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Æon Unified Experience Chart

With all of the options now open to players in the Æon Continuum the
possibilities of cross era character interactions are becoming more and more
likely. In an effort to bring balance to character progression I have compiled this
experience chart. In any case where the games were in conflict the point value
used by two of the three was used. In cases of traits not present in other settings
the original values were kept.

Trait Increase Cost

Attribute Current rating x 4
Mega-Attribute Current rating x 5
Ability Current rating x 2
Background Current rating x 2
Aptitude Mode Current rating x 5
Quantum Power (lvl 1) Current rating x 3
Quantum Power (lvl 2) Current rating x 5
Quantum Power (lvl 3) Current rating x 7
Willpower Current rating
Psi Current rating x 6
Quantum Current rating x 8
Quantum Pool 3 per dot
Initiative Current rating

New Trait Cost

Ability 3
Specialty (max 3/ability) 1
Ability Mastery
(max 3 for Inspired, 1 for all others) 12
Background 2
Background Enhancement 12
Merit (Superiors Only) Value x 3
Knack, Heroic 10
Knack, psychic or dynamic (lvl 1) 8
Knack, psychic or dynamic (lvl 2) 12
Knack, psychic or dynamic (lvl 3) 16
Mega-Attribute 6
Enhancement 5
Quantum Power (lvl 1) 3
Quantum Power (lvl 2) 6
Quantum Power (lvl 3) 9
Aptitude Mode 7
Auxiliary Mode (max 1 dot) 10