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What is your overall impression of the two CAC videos linked in the required reading?

Alarming draconian legislation regarding the FDA's ability to regulate basic vitamins, nutritional supplements and
even juices as a "drug" is being snuck in as a rider to an unrelated bill in the Congress [under Docket Number
2006D-0480 ].
The window for public commentary [COMMENT HERE A.S.A.P.] and opposition expires April 30, 2007, leaving
almost no time to inform the populace or debate the seemingly absurd treatment of public health-- which hands over
a monopoly to the big-pharma industrial complex and criminalizes natural treatments of all kinds.
Here's the summation from Mike Adams of News Target: When it comes to health freedom, this is the FDA's end
game. A new FDA "guidance" document, published on the FDA's website, reveals plans to reclassify virtually all
vitamins, supplements, herbs and even vegetable juices as FDA-regulated drugs. Massage oils and massage rocks
will be classified as "medical devices" and require FDA approval. The document is called Docket No. 2006D-0480.
Draft Guidance for Industry on Complementary and Alternative Medicine [CAM] Products and Their Regulation by
the Food and Drug Administration. And now, with this CAM Products Regulation effort, the FDA is about to deal a
final, fatal blow to the alternative medicine industry, outlawing nutritional supplements, functional foods,
homeopathy and natural therapies all at once.
The legislation is largely a "harmonization" with the World Health Organization's CODEX Alimentarius, which on
the surface establishes standardized food guidelines to ensure. Docket Number 2006D-0480 would forced into effect
by December 31, 2009 all types of frightful practices in the name of food sanitation and reliable food supply: 1.
Codex Alimentarius requires that all meats, poultry, fish, fruit and vegetables must be irradiated by Dec. 31, 2009. 2.
Codex Alimentarius requires that all dairy cattle are to be given Monsanto bovine growth hormone by Dec. 31,
2009. 3. Codex Alimentarius reclassifies vitamin and mineral supplements as toxins and dramatically limits their
dosage and availability. 4. Many nations have already harmonized their laws with Codex Alimentarius making it
their de facto law. This has already been approved by the European Union, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and
others. 5. Codex Alimentarius allows significant trade sanctions to be levied against noncompliant nations. 6. In
2005 there were five bills submitted to congress to weaken or eliminate DSHEA.
Similar regulation was attempted in 1992, but rejected after public outcry turned the tide. Hopefully a halting
response will surface in enough time to stop this new attempt to restrict even basic rights to natural products.


You see, Operation Cure-All is just a tactic, a vehicle, in a much bigger overall plan. It is a result of "Codex
Alimentarius" (meaning food code) -- a set of regulations that aim to outlaw any health information in connection
with vitamins and limit free access to natural therapies on a worldwide scale.
Behind the Codex Alimentarius Commission is the United Nations and the World Health Organization working in
conjunction with the multinational pharmaceutical cartel and international banks. Its initial efforts in the US with the
FDA were defeated, so it found another ally in the FTC. Now Codex, with the FTC and the pharmaceutical cartel
behind it, it threatens to become a trade issue, using the campaign of Operation Cure-All to advance its goals.
Codex began simply enough when the U.N. authorized the World Health Organization and the Food and Agriculture
Organization to develop a universal food code. Their purpose was to 'harmonize' regulations for dietary supplements
worldwide and set international safety standards for the purposes of increased trade. Pharmaceutical interests
stepped in and began exerting their influence. Instead of focusing on food safety, Codex is using its power to
promote worldwide restrictions on vitamins and food supplements, severely limiting their availability and dosages.
This is to bring about international 'harmonization.' While global harmony sounds benign, is that the real purpose of
this plan? While the stated goal of Codex is to establish unilateral regulations for dietary supplements in every
country, the actual goal is to outlaw health products and information on vitamins and dietary supplements, except
those under their direct control. These regulations would supersede United States domestic laws without the
American people's voice or vote in the matter.
Americans gasp at the thought. It goes against everything America stands for. Many believe this can't be possible.
The truth is, it's not only possible, it's required by the Codex Alimentarius agreement.
In fact, under the terms of the Uruguay Round of GATT, which created the World Trade Organization, the United
States agreed to harmonize its domestic laws to the international standards. This includes standards for dietary
supplements being developed by the United Nation's Codex Alimentarius Commission's Committee on Nutrition
and Foods for Special Dietary Use.
The Uruguay Round Agreements carry explicit language clearly indicating that the U.S. must harmonize to
international standards:
"Members are fully responsible under this Agreement for the observance of all provisions.... members shall
formulate and implement positive measures and mechanisms in support of the observance of the provisions.... by
other than central government bodies." [WTO TBT Agreement at Article 3.5]"
In other words, the federal government must NOT ONLY CHANGE FEDERAL LAW, but must ALSO require
state and local governments to change their laws as well to be in accordance with international law.
Not only that, but Codex Alimentarius is now enforceable through the World Trade Organization (WTO). If a
country disagrees with or refuses to follow Codex standards, the WTO applies pressure by withdrawing trade
privileges and imposing crippling trade sanctions. Congress has already bowed to this pressure several times and so
have the governments of many countries.
While the exemption clause (USC 3512(a)(1) and (a)(2) was created to supposedly protect our laws from
harmonization to international standards, it has proven to be totally ineffective. The United States has already lost
seven trade disputes despite the exemption clause. Due to the enormous pressures put on them by lobbyists from
multinational corporations (who contribute millions to congressional campaigns), Congress bowed to pressure and
changed U.S. laws.
It appears our government (as well as al others) is being manipulated one way or another to serve the goals of the
UN, the World Health Organization and the World Trade Organization. Food control equals people control -- and
population control. Is this beginning to sound like world government and one-world order? Could this be the real
goal behind Codex Alimentarius?
The United States, Canada, the Europeans, Japan, most of Asia, and South America have already signed agreements
pledging total harmonization of their laws including food and drug laws to these international standards in the
What can we expect under Codex? To give you an idea, here are some important points:
Dietary supplements could not be sold for preventive (prophylactic) or therapeutic use.
Potencies would be limited to extremely low dosages. Only the drug companies and the big phytopharmaceutical
companies would have the right to produce and sell the higher potency products (at inflated prices).
Prescriptions would be required for anything above the extremely low doses allowed (such as 35 mg. on niacin).
Common foods such as garlic and peppermint would be classified as drugs or a third category (neither food nor
drugs) that only big pharmaceutical companies could regulate and sell. Any food with any therapeutic effect can be
considered a drug, even benign everyday substances like water.
Codex regulations for dietary supplements would become binding (escape clauses would be eliminated).
All new dietary supplements would be banned unless they go through Codex testing and approval.
Genetically altered food would be sold worldwide without labeling.
According to John Hammell, a legislative advocate and the founder of International Advocates for Health Freedom
(IAHF), here is what we have to look forward to:
"If Codex Alimentarius has its way, then herbs, vitamins, minerals, homeopathic remedies, amino acids and other
natural remedies you have taken for granted most of your life will be gone. The name of the game for Codex
Alimentarius is to shift all remedies into the prescription category so they can be controlled exclusively by the
medical monopoly and its bosses, the major pharmaceutical firms. Predictably, this scenario has been denied by both
the Canadian Health Food Association and the Health Protection Branch of Canada (HPB).
The Codex Alimentarius proposals already exist as law in Norway and Germany where the entire health food
industry has literally been taken over by the drug companies. In these countries, vitamin C above 200 mg is illegal
as is vitamin E above 45 IU, vitamin B1 over 2.4 mg and so on. Shering-Plough, the Norway pharmaceutical giant,
now controls an Echinacea tincture, which is being sold there as an over the counter drug at grossly inflated prices.
The same is true of ginkgo and many other herbs, and only one government controlled pharmacy has the right to
import supplements as medicines which they can sell to health food stores, convenience stores or pharmacies."
It is now a criminal offence in parts of Europe to sell herbs as foods. An agreement called EEC6565 equates selling
herbs as foods to selling other illegal drugs. Action is being taken to accelerate other European countries into
'harmonization' as well.
Paul Hellyer in his book, "The Evil Empire," states: "Codex Alimentarius is supported by international banks and
multinational corporations including some in Canada, and is in reality a bill of rights for these banks and the
corporations they control. It will hand over our sovereign rights concerning who may or may not invest in our
countries to an unelected world organization run by big business. The treaty would make it impossible for Canadian
legislators either federal or provincial to alter or improve environmental standards for fear of being sued by
multinational corporations whether operating in Canada or not.
This will create a world without borders ruled by a virtual dictatorship of the world's most powerful central banks
and multinational companies. This world is an absolute certainty if we all sit on our hands and do nothing."
This is the future the FDA and FTC are striving to bring us via Codex harmonization. Is this a future we are going to
willingly accept or prevent?
It is no accident that the FDA and FTC are targeting Internet health sites through Operation Cure-All. We are
standing in the doorway of an unprecedented revolution -- the information revolution brought about by the Internet.
Now all people everywhere have the ability to learn about anything that interests them with just a few clicks. History
has shown that informed, educated people change civilizations -- they change the flow of thought and they change
the flow of money. They can even change the direction of a country. When similar transitions have happened in the
past, the powers that existed did not give up willingly. The Catholic Church fiercely protected its practice of selling
'indulgences' as a forgiveness of sin. When the practice was abolished, the Catholic Church lost a great deal of
power and money.
When the printing press was invented, books were banned and printers were imprisoned by the authorities, who
feared an educated public could not be governed. In the same way, the medical monopoly (and the UN) now fears
that a public educated in health and privy to the shortcomings of modern medicine could not be controlled. Loss of
control means loss of revenue and loss of power. And they are doing everything they can to stop progress so they
can contain their losses and strengthen their power.
The printing press changed the world. Can you imagine what life would be like today if the book banners had their
way? But because the printing press won out, society progressed and freedom was embraced. The Internet is
changing the world in an equally significant way. While the entire Internet can hardly be suppressed, the pharma-
cartels and their backers are looking to protect their interests by restricting as much information as they can on the
Will we, the people, win out again -- or will the UN and the World Health Organization agenda and the
pharmaceutical cartel change the course of history and take us back to the "dark ages" of medicine?
Codex Alimentarius - The Plan To Ban All Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs and Supplements
monsanto, terminator seed, roundup ready soybeans
"Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened."
Winston Churchill
The whole thing would be a laughable joke except for one thing . . . it's no joke and the plan has already been
A commission sponsored by the United Nations and the World Health Organization, and supported by the U.S. Food
and Drug Administration wants to BAN all current over the counter sales of herbs, vitamins, amino acids, minerals,
and all other supplements.
In the feature article that follows, Jackie Buchanan, long time medical researcher and writer, introduces us to the
Codex Alimentarius Commission, and the orchestrated effort being made by pharmaceutical companies to control
the manufacture, distribution and sale of all natural food supplements - world-wide.
Using the "sacred cow" known as public safety, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration will adopt Codex
Alimentarius into federal law (without a single vote for or against it in Congress) UNLESS you and I do something
to stop them.
Jackie's well documented report calls for action and gives the names, mailing addresses, phone/fax numbers and
Email addresses for President George Bush and the Food and Drug Administration. I for one will voice my protest
in the matter, and STRONGLY urge you to do likewise.
In addition, I am making Jackie's report available in hard copy format to anyone who requests it. I urge you to ask us
to send you a copy. Get involved. Let's stop this insanity by making everyone aware of just what is at stake. Tell
your neighbors, work associates, local TV, Radio and Newspaper about the Codex Commission. Give copies of
Jackie's report to them.
Let me encourage you to make copies of this newsletter to send to family, friends and associates. Make them aware
of this danger.
That citizens would allow their respective governments to cave in to the interests of the pharmaceutical cartel is no
laughing matter. Billions of Dollars, Marks, Francs, Yen and Pounds are the prize, handed over at the expense of
human suffering and loss of personal freedoms. I urge you NOT to ignore this dire threat. STAND UP and make
your VOICE be heard.
"A truth's initial commotion is directly proportional to how deeply the lie was believed. It wasn't the world being
round that agitated people, but that the world wasn't flat. When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold to the
masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic." Dresden James
Codex Alimentarius and What It Means To You
By Jackie Buchanan
"Unless we put medical freedom into the constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize itself into an
undercover dictatorship . . . denying equal privileges. All such laws are un-American and despotic . . . " Benjamin
Rush, Physician, Signer of Declaration of Independence
"Codex Alimentarius, in simple terms, is a code of law for food. What it actually means to each and everyone of us
is a threat to our health and the health of every human being on this planet.
The future availability and legal status of herbs, vitamins, amino acids, minerals and all other supplements in the
U.S. and throughout the world, may be determined by a committee made up of 146 nations called the Codex
Alimentarius Commission, which operates in conjunction with the United Nations and the World Health
Organization (WHO).
It is under the guise of protecting public safety through the standardization of food and botanical codes that the
commission may be a tool of the international pharmaceutical industry that is intent on making ALL
SUPPLEMENTS - herbal or otherwise - available by prescription only.
Established in 1962 for the purpose of setting international standards and codes for foods, the Codex Commission is
over-whelmingly composed of German and International Pharmaceutical Corporations. Over 90% of the
international organizations ALLOWED to send delegates to the meetings represent giant multinational
pharmaceutical corporations. The only consumer organization is the International Organization of Consumer
Spearheaded by the German pharmaceutical corporations, this Codex Commission plans to ban - on a worldwide
basis - any health statement in relation to any non-prescription supplement, preventive, therapeutic, or otherwise.
Moreover, any formulas which would still be available would have to meet the arbitrary restrictions of the Codex
Commission. Those nations that do not comply with these restrictions are faced with economic sanctions.
While researching this article, I came across a letter written in 1995 from Matthias Rath, MD to Chancellor Kohl
and Members of the German Bundersag, prior to the Codex meeting in Bonn Germany in 1996:
"As a physician and scientist who led the breakthrough in vitamin research which can eradicate heart disease, I feel
it is incumbent upon me to address this important matter, as I see it, the attack of the Codex Commission is a
desperate act by the pharmaceutical companies to protect their world wide drug market against naturally effective
and much more affordable supplements. Particularly disturbing is the role of the German pharmaceutical and
chemical corporations within the Codex Commission. Once before in this century, a German pharmaceutical and
chemical corporation, I.G. Farben, became responsible for the deaths of millions of people and consequently was
dismantled in 1946 by the Nuremberg Tribunal and split into Bayer, BASF, and Hoechst. With the current plans of
the German pharmaceutical companies, the predictable dimension of the unnecessary and premature death of
millions of people is unavoidable. If the Codex Commission is allowed to obstruct the eradication of heart disease
by restricting access to nutritional supplements, more than 12 million people world-wide will continue to die every
year from premature heart attacks and strokes. Within the next generation alone, this would result in over 300
million premature deaths, more than in all the wars of mankind together . . ."
When I first read this, I took it with a grain of salt - until I came across an article in Issue 14 of the Alternative
Medicine Digest, a reprint of an article that originally appeared in the Wall Street Journal on April 25, 1996. The
headline read "They're Scientific When It Suits Them, But a $1.4-Billion Deal is Better than Science." The article
opened by saying that if a study which was peer-reviewed by 5 independent medical experts had been published in
the Journal of the American Medical Association in January 1995 as planned, American consumers with thyroid
problems would have saved $356 million a year in drug costs.
However, the publication of this article would have wrecked a $1.4-billion deal for its manufacturer, Boots
Company, the British pharmaceuticals and drugstore chain. The study documented how Synthroid, which controls
84% of the US thyroid medication market and is used by 8 million Americans, works no better than 3 other lower
priced drugs.
The makers of Synthroid - first introduced in 1958 as a synthetic version of thyroid hormone - had never been
required by the FDA to submit proper clinical trial data, like other drugs. An unpatented drug for underactive
thyroids, Synthroid's vigorous U.S. sales have been protected by something as good as a patent: the presumption that
the competing, lower-priced drugs are not bioequivalent, which means that they are not absorbed and assimilated as
fast and as well as Synthroid.
The JAMA study proved this presumption wrong and it was about to call an end to Synthroid's free market run.
Even worse, the study would have jeopardized Boots' $1.4 billion buy-out by Germany's BASF-AG. How did the
study's sponsor, which has invested $250,000 to finance the research feel about it? It was the sponsor itself -- none
other than Boots that did everything to discredit the study and block its publication. Quite clearly, scientific evidence
takes a backseat to preserving the competitive edge. Another more recent web-site written from a Canadian point of
view about how Codex will affect Canada goes on to state:
In October, 1996, Codex met in Bonn, Germany to make radical changes in the rules governing dietary supplements
for member nations. The proposals of greatest concern were those made by the German delegation (see the proposed
Draft Guidelines for Dietary Supplements) and is being sponsored by Hoechst, Bayer and BASF. These are the three
drug companies formed when the Nuremberg War Trials disbanded I.G. Farben, manufacturer of the poison gas
used in Nazi concentration camps. This is not the first time that the UN has been linked closely with Nazi war
criminals. Ostensibly, their purpose is ". . . to create a set of international standards to guide the world's growing
food industry and to protect the health of consumers."

Can reports from 4 different, totally unrelated sources, be ignored? I think not!
The pharmaceutical company backed proposals for all of the following:
1. No vitamin, mineral, herb, etc., can be sold for prophylactic (preventative) or therapeutic reasons.
2. Natural remedies can be sold as food but they must not exceed the potency (dosage) levels set by the commission.
This means that consumer access to dietary supplements will be limited to the RDA dosage as a maximum limit for
vitamins (Vitamin C - 60 mg. Vitamin E - 15 mg., etc.) Supplements without an RDA (e.g. coenzyme Q10) would
be illegal to sell because they would all become drugs.
3. Codex regulations for dietary supplements would become binding, eliminating the escape clause within the
General Agreement of Tariffs and Trade (GATT) that allows a nation to set its own standards. This applies to all
member countries of the UN. Any nation that does not accept these new standards will be heavily fined by the
World Trade Organization (WTO) creating the potential for crippling entire sectors of that nation's economy.
4. All new supplements would be banned unless they go through the Codex approval process. Five steps have
already been taken in the Codex process over the past few years. Remember Canadian Bill C-7 which was passed
eventually in Canada as C-8? The similarity of the process, the secrecy, and the wording between the Codex
proposals and the Canadian laws is uncanny. Voting in favor of adopting the German proposals has been
overwhelming (16 for 2 against in the most recent vote). The Codex process is now at Step Five - formalization and
debate concerning the specific features. In two years, Codex could jump from Step 5 to Step 8 to finalize these
In the U.S., the FDA has already tried to use guerrilla tactics to stop the use of these supplements. The first time I
became totally aware of their horrendous practices was in the case of ESSIAC, the herbal formula that had been
researched since the 1920's with excellent results in curing, yes I said curing, cancer. Fortunately, once their tactics
came to light, a nation-wide non-violent revolution took place resulting in millions who were appalled at the tactics,
writing letters and calling their congressmen and the FDA. The end result, ESSIAC is now widely available in many
forms. Even Respirin, the drug company in Canada who owned the rights to the formula has started producing it and
selling it via magazine ads and in health food stores. All of this took place in 1989-1990.
In 1992, the FDA raided the Tahoma Clinic in Kent, Washington. The FDA alleged that Dr. Wright, MD was
engaged in the commerce of foreign labeled injectable "drugs" (which were actually vitamins). This action
interfaced with FDA raids of 17 health food stores in Texas and others in Oklahoma, supplement manufacturing
facilities in California, Oregon, and Washington, and other nutritionally-oriented medical doctors across the US.
Again, there was a national call to action of everyone interested in preserving their rights to make their own choices
in health care. Letters were mailed and faxed to the White House by the millions and once again, the FDA was
forced to back off. At this same time Bill H.R. 3642/S2135 was in committee and being reviewed prior to voting it
into law. This bill would have given the FDA the power to put the health food and dietary supplement industry out
of business. It would have also given them the power to legally conduct warrantless searches, seize and embargo
products and levy heavy fines ($250,000 on individuals and $1,000,000 on companies) without a trial. Again, the
people of the United States took action and through a powerful campaign whereby they voiced their opinions,
another small battle was won for freedom of choice!
In 1995, the FDA attempted to quietly but quickly do away with the use of any type of electronic instrumentation
(not already approved) for use in diagnosing, tracking, or treating illness. This would have affected many doctors,
dentists, osteopathic physicians, chiropractors, etc. Fortunately, they banded together, got their scientific studies and
documentation together and, after a long hard struggle, managed to hold their ground and prevent the FDA and other
interested parties (pharmaceutical companies and medical practitioners who felt that only the usual methods of
treatment, ie. surgery and drugs should be allowed) from getting their way.
Now, here we are in 1997 and BY ALL APPEARANCES, the FDA has ceased their efforts to take away our rights
to make our own choices about healthcare. Their policy with regard to the Codex standards is stated in the Federal
Register of October 11, 1995 - FDA Policy on Standards, which states:
"It is the intent of this policy to enable the FDA to continue to participate in international standards activities that
assist it in implementing statutory provisions . . ."
and "The development of an international standard that achieves the agency's public objectives is generally, but not
always, given a higher priority than the development of a domestic standard . . ."
and "Where a relevant international standard exists, or completion is imminent, it will generally be used in
preference to a domestic standard . . ."
In considering the above statements about their intentions coupled with their past tactics as well as their continuing
policy of ignoring the public's wishes in protecting health freedom, a public outcry against the Codex is again called
for. I urge you to educate yourselves to what is really going on here. Most of the information can be found on the
Web. In the past 4 months, I have found only one small article about this issue, tucked away in the back pages of
Issue 18 of the Alternative Medicine Digest which is on the newsstands now.
If the German and Canadian proposals are passed, it would constitute an effective end run by the pharmaceutical
companies around the medical rights of Americans. They wouldn't dare attempt to do this in the U.S. because there
would be such a public uproar it would never pass through Congress. However, by taking the stance that they have,
The pharmaceutical companies are planning a global takeover of the vitamin-herb industry and within a few short
years, they will have succeeded by pushing competitors out of the field. They are planning to do it very quietly and
carefully through GATT and the Codex Commission. They will succeed if they are not exposed and their plan is not
given national headlines.
This is the last wake-up call that may be given before it is too late. It is of the utmost importance that everyone
become aware and voice their displeasure with the leaders of their respective governmental agencies. In the U.S., it
is imperative that everyone call and write to their local congressmen. Phone the White House. Call the FDA. Tell
everyone you know to do the same. Call your local newspaper and alert them to what is really going on here. If we
don't take action now, our freedom to choose will be taken away without most of us even being aware that it had

What People Say: Speaking Out Against Codex, FDA and AMA
"I can indeed verify what Jackie Buchanan is writing about. I was at a conference with Dr. Wright a short time after
the raid on his practice occurred. Also within the past few years, Sen. Oren Hatch passed a bill that saved
supplements from going the way that Jackie talks about. It seems to me that this is another and more elaborate
attempt by the pharmaceutical companies and AMA to preserve their stronghold on their billion dollar industries. If
they can get this passed quietly, it is definitely to their advantage."
Scott Cooper, San Diego, CA
"I know this isn't really fit to print, but I must nevertheless express my outrage. I'm reminded of the Salem witch
hunts. Most of the so-called "witches" burned at the stakes were midwives, and the medical establishment took
equally drastic steps to protect its monopoly then. The difference now is that instead of putting a few women to
death, the medical establishment prefers to risk the lives and health of every American."
Tabania Crockett, San Leandro, CA
"I am going to spearhead as many people as I can to help with this. I'm also going to contact people with web sites
that would be willing to give this some space. You know, way back when I was in high school a teacher had
commented that he felt we would not see a cure for Cancer any too soon because it would be economic disaster! In
effect, any cure would be blocked by medicine companies, the AMA, etc. What a sad but all too true commentary . .
Holly Sumner, Hampstead, NC
"Well, I guess if all of this is too unbelievable, we have the tobacco industry chronicles unfolding in the media. Is
there a parallel?"
Dennis Meredith, Springfield, MO
"I feel that I need to accept accountability for being one of the sleeping tigers. The old caveat applies here. Let the
buyer beware. We, the American people need to arouse from our sleep and post ever vigilant guards. We suppose
that our elected officials are looking out for our best interests, when in fact they are sleeping too! We posted the
guards and now the guards are ringing the alarm. Let us awake, shout the message to the world and rush to defend
the freedoms we hold dear. I for one, will choose to pour every ounce of energy I have into the fight to save my right
to choose alternative medicine. Please let me know what I can do to help in this battle. It's a very important freedom
to me."
Terry Allen, Coeur D'ALene, ID
Here's To Our Upcoming Battle for Health Freedom
We call ourselves messengers for good health, and that we are. But have you ever considered that if it were not for
the massive failure of the so called "health care industry," we would never be here as messengers to begin with?
Nature abhors a vacuum, so it is no surprise that grass root efforts in "alternative medicine" have taken root the way
they have. The problem, however, does not lie in healing, but with those who control the system and methodology
used in the powerful health care industry to keep everyone under their thumb.
As natural health messengers, we spend great effort in showing that our natural health care products work to
improve health and prevent disease. This effort is applauded, but to what end??? Of what good have we
accomplished if, while all around us, our health freedoms are slowly but surely being taken away?
What if one day you awaken to read that your favorite health care company is no longer allowed to formulate
products, or that if they do, they must conform their products to a regulated formula, that renders their efficacy
useless? Do not think this scenario is a joke. That day is well on its way!
If we are to make a difference, if we are to survive, it is not enough to hold up a bottle of this or that...We must
become warriors, minute men...we must become Paul Revers' for truth in health care freedom. We must expose the
fraudulent system that is threatening our very lives in the name of health and healing. For if we do not, our world
will darken as never before. Great evil is afoot!
The more I investigate the medical/pharmaceutical industry, the more I am convinced it is completely deceitful,
functions by empowerment of law and ignorance, and delivers only suffering and death. Healing is not their agenda.
Most of us are completely in the dark to the forces at work that would curtail our health care freedom. Because we
were raised to believe and trust doctors and drugs, because we are bombarded with television commercials and
special reports on the latest new medical break-through or drug, we believe and put faith in the medical /
pharmaceutical industrial complex that rules over the health care industry. But it is all a industry that deals
in sickness designed for money and power.
God-given natural health care products create empowerment and independence. Man-made drugs create
disempowerment and dependence on the system that delivers them. The growing natural health care industry has
become such a threat to this present power structure, a well-organized, carefully crafted movement is under way to
crush the natural health care industry. The goal is to deny you your God given right to natural health care products,
to place them outside of your reach.
Not all physicians are part of this plot. Many physicians, whose heart lies with healing, have literally been hounded
out of practice. They have been murdered, maligned, decertified, raided, harassed via the legal and tax systems,
deported, bankrupted and discouraged by the medical industry authorities. This is how the medical/pharmaceutical
industrial complex works to keep their own in line.
If you are not willing to help our cause, who will? It is not enough to save a life, however much good that is. The
plot to take away our health care freedoms must be told to those you serve as well.
Believe it, these perveyors of death are well-organized and are working full-time to force the world on its knees in
slavery to their cartel. The world of health and medicine is now so controlled, that very few population groups have
even a vestige of self- determination, or freedom of choice where matters of health are concerned. The pharm-med-
ind web of intrigue has enmeshed the whole world in a stranglehold which is rapidly and relentlessly squeezing the
last pockets of health out of humans.
On September 17, 1998 a Public Tribunal was held in Berlin against the Pharma-Cartel, Helmut Kohl and other
accomplices of this cartel for planning, committing and assisting mass murder and crimes against humanity.
Dr. Matthias Rath, M.D. who led the breakthrough in the control of cardiovascular disease by vitamins, convened
this Public Tribunal on the eve of the Codex Alimentarius meeting in Berlin.
This complaint will be formalized and submitted to the International Court of Justice and other courts around the
world. Patients and people around the world are encouraged to take similar legal action against the accused of this
complaint in local, regional and national courts around the world.
More than half of the experts hired to advise the government on the safety and effectiveness of medicine have
financial relationships with the pharmaceutical companies that will be helped or hurt by their decisions, a USA
TODAY study found.
These experts are hired to advise the Food and Drug Administration on which medicines should be approved for
sale, what the warning labels should say and how studies of drugs should be designed.
Number of drug experts available is limited.
The experts are supposed to be independent, but USA TODAY found that 54% of the time, they have a direct
financial interest in the drug or topic they are asked to evaluate. These conflicts include helping a pharmaceutical
company develop a medicine, then serving on an FDA advisory committee that judges the drug.
The conflicts typically include stock ownership, consulting fees or research grants.
Federal law generally prohibits the FDA from using experts with financial conflicts of interest, but the FDA has
waived the restriction more than 800 times since 1998.
These pharmaceutical experts, about 300 on 18 advisory committees, make decisions that affect the health of
millions of Americans and billions of dollars in drugs sales. With few exceptions, the FDA follows the committees'
The FDA reveals when financial conflicts exist, but it has kept details secret since 1992, so it is not possible to
determine the amount of money or the drug company involved.
A USA TODAY analysis of financial conflicts at 159 FDA advisory committee meetings from Jan. 1, 1998, through
last June 30 found:
At 92% of the meetings, at least one member had a financial conflict of interest.
At 55% of meetings, half or more of the FDA advisers had conflicts of interest.
Conflicts were most frequent at the 57 meetings when broader issues were discussed: 92% of members had
At the 102 meetings dealing with the fate of a specific drug, 33% of the experts had a financial conflict.
"The best experts for the FDA are often the best experts to consult with industry," says FDA senior associate
commissioner Linda Suydam, who is in charge of waiving conflict-of-interest restrictions.
But Larry Sasich of Public Citizen , an advocacy group, says, "The industry has more influence on the process than
people realize."
Editorial Post Script:
When the FDA approved the controversial RU486 abortion pill, they refused to provide the names of those
responsible for its approval, even though they are mandated by law to do so.
When will the American public wake up to see the FDA for what it is...a pharmaceutical industry springboard
serving the interests of those who would profit monetarialy from their decisions...NOT CONSUMERS.
The hiring desk of the FDA has long been known for its revolving door policy to hire pharmaceutical executives,
and to place retiring FDA bureaucrats into pharmaceutical management positions. A sweetheart deal. The FDA is a
scam operating at the expense of tax paying consumers operating under the guise of safety. Jim Lynn, Editor EOO
Codex Alimentarius Commission: A threat to mankind
by Dr. Matthias Rath, M.D.
There is an entire industry with an innate economic interest to obstruct, suppress and discredit any information about
the eradication of diseases. The pharmaceutical industry makes over one trillion dollars from selling drugs for
ongoing diseases. These drugs may relieve symptoms, but they do not cure. We have to realize that the mission of
this industry is to make money from ongoing diseases. The cure or eradication of a disease leads to the collapse of a
multi-billion dollar market of pharmaceuticals.
The natural purpose and driving force of the pharmaceutical industry is to increase sales of pharmaceutical drugs for
ongoing diseases and to find new diseases to market existing drugs.
By this very nature, the pharmaceutical industry has no interest in curing diseases. The eradication of any disease
inevitably destroys a multi-billion dollar market of prescription drugs as a source of revenues. Therefore,
pharmaceutical drugs are primarily developed to relieve symptoms, but not to cure.
If eradication therapies for diseases are discovered and developed, the pharmaceutical industry has an inherent
interest to suppress, discredit and obstruct these medical breakthroughs in order to make sure that diseases continue
as the very basis for a lucrative prescription drug market.
The economic interest of the pharmaceutical industry itself is the main reason why no medical breakthrough has
been made for the control of the most common diseases such as cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, heart
failure, Diabetes, cancer, and osteoporosis, and why these diseases continue like epidemics on a worldwide scale.
For the same economic reasons, the pharmaceutical industry has now formed an international cartel by the code
name "Codex Alimentarius" with the aim to outlaw any health information in connection with vitamins and to limit
free access to natural therapies on a worldwide scale.
At the same time, the pharmaceutical companies withhold public information about the effects and risks of
prescription drugs and life- threatening side effects are omitted or openly denied.
In order to assure the status quo of this deceptive scheme, a legion of pharmaceutical lobbyists is employed to
influence legislation, control regulatory agencies (e.g. FDA), and manipulate medical research and education.
Expensive advertising campaigns and PR agencies are used to deceive the public.
Millions of people and patients around the world are defrauded twice: A major portion of their income is used up to
finance the exploding profits of the pharmaceutical industry. In return, they are offered a medicine that does not
even cure.
Make health a human right. To learn more about Codex Alimentarius and the conspiracy to destroy our health
freedom, visit Dr. Rath's Website:
Did you know that the crucial turning point in the onslaught of petrochemical products and beginning of the multi-
billion dollar Drug War was a result of William Randolph Hearst and George Mellon - as in Mellon Bank - joining
together in a crusade to do away with hemp and allow the timber/paper and petrochemical industries to fluorish?
Look at their success. Forests have been decimated, petrochemical/synthetic products permeate all areas of living in
this century - and the pollution killing all segments of life on Earth because of the destruction caused by both