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3/27/18 2:30 pm NEW YORK PENN STATION REDEVELOPMENT Section 1. It is hereby found and declared, that the rail and transportation facility known as New York Pennsylvania Station is antiquated, substandard, insanitary and inadequate to meet current transportation and public safety needs and present unreasonable safety risk to the public; and that the areas above and surrounding such Station are underutilized, substandard, insanitary and impede proper access and egress to the facility, public safety protections, economic development and sound growth. § 2. Itis further found and declared that such conditions, therefore, require immediate action to repair, replace and/or redevelop such facilities into safe, modern, efficient facilities so as to assure the safety and comfort of travelers and to provide for commercial, residential and mixed-use development that will create new job opportunities, increase the tax base of the city and state and enhance the recognition of the city and state as a worldwide center of commerce. § 3, The New York state urban development corporation, itself or through a subsidiary (such corporation, together with its subsidiaries being hereinafter, collectively, the “Corporation”), in coordination with the metropolitan transportation authority (“MTA”) and in support of the MTA’s plan for the redevelopment of New York Pennsylvania Station, is hereby authorized to undertake the planning, design, and redevelopment of the New York Pennsylvania Station area of the borough of Manhattan, city of New York, as a project of the Corporation, which shall be known as the New York Pennsylvania Station Area Redevelopment Project (the “Project”). § 4. The Project area shall encompass some or all of the area in the city of New York, borough of Manhattan bounded by 30" Street on the south, 8 Avenue on the west, 34" street on the north, 6" Avenue on the east to 32" Street, then west on 32"° Street to 7" Avenue, then south along 7 Avenue to 30" Street (the “Project Area”). § 5. The Corporation shall consult with local government officials and community and business leaders in developing the Project. Prior to moving forward with the development of the Project area, the Corporation shall conduct meet and engage with the local community and shall develop a project plan in consultation with local Assembly Members and Senators. § 6. Notwithstanding any general or special law to the contrary, in implementing the Project, the Corporation is authorized to use any or all of its powers in furtherance of the Project within the Project Area without compliance with Sections 4(6), 4(7) and 16(1) of the New York state urban development corporation act, enacted in chapter one hundred seventy-four of the laws of nineteen hundred and sixty-eight, as amended (the “UDC Act”), and without being required to make any finding under the UDC Act, except such findings as may be required by Sections 10(g) and 13 of the such Act. § 7. Notwithstanding Section 51 or any other section of the Public Authorities Law to the contrary, no action by the Corporation in connection with the Project shall be subject to the approval of the state Public Authorities Control Board. § 8. Nothwithstanding any other provision of law, neither the provisions of the State Environmental Quality Review Act (Env. Cons. Law §§ 8-0101 to 8-0117) ("SEQRA"), nor the provisions of New York City Environmental Quality Review (NYC Executive Order 91 of 1977) (“CEQR”) and their respective implementing rules and regulations, shall apply to any action, as such term is defined or used in SEQRA and CER, undertaken or proposed to be undertaken by or for the benefit of the Corporation in furtherance of this law and within the Project Area. § 9. No act or undertaking by the Corporation, the MTA or the city of New York (or its designee) in connection with the Project, including, without limitation, any acquisition, disposition, transfer or condemnation of any real property or interest therein to, by or from the city of New York (or its designee) or the Corporation, shall be subject to any city charter or administrative code provision, or any local law, rule, regulation, ordinance or resolution (including, without limitation, the New York city zoning resolution], governing uniform land use review procedures or any other local review, procedure or approval (other than New York City building code in those areas that are not owned or controlled by national railroad passenger corporation or the metropolitan transportation authority or its operating entities) for the selection, location, condemnation, acquisition, planning, design, historic or landmark preservation, disposition, development or use of land and improvements thereon within the city of New York. Whether or not any part of the Project Area or any interest therein at any time is, was or will be under any ownership, possession, use, occupancy or control-of the Corporation, the foregoing provisions of this act, and every other right, power and authority of the city of New York and the Corporation under the UDC Act shall apply to the Project aréa. cee § 10. This act, being necessary for the welfare of the state and the people thereof shall be liberally construed as to as to effectuate its purposes. § 11. This act shall take effect immediately.