereotyped quits. couple is always off and on for too long.
whole, it seems that the motivating as the best and worst, and we must The first disappointment for many “Jelena” as their fans tend to call them,
factors for this treatment are a fear of always be able to sort through these people was the breakup of Gigi Hadid, were “on a break” before they decided
the new generation becoming better stereotypes and see what is truly in the model, and Zayn Malik, the pop to put an end to their relationship,
or more successful than the older front of us. Only then will we be able star who is also a former member of the according to Harper Bazar.
generation, replacing them, taking their to give millennials, and every other well-known band One Direction. Hadid According to Billboard, Gomez, and
jobs, reaching levels of innovation or generation’s, the respect, and objectivity and Malik’s relationship lasted for two Bieber first met back in 2009. A year
even a level of creativity that people that they deserve. years. They met in 2015 at a Victoria later, when Bieber was just 16 and
have never seen before. Secret Fashion Show, where Malik took Gomez was 18, the couple shared some
the first gesture and introduced himself food at IHOP in Philadelphia, and after
to Hadid, but broke up due to a hectic then they have been spotted in too
schedule for the both of them according many places together, and that is when
to The Sun. After the breakup, Hadid their fans became suspicious of their
and Malik tweeted about how much relationship.
they love and respect each other, and Fifth Harmony was very sharp
will continue to support one another no about announcing that they are taking
matter what. a “pause” to work on some individual
A source reported to The Sun’s Dan enterprise and gain some experience
Wootton that, “It’s a mutual decision that will hopefully affect their band in
so no one has completely ruled out a the future, and explore how they are
reunion in the future, but for now that’s going to survive without keeping each
not where their heads are at.” other’s company.
Malik and Hadid both tweeted According to Billboard, Fifth
peaceful and civilized statements to Harmony announced on March 19 that,
inform their fans of their breakup right they are taking a break to focus on solo
after their separation. “I’m forever projects and personal development,
grateful for the love, time, and life even though that was such a great
lessons that Z and I shared.” Hadid disappointment to many of their fans.
wrote on her Twitter. “I want nothing I was personally shocked when
Wall-E saying goodbye to the Sun. Photo by Dominik Scythe on Unsplash but the best for him and will continue Fifth Harmony decided to split; even
to support him as a friend that I have though I support their decision to build
immense respect and love for.” themselves and improve their musical
“...if they chose to reunite again, that would Malik responded with kind of the experiences individually, but also if they
same statement on his Twitter by saying chose to reunite again, that would be
be an excellent shot for the growth of the that he and Hadid had a meaningful an excellent shot for the growth of the
and loving relationship and that he group.
group.” has great respect for Hadid as a person Wednesday, March 28, 2018 | 10

Pictures of a

Photos by Dylan Lepore, Hailey Scherer | The Tartan Wednesday, March 28, 2018 | 11
12 | The Tartan Sports

Men’s Golf
Kingsmill Intercollegiate

Mar. 26 (306-288) T9/24

Mar. 27 (306-288-285)7/24

W High Point 18-6

W VMI 8-6

Conference: 2-4-0
Overall: 10-13-0

Women’s Tennis
L Charleston Southern 2-5

Conference: 2-2
Overall: 8-7

Letters to the (Left to Right) Drousile Dzeubou, Lindsey Carroll & Gareth Sargent. Photo courtesy of RU Athletics
We prefer letters that are fewer
than 200 words and take as
Radford Sports Recap of the week
their starting point an article D av i s B yr d
or other item appearing in The

Tartan. They may not have n a week dominated by the weather, predicted seventh-place finish, dramatically with a loss to Liberty but have still gotten
been submitted to, posted making multiple games postponed or win the Big South Tournament and collect out to a strong start for the season.
to or published by any other even cancellated but there was still a the program’s first-ever victory in the Women’s Track and Field had a very
media. They must include the fair bit going on in the world of Highlander NCAA Tournament. excellent showing at the Winthrop and
writer’s full name — for more sports. Men’s and Women’s Tennis collected Adidas Invitational by winning two events
information and to send a The frigid and snow-covered week of some pretty good results on the week with and setting multiple personal records.
letter head over to sports began with the Women’s golf team the Women’s team coming out on top Led by a near record-setting win in shooting their season-low total as a team against Gardner-Webb with a score of 4-3. the 4x100 meter relay event the group of
of 313 at the Bobby Nichol’s Intercollegiate The win gave the Highlanders their second underclassmen Amelia Reynolds, Alexis

Notes of Worth tournament in Sevierville, Tennessee.
The team finished the tournament
win in Conference play on the season.
Splitting singles win 3-3 with Gardner-
Stafford, La’Tisha Chambers and Kierra
Henderson finished just .19 seconds off
(Sort of?) in seventh place altogether and the Webb and coming out on top 2-1 in doubles of the school record for fastest time in the
Highlanders Women’s Lacrosse team also sets to claim the event. event with a final time of 47.20.
The boating store was fell to the George Washington Colonials The ladies are on a roll, winning four of Amelia Reynolds also claimed victory in
13-7 after the Colonials’ hot start was too their last five events and improving their the 100-meter dash. Naomi Brindley and
having a big sale on much for the Highlanders to overcome. record overall to 8-6 for the year. Percie Lyons also set personal bests with
canoes. It was quite the The Highlanders fantastic basketball The Men’s team also came out on top a time of 2:24.00 in the 800 meter and
oar deal. season carried over into the week as against their opposition, this time defeating 2:23.25 in the 800m respectively.
... well with the National Association of Delaware by a score of 5-2. Radford won Women’s Lacrosse’s game against UC
Basketball Coaches voting Highlanders every doubles match against Delaware and Davis has been moved to Harrisonburg
Q. Why shouldn’t you men’s basketball coach Mike Jones as won 4 of 6 in singles to win the event. due to the weather and last week’s Softball
marry a tennis player? their District 3 coach of the year after The win was their seventh from ninth at games have been postponed to later in the
their strong year. They had beaten their the time. The guys rounded out the week season.
A. Because Love means

“...National Association of Basketball Coaches
nothing to them.
It’s weird that NFL
players don’t constantly voting Highlanders men’s basketball coach Mike
look at their phones to
check their stats. Jones as their District 3 coach of the year...”