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A Slide Presentation

For Satchidananda Ashram

By Koosraj
April 2005
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A Selection of Holy Flowers
from the Spiritual Garland
made for Devotional
Expansion and Spiritual
by Shri Veervasanta
2.The mind is an invisible
force just like air. It
functions through the brain.
No one really knows what it
is and how it works. The
Lord [the Self] who has
willed it knows it perfectly.
We all have a higher mind but we
have taken a lower one. It is only
when one seeks to attain one’s
higher mind that one can really be
happy. The Lord too sometimes
takes a human mind and strives
hard to attain His Infinite Mind;
this is done to set an example to
the world.
The present mind with which we are
born is not our real mind, it is an
acquired one. We have acquired it
from our previous actions for our
real mind is a superior mind… Every
man is compelled to stay with his
acquired mind until the day comes
when he is freed from this inferior
There are three states of mind
in a man: the mind of man, the
mind of the universe or
cosmos, and the mind of the
Self or Soul. These are referred
to as conscious, subconscious
and superconscious minds.
The mind is a world of knowledge
because it can store infinite
knowledge, even that imparted by
the Self.
The subconscious mind is a store of
material knowledge and the
superconscious one is an infinite
vessel of spiritual knowledge.
The mind is merely an energy
of the Lord. It functions as
thinking, speaking,
reasoning, understanding
and memory. These forces,
when trained, attain a
superior state.
Man is born with different
levels of reasoning, memory
and understanding, according
to his actions, but one can
attain one’s full mind through
No human being is born
with a full human mind,
except those who have
attained perfection and
come here for a mission;
such cases are indeed rare.
The human spirit or mind is a
combination of six intellectual
faculties, which are: reasoning,
memory, understanding, thought,
word and knowledge. Reasoning is
referred to as fire, memory as water,
under-standing as ether, thought as
clouds, word as air, and knowledge as
Every man is born with a
combination of different degrees
of each of the six intellectual
faculties, e.g. one man may be
born with 15 degrees of under-
standing, 30 degrees of memory,
10 degrees of reasoning.…
Yogis grow daily in
comprehension, speech, and
knowledge when these are
nourished by meditation, but the
mind remains the same
concerning reasoning and
memory. Nevertheless, the mind
comes to full growth through
There is an inner eye of truth in
every man to find the true nature
of things and not as they are
conceived through the heart. One
who does not conquer the illusive
thoughts of his heart by real
thoughts of the Supreme will ever
remain in this illusive state.
Thoughts emanating from our
heart are of two types: illusory
and true. Thoughts of the heart
concern material things and are
illusory; whereas thoughts of the
soul pertain to the Self and are
pure light or truth.
Our thoughts are endowed
with three characteristics:
slow, mild and quick. Every
man is born with any one of
these aspects. Our thought is
propelled by the Pervading
Energy, according to its
Thought, the energy of the Self
operating through divine or human
channels, has an effect on man. If it
is a thought of discontent, it
troubles the mind; if one of joy, it
pleases the mind but one can
banish the bad effect on the mind
by remaining unaffected.