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OFFICE OF THE COURT ADMINISTRATOR tla name iu roca Douglas County Courthouse 306 Eighth Avenue West, ‘Aexanciia, Minnesota 56208-1704 *#** FAX COVER SHEET**** DATE: _3-Z8&-/8 TO: Sve Abe Ecol FROM: ah Act NUMBER OF PAGES + COVER SHEET: Ss COMMENTS: Roceiyit o Copey- Of, Compliant Returm telephone call requested: Cl Yes (No OFFICIAL RECEIPT Douglas County Court Administrator 305 8th Avenue W. Alexandria, MN 56308 Telephone:(320)762-3033 Payor Receipt No. Steven Eckert 0021-2018-00657 Transaction Date 03/28/2018 (Description Amount Paid} Miscellaneous Payment Mise Plain Copy - Single 10.00 SUBTOTAL 10.00 PAYMENT TOTAL, 10.00 DebitiCredit Card (Ref #518204) Tendered 40.00 Total Tendered 10.00 ‘Change 0.00 osizer2018 Cashier Aut 03:44 PM ‘Station 21DEPUTYB. 1649363748 OFFICIAL RECEIPT bec 27 200 -State of Minnesota, -Sounty | doug as i District Court a) se] RTL - 10-1614 0210100 yoo1zee4 f aaTeFLED a Ty ema Oy ewer Bi aa CD SERIOUS FELONY ‘& SUMMONS CO rEvony Cl WARRANT State of Minnesota _ Gl Gross MISDEMEANOR DW] ORDER OF DETENTION ATP, | {] GROSS MISDEMEANOR, The Comptainart, being duly sworn, makes Co ‘and states that there 1s probable cause {0 believe thatthe defendant commitzed tha following offensa(s) The Complainant states that the following facts establish PROBABLE CAUSE" Your Complainant, Scott Kent, 18 a duly licensed peace officer in the State of Minnesota, employed as Captain for the Alexandria Polace Department. He 15 familiar with the reports of law enforcement officers that have investigated this matter and believes the following to be true and accurate on November 15, 2010, a 6 year old girl identified as A.H told a teacher at Woodland Blementary School that she had ‘owies* on her tumy and on her back With the child's permission, the teacher lifted her shirt and saw that, indeed, the child had bruises on her front from her sternum to a point above her belly button, and on her back from midway down her back to the waistband of her pants. when the teacher asked AH. what happened, A.H. responded, "Mom hat me." Later an the day on |. November isth, Detectave Sergeant Larry Dailey from the Alexandria Police Department and Social Worker Nancy Weibe from Douglas County Social Servaces went to the elementary school and conducted an anterview with A.H. During the interview, A.H. reported that the incident had occurred the previous day (meaning Sunday, November 14, 2010) in the bathroom. Ms. Weibe took photographs of A.U.'s inguries so that they could be documented. A. lives in a residence located at 1207 Irvang Street, an Alexandria, Douglas County, MN, with her aiblings and her adoptive mothers, Jennifer and Sarah Hart. After interviewing A.H , Detective Sergeant Dailey called Jennifer and Sarah Hart and asked them to cone to the Law Enforcement Center to be anterviewed separately. Detectave Sergeant Da:ley and Ne Weibe interviewed Sarah Margaret Hart, DOB 79, defendant herein, first. Sarah immediately took responsability for the spanking that occurred the previous day. The defendant explained that she and her partner, Jennifer, do not ordinarily use spanking as a disciplinary measure in their household. However, they have recently resorted to spanking to deal with A. ‘'¢ behavior The defendant admitted that she let her anger get out of control the previous day wale dealing with AH. ‘The defendant explained that she took A.H into the bathroom and bent AH over the edge of the bathtub. The defendant admitted that she bit A-H. on the backside and acknowledged that the marks on A.H. stomach probably came from A.H. beang bent over the tub. FORM ce verve noictwenT surM@EMeENT woe [eae pace [2_] oF [3 ‘SIS COMPLAINT NUMBERS: After anterviewing the defendant, Detective Sergeant Dailey and Ma Weibe dnterviewed the defendant's partner, Jennifer Hart. During the interview, Jennifer acknowledged that she knew the defendant had spanked A.H. the prevaous day. Your Complainant believes that the above facts constitute probable cause to believe ‘that the above-named defendant, Sarah Margaret Hart, date of birth: 04/08/1579, committed the hereanafter-described offense (s): ~ CHARGE(S) Count aa charge 1 Malicious Punishment of Child In Violation of: 609.377 subd. 1, ref. Subd. 2 Maxiun Penalty: One Year in Jail and/or $3,000.00 Fine on or about November 14, 2010, within the County of Douglas, State of Minnesota, the above-named defendant, Sarah Margaret Mart, date of birth: 04/08/1979, a parent, did by an intentional act wath reapect to a child evidence unreasonable force or cruel daecaplane that is excessive under the circumstances. Count 12 charge 1 Domestic Assault Zn Violation of: 609.2242 Subd. 1(2) Maximum Penalty: Ninety Days in Jail and/or $1,000.00 Fine on or about Novenber 14, 2010, within the County of Douglas, State of Minnesota, the above-named Defendant, Sarah Margaret Hart, date of birth: 04/00/1979, did antentionally inflict or attempt to inflict bodily barn upon a family or household menber THEREFORE, Complainant requests that said Defendant, rubyecto ball or conditons of release be () arrested or that other lanfel steps Be takon to obtam defendant's appearance in COW OF (2) deramed. f already mn custody, pending frther proceedings, and that said Defendant otherwise be dealt with according to law. DATE PROSECUTING ATTORNEY'S SIGNATURE amano (PROSECUTING ATTORNEY: NAMES "ADDRESSTELEPTONE ‘Mogan E Burkhammer, Assletant Dougies County Attorney 388583 ae cae ae ee eee romita 19s Court Case # ‘0 Page (S}of [37] wee * "Tus COMPLAINT was subscribed ark 7m to before the undersigned tus [Bh cay. Drone — ZO] MAMET ind, UcPrerso~, FINDING OF PROBABLE CAUSE From the above sworn fects, and any supporting affidavits or supplemental sworn testimony, I, the Issuing Officer, have determined ‘Mat probable cause exists to suppor. subject to bei! or conditions of release where applicable, Defendant(s) arrest or other lewfut stops be taken to obtain Defendant(s) appearence 1a Court, ar Daferdant{s) detention f already in custody, ponding further Proceedings The Dotendant(s) is/are thereof cherged with the above stated offense(s) ‘SUMMONS OX) THEREFORE, You, THE ABOVE-NAMED DEFENDANT(S). ARE HEREBY SUMMONED to appear on tne AY +h, day of Boviae (0:30) the above-named court at CANT COURT ‘COURT ADM. PPEAR in apo ots salar JF YOU FAIL TO APPEAR in response to this SUMMONS, a WARRANT FOR YOUR Al eee CT EXECUTE IN MINNESOTA ONLY Tote sherit of the above-named county: or other parson euthorized to execute this WARRANT: | hereby order, inthe noave of the Stee of Minnesota, tht the above-named Detondant(s) be apprehended and arrested witout deley and brougha promptly before the ‘ebove-namod Court (fin session, and tf net. before a Judge or Judicial Officer of such Court without deley, end a ony torent nt later tan 36 hours after te arrestor as 3000 thereafter es such Judge or Judicial OMoer 1s avaiable) to be deat wih ‘according to lew ORDER OF DETENTION Since the above-named Defendant(s) is/are already m custody, | hereby order, subject to bai! or conditions of release, that the above-named Detendart{s) continue to be detained pending further proceodings Bou (ConctionsofRaase Tos Campion ly scribe and ower 5 sed by wus heel Once es [Yd yor 7A NAME RICHARD T. JESSEN ae True _noppt oan DERTRICT COURT JUDGE ‘Sworn testimony has ben given before ta Judicial Oicer by the foftowing ‘STATE OF MINNESOTA __ COUNTY OF Clerk's Snare 0uG; COURTEEAS o 2UV ry State of Minnesota Ms a Tn Coy RETURATOF SERVICE hereby Carty and Return that | have served a copy of ts ¥ COMPLAINT ipon then Defendant(s) aroun Sarah Margaret Hart Signature of Authorized Agent uc) JE iene ec Fom- Rv 1295,