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The Third Annual

Diamond 2018 STEAM 

Fair Program 
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Project 1: Zooming in on Cancer
By Yasmina Lotfane-Robert (Gr. 6) and Anaya Joshi (Gr. 6)
Zoom in on one of the world's most dangerous diseases. In this project, we
will look into cancer cells and what they do to the human body. The fight
against cancer must continue so mankind can figure out what's really
behind this dangerous disease.

Project 2: Hovercraft
By Yavor Litchev (Gr. 8) and Olivia Hoover (Gr. 8)
My partner and I will present the hovercraft that we used in a Science
Olympiad event. We will explain its key mechanics, and how the hovercraft
helped us win gold.

Project 3: Firefighter Robot

By Boyan Litchev (Gr. 6)
My firefighter robot is designed to help firefighters extinguish fires, and
lower the lives lost every year because of fires.

Project 4: Origami Tessellations

By Bradley Winters (Gr. 8) and Paulak Roy (Gr. 8)
How origami is used in airbags.

Project 5: Creating a Kidney: How Stem Cells Might Be Used

to Bioengineer Vital Donor Organs
By Renee Daciuk (Gr. 7) and Lotem Loeb (Gr. 7)
We have created an informative slideshow of how stem cells can be used
to create organs for patients who need them. Since there are so many
patients who need vital organs and so few donors willing to donate, this can
be an extremely useful technique to bioengineer the needed organs.
Project 6: Halide Perovskites: Transfiguring the Future of
Solar Energy
By Anuprabha Dandapat (Gr. 6)
How the discovery of Halide Perovskites in the field of renewable energy
might be a great step forward in the process of revolutionizing affordable
solar energy for every home.

Project 7: Robotic Hand

By Artha Tavshikar (Gr. 8)
A robotic hand that can be controlled by using a glove.

Project 8: Glow in the Dark and UV

By Ben Santana (Gr. 6) and Jordan Min
We will be talking about UV light and glow in the dark stuff.

Project 9: 3D Printing
By Thomas Spirano (Gr. 6) and Joshua Wu (Gr. 7)
CAD, File Conversion, Slicing and Printing custom plastic designs on a 3D

Project 10: Coding

By Grace Fisher-Smith
Coding for fun and for the future!

Project 11: The Mirable Filter

By Pranav Chivukula (Gr. 6)
The Mirable Filter is a system that purifies rainwater and makes it
drinkable. It was created for the FLL 2017 project: Hydro Dynamics.
Project 12: The Psychology behind Buying Patterns
By Anvita Kalpande (Gr. 6)
This project goes over how marketing involves psychology. Through a
series of tests, these experiments show how peer pressure, familiarity, and
colors can influence buying patterns.

Project 13: Fruit DNA

By Maddie McNeil (Gr. 6) and Consuelo Reyes-Bricil
Can you believe that you’re eating DNA? We will extract the DNA strands
of certain fruits and show it to it to the audience.

Project 14: Optical Illusions

By Tasneem Ghadiali (Gr. 6)
What are optical illusions? Why do they trick our eyes as they do? How do
you make your own? This project will answer all these questions and more!

Project 15: Mobile Application-Architectural Approach

By Anika Chitnis (Gr. 7)
Designing a mobile application with an architectural and engineering
approach. Sample app will be presented with a unique idea.

Project 16: The Fake Cobra

By Cole Deardorf (Gr. 6)
Come learn about the amazing Hognose snake and how it defends itself
when threatened. You'll end up loving snakes!

Project 17: Feats of Folding

By Hyewon Suh (Gr. 6) and Sophia Shin (Gr. 6)
My partner and I wanted to explore how we could apply the qualities of
origami to technology that could potentially help people. This project is
about origami and its scientific uses.
Project 18: How MRI Works
By Feo Mozorov (Gr. 6) and Devan Patel (Gr. 6)
Our project is a scientific explanation of how an MRI works.

Project 19: Manga Artwork

By Ava Kunchala (Gr. 6)
Different pieces of my manga and chibi artwork, which I do as a hobby out
of school. Some pictures were drawn and colored/painted by hand, some
were colored digitally.

Project 20: Fire’s Different Identities

By Ali Mosallaei (Gr. 8)
You might think that coloring fire is a very simple experiment, and you
might even know how fire can be colored using chemicals...or do you?
Come see how chemicals ACTUALLY color fire.

Project 21: Termite Engineering

By Swapnesh Baguli (Gr. 8)
How termites ventilate.

Project 22: Tesla Coil

By Pranav Desai (Gr. 6)
Pranav's Tesla Coil - A miniature electrical resonant transformer circuit that
will produce high-voltage, low-current, high frequency alternating-current
electricity that will wirelessly illuminate a fluorescent light bulb.

Project 23: Vedic Mathematics

By Ram Godbole (Gr. 6)
Vedic Maths is based on sixteen sutras, or principles. These principles are
general in nature and can be applied in many ways.This project will only be
describing one of the sutras in detail.
Project 24: Art by Rohan
By Rohan Seth (Gr. 7)
This is a display of my artwork over the past few years.

Project 25: Ebola

By Shruti Pokharna (Gr. 7)
Look at my presentation and hear what I have to say about this fatal, rare,
and currently incurable disease.

Project 26: Mini Ballista

By Cameron Movsessian (Gr. 6)
I made a miniature ballista, which is a medieval projectile launcher.

Project 27: How to Spot a Psychopath

By Pavan Cheruku (Gr. 8)
We generally think of psychopaths as killers, part of an outside society.
However, the truth is that you're probably friends with one, perhaps you are
one. Let's take a trip into the psychology of a psychopath.

Project 28: CRISPR - A New Frontier in Medicine

By Ishan Kinikar (Gr. 7)
Explore the world of Gene Editing with CRISPR. This is the latest cutting
edge technology in curing diseases using changing the very definition of

Project 29: DNA Mutation

By Feodor Dubinsky (Gr. 8)
I am doing an experiment to see what mutation of DNA under UV radiation
depends on. In my project I run a couple testings to see difference in DNA
which were radiated differently or totally not and by an electrophoresis kit
will check the differences in types of chromosomes that the DNA consist of.
Project 30: Pascal’s Triangle
By Laya Ananthakrishnan (Gr. 7), Alexandra Ma (Gr. 7), and Harshini
Pathivada (Gr. 7)
Our project is about Pascal's triangle which was created by a French
mathematician named Blaise Pascal. We did it in math class and we were
super awestruck so we wanted to share it with everyone! There are many
rules and patterns you can find! That's what makes it so cool!

Project 31: Digital DNA

By Sarah Tabba (Gr. 6)
DNA is the blueprint of life because it contains the instructions needed for
an organism to grow, develop, survive and reproduce.DNA digital data
storage refers to any process to store digital data in the base sequence of

Project 32: The Dangers of Vaping

By Ronak Wakhlu (Gr. 6), Sathvik Appana (Gr. 6) and Nayan Das (Gr. 6)
The team will present information and a demo, demonstrating the dangers
of Vaping.

Project 33: The Inverted Virtual Reality

By Shireen Kumar (Gr. 7) and Zainab Wasim
The objective for this project is to mimic the illusional effects of how the
eyes works. When looking for ideas we came upon this topic of eyes and
how they work.

Project 34: Cutting with CRISPR

By Erin Kim (Gr. 8)
CRISPR, a cutting edge device that can edit the DNA, is a reality. Join me
to understand what CRISPR is, what it can do, and how it could change our
Project 35: R3PTIL3 PATROL
By Ellie Caro (Gr. 7)
A robot reptile patrols his territory, what will it do about the obstacles it

These are projects from kids NOT attending Diamond Middle School, however they
come from an Elementary School. To keep the voting fair, however, these projects
cannot be voted for.

Project 36: Coloring Flowers (The Process)

By Aala Mosallaei (Gr. 2 - Fiske Elementary School)
Have you ever seen the flowers at a florist shop, and the color of the flower
is not normally what it is meant to be? Chances are, the flower has been
artificially colored! Come see my project to know the florist's secret, and the
science behind it.

Project 37: Crazy Curves

By Max Ramanathan and Spencer Tisdale (Gr. 5 - Fiske Elementary)

Project 38: Will it Bounce?

By Ava Racanelli, Juliana Lynch and Maya Grana (Gr. 5 - Fiske

Project 39: The Cell Cycle and Structure

By Hawraa Hasan (Gr. 7)
I am going to describe about the main phases of the cell.
Project 40: Roller Coaster
By Pria Sawhney (Gr. 7) and Aly Hodge (Gr. 7)
A Science Olympiad Event...In the fair!

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