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1. INTRODUCTION ............................................................................................ 3

2. IMPORTANCE OF TRAVELLING: ............................................................... 3

3. MY PERSONAL VIEW: .................................................................................. 6


Travelling means going from place to place, from country to country. Travelling is one of the

most important activities of human-life. Many of the purposes of human-life are fulfilled

through travelling.


 can be both within the country or between the countries,

for a short period of time, but can be of longer duration as well,

usually accompanied with some luggage such as suitcases, bags, etc. that contains the

personal belongings of the traveler,

usually with the intention of returning back, but can be one way journey as well,

for business purposes as a salesperson, agent, representative of firm, etc. or for

personal purpose such as health, pleasure, recreation, etc. or any other purpose.


The importance of travelling has been discussed below in points:

1. Health, happiness and pleasure: Travelling is the most important means of gaining

health, happiness, and pleasure. Travelling is mostly for pleasure as it gladdens out heart and

broadens our mind.

We find great pleasure in seeing the beauties of nature. The mighty mountains and the

meadows, the streams and the river, the deep blue sky, the green trees, the grand desert and

the vast sea – all touch the heart of the traveler.

2. Travelling is a good part of education. It is said that learning from books is only one part

of education. Travelling is another part of it. Rabindranath Tagore said ‘In education, reading

and seeing must be combined’.

Travelling educates the travelers. We gather immense knowledge on a thing that we see and

experience around us. On knowledge on a particular subject gets more perfect when we visit

the actual places.

The student life is incomplete without travel education. The knowledge we acquire from

books and teachers is surely an essential part of our education. All our doubts and questions

cease to exist when we see things with our own eyes.

Travelling makes different subjects of study vivid and interesting. We read the majesty of the

Himalayan mountain ranges, the vastness of the ocean, and the beauty of the Taj Mahal from

books. But we can know much more of them if we see them with our own eyes.

Travelling perfects our knowledge of books studied in schools and colleges. Books are the

first part of our education. A student of history, for example, will find himself face to face

with the history of the past, when he visits the historic places.

3. Travelling broadens our outlook. We can know much about the people of a country we

travel in. All this open our heart and mind. Travelling enhances our knowledge, broadens our

outlook and removes monotony.

4. Opportunity to meet new people: Travelling brings us into contact with different people

and different ways of life. We study closely their religions, customs, and manners. We get the

opportunity of meeting new people and seeing new things.

5. Travelling promotes us to develop national unity through the realization of diversity.

We can overcome our narrowness, prejudices and superstitions too.

6. We do not like to remain confined to a place. We want to go out and see things outside

our locality. In fact, to see the unseen and to know the unknown is inherent in human nature.

This curiosity leads men to travel from one place to another.

7. Travelling offers synthesis of cultures. Travelling makes us familiar with the vast world

outside the narrow space of our homes. We meet many people belonging to various cultures.

We start appreciating the tradition, manners and customs of other people. We often accept

and introduce some of their good elements in our own culture.


Travelling has been a passion of mine since forever. Travelling, for me, is same as reading

books. Travel gives me time to think, ideate, observe and learn new things - culture, food,

history. What I enjoy the most about the experience is getting the mingle with the localities

and gaining knowledge of their culture, cuisine, traditions etc. For me, travelling is this

surreal experience that helps bridge human lives and brings people closer.

I enjoy visiting archaeological sites of historical importance since they help a lot in

improving my knowledge of the place that I visit and its past. Travelling also gives an insight

into the lives of many from an observational perspective that helps develop my understanding

of people.

Travelling has always been a spiritual experience for me. There’s something about the might

of flowing rivers and waterfalls, the sheer magnificence mountain cliffs standing defiantly

tall, the beautiful valley scapes that lay nearby and the sight of wildlife roaming around in

their natural habitats that makes me feel closer to nature.