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CPS In San Diego is Cited by a Grand Jury for Gross Misconduct

Posted on January 25, 2010 by yvonnemason

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San Diego County Grand Jury Cites Further CPS Misconduct

Written by: Rodney Share
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July 19th, 2009
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Leave a comment Despite more than two decades of repeated investigations by the San Diego County Grand Jury
of misconduct by the County of San Diego Child Welfare Services (aka San Diego CPS) agency, the abusive agency
and its illegal and harmful actions continue unabated. Safeguards to fix errors and abuses have been perverted
into meaningless mechanisms to cover up wrong-doing and insulate the County of San Diego and individual social
workers from criminal prosecution and civil litigation. The agency is unrelenting in its refusals to correct its own
problems, and continues to run roughshod over the law, civil rights, and best interests of children. The County of
San Diego and its derelict Board of Supervisors also avoid taking necessary actions to correct the problems.

Two reports have been released in 2008 and 2009 that indicate how San Diego CPS frequently:

•Removes children from homes without revealing the reasons

•Fails to document reasons for CPS actions in writing

•Fails to provide written communications and instructions to parents

•Claims to courts and others to have communicated in writing to parents, but no such evidence of this alleged
written communication could be found by the Grand Jury. This implies that CPS social workers lied and/or
perjured. This is consistent with past findings in previous Grand Jury investigations that CPS social workers
routinely lie and perjure to the detriment of children and parents.

•Fails to objectively and competently investigate complaints regarding CPS and its social workers after children
are removed from homes.

•Uses the removal of children from homes on inadequately investigated allegations as an excuse to stop further
CPS Refuses to Communicate Effectively with Parents
CPS social workers avoid using written communications with parents. It appears part of the purpose for this is to
leave parents uncertain of what is happening and stymied in their responses because they lack critical information
that should have been provided to them.

(from San Diego County Grand Jury 2008 Report: NOTIFICATION AND TRAINING IN CHILD PROTECTIVE
SERVICES, page 2)

The complainants were a small group of individuals from all areas of the County and from different ethnic and
economic groups. Their common ground was that they all had been accused of child neglect or abuse resulting in
children having been temporarily removed from their custody. A common complaint was, at the time the children
were removed, that they did not receive verbal or written notification specifying the reasons for removal. There
was also an indication that the parents or custodians experienced ongoing difficulties in communicating with the
social workers assigned to their cases and more difficulty in receiving written notices updating the status of those

Fact: Four of the six complainants were not told why their children were being removed nor were they notified in

Finding: Of the cases we examined, the Grand Jury found no record of written notification at the time of removal.

CPS Refuses to Record Interviews and Use Written Communications

It is unlikely that the following behavioral patterns apply to all CPS workers. In a system of hundreds of employees
it seems likely there must be a few “good apples”. Yet they appear to be rare. If a citizen of San Diego believes the
stereotype of CPS social workers as duplicitous abusive liars who will harm children and parents and do so
without reasonable care for facts and without available means of recourse, it is with good reason.

CPS social workers do not record interviews and refuse to allow recordings of interviews when people request to
make such recordings. Based upon these Grand Jury reports, statements from parents who have been abused by
CPS, and documents in CPS case files, it appears that this conduct occurs for the following reasons:

•Social workers do not want to be held accountable for getting facts straight, so they are intent on covering up
original physical evidence except for that evidence that they can control and manipulate as they see fit.

•Social workers want to be able to bias reports and findings in any way they see fit, the facts be damned. They do
this via biased choice of words, false implications and statements that would leave an objective reader of a report
believing things that are not true, intentional or seriously negligent false statements, and distortions and
fabrications of statements of others. They omit mention of their own lying and manipulations and abusive
conduct. Once they have “documented” a case with inaccurate, biased, and defamatory misinformation in their
self-serving and biased manner, then there is no original source material upon which abused families can rely
upon to correct the systematic misinformation promulgated by CPS. This then functions as an excuse for why they
will not reopen a biased and seriously flawed investigation.

•Social workers do not want recordings of their verbal statements because they frequently lie, make inflammatory
remarks, exhibit blatant disregard for the law and safety of children, show evident sexism and bias particularly
against fathers and men, and commit psychological abuses and use unwarranted threats against parents to
manipulate and control them.

•Social workers want to be able to manipulate 3rd parties contacted during the course of investigations to produce
false “evidence” to be used against parents whom they have already decided with prejudice to target for
deprivation of civil rights, suspension or termination of custody, or other unjustifiable actions.

•Social workers and the County of San Diego want to avoid prosecution and civil litigation for violation of the US
Constitution and Federal Civil Rights legislation. If proper documentation of their actions and words and those of
others were kept, it would significantly assist families abused by CPS in criminal prosecutions and law suits
against individual social workers and the County of San Diego.
CPS Has No Effective Oversight
There is no effective oversight of San Diego CPS and its social workers. Instead, there is refusal to perform
objective and competent investigations of their abuses and errors. The agency’s supposed complaint investigation
system, the “CPS Ombudsman” office, simply functions as a rubber stamp and biased self-defense mechanism
covering up abuses and errors by CPS and abusive social workers.

As the Grand Jury stated:


When errors are made in CWS operations they are often highly visible and can have a devastating impact on the
children and families involved. In addition, they have a negative impact on the overall credibility of the
department. Where independent review exists it gives people confidence that no cover-ups are occurring. When
there is no investigation, objectivity can be called into question. Objective investigations give the public
confidence no cover-up exists.

Based on recent newspaper articles and citizen complaints, there is a public perception that CWS’s internal
investigations are biased in favor of the agency. Interviews with CWS managers revealed that internal
investigations are limited to a review of the case file and no additional field investigation occurs. When specifically
asked if they sought out the truth, managers indicated that once a child was no longer in the home, active
investigation of the initial circumstances of a case ceases.

San Diego CPS: 20+ Years of Abusive and Illegal Conduct

The 2008 and 2009 reports are rehashes in many ways. Citizens continue to file the same types of complaints
against this agency year after year because the County of San Diego refuses to fix the problems.


In response to concerns regarding CWS processes in the removal of children that developed while reviewing
previous Grand Jury investigations, the 2008/2009 Grand Jury undertook a study of the history of Grand Jury
investigations as they related to CWS for the past 20 years. It has been noted that Grand Jury reports during this
period discussed similar complaints and made recommendations to CWS about its initial contacts with families.
Parents complain that these meetings are fraught with difficulties. They think that initial reports are not always
accurate. To many parents, both the initial determination and the process leading to it are a source of confusion
and misunderstanding. The initial determination is important because it serves as the foundation for Court
proceedings, including placement of the child. In general, parents are not aware of any means to challenge the
initial determination until a Court hearing.

The Grand Jury undertook this investigation after Jurors noted that CWS is the current recipient of complaints of
a similar nature to those covered in previous Grand Jury reports. The current Grand Jury investigation indicates
that decisions made by CWS personnel are not subjected to significant oversight although they are subject to
limited internal review of the case file. Additionally, employees of CWS testified that they “have the ability to
consciously manipulate the Risk Assessment tool(1) for the purpose of supporting any decision [they] …. make.”

1. Risk Assessment is a form that is used by CWS workers to assess the level of risk and may support the removal
of the child.

Complicit Involvement of Rady Children’s Hospital and Chadwick Center

The staff of Rady Children’s Hospital and Chadwick Center have been involved in many abuses against families
and children. The staff of these organizations appear to lack objectivity and allow themselves to be entangled in
CPS misconduct for their own financial gain.

Instead of helping children, they aim to help CPS. These are two very different goals. The first is to help children
recover from any trauma that may have occurred, the second is often to traumatize children and brainwash them
to assist CPS is generating evidence falsely to be used against CPS’s chosen targets, even if their targets did
nothing illegal.

CPS and law enforcement feed incomplete and biased information to therapists who are supposed to be helping
children. Often truly abusive parents have engaged in brainwashing tactics on their children, also, hoping to help
build false accusations against the other parent. These behaviors all result in the focus of the therapy being on
building a CPS or criminal case often against a parent who did not do anything illegal, not discovering what really
happened or did not happen and helping the children deal with it. Accused parents are not provided the
opportunity to talk with these therapists or to find out what is being discussed, even though it may be
substantially inaccurate.

Beyond the ability of accusing parents to brainwash their children directly, accusing parents or other accusers
often have their words and statements fed to the therapists via CPS and law enforcement. The result is that these
therapists lack objectivity and full information about a case. They are taught to regard the accused parent as a
criminal and to speak about him or her in front of the children as such. They will consequently cause more
damage to the children involved. They push children to make false statements and develop unfounded fears,
causing what may turn into a lifetime of trauma for these children. The trauma may not be from anything done by
the accused parent or caregiver, but rather from the psychological assault on the children committed by the
therapists at the behest of CPS and law enforcement.

(from San Diego County Grand Jury Report of 1993-1994: Dale Akiki Case and Prosecutorial Misconduct)
The Grand Jury was able to determine that therapy frequently is not used to its fullest treatment benefit, but is an
adjunct to develop evidence for the prosecution of child molestation cases. The many issues involving conflict of
interest, hidden agendas and misguided treatment by therapists are addressed in this report as well as the
dispelling of the myth that satanic ritual abuse is prevalent in child molestation cases in San Diego County.

The Grand Jury’s investigation of the prosecution procedures started with the role of the investigators who
respond to the first report of molestation, and the relation to the social worker who participated in the first
response. The Jury then went on to review the operation at Children’s Hospital with regard to the initial
evidentiary interview and physical examination.

The Grand Jury spent a considerable amount of time investigating the role of therapists in dealing with children,
and a review of the beliefs in ritual abuse and satanic ritual abuse. Many mental health workers were interviewed
and testified before the Grand Jury. These included Marriage, Family and Child Counselors (MFCC), Licensed
Clinical Social Workers (LCSW), clinical psychologists and psychiatrists.

Therapists are utilized by the court and the District Attorney’s office to provide healing and treatment for young
children who are victims of sexual molestation. In some cases these therapists have been used to encourage
disclosures by children of events or perceived events relating to sexual molestation cases. The Grand Jury finds
that “The San Diego Model” needs improvement when compared with the Orange County CAST model.

The question of whether the prosecuting deputy district attorney had produced enough evidence to initiate
proceedings against Dale Akiki is one that concerned this Grand Jury. This was especially true since there was
almost no physical evidence, and in most instances disclosure by the children came only after intense therapy.

The Grand Jury has learned that the original prosecutor in the case had concerns about the believability,
credibility and reliability of the children’s testimony. She lacked confidence in proceeding with the case because
she believed that the children’s testimony was neither accurate nor consistent.

Rady, Chadwick, CPS, Police, and DA Dishonestly Tow Government Line

Many of the mental health professionals working with allegedly abused children in San Diego County are
employees of Rady Children’s Hospital and its affiliate Chadwick Center. These so-called professionals are not
objective parties. They have a vested interest in serving the goals of CPS and the government before the goals of
helping children. Children do not pay for their services, the government does. They know who their customers are,
and if their customers want them to harm children then they will gladly do it for a fee.

CPS social workers are often in frequent contact with these therapists. As the Grand Jury found, when a therapist
does not agree with the assessment of a CPS social worker, the therapist stands to lose business from this
disagreement. Consequently, these therapists align with CPS because it is in their financial interests to do so. This
is yet another problematic practice that results in wrongful accusations, abusive child custody changes, wrongful
prosecutions, and indeed in some case in the covering up of actual child abuse by the actual abusive parent
because the CPS social worker in charge of the case refuses to act in an objective and responsible fashion.

When therapists and doctors from Chadwick and Rady are not sure what is going on in a family, they will allow
police and CPS to influence them with intentional misinformation. As mandatory child abuse reporters, if these
therapists and doctors are informed of something that could be abuse or neglect and fail to report it, they could be
disciplined or prosecuted. Often they are not sure what is happening because they have incomplete information,
so it is understandable that they may fail to file a report.

But when they realize they may have failed to follow the mandatory child abuse reporting laws and there are signs
of real abuse and neglect that had been pointed out to them, they will turn on the party that may push for
disciplinary action against them. It is a game of kill the messenger intended to cover-up to protect themselves and
their government handlers. When enough of these dishonest doctors and therapists stick together with their
distortions, fabrications, and attacks on a parent who has legitimate concerns backed by real evidence of child
abuse or neglect, they can turn that parent into an accused target for the government to persecute. They are happy
to do it to protect themselves and line their pockets with government money. They will write letters and reports
which intentionally omit evidence which shows legitimate concerns of the target parent, and instead portray the
target parent as crazy and abusive.

San Diego parents would be well-advised to never trust anybody at Rady Children’s Hospital or Chadwick Center
or any other doctor or therapist who is involved in child abuse or neglect reporting. Even if a parent thinks they
have good evidence of abuse or neglect and have shared it with these so-called professionals, it can and will be
ignored and evidence fabricated or spun to portray them as the problem if the government handlers such as CPS
social workers wish the doctors or therapists to do this.

Rady, Chadwick, CPS, police, the District Attorney, and others get together on Wednesdays at Rady Children’s
Hospital for “seminars” on child abuse topics. Too often these are used as gab-fests for these corrupt and
dishonest parties to influence each other inappropriately and to set the government position on particular families
and cases to which all the parties must adhere at risk of discipline or loss of income.

As a parent who risks contact with these corrupt groups, you run the very real risk of being turned into a falsely
accused child abuser. Every contact you have with these people can be spun to portray you inaccurately, and they
will do it willingly so that even outside objective parties doubt what you say and believe the lies and distortions of
Rady, Chadwick, CPS, and police staff. It may sound alarmist, but it is a real phenomenon that occurs because
there are plentiful incentives for dishonesty and spin-jobs and inadequate mechanisms for punishing or removing
those who engage in them.

Therapists Become Child Abusers

Therapists who are used by CPS and law enforcement agencies as described above may function as government-
paid child abusers and brainwashers. In such cases, they force psychological trauma on target children until the
children break and do what is demanded of them, even if they know they are lying. This includes repeating false
allegations against the chosen targets of CPS and the police.

(from San Diego County Grand Jury Report of 1993-1994: Dale Akiki Case and Prosecutorial Misconduct)
Contamination is the act of introducing outside influences into a person’s subjective experience so that either his
memory of an event or his description of the event is altered.

Kenneth V. Lanning is the Supervisory Special Agent assigned to the Behavioral Science Unit of the FBI at their
academy in Quantico, Virginia. In his list of possible sources of contamination he includes “overzealous
intervenors.” He points out how interested parties such as parents, other family members, doctors, therapists,
social workers, law enforcement and prosecutors can create “intervenor contagion.”

Lanning describes how contamination occurs:

“Victims have been subtly as well as overtly rewarded and bribed by usually well meaning intervenors for
furnishing details. In addition, some of what appears to have happened may have originated as a result of
intervenors making assumptions about or misinterpreting what the victims are saying. The intervenors then
repeat, and possibly embellish, these assumptions and misinterpretations and eventually the victims are ‘forced’
to agree or come to accept this “official” version of what happened.”

In the Akiki case it appears that contamination occurred at many levels. First, the parents had several meetings
where the accusations against Dale Akiki were discussed. Although the parents were cautioned not to talk about
these events with the children, the fact is that at least some of the parents did. One father even supplied an
audiotape of his session with his child.

The therapists were also a source of contamination. Therapy is not only a possible source of contamination, it is by
its very nature a form of contamination. Therapy is an active effort to provide the client a new framework to
understand the events in their lives. Therapeutic change on the part of the client is based on suggestibility. In
order for a person to benefit from therapy, some degree of suggestibility must exist within the client. Unless
people were suggestible, therapy would not work. Contamination in therapy can occur through overt and covert

Therapists can also contaminate each other, and this is then passed on to the client. When one therapist deals
with more than one client connected with a particular case, it is possible that information “extracted” from one
client interview can consciously or subconsciously be transferred to a second client. In addition, when several
therapists dealing with different clients in the same case get together, the possibility of the transfer of
misinformation or misinterpretations exists. The possibility becomes even greater when all the therapists have a
common bias, such as accepting ritual abuse allegations as established fact.

The best example of contamination in the Akiki case was the fact that the therapists were not only trying to treat
the children but they were also attempting to be criminal investigators. The prosecutor asked the therapists to
provide more disclosures of abuse. One therapist reported that she encouraged parents to use the “empty chair”
technique with their child at home so that the child could accuse Dale Akiki, and act out her anger toward him in
effigy. The parents were urging the children to provide more and more allegations that could be used for trial. The
pressures on the children were enormous.

According to Elizabeth Loftus, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology at the University of Washington and author of
several books and articles on memory, “There is enormous variability in the age of earliest memory from two years
to eight years and occasionally later.” Young people go through a period of development when their vocabulary
has not been fully formed and where they do not really understand how the world works, so they make up
explanations for what they observe, which may not be very logical.

Psychological studies do not show a simple relation between age and suggestibility. A person’s perception,
memory and verbal report of an event can be influenced by numerous factors unrelated to the truth of the
incident. Pre-event and post-event information, interviewer bias, repeated yes-no questioning and the wording of
a question can influence the recall and reporting of an event. Research shows that young children are generally
more suggestible

than older children, and that children can be made to distort information based on what they believe the
interviewer wants to hear, and this can occur consciously or unconsciously.

The dilemma faced by the prosecution is how to extract believable testimony from very young children. To aid
them in this effort the prosecution often turns to therapists.


The term “therapist” represents a function, not a title. Persons of several backgrounds and training are considered
capable of treating a child victim as a therapist. These include social workers holding the credentials of Marriage,
Family, Child Counselor (MFCC) and Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), either of whom need to have a
Master of Social Work degree. A therapist may also be a psychologist with a Ph.D., or Psy.D. or a psychiatrist

San Diego County therapist, Michael Yapko, in his book, states there are essential key points that therapists need
to remember. Some of his findings include the statements that, “Therapists often hold erroneous views on the
workings of memory, repression and hypnosis; most therapists surveyed admitted they do nothing to differentiate
truth from fiction in their clients’ narratives; Therapists and researchers have no reliable means to distinguish
authentic from false memories and clients’ need for acceptance is a powerful factor that leads them to conform
with therapists’ perceptions.”

The author stressed that, “Therapy typically involves more art than science, and how it is practiced is largely a
product of a therapist’s subjective beliefs.”

Families of child victims may privately hire a therapist of their own choosing; however if the therapist is to be paid
through the Child/Victim Witness Fund they must select from a list of therapists who are approved by the
Juvenile Court. In order to receive court approval, the applicant must complete an extensive and thorough
application showing his/her educational training, existence of a State license, specialties and experience. They
must also affirm that they have viewed a three-hour videotape and the accompanying syllabus of a training
seminar for therapists. The Jury found that an inexperienced intern could be covered by this Court approval under
the blanket of a licensed therapist simply by filling out a short two-page application. There is no screening of the
amount of supervision the intern receives.
In fact, there is no evidence that the applications of the licensed therapists receive more than a cursory screening
or that there is any periodic peer review of the therapist’s performance. The only peer review protocol that the
Grand Jury found was developed to assist the presiding judge of the Juvenile Court to communicate with the
mental health community on issues relating to the writing of reports, the format and guidelines adopted for that
purpose, and to educate them concerning the interaction between the work of the court and that of the therapists.
There was no provision for judging the work of the therapist as a therapist unless a complaint was received, and
then the matter was referred to the presiding judge for action that he/she might feel was appropriate.

Therapists Fail to Adequately Document Their Work

Government-paid therapists and those paid by accusing parties, often malicious parents in a divorce, often fail to
adequately document any of their work. They do not audio record or video record sessions, and they may take few
if any notes. The result of this sloppiness is that the “evidence” which exists comes down to hearsay perceptions of
the therapist who can spin and distort statements to be whatever is necessary to endear themselves to CPS. A
“good therapist” from CPS’s perspective is one who documents whatever CPS wants them to say and hides
whatever disagrees with CPS.

Even therapists who do not believe there is any abuse happening are forced to report abuse by mandatory child
abuse reporting laws. This is what happened in the Dale Akiki case, one of the most egregious wrongful
prosecution cases involving child abuse allegations in the history of the United States.

(from San Diego County Grand Jury Report of 1993-1994: Dale Akiki Case and Prosecutorial Misconduct)


In the Akiki case, when suspicion of molestation first surfaced, the pastor of the church called in a therapist who
was a consultant to the church to interview the children. After interviewing them, he turned in a report of
suspected molestation, as required by law, to the authorities and referred the children to another therapist who
saw each child one time. He later told the prosecuting deputy district attorney that he did not feel that Dale Akiki
had been involved in any molest. Many of the children underwent a videotaped evidentiary interview at the CCP at
Children’s Hospital.

After that the children were placed in treatment with the various therapists mentioned above. The Child Victim-
Witness Protocol, supposedly followed by the District Attorney’s office, calls for therapists to assume that they
may be called as witnesses in a trial and that they, therefore, should maintain “concise, clear and factual records.”
In the Akiki case, there was little or no documentation of any of these sessions which went on for an extended
period some of them twice weekly for years. There were no videotapes or audiotapes, and notes were either
illegible or non-existent.

In addition to trying to provide healing therapy, some therapists were also engaging in investigative techniques,
trying to extract disclosures of molestation from the children. Therapists can get children to say just about
anything. When children initially say that nothing happened to them, a misguided therapist labels them as being
in denial. Then “therapy” is sometimes continued for months or sometimes years until the children disclosed
answers the therapists want to hear.

In the case of Alicia W., which was studied by a previous Grand Jury, the child was kept from her parents and
“treated” by a therapist who told her that she would not be allowed to return to her parents until she admitted that
her father had raped her. The child originally disclosed that a stranger had entered her bedroom window, but no
one believed her until conclusive physical evidence proved that her statements were true.

Records show that most of the therapists involved in the Akiki case attended the seminar where the training video
for therapists was filmed. The Jury found that the training video was excellent, but concluded that there was a
blatant disregard of its contents when it came to working with the children.

Tactics such as the brainwashing and threats used on Alicia Wade are emotional and verbal abuse against a child.
They are paid for with San Diego County taxpayer dollars. As a result, all taxpaying citizens of San Diego are
forced to contribute to the child abuse epidemic in the county because they help fund child abuse by the

Therapists who engage in these forms of child abuse refuse to document them in any way. The result is that they
help protect themselves from prosecution and lawsuits to hold them responsible for the child abuse they have
committed under government direction. Usually this cover-up succeeds very well. The exceptions are few and far
between, but include cases such as the Wade family lawsuit that resulted in CPS-hired therapist Kathleen
Goodfriend losing her license and being held liable for a judgement of $1 million for her abusive treatment of
Alicia Wade.

CPS agencies across the state are on record as opposing liability for misconduct of social workers and the people
they hire to abuse children under the guise of “therapy” as is shown by the record for California Assembly Bill 1355
in 1995:

(from California AB 1355)

DIGEST: This bill specifies that immunity from prosecution does not include specified acts on the part of a
juvenile social worker, child protection worker or other public employees.

Senate Floor Amendments of 9/8/95 recast provisions that are not covered by immunity.

ANALYSIS: Existing law confers an absolute immunity on various persons who are required by law to file reports
under the Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act. Other persons who file reports under the Act, but who are not
required to do so, are liable only if the report is false, and the person knew the report was false, or recklessly
disregarded the truth of falsity of the report. [Penal Code Section 11172.]

Existing law also immunizes various persons who, in good faith, file reports under the Child Welfare Services Act.
It also immunizes the same persons for “participation in any judicial proceeding resulting from” such a report.
[Welfare and Institutions Code Section 165113.]

This bill provides that, notwithstanding any other provision of the law, the civil immunity of juvenile court social
workers, child protection workers, and other public employees authorized to initiate or conduct investigations or
proceedings shall not extend to any of the following:

1. Perjury.

2. Fabrication of evidence.
3. Failure to disclose known exculpatory evidence.

4. Obtaining testimony by duress.

As used in this section, omaliceo means conduct that is intended by the person described in subdivision (a) to
cause injury to the plaintiff or despicable conduct that is carried on by the person described in subdivision (a) with
a willful and conscious disregard of the rights or safety of others.

Note: This bill has been amended in the Senate Judiciary Committee. As it was voted on in the Assembly, the
immunization was the same as the civil immunity provided to peace officers.


In Superior Court v. Goodfriend (1993) 169 Cal.App.4th 169, the Fourth District held that the Act (specifically
Penal Code Section 11172) “… is a reporting statute and its protection runs to reporting: it does not apply to
activities that continue more than two years after the initial report of abuse by parties who are not acting as
reporters.” [p. 174.]

The Goodfriend case arose from the Wade family’s experience with the dependency system and has become
infamous as an example of how much emotional and financial harm the current system can cause to a child and
her family. The following account is taken from the Fourth District’s opinion:

On the morning of May 9, 1989, eight-year-old Alicia Wade complained of pain when she went to the bathroom.
Her parents brought her to the Navy medical unit by 8:30 a.m. The family was then escorted to Children’s
Hospital where staff determined that Alicia had been raped and sodomized, and filed a report under the Act. Alicia
stated that a man had come through her bedroom window and hurt her.

Late that afternoon, a hospital worker and detective accused Alicia’s father of the molest. In an attempt to prove
the father’s innocence, the parents agreed to have their home searched and talk with the police, and the father
submitted to a rape test, a DNA test and three polygraph tests.

By May 11, the Department of Social Services (DSS) filed a dependency action and the following day had Alicia
placed in temporary foster care. Meanwhile, DSS investigative employee Diane Anderson interviewed the parents
and referred them to a private family counselor, Kathleen Goodfriend. At her first session with the family on May
11, Goodfriend accused the father of the assault.

In July 1989, the family’s attorney advised them to plead nolo contendere to a charge of neglect and assured them
all other charges would be dropped. The attorney added that, assuming the parents passed a psychological
evaluation and found a 24-hour caretaker, Alicia would be home within a week. The parents reluctantly accepted
the plea bargain in order to get their daughter home and put the experience behind them. Notwithstanding that
the psychological exam was favorable and the family had provided the names of three 24-hour caretakers,
counselor Goodfriend refused to cooperate and DSS later backed out of the agreement.

For over a year after her attack, Alicia stood firm in her insistence that her father was not the assailant. Further,
the same month that Alicia was attacked, a man entered the bedroom window of a four-year-old girl living across
the street from the Wades, abducting the girl and attempting to rape her. The man, Carder, a registered sex
offender, was arrested in June, 1989 and by August was charged with four criminal cases involving minors, but
not with the Wade case. Goodfriend, the District Attorney and DSS were all aware of the Carder cases.

Goodfriend and the foster-parents put continuing pressure on Alicia to “confess” that her father was the one who
assaulted her. Directing Alicia to say her father was guilty, Goodfriend repeatedly told the child: (1) she knew
Alicia’s father had molested her; (2) Alicia would feel a lot better if she admitted it; (3) the “story” Alicia had been
telling was not believable; (4) Alicia’s mother had been assaulted by Alicia’s grandfather; and (5) if she wanted to
go home, Alicia would have to say her father was the perpetrator. At Goodfriend’s direction, every night when she
was put to bed, the foster-mother told Alicia “over and over again” that Alicia’s father had raped her.

During all this time, Alicia was completely cut off from her family. Her mother did not see her for a full year and
her father did not see her for two years.

Finally, Alicia yielded in June 1990, finally stating that her father was guilty. She testified against her father in
July. In September, Alicia, her mother and brother entered “conjoint” therapy with Goodfriend. By November, the
mother was so overwhelmed that she attempted suicide and was placed in a locked ward until January, 1991.
Alicia’s father was arrested in December, 1990.

New counsel for father had Alicia’s nightgown, worn the night she was raped, tested and the DNA test proved that
her father could not have committed the rape and, instead, Carder was among the nine percent of the population
whose DNA would have matched that found on Alicia’s nightgown.

The Wade family sued and the trial court sustained the demurrers of the defendants based upon the various
immunities provided in law. In their petition for writ of mandate, the family argued that, “the courts have moved
beyond the Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act, Penal Code sections 11164 et seq., to come full circle so those
who abuse children in the name of preventing abuse are immunized by the very law meant to protect children.” [p.

In finding liability on the part of Goodfriend and the foster-parents, the Fourth District noted that they came onto
the scene after the initial reporting of abuse and “voluntarily assumed roles of those who, having received the
report and determined the identity of the perpetrator, search for corroboration and/or attempt to pressure a
witness to get a conviction.” [p.176.]

The demurrers to all causes of action against the social worker and DSS were sustained because of the statutory

FISCAL EFFECT: Appropriation: No Fiscal Com.: No Local: No

SUPPORT: (Verified 9/8/95)

Child and Family Protection Association
Coalition of Parent Support
Fathers’ Rights and Equality Exchange
Committee on Moral Concerns
Grandparents as Parents
OPPOSITION: (Verified 9/8/95)
County Welfare Directors
National Association of Social Workers
California State Association of Counties
California Independent Public Employees Legislative Council, Inc.
Service Employees International Union, Calif. State Council
County of Sacramento

ARGUMENTS IN SUPPORT: The author’s office believes that the absolute immunity of social workers, when
coupled with their power and influence in a dependency case, has created a lack of checks that is needed to
maintain an appropriate balance between these two types of harm. The author states it is his intent in this bill to
provide that needed balance.

Supporters argue that judges simply “rubber stamp” the report and recommendations of the social workers in
these cases.

ARGUMENTS IN OPPOSITION: The concern raised by opponents, and noted by the courts prior to Goodfriend, is
that any limitation on their immunity would make social workers too fearful of lawsuits to appropriately intervene
to protect an endangered child.

Opponents state that the decision to remove a child from his or her home, in the first instance, is made with little
that is immediately verifiable in the way of information and the possibility of harm to the child may be such that a
social worker would generally err on the side of caution and remove the child.

How is psychologically torturing a child for more than a year into making false accusations against a parent “in the
best interests of the child”? The answer is that it is not, it is in the best interests of the social workers and
government. They don’t care about hurting children if they can profit from it.

Although AB 1355 was signed into law in 1995 by Governor Pete Wilson, it has not had the effect of holding social
workers liable for misconduct. This is because now social workers and the government keep cases out of juvenile
and criminal court when they know they have lied and manipulated witnesses and evidence. By doing so, they can
keep children from families for years and escape prosecution and civil litigation for their misconduct.

Prosectorial Misconduct by District Attorney

When an alleged child abuse case is passed along from CPS to the police for continued investigation, it seems that
might eliminate some of the lack of objectivity and gender bias from the situation. But the reality is that it does
not. The San Diego Police Department and related law enforcement agencies are in close contact with CPS, Rady
Children’s Hospital, Chadwick Center, and the Child Abuse Unit in the District Attorney’s office. All of these
groups frequently interact with each other and do so in a fashion that spreads bias and lack of objectivity.

This can and does lead to severe prosecutorial misconduct going so far as prosecuting people for child abuse
crimes that it is unlikely they committed and which in fact may never have occurred at all. Often such wrongful
prosecutions are done by intentionally hiding evidence from the accused with intent to win a case at the expense
of justice.

(from San Diego County Grand Jury Report of 1993-1994: Dale Akiki Case and Prosecutorial Misconduct)
The Grand Jury notes that Brady v. Maryland indicates that it is the duty of the prosecution to disclose evidence
favorable to the defense exists in constitutional due process, both in state and Federal jurisdictions. In California,
such disclosure must be made voluntarily. It is held in People v. Wright, “We have imposed a stricter duty on
prosecutors in this state, by requiring them to disclose material evidence favorable to the accused without

The Grand Jury notes that the U. S. Supreme Court has stated, “The United States Attorney is the representative
not of an ordinary party to a controversy, but of a sovereignty whose obligation to govern impartially is as
compelling as its obligation to govern at all; and whose interest, therefore, in a criminal prosecution is not that it
shall win a case, but that justice shall be done. As such, he is in a peculiar and very definite sense the servant of the
law, the twofold aim of which is that guilt shall not escape or innocence suffer. He may prosecute with earnestness
and vigor indeed, he should do so. But, while he may strike hard blows, he is not at liberty to strike foul ones. It is
as much his duty to refrain from improper methods calculated to produce a wrongful conviction as it is to use
every legitimate means to bring about a just one.”

The philosophy expressed applies equally to all public prosecutors.

The extent and consistency of disclosure by deputy district attorneys to the defense of material evidence, or
information which might lead to material evidence, favorable to the accused has been considered by the Grand
Jury. In the Akiki case, the prosecuting deputy district attorney failed to disclose in a timely manner the fact and
result of a surveillance of the accused conducted prior to charging. Such disclosure ultimately was made under
imposition of court order. Further, the fact of the investigation of alleged child sexual abuse by a known prior
offender, involving a victim related to and occurring near the time of the alleged incidents in the Akiki case, was
not disclosed to the defense. Moreover, the investigation of that reported occurrence was not pursued. These
circumstances were learned by the defense through an anonymous tip.

Moreover, in an unrelated matter, the Grand Jury has taken notice of reversal by the Court of Appeal, Fourth
Appellate District of a conviction because of failure of the District Attorney’s office to reveal information bearing
on the credibility and professional competence of a principal prosecution witness. And, in the civil aftermath of an
ill-fated sexual abuse prosecution, notice is taken of allegations of failure to disclose and lack of truthfulness on
the part of a deputy district attorney as reported in the opinion of the Court of Appeal.

Yet, the Grand Jury has found that prosecutors both in this and other jurisdictions, as well as jurists, were of the
opinion that those items of potential evidence which were withheld or ignored by the District Attorney’s office
should have been disclosed promptly and voluntarily to the defense. As to the yet unproved allegations of
suppression and lack of truthfulness, the Grand Jury can only express its grave concern.

Although the Grand Jury has observed some excellent lawyers in the District Attorney’s office, certain members of
that office have become obsessed with the idea of “winning cases.” The fact that “It is their duty to see to it that
those accused of crime are afforded a fair trial” has been forgotten or overlooked. Because the District Attorney’s
office is charged not only with pursuing and prosecuting criminals, but also with doing justice, the fine balance
that must be struck is easily outweighed by overzealous prosecution. An atmosphere of conviction, and conviction
only, can be expected to produce inadequate investigation, incomplete disclosure to the defense and sharp
practices. The District Attorney must provide leadership to change any such attitudes in his office at the earliest
possible time.

San Diego County Board of Supervisors is Negligent and Knowingly Enables Abusive Tactics Including Civil
Rights Abuses and Government-Sponsored Child Abuse
The failures and shortcomings in the CPS agency in the county have been brought to the attention of the Board of
Supervisors repeatedly. Yet they do effective nothing to fix the problems, leaving CPS and its abusive staff free to
continue to abuse the county’s children and parents.

There is no realistic doubt that the current San Diego County Board of Supervisors is substantially at fault for the
abuses in the current system. Grand Jury reports have exposed the problems to them over and over again with
substantial evidence of the misconduct of CPS and its sister child-abusing agencies. But little to no action is taken
to correct the serious deficiencies.

The current Board of Supervisors consists of Greg Cox, Dianne Jacob, Pam Slater-Price, Ron Roberts, and Bill
Horn. All five of the supervisors have been in office since 1995 or earlier, a period of time during which Grand
Jury investigations have consistently shown that serious problems exist with CPS and that the agency blows off
the recommendations to fix them on a routine basis.

The county supervisors have no incentive to clean up problems in the system because to do so, those problems
must be discussed further. This is political risk-taking intolerable to them. They know they were in charge during
this whole period of time and should have done something about the problems. Doing it now is effectively an
admission that they were negligent in the past. Instead, they do all they can to bury these problems behind the
scenes so that they are not politically damaged by their harmful and negligent conduct.

(from No Term Limits for San Diego County Supervisors)

Three of San Diego County’s five member Board of Supervisors were sworn in again today. There are no term
limits for County Supervisors, and all of them have been on the board for more than 12 years. KPBS reporter
Alison St John has more.

The Board of Supervisors uses county executives and county counsel such as Walter Ekard and John Sansone to
cover up for themselves. These people year after year write “responses” to Grand Jury investigations that
whitewash the wrongdoings, hide the responsibility of the Board of Supervisors, make excuses for the agencies not
fixing problems, and enable the abuses and misconduct to continue. They also participate in cover-ups and
enablement of wrongdoing by individual supervisors, too.

The San Diego County Board of Supervisors must be recalled or voted out of office if there is to be any meaningful
reform of the abusive County of San Diego Child Welfare Services agency and its related government perpetrators
of civil rights, family, and child abuse.

Secondly, the executive staff of the County of San Diego must have its head chopped off. The figurative guillotine
should surgically excise Walter Ekard, John Sansone, and people in positions like them out of the top two or three
levels of county government. They should be replaced with government officials who understand that they are
responsible for ensuring County of San Diego agencies comply with laws, do not abuse the civil rights of families,
and do not engage in child abuse and other illegal actions. The replacements for these corrupt executives should
not come from within the County of San Diego as the county government is corrupt to its core and the culture of
corruption and dishonesty is spread by the executives down the line to social workers as a matter of policy and “de
facto” behaviors.

The Board of Supervisors and county executive staff replacements should come from groups that have exercised
significant resistance to the wrongdoings of the County. Groups that have argued against civil rights violations,
wasteful government spending, and police and law enforcement abuses are prime sources for candidates for these
elected and hired positions.

There must also be much more transparency of government implemented in San Diego County. Law enforcement
and CPS routinely use the law to hide their misconduct from the public. They cite “privacy concerns” as reasons to
fail to release evidence that damns their conduct as corrupt and lawless. Even citizens who have been egregiously
wronged have trouble getting to any of this evidence. Further, if they dare oppose the government, they risk
retaliation. CPS and the police retaliate against “troublemaking parents” by taking away their children with no
good cause and then turning what should be routine investigations that take a few weeks into many months or
years of refusal to comply with the law, refusal to comply with judicial directions, and working relentlessly to build
a cast of co-conspirators who will help defend each other from their misconduct and pin the blame for it all on the
target parent.

San Diego’s children and their parents are not safe from government abuse at the hands of CPS and its allies until
the agencies and people who engage in these unlawful and abusive activities are removed from their positions and
punished or prosecuted for their misconduct.

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44 Responses to CPS In San Diego is Cited by a Grand Jury for Gross Misconduct

Divotdawg says:
January 25, 2010 at 4:26 am

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Excellent article. I posted it on my blog as well. I think I posted it earlier in 2009 but I’m not going to wade through all that to
see as it’s well worth reprinting. I really appreciate your help here. Since things here are so sad and hard for me right now, at
least I have some help doing my blog. Feel free to go into my blog archived files to get anything you want. Also, Google
Hassani Campbell to find out about his case. He’s a physically disabled 5-year-old boy who went missing from his foster
home late last spring. There’s a lot of information on my blog if you want to find it to share with your readers. His case is
personal to me for some reason. I am not going to rest easy until those foster assholes are brought to justice! So anyone
willing to help me keep his memory alive, it’s very much appreciated.

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netreia carroll (@blssdassr) says:

November 14, 2011 at 7:51 pm

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We do have a voice. The County Grand Jury is there to correct the wrong. Go to
print and fill out this complaint form. Tell your story in detail. If we all stick together we can make a difference. Share
this to everyone you know in san Diego county. The goal is to get 5000 stories to the grand jury so that they can see
the abuse being brought upon families including children living in this county.

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Pat says:
January 27, 2010 at 9:51 pm

3 0 Rate This
From top to bottom California MUST look into CPS. In Sacramento county there are many instances of mistakes, hiding facts
much the same as the article above. Los Angeles county also has many deaths on their heads. They call these dead children
“their worst outcomes”. . There have been countless grand juries impaneled in Sacramento since the 90’s and yet the children
still die. This should be a statewide investigation. We need to tell Pat Brown to stop worrying about becoming governor and
do the job that is his right now!! The Department of Family Services in Sacramento should also launch investigations in San
Diego County.. Los Angeles County and Sacramento County It is obvious those county governments are not doing their jobs.
Something must be done, innocent, helpless children are being hurt, and worse many are dying terrible deaths.

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netreia carroll (@blssdassr) says:

November 14, 2011 at 7:52 pm

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You all do have a voice. The County Grand Jury is there to correct the wrong. Go to
print and fill out this complaint form. Tell your story in detail. If we all stick together we can make a difference. Share
this to everyone you know in san Diego county. The goal is to get 5000 stories to the grand jury so that they can see
the abuse being brought upon families including children living in this county.

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Nancy says:
June 21, 2010 at 3:29 pm

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This case a little different….CWS is failling to protect, not over protect, and from what we’ve seen for years is that CWS is
biased in favor of men. I know for certain that this abuser was well aware, at the time of removal, of what he was being
accused of. his daughter articulately disclosed and was not lead or coached and now CWS is recommending reunification
without the abuser even having to address the heinous sexual acts he performed on his daughter.
if anything cws is too lenient with abusive parents. they seem to protect parents rights instead of the rights of children.

To Everyone Who Can Help:

I would like to bring to your attention to this case involving the minor child listed above, the Public Defender’s office and
Child Welfare Services.

Bottom-line: The above mentioned child came to the attention of the CWS agency in June of 2009 when a mandated
reporter/child psychologist made a report to the CWS hotline.
On June 5, 2009 CWS and law enforcement substantiated that the minor was being sexually and physically abused by her
biological father. The CWS case plan for the minor, mother, and father dated June 12, 2009 had stipulations to address the
substantiated sexual abuse, the family’s healing, and to protect the child from further abuse.
On September 18, 2009 this child came to the attention of a different department within the same CWS agency and was
assigned a new case worker who did not include the stipulations made by the former case worker, specifically the one aimed
at protecting the child from future abuse. Moreover, this key stipulation contained in the previous case plan was not heard in
this new case worker’s petition to the Juvenile Dependency Court.

Currently, Child Welfare Services (CWS) is recommending (to the concern and bewilderment of many other experts including
the D.A.) that the child be reunified with her sexual abuser. It is written in the June 8, 2010 CWS worker’s latest Status
Review Report to the Juvenile Dependency Court at the sixth month review hearing that regardless of what the parents say;
the child certainly knows more than a child her age should know. This assessment/evaluation certainly leaves room for much
speculation to anyone reading these notes: i.e. Juvenile Court Judge, Family Court Judge, or anyone trying to make an
informed decision now or in the future.
More importantly, this Status Review Report also states that the child came to the attention of the agency on September 18,
2009, when in fact this child came to the attention of the CWS Agency more than there months earlier in June 2009. Since
June 12, 2009 there had been a signed and open case plan with actively working CWS workers. This case plan was in effect
when the child came to the attention of a different department within the same CWS Agency on September 18, 2009.

A large part of CWS’s history with this child’s background is being left out and not addressed by Juvenile Dependency Court.
Why? And how can such a tragedy happen? And why is it continuing? I think the community of San Diego would be outraged
at the facts of this case and would demand that their tax dollars not be wasted on such blatant gross neglect and continued
disregard for what is so obviously a tragic mistake on the part of CWS and the public defender’s office.

Now this child’s welfare is endangered due to the lackadaisical attitude of social workers, public defenders, and the criminal
justice system. I sympathize with their case loads and whatever else might lead people to make such bad decisions when it
comes to keeping our children safe. Despite all of this, I have faith that a state as sophisticated as California can come up with
solutions that will help us all do a better job in protecting our communities and its children.

As you know, there are too many times the “system” has failed our children. Amber DuBois and Chelsea King would still be
alive if the system that we expect to serve and protect us had made different and better decisions. New laws, such as Chelsea’s
Law, are great, but they are only as good as the people that implement them.

Also, since CWS won’t remedy the decisions that have failed to protect this child, then it must be up to the criminal justice
system to protect not only her but other children who may be coming in contact with this predator. The D.A.’s office in El
Cajon knows that this minor child was grossly molested and they also think that CWS should certainly have petitioned the
court regarding the substantiated sexual abuse. It strongly questions CWS’s decision to only petition the court on the
September 18, 2009 incident. Unfortunately as we know the D.A.’s office does not hold jurisdiction over the decisions of
CWS. What I would like to know is this: who does hold jurisdiction? And why are they not doing something about this costly

The CWS case plan from June 2009 and its stipulations should still be part of the current case plan so that the minor child
has every chance to be protected from her predator, and the abuser and the entire family has every chance to heal. We feel
hopeless in our attempts to work with CWS, the Juvenile Dependency Court and the Public Defender’s Office. Reaching out
to all our justice systems feels like our only hope at this time.

I do not want to in the future be sitting in front of law enforcement and the D.A. telling them the history of this case so they
can weave a plan to find this child after she is reunified with her molester and when he molests her again or worse—when he
decides to permanently silence the disclosures of his now five-year-old victim. If we can all be proactive now in protecting
this child, all of us can rest easier, knowing that justice, our community, and our families were served.
The status quo of our failing systems is not sustainable. We have to come together for the welfare of our children and their
future. I thank you in advance for your valuable time and highly anticipated assistance.

some one to look up to

Child’s Name: Did not disclose

CWS’s Case #: Did not disclose
Criminal Case #: Did not disclose
DOB: Did not disclose

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netreia carroll (@blssdassr) says:

November 14, 2011 at 7:54 pm

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San Diego you do have a voice. The County Grand Jury is there to correct any wrong doings in this county. They work
hard for you to be heard. Go to
print and fill out this complaint form. Tell your story in detail. If you all stick together you can make a difference.
Share this to everyone you know in san Diego county. The goal is to get 5000 stories to the grand jury so that they can
see the acclaimed abuse being brought upon families including children living in this county.

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Rodney says:
October 15, 2010 at 12:05 am

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I originally wrote this article you reposted on your site after people I know well experienced abuse at the hands of San Diego

There are many parents who are being abused similarly. CPS is not about protecting children, it is about abusing families for
profit. If you dare report a CPS working for breaking the law or committing abuse, CPS will retaliate against you by taking
away your children. This is how they keep many of their victims silent.

Eileen Lasher is one of the parents who has been interviewed regarding the abuses she and her children have endured from
the San Diego government. She has a lot of legitimacy in part because her children, kids who had been lied to for years by
their minor’s counsel attorney who told them their mother didn’t care about them and didn’t want to see them, eventually ran
away from their father to live with the mother. They hadn’t seen her for years and had been subjected to parental alienation
child abuse by their father and the government, but after an alleged child abuse incident involving their police officer father
they knew they felt safer with the mother they had been taught to hate.

This family is still stuck in the San Diego court hell more than a decade after their divorce started.

Just as CPS is not about protecting children, San Diego family law courts are not about justice or the law. They are about
corruption, theft, extortion, fraud, and evil. Watch and listen to what Eileen Lasher and many other parents have to say and
you simply cannot ignore the fact there is something very wrong with the system.

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Rene van dockum says:

March 19, 2011 at 6:04 am

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When will there be something done. Really these people lie, and have the schools on their side and perhaps even the school
district. This article is so true, cps workers calling third parties biased to one outcome. This particular one said she wasn’t
interested in proof of the situation. I was promised that she would never be on our case again once I found out. However
there she was again. They do as they please.

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Jessica says:
April 26, 2011 at 4:28 pm

0 1 Rate This
I have had an ongoing problem with CPS San Diego devision for the last 5 months. They falsely said there was an
investigation done on my toddler grandson regarding his father molesting him. A call in which I made. I know that an
investigation was not done because when I took my grandson to the psychologist they said he was too young to be evaluated.
In the courts CPS said that the father is no harm to the child. More witnesses have come forth to CPS about the inappropriate
relationship between my grandson and his father, yet CPS refuses to handle the case and is no longer accepting calls
regarding the matter. What do they need? My grandson to be dead before they do anything about this?

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Rozan Grady says:

May 3, 2011 at 3:34 pm

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I have been fighting with C.P.S. for many years. they have commited perjury and falsefied reports, changed my C.P.S. from
unfounded to substaniated, when they testified in court they used my daughters C.P.S. history againist me. All thei is
illegal.They even said, my grqnd daughter didn’t even know me yet she was staying with me when they took her from their
Mom. I was told I would have her back in a few days, that never happened. My case right now is in Supreme Court. I sent in
to see if I was in the child abuse index, which I am not. By law I have a legal right to get a copt of my C.P.S. and I can’t get that
either. The law states thet are first to see if your in the Child Abuse Central Index (CACI). Which they even testified to that
they didn’t.The law also states, thet are njot allowed to go bach on your C.P.S. over 10 years and reinvestigate and the said
they did. They put a C.P.S. history on some of 2 of my girls of whom were over 18 years old at the time. I could keep going on
and on. Also. do you konw the get paid $4,000 to $6,000 for each child they adopt out. I feel, with every illrgal thing they
have done to me, is kidnapping, kidjacking, child stealing and black market of children. I feel, if anyone of us done this we
would have been proscuted and they are gettin away with all of this. I feel they should be proscuted, So that, the can do things
legal. What makes them GOD? What give them the right to Totally tear famlies apsrt? They even Too one of my grand
daughters and said she has Psychlogical problems at !9 months old. Firs they told it it was a seperation disorder. Then they
tried to blame my daughter. The Juvinell dependency courts are a joke also. I had a trial (I have my transcripts)the only thing
that mattered is what th social worker said. Then I was told, I couldn’t have my 2 gradndaughters because my Mom was a
drunk,and my oldest grand daughter didn’t know me. My Mother wasn’t a drunk what I was growing up and my grand
daughter did know me. No one can understand what that has to do with me getting my grand chidren. The law also states
that grand parents have first righta to to get children and opposed to putting them with strangers or non family members,
including Foster Care.These social workers are in San Diego Counry.
I even complained to many ombussman workers and they wouldn’t help. All thet do is talk to the social workers your
complaining about, Onr person I talked to said it was O.K.for them to commit perjury. I was never really told why I was being
denied my grand daughters. These people need stopped. They are also costing ourgoverment alot of wasted money in court
cost, court appointed attorneys, Unneeded Phycholigist, wasted cost of social workers including in the ombudsman office
sinct the reall don’t chech into anything, when you file a complaint.
There is more to this story.

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Deborah says:
August 17, 2011 at 6:26 pm

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Your story is almost like mine, I am Deborah and i am fighting for my grand daughter now to be return to mom or me
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netreia carroll (@blssdassr) says:

November 14, 2011 at 7:57 pm

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San Diego you do have a voice. The County Grand Jury is there to correct any wrong doings in this county.
They work hard for you to be heard. Go to
print and fill out this complaint form. Tell your story in detail.

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Jodi meyer says:

June 15, 2015 at 9:06 pm

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I am going threw the same thing , I cannot have my grandchildren because of my family tree .i am a school bus driver
. C p s placed my nephews with me and gave me guardianship . They are adults now. A judge from Arizona placed my
niece with me a year ago after the passing of my sister . C p s is so cruel . My family is hurting .

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Art Magana says:

May 28, 2011 at 3:46 am

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i live in san diego, and i want to file a complaint against cps, for disclosing confidentcial informatin to a minor. Because of
that information now my ex-girlfriend wont let me see my 2 1/2 year old daughter. The case worker was denied by my
exgirlfrind to visit her at her house, so the case worker was at the middle school interviewing the oldest of the four girls at my
exgirlfriends home, she then told the minor that i was compiling data on a daily basis to use against her mom when we go to
court on Juyly 05, 2011. The nimor told her mom and i received a thteating phone call, and now I havent seen my daughter
for two days.

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Rene van Dockum says:

June 9, 2011 at 3:53 am

0 0 Rate This
CPS threatened me with prosecution because I had made 12 referrals. I had made 3 referrals. Her supervisor then told me she
had looked wrong and that there were 8 other people making referrals then me, the father. I never was allowed to know what
the referrals were for? Then this social worker framed evidence that I can prove as a lie because of a police officer I have as a
witness. Anyone interested. Not at all. Does it get read by family court, yeah, they had they rub that in. This social worker
called me ex, to tell her she had secured the documents. My complaints were against the step father who is waking my 8 year
old daughter up in the middle of the night and the bed is shaking. Case worker says its just different parenting styles.

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Deborah says:
June 23, 2011 at 7:17 pm

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My heart is breaking since they have taken my 3 year old grand daughter out of her home, I always thought CPS was there to
protect our children that are abused from parents out of their minds on drugs or from the ones that don’t want to be bothered
and lock a child in a closet for days. But I seen with my own eyes how our kids are being black market out for federal funding
for San Diego County and how the CPS worker made the remark they get bonus for putting the family in a program called
“Family Reunification” just another way to prostitute our children out to make money for San Diego County and the Federal
Goverment keeps paying the Pimps. My own eyes also seen Rady Children’s Hospital involved I always felt they were a life
saver but what I seen was not protecting our children, when they get paid from Polinsky Center with I’m sure a big contract
with Polinsky Center which makes them no more than pimps their selves. Polinsky brags about how they are the state of the
art Children Center and their medical center is nurses from Rady’s Children Hospital but when your child is brought out to
you with dried on feses down her leg and a diaper rash so red it looks bloody, if I was able to down load the pictures of this I
would, but I see why they say for the privacy of our children no camera’s are allowed, now I know it’s to protect their
prostitution ring they have going. You keep asking your self how can they get away with this? and I guess the answer is they
are part of the Goverment and as long as the funding keeps comming our children will keep getting kidnaped for their
prostitution ring. I cry and cry and keep saying WHY?, HOW? this is America!!! a country we should feel proud of, why would
I think USA is any different from our goverment paying Libya or Egypt to torture and control their people from dictators,
then our Goverment to pay CPS, Rady’s Children Hospital and state of the art Polinsky Center and everyone else involved.

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Jade M. says:
August 13, 2011 at 12:36 am

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So, I am in a case that is held by CWS in san diego county. I sit here and read this and see that I am not the only one. My son
had an unexplained brain bleed which later came back that he has a bleeding disorder. CWS had already taken both of my
children claining that my husband had hurt him. They were in his care while I was at a job interview, The first thing said to
me by CWS was, “all military members are violent” by social worker Shari Maderos. They then proceded to take both of my
boys and place them with my parents claining that even though I was not home I was an unprotective parent because I was
married to the man whom they were accusing.

My oldest son has a different father, who was never around and my son did not know. He was convicted of counts of domestic
violence and felony kidnapping charges. They brought him into our case, now after nine months of doing counsling and
parenting classes my husband and I have gotten nowhere with visitation and they are placing my oldest son with a convicted
violent criminal. They say people change, he just got out of jail in August of last year for kidnapping and has violated his
parole twice and has a warrent out for his arrest as we speak.

My youngest son is never spoken about in any reports or even asked about. They only talk about taking my oldest son away
and giving him to this man which was court ordered that he is to be placed with him as of wednesday.

They came into our lives saying they were there to protect and all they manged to do was rip apart a great happy family and
hurt a lot of people. It started as a pregedice case and has been that way since. They wanted me to get leagally seperated from
my husband to gain custody of my kids back.

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Deborah says:
August 17, 2011 at 5:20 pm

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About my 3 year old grand daughter that was taken out of my arms from Rady’s children Hospital on May 11, 2011 is still with
a family care giver that is quoted to be approved home through CWS. tell me how it was approved when my daughter just
handed me an application for placement that was never turn in to DOJ, she is with the father’s sister & husband that never
went to see her in Polinsky or the Hospital a father that had never put her on his insurance coverage from him job or pay for
her birth we the tax payer’s do, I pay around 24,000.00 a year in property tax’s for them to pay the care giver the cps workers
bounces all the tharapy, lawyers. It’s all a pay check, we are of an Indian Tribe but yet they will not send our tribe the court
papers to be involve in this case. Let alone this man—and I’m not saying sexual abuse in any way here, but he is the one that
picks my grand daughter up from visitations or drops her off, takes her to the park with out his own kids, CWS says the sister
is busy taken care of her own kids and he is approved!!?? when I have the application. If she is so busy with her own kids why
in the world take my grand daughter? my daughter has my grand child from morning to night now, why bother keeping her
in this home, to collect a pay check?? This is our tax dollars being spent on the easy prey only people that have jobs so it is
called double dipping, San Diego Suppervisors get bonuses too on all this, I call it pimping our kids out, THIS HAS TO
STOP!!!! and our goverment keeps paying it, while they charge the parents and get the money from our goverment.

In 1963 reports of suspected child abuse was 160,000 in our nation, Mondale act was sign by our congress in 1974 as a
funding stream that totals 26 million that provides grants to each states for improving the CPS system in return states must
prove that reports of child abuse are reported to in a time fashion. Between 1976 & 1993 the total yearly number of child
abuse reports grew to 669,000. to 2.9 million after the child abuse protection legislation that Senator Mondale sponsored.

In 1980 the title IV-E funding was sign called AACWA (Adoption Assistance Child Welfare Act) now totals $6.9 Billion n the
year 2010 funds includes $4.5 Billion for foster care, while $2.4 Billion toward Adoption Assistance, and additionally the
Mondale act of 1974 of the $26 Million that provides the grants to each states to improve this system.

I would say this is pretty good incentive pay for all the San Diego Board of Supervisor’s, CPS bonuses and every one involved
in pimping our children out to include Rady’s Children Hospital and Polinsky, don’t forget all this monies the parents have to
pay back to the state for the services. It’s not congress monies or Senator’s money it’s all our tax dollars.

My grand daughter was paid by medical our tax dollars because Dad did not put her on his insurance plan from his union job,
not to include the sister now collects welfare for keeping my grand daughter, it’s a pay check for her, because her husband
only works 6 hours 4 days a week and she is busy taken care of her own kids, so this mad that isn’t blood only by marriage
has all the time to transport back and forth and they don’t want to doo that, so they give my daughter tokens to catch the
trolly, who pays for the tokens?? so I give my daughter $60.00 last month for transportation for gas and then give care giver
$50.00 before I found out the care giver gets $340.00 a month but to put her in my home, shame on me I might try to help
my daughter out to much and they all will not get paid because I am free!!! There is so much more to our story but will save it
for the courts!!! Surprise Surpise will be comming—-THIS HAS TO STOP!!!

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netreis carroll says:

August 19, 2011 at 6:56 pm

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Can the writer of this article please call me. 8583804238 carol

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Deborah says:
August 26, 2011 at 1:14 am

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Any and everybody who reads these sad sad stories need to start forming some kind of organization, there is always power in
numbers, create a name of an organization. Remember it’s an election year and start lobbying for a new bill for all this
incentive money that is being given out to the cps workers, county supervisor’s, State of California all these organizations,
therapist, parent care classes and the list goes on and so does the money and our tax dollars mean while our kids keep getting
kinnapped while every hand is in the pile not to include the adopted parent gets paid for that child untill he or she is 18 years
of age, what happen to years ago, if you couldn’t afford to raise a child financially than you couldn’t adopt a child, why are our
tax dollars paying someone that can not afford that child any ways? it’s different when it’s a blood parent, most of the time,
your going to make sure your child is taken care of, but the way it is now people are useing our kids as meal tickets!!
This is the list of the Lobbyist for CPS for CPS Services to buy and sell our children in California. AMADOR ILP,JACKSON,
COMMUNITY COLLEGE FOUNDATION, THE SYCAMORES, PASADENA. They pay our congress in donation funds and our
senators for these bills to pass and as we the constituency they also want our votes, so what I am saying we need to all take a
stand against this and pass it on to our friends I’m sure they someone that it has happen to or maybe it has happen to them,
or maybe they were foster parents, don;t be a shame. we have to be the voices of our children because no one else is and by
the way all these organizations out there that say they are the voices, and are there to help you or your child, they are getting
funding from what you call STATES GENERAL FUNDING which is like the same thing collecting off our kids. Untill we see
something that is strictly donations from churches business then we can say they really care for our kids and not just a pay
You get enough people, together I can get the appointment with a State Member to help make a bill to take before Congress
but has to be approve by the State Assembly member’s here frist. And we can also picked the State Capital in Sacramento,
with permits

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jadem says:
August 28, 2011 at 7:55 pm

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someone please HELP!!! I already posted on here about my case…now they have completely taken my son and gave him to
the man that kidnapped and brutally beat me up. I can’t talk to or see my oldest son. What do I do?

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Deborah says:
September 11, 2011 at 9:10 pm

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Jadem, you need start e-mailing your state assembly members you start telling them you do not approve of all the incentive
money that is given to the state people such as our board of supervisors, our cps workers and you get other people to do it
too, like this is a good page to start!!, My grand daughter has been gone for six months now, she lives with the dad’s sister
who takes drugs her self, her other grand mother is a meth freak, my daughter & the dad broke up and now dad lives with his
sister who is the care giver and he is a drunk which is a week-end drunk and then night fall when he gets off work, yes he has
a full time job for a union but she collects afdc and food stamps for my grand daughter while dad lives there and cps says it’s
okay??? people on our tax dollars, we pay for it!! while all these people collect their hefty bonus for takeing a child out of the
home and put them with someone to collect afdc & food stamps while dad lives there makeing union scale pay keeping it all
and cps says it’s okay, oh and another brother is there that is a drug felon that files homeless so he also can get his afdc &
food stamps and no probation search and there is a husband there that also works for the city that has an income. so all this
is A okay and the dad of my grand daughter does not have to pay a dime for child support and never has and looks like never
will and now he has right to visitations, when there was never any custody ever ever determine nor has he ever went to court
to spend any money to request any visitation, cps is just handing them right over to him like he is MR. IT and we pay for it
all. So is our system broken you bet it is can it get fix, not until people like us start screaming to get it fix—squeaky wheel
always gets greased–the quite one never does

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jadem says:
September 11, 2011 at 9:39 pm

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I have made complaints’ trust me i have done everything in my power to get this man and this system away from my kids. We
just recently got our case transferred out of san diego county and it looks like things will start looking up. I am amazed at how
messed up the system is…

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Deborah says:
September 11, 2011 at 10:54 pm

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Please tell me how in the world were you able to get it transferred out of San Diego county, They say if Daddy still lives here
then if she moves baby stays and I don’t think they can do that due to they have never been married.

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Deborah says:
September 11, 2011 at 11:01 pm

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I do have the number to the San Diego Grand Jury Office and I am going to be calling them tomorrow to find out how I go
about to put in a complaint on East County CPS to be investigated again and tell them what is going on with the care giver
and Dad living there pulling in a check, mom having no over nights but Dad having all over nights with her and care giver
collecting a welfare check for her while dad collects his pay checks and cps says it’s okay!!

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jadem says:
September 13, 2011 at 6:23 pm

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well, it depends on who brought the case in….me and my husband have one child together and then my oldest son knows him
as dad but has a sperm doner. We moved to riverside county and the sperm doner had already lived in moreno valley which is
also riverside county so we were able to transfer the case…

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corinna craddock says:

September 30, 2011 at 5:31 am

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There are 67 of us who have subscribed to this blog. One of us should be able to find the right course of action; or we can
come up with more than one avenue to go about being heard. Many parents are referred to DOJ Central Child Abuse Index
and never notified about their name being put on that list or of the procedure to challenge and dispute their name being on
this list. In addition, not all parents who should be placed on the list are referred to DOJ so that CPS seems to be very
subjective in dealing with one case to the next. This alone should be reason enough to file a class action suit. I have the
specific laws and the procedures. Pamela Toohey holds a parent support group in El Cajon and she knows many who are in
this boat: 619-277-7909. My name is Corinna Craddock 619-733-5266.

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Deborah says:
September 30, 2011 at 8:53 pm

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attorney el cajon says:

November 5, 2011 at 4:14 pm

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Its such as you read my mind! You seem to grasp a lot about this, such as you wrote the e book in it or something. I feel that
you simply can do with a few p.c. to force the message home a bit, however instead of that, that is wonderful blog. A great
read. I will certainly be back.

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Deborah says:
November 6, 2011 at 2:02 am
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To Corinna, I have met Pam Toohey on my grand daughters case and was not very impressed, I feel she is like most of the
public defenders and the dependency minor counsel.
I was told to put a smile on my face at all times when dealing with CWS weather I like what they are doing or not, it’s almost
like the military–yes sir and yes Maim. I feel CWS have to much control and act like they are GOD. My oldest daughter has
connections in the California State Capital and I feel if there is enough parents, grand parents, Aunts, Uncles and foster
parents, we are the people—Congresswomen Karen Bass is one whom will want to hear all our voices!! She has no idea what
is really going on out here with the funding she keeps trying to get, it’s being misused and everyones hands are out there. To
include Rady’s Children Hospital, Polinsky. Reports are being made by Doctors that are false for CWS benefit, in my grand
daughters case there was so many false statments on her medical record that I had to call due to them putting words in my
mouth and making the report look like mother was not even around upon admission, all through the admission report all
questions were per grand mother stated, per grand mother says and I wasn’t even there untill 24 hours later there was also a
statement from Rady’s Child psychologist under family history: extended family history is significant for reportic, bipolar
disorder for child’s grand mother—notice REPORTIC, no medical fact, never met her nor have they even asked for my
medical records to back the reportic statement and if they did have my medical records they would see, I have never, ever
been diagnose as bipolar. I notice Rady’s hospital report at the top states ***UNLESS SIGNED, REPORT IS A DRAFT*** of
course not one report that went into court was sign by the Doctor, as her case states these findings were made by clear and
convincing evidence, so I would say the hospital report was convincing enough, she has been out of her mothers care going
on almost six months now and in Dec, probably put up for adoption with an Aunt that looks at it as her meal ticket and a
father whom makes $19.00 an hour but can not even afford to get his own place or a car and does not want to put one dime
toward taking care of his own daughter but wants his sister to have full custody and have her collect welfare while CWS says
it’s okay for us tax payers to pay, that care giver has that right!! while dad lives there and not one dime goes for his daughters
support. Yes something is very wrong with this picture, mean while my grand daughter cries that she wants to come home
and she gets very mad at mom and me because we cann’t, she said one day “PLEASE I WILL BE A GOOD GIRL” breaks my
heart—I keep saying to my self God has her in his hands and one day he will put her back in Mom’s hand again soon very
soon!! mean while my daughter and I called to request the final copy and made a complaint about all the false statements
from the hospital we also asked if they just make up a report—one for the hospital and then one for CWS to beable to take
your child away. PLEASE file complaint to the grand jury office and maybe if there is enough complaints they will re-
investigate again. Call this number Grand Jury office 619-515-8707they will send you the form to file, it is a little bit of work,
but we all have to work hard for our voices to be heard. Also we all can file a complaint to the Attorney General’s office @ 213-
897-2000 there is alot of fraud going on with CWS, what they say verbally and what they put on paper is two different things
—the court orders state dad is not to live with care giver but verbally it’s okay–they make it not okay on paper just in case for
some reason–they have a CYA like the military states COVER YOUR ASS at the same time CWS is making sure dad gets his
parenting classes in the care givers home where he stays, now thats what I call room service!! These people where my grand
daughter stays have had so many welfare checks from cps but it is a qaulified home for her to stay in?? I even got police
records of service calls, domestic violence, arrest, welfare check on and on, but it’s a good home—yes CWS and all the state
attorney’s can say yes sir and yes maim while collecting all the funding and kick backs along with bonuses from our
goverment and do perjury at the same time, who is going to investigate????—has anyone called Turko Files, nah he would
probably get into trouble or lose his job if he did a report on whats going on with CWS in San Diego and all of California

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writercorinna says:
November 16, 2011 at 8:45 am

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Deborah, I will file all these complaints and contact the grand jury. You should have called me because I almost
missed the reply from you. (hey, what is up with the El Cajon Attorney saying that he/she will be back to read more of
this blog… but not offering to help?)

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Ugene Harris says:
November 17, 2011 at 5:45 pm

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Please leave a reply to the injustice that the El Cajon City/San Diego child protective service do to you and your family.Please
leave a comment at ugene harris@facebook thank you and god bless

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angel harris says:

November 18, 2011 at 2:29 pm

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Please leave a comment on angel harris@facebook please CHECK out the page and tell me what you think about each topic of
each vidieo

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leany says:
January 16, 2012 at 11:44 pm

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Had my lil nephews put in foster and then moved to the Maternal grandparents due to an acusation of sexual abuse by the
fathers step brother and the parents being accused of failure to protect after all the cps court hearings the sexual abuser
wasnt charged due to cps not getting the job of having the kids checked on time the mother has jumped thru hoops trying to
do everything she was told to do classes in home parenting even thou she doesn’t have the kids the dad cant’ seem to stay in
the classes I feel like they are never going to get their kids back its been 5 months since they took the kids and still not even
unsupervised visits nothing they get 6 hrs a week at the gmas to visit This is a long story to tell but I am scared of this system
and scared for these kids and their parents they need to be back home with mom and dad seems like cps hasnt done their
part nothing they said they were gonna do and are gonna do seems to get done

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Summer Kennedy says:

February 17, 2012 at 1:14 am

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Whoever owns this. please let me print it. or what’s it gonna cost me? i am suing cps and i want/need all information
possible. i’m not kidding… I AM SUING CPS for taking my daughter and all based on heresay, false allegations, PTSD, etc,

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Jade Means says:

February 17, 2012 at 5:40 am

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I dont know who owns this summer but if you need more people to go in on the case to sue im right there! They hurt
not only me and my children but my whole family. Please respond

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Deborah says:
March 5, 2012 at 1:48 am

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Summer, sorry to say and it’s very sad but CPS is protected from any law suites was told this from the speaker of the house
rep. and a state rep. but you might beable to sue the case worker. Congress has to get involved in all this and thats what we all
are trying to do. Funny how we had a state rep. from the speaker of the house in California which is also related to my grand
daughter and since there has been many complaints to our east county district assembly members office, he also sent a rep.
to our court hearing. How they report things verbally and what they put on paper is two different thing, of course not even
our own attorney liked it that they were there, as he said “THIS IS NOT A SPECIAL CASE” so on paper they put maternal
aunt present with a friend. Like Carroll says we do have voices!! and we are slowly getting heard!!!

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Regina says:
March 28, 2012 at 6:58 pm

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Me and my eight children have also suffered abuse, separation, and trauma that is still reaping repurcussions upon our lives
12 years after they first began their negligent “work” on our family. I was at a loss fro resources and trying to escape domestic
violence from the children’s father. The details are so horrible it sounds like fiction, but let me say thee very worst event
occurred when after YEARS of advocating,pleading,and requesting the judge order social worker to do a psych evaluation on
my progressively symtomatic daughter; she was finally diagnosed-with me unaware as she had had a psychotic break and was
hospitalized for ten days. This break followed the recent loss of her stillborn baby delivered at 8 months. Apparently after the
social worker ordered me to allow the group home to take over her medical care (a group home for pregnant teens) they
failed to take her to her weekly prenatal appointments. Within months my rapidly decompensating daughter turned 18, and
without notice a hearing was held at which point her case was promptly closed. Please help me if you can. I need solid legal
advice, or a referral to an attorney who will investigate my case.

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Regina says:
March 28, 2012 at 7:27 pm

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Thanks Deborah for those numbers-we all need to file complaints –and spread the word! Amazingly, I have heard so many
tragic stories of mishandled cases and parents who could not meet the time-based challenge of jumping through multiple
hoops that looking in retrospect I can only wonder at how I survived it all (losing my children permanently would have
broken me completely.I urge all victims of negligent and malicious CPS workers to please file your complaint with the Grand
Jury (619)515-8707, as well as the Attorney General (213)897-2000. Thank you again, Deborah, and God bless you and your
family. As I’ve often told my own children in the struggle to understand the reasons why, it is through our suffering that often
our greatest gifts come. I hope this brings you some small bit of comfort today.


Justice Peace says:

April 9, 2012 at 10:55 pm

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Received 04/08/2012 by a 12 year-old girl who is victim of a system that brutally, emotionally abuses children and allows
emotional abuse to exist in the homes of many… This home is her father’s and the courts of San Diego County do not listen
Ex-Parte or in any other fashion.


Dear Whoever this may concern:

Okay so no matter what I’m not going to stop begging and crying for what I need and what need’s to be right!

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Diana says:
September 19, 2013 at 4:55 am

0 0 Rate This
I am mother who still in this day has cps in my life. I am over a billion percent sure that I have such good cause to sue cps and
adopt actions. if anybody I mean anybody out there has any numbers or names for me to call please please I am beggin to
email me at maryjane_1904@hotmail. me and my son who will be turning 9 in October were torn apart and I have not seen
or talkd to him since cps n the court terminated my rights n dec.2009. I found out in sept.2011 everything that took place
withered my son and I knw I know in my heart that I will win I jus dont knw where or who to go to because everyone within
the law n San Diego has failed. all I need is for an attorney who does not work with the agency nor the dependency group
because they work together . Anybody out there who knows an arrowy outside the juvenile courts who will hear me out and
listen to everything and will see the evidence n proof I have please please email me. I am convince and know deep in my heart
that if I had the chance and an attorney to be on my side and work with me to sue cps and the adoption agency, drag
everybody in court who was involved I can promise I will win. All I want once I do win is my son

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Rena Camargo says:

December 17, 2013 at 4:48 am

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I Rena M Camargo Has been mentally abused, neglected and judged wrongfully by the St of Arizona along with my nine
children that was torn from my very own arms. To this day I still receive no answers concerning my children’s ware a bout’s

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Rozan Grady says:

November 21, 2016 at 12:53 am

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I had 2 grand daughters, that were taken by CPS. The first one they took was 1 1/2 years old. When she was born, I picked her
up from the hospital with CPS approval. My daughter was arrested for being under the influence of drugs. I went to her
friends and picked up my grand daughter. A few says later, CPS called me and told me, they were taking her and I would have
her back in a few days. Because I didn’t have a CPS history. Never got her back. Again, my daughter had another daughter
while locked up. Again, I was approved to pick her up from the hospital with CPS approval. Never got either one back. I had a
trial. The social workers, lied on the stand. Used a CPS history, that was my oldest daughter’s. They twisted the truth around.
The law states, if they use my COS history against me, I have a right to it. I asked them, how I get it. They sent me to juvenile
court of which had nothing to do with me getting it. I finally, found out that, I had to send information into the DOJ. Do I did
and it came back with no records. They lied in court and said, I could get if I wanted it. I have had CPS at my house. But, was
never found guilty of anything. Never was taken into court, not had any of my children taken away. Those records were over
20 years old. I had grandsons placed with me by CPS in the past and by probated court , too.
I have my transcripts, proof of no COS history.
They adopted my 2 grand daughters out.
As far as I’m concerned, what was done it child stealing, kidnapping, kid jacking, black market of children and so they can get
more money, they say these children have mental issues.
I would love to see these social workers prosecuted.
In fact, one social worker of who liked me, had another social worker come out and tell me she was sorry. She has to do what
she is told. She’s one who lied on the stand.
I Also, feel this adoption should be overturned and the girls returned to their mom and grow up with their other 3 sisters.
If anyone wants to talk to me about it, I have no problem with that. Espically if it stops these people who think they are GOD.
Whivh they are NOT.
This is only the very short version. This stated in 2007. I posted in parents rights, Fight CPS and any website I could.

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How Child Protection Services Buys and Sells Our Children