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March 22, 2018

Ref: 03/2018/CC/RFP/02

Edge Technologies Ltd.

P.O Box AT 1308

Attention: Mr. Seth Ababio,

Dear Sir,



We write to invite you to submit a proposal for consideration for the deployment of a
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool for Access Bank Ghana Plc.


The purpose of the CRM is to have a single view system that will aid in the documentation
of customer interaction, track complaints, enrich communication and provide efficient
service delivery.

Scope of Work

The CRM tool must be developed to have a 360 view of managing customers’ life cycle.
Its implementation therefore should cover the functions of all customer processing,
marketing and service oriented units including, Branches, Contact Centre, Channels
Central Processing Centre among others.

The following areas will be considered during the CRM deployment:

 Ticket or Case or SR Creation
 Escalation Mappings
 TATs and SLA
 SMS/Email Resolution alerts
 Telemarketing Campaign Performance tracking
 Flexcube Integration
 Avaya Aura Contact Centre (AACC) Integration
 Channels Application Integration
 Other Units Application Integration (if required)
 Knowledge Base
 Social Media Management
 Customer Location Capturing

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 Surveys
 Internal Communicator
 Search and Advanced Search
 Dashboards
 Reports
 Audit Trails
 Others as and when identified

The Bank will procure hardware servers based on requirements in your proposal. The
Bank’s Information Technology (IT) staff will be available to release network and support
with accesses and controls needed for any integrations, configurations and deployment.

Outcome and Performance Standards

The expected outcome is to have a robust system that will make customer relationship
management prolific and efficient. The following performance standards will be expected:

1. Administrator
 Create users
 Remove users
 Assign and reassign roles

2. Supervisors
 Mapped to Users
 Assign and reassign roles
 Dashboards (Real Time & Historical)
 Reports (Real Time & Historical)

3. Users
 Assigned Task
 Dashboards (Real Time & Historical)
 Reports (Real Time & Historical)

4. Ticket or Case or SR Creation fields

 Reference/Ticket/Case/SR Number
 Date Query Was Received
 Date Issue Occurred (If any)
 Department; Branch or Medium Issue Occurred (If any)
 Total Amount Involved (If Any)
 Currency
 Contact Channel
 Name of Staff Receiving the Query (Owned By)
 Department or Branch of Staff Receiving the Query
 Customer’s Relation with the Bank

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 Valid & Acceptable National I.D Card Type
 Customer’s Preferred Method for Updates
 Category
 Sub Category
 Minor Category
 Root Cause
 Comments / Description / Desired Outcome Sought By Customer
 Action Taken
 Resolution Status
 Department or Branch Escalated To
 Staff Escalated To
 Escalation Date
 Resolved By
 Resolution Date
 Number of Days Taken To Resolve Query

5. Escalation Mappings
 Automatic escalation to assigned staffs and units as mapped

6. TATs and SLA

 Define TATs & SLAs in relation to the ticket type raised
 Trigger TATs and SLA breaches to superiors

7. SMS/Email Resolution alerts

 To include ticket numbers, case categorization and case status

8. Telemarketing Campaign Performance tracking

 Create Campaigns to show targets
 Map campaigns to accounts
 Monitor actuals to targets

9. Flexcube Integration
 Create Customers including Prospects
 Open Account
 Stop Cheque
 Place PND
 Hold Funds
 View Transactions

10. Avaya Aura Contact Centre (AACC) Integration

 Telephony
 Email
 Live Chat

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11. Channels Application Integration
 MFS applications
o Transactional alert platform
o Premium Mobile Applications
o Cardless withdrawal platforms
o Mobanking platform
o *901# platforms
o *500# platforms

 Cards applications
o VISA cards platforms
o GH Link platforms
o Ezwich platforms

 Corporate Solution applications

o Online/RIB platforms
o Access Pay platforms
o Collection & payment platforms

 Self Service applications

o ATM monitoring platforms

 Digital banking and Innovation applications

o Web – Acquirer

 Settlement & Reconciliation applications

12. Other Units Application Integration (if required)

 TROPS (Treasury Operations)
 CROPS (Credit Operations)
 DOMOPS (Domestic Operations)
 Clearing
 CDMS (Customer Data Management System)
 Treasury
 Credit Risk
 GRM (General Resource Management)
 HR (Human Resource)

13. Knowledge Base

 All Banking products & services
 Other relevant information

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14. Social Media Management
 Facebook
 Instagram
 Twitter
 WhatsApp

15. Customer Location Capturing

 GPRS Integrated for Contact Centre

16. Surveys
 Service Satisfaction feedback (SMS/Email)
 Reports

17. Internal Communicator

 Internal Chats (Individual/Group)
 Internal Calls
 Internal Video

18. Search and Advanced Search

 Multiple search engine

19. Dashboards
 Interaction categorization
 Query Status
 Agents/Staff Performance
 Units Performance
 Etc.

20. Reports
 Automated reports
 Self-creation reports
 Export of data in various formats including Excel, PDF, CSV etc.

21. Audit Trails

 All fields accessed should an audit trail of the staff, date and time.

22. Others as and when identified

 The system should be easily modified and integrated with new application and

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 Develop the CRM platform

 Integration of CRM to all banking applications
 Stress Test
 Deployment of the CRM platform
 Training
 Certification

Terms of Contract

The duration for implementation is expected to be between 30th April, 2018 and 30th
November, 2018 but contract will continue with support based on agreed SLA.

Payment, Incentives and Penalties

Payment for the service would be made as detailed below;

 30% upfront payment of the amount due to be made to the vendor on the
commencement of the exercise
 70% payment on completion and execution of all deliverables including tests,
training and certification.
 100% refund will be required for failing to meet the required deliverables under the

The provider would be required to operate an account with the Bank for the processing
of all payments.

Contractual Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions detailed in the signed contract would be binding on both parties
until such a time that the contract has been executed and completed or continue to run
for support as the case may be.

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Points of Contact for Future Correspondence

For any further clarifications / future correspondence on this exercise please contact the
under - listed;

Stephen Kojo Adjei 0244168495

Hetty Mercer 0244676552
Edward Nelson-Addy 0266000110


In view of the aforementioned, you are required to submit to the Bank, your Technical and
Financial Proposal for the Bank’s consideration.

We would therefore be grateful if you could submit your proposal before close of business
on 30th March, 2018.

Counting on your co-operation.

Yours faithfully

__________________ __________________
Stephen Kojo Adjei Edward Nelson-Addy

(Team Lead, Contact Centre) (Head, Service & Innovation)

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