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ISSUE 14 JUNE 2013

The Coat of Arms of the

City of Newcastle upon Tyne
JUNE 201

Front Cover photograph: Avenue at Dukes Moor.

Photograph taken by Kevin Batey
Swearing in photographs taken by Freemen of Newcastle upon
Tyne Official Photographer, Steve Brock Photography: Tel: 0191 2863430
Foreword Contents
Editorial 4
6 Brothers sworn in together
is this a record? 5
Easter Guild 6
Remembrance Day 7
St. Mary Magdalene and
Holy Jesus Trust 8
St Mary Magdalene Bungalows 9
We remain steadfast in our commitment, Lord Mayors Coach 10
albeit at times viewed by some commentators
Newcastle Experience 2013 11
as perhaps parochial, even on occasion
intransigent, to ensure the rights of ‘air and Hoppings 12
exercise’ are sustained across the Town Moor
Moors. Town Moor
Superintendents Report 14
These open spaces, some as pasture for
grazing cattle, others providing allotments The Mayor 16
and playing fields are the envy of many of
The Lord Mayor’s Parade 17
the great cities. This is environmental quality
in action and a reflection of positive common Town Moor Land 17
purpose partnership working between the
City Freemen and the City Council. Special Swearing in Sessions 18

In recent months, so much has been Swing Bridge Tour 20

happening, some aspects of which are August 2013 Summer Event 21
touched upon in this edition of our
magazine. All in all, the long term security Diary Dates 22
of the Moors will be observed to be the
overriding consideration, even if in the short Notice Board 23
term we have courted a hint of unpopularity.
The Roll of Freemen has without any shadow
of doubt been distinctly strengthened by
Lady Freemen and the enthusiasm they have
brought to underpinning resolve to the core
purpose of equity and sustainability in all Magazine Editor:
that we do. Jim Johnson
Tanners Company, Stewards Committee
In closing, the wish for the climate to be
more conducive to the farming industry and Ian Miller
hence our land management may not go Shipwrights Company, Stewards Committee
amiss! The Newcastle upon Tyne Freemen
Magazine, Moor Bank Lodge, Claremont
Sir Leonard Fenwick CBE Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE2 4NL
Chairman, Stewards Committee

FreemenMagazine 03
7 year itch, it doesn’t seem that Just drop us a line either by letter
long since we were working on or email at Moor Bank Lodge.
the first Magazine and here we
are at Issue 14. We do hope you Please keep the Administration
have enjoyed the publications to Office at Moor Bank Lodge
date, as we do strive to improve informed of any change of
content for our readers and circumstance either within your
being mindful of this we are family or Company. We continue
looking for Freemen who could to have Magazines returned with
bring some new ideas. Should the message ‘addressee has
you be interested in participating moved away’ because we have
and assisting the editorial team not been informed of address
and have ideas and time to spare changes, so please help us in this
we would like to hear from you. regard.

04 FreemenMagazine
6 Brothers sworn in together
is this a record?
Surrounded by his three grandsons, “It was in 1948 when I was there with
Henry Hall of the Masters & Mariners my five brothers. We had all come back
Company got to see them sworn in as from the war and at that time it was the
Freemen of Newcastle 65 years after he greatest number of brothers ever sworn
himself was sworn in. in as Freeman of Newcastle at the same
The hereditary title was passed to
Lord Mayor of Newcastle Councillor
Henry’s daughter Sandra Graham whose Jackie Slesenger told the new Freemen:
sons Peter, Nick, and Andrew, became “You are part of the history of this city.
Freemen on 18th March 2013. Your families and your ancestors helped
make the city what it is today... a very
The ceremony brought memories friendly, welcoming and warm city. It’s a
flooding back for Henry who was one special honour.”
of six brothers sworn in at the old Town
Hall, in Newcastle’s Groat Market, in
February 1948 by Lord Mayor Thomas

The great-granddad, who served in the

King’s Own Scottish Borderers during the
Second World War, said: “It’s a proud
day for me watching my grandsons
being sworn in”.

FreemenMagazine 05
Easter Guild
Easter Guild was held on 8th April 2013.
Company Stewards assembled Open Guild commenced at
for the Close Guild meeting 12 noon Lord Mayor Jackie
which commenced at 10.30am, Slasenger presided over the last
after the meeting Chairman of her three Guilds. Following
Sir Leonard Fenwick made a the formalities the Lord Mayor
presentation of a small gift to was presented with a bouquet
Ron Taylor in appreciation of of flowers in appreciation for her
his time as a Town Moor Money support during her year in office
Charity visitor. It was announced also a ward councillor covering
Doreen Fagan, Steward Smiths the Town Moor.
Company had offered her
services to assist Ian Miller with
the TMMC visiting duties.

Swearing in ceremony took place following Open Guild, with 9 new Freemen being
sworn in by Lord Mayor Jackie Slesenger.

06 FreemenMagazine
Remembrance Day
Over the last few years the representatives form the Stewards
Remembrance Day has significantly Committee to represent the Freemen
increased in popularity with the public of Newcastle at the parade on 11th
turning out in their hundreds to November 2012. Chairman Sir Leonard
show support for the armed service. Fenwick CBE laid a wreath on behalf of
Lord Mayor Jackie Slasenger invited the Freemen of the City.

FreemenMagazine 07
St. Mary Magdalene and
Holy Jesus Trust

Holy Jesus Hospital

Holy Jesus Hospital was founded existing St Mary Magdalene Hospital
in or shortly before 1682, “for the was confirmed. The construction of
maintenance, sustentation and relief of the bungalows and other buildings
the Freemen of Newcastle upon Tyne on the present site in Claremont Road
and their widows, sons and daughters”. (which was previously part of the Town
The Mayor, Aldermen and Common Moor) was undertaken. Details of the
Council of Newcastle were appointed qualifications for appointment to the
trustees, and were made responsible for various Hospitals were contained in the
maintenance of the Hospital. 1959 Scheme and the separate identity
of each of the original charities was
In 1847, an Act of Parliament was passed preserved.
for the better support and regulation of
the Hospital. In 1937 the old Hospital By a Scheme of the Charity Commission
had become unfit for further use, and the sealed on 24th April 1968 the
new Hospital at Spital Tongues was built management of the Trust passed to
to provide accommodation for the 32 a body of 12 Trustees. Although the
Sisters and 8 Brethren in self-contained constitution of the Trust remained
bungalows, and a central common room. substantially the same since 1968, it
was then contained in a Scheme of the
During the 1950’s the City Council Charity Commissioners sealed on 10th
developed plans to replace the then March 1983.
St Mary Magdalene Hospital on a
new site, to provide bungalows for By a Scheme of the Charity
almspeople (other than the Brethren) Commissioner sealed on 22nd
and to rationalise the administration of December 2008, the St Mary Magdalene
various charities. As a result the Charity and Holy Jesus Trustee Limited, a
Commission presented to Parliament an company limited by guarantee, became
agreed scheme for the amalgamation the trustee of the Charity. The trustee,
of the Hospitals of St Mary Magdalene comprising 10 Company Directors
and Holy Jesus together with the non- (Charitable Trustees for the purposes
resident Hospitals of Thomas Davison, of charity law), was established under
Ann Davison and Sir Walter Blackett. a Memorandum of Association and
The Scheme was confirmed by Act of is governed under its Articles of
Parliament on 14 May 1959. Association.

Earlier approval by the Commissioners Today there are 116 residents (couples
for the purchase of a site and the and singles) accommodated on the
erection of a new hospital to replace the Spital Tongues estate.

08 FreemenMagazine
St Mary Magdalene Bungalows
16 one bed St Mary Magdalene Personal care is provided, practical
bungalows are allocated for Freemen assistance and social support to enable
and partners, aged over 50 years who residents to remain in their own homes
have resided within a 5 mile radius of for as long as they are able.
the Chapel of St. Thomas the Martyr for
not less than one year prior to the date Freemen applications are encouraged,
of application, bungalows are situated applicants are given every opportunity
within the grounds of the St Mary to look around the properties before
Magdalene & Holy Jesus Trust, each making a decision to apply or accept a
bungalow has a living room, kitchen, property. Looking at the location and
bedroom and bathroom. benefits it is well worth giving serious
consideration if you are looking to
In exceptional circumstances, a resident downsize and cut your overheads.
who lives outside of the area of benefit
or who has not lived in the area of Should you, or anyone you know who
benefit for the required number of meets the qualification and may be
years but is otherwise qualified may interested in the accommodation please
be appointed. The number appointed contact; Miss Sharon Hepple, General
under this arrangement must not exceed Manager, St Mary Magdalene & Holy
one third of the number of residents at Jesus Trust, Claremont Road, Newcastle
any one time. upon Tyne, NE2 4NN. Telephone 0191
2697920 or email st.marymagdalene@
Residents in both homes are encouraged
to maintain their independence in
accordance with their abilities and wishes.

FreemenMagazine 09
Lord Mayors Coach
More recently it was wheeled out in
2006 to be part of an exhibition at the
Discovery Museum to mark the 100th
anniversary of the city holding the title
of Lord Mayor. Today it is wheeled out
once a year - just a few yards - to be the
centerpiece of the Lord Mayor’s Garden

It was pulled by dray horses and flanked

by bowler-hatted draymen from the
former Scottish and Newcastle brewery
before it closed down in the city and
The unique coach was made for the Lord more recently by horses from Beamish
Mayor in 1798 following an “agreement” Open Air Museum.
between Caleb Angas of Newcastle
(Coachmaker) and Henry Shadworth of We have entered in to a partnership with
Newcastle upon Tyne, “gentleman and Freddie Sheperd to secure the purchase
clerk of the Chamber of the Mayor and of the Newcastle upon Tyne Lord Mayors
Burgesses of Newcastle.” Ceremonial Coach.
It used to be stored near the grand A £50,000.00 joint bid, divided equally
staircase of the Civic Centre but the between Sheperd Offshore and Freemen
humidity of the building caused the of the City i.e. £25,000.00 each.
wooden wheels to crack and so it was
moved to the Mansion House. The carriage will be offered to the City
for ceremonial use when required, It will
The coach, which is predominantly black,
be stored and displayed at the Exhibition
with gold and red lines, and the city’s
Park Museum which is currently being
coat of arms on its door, is currently in
perfect condition though it has been restored by Freddie Sheperd to house
repaired on several occasions in the past his collection of carriages and vintage
- most notably in 1984 in Edinburgh at a cars.
cost of £8,000.

In the 1800’s it used to cost the city £40

per year to maintain.

It has graced many grand occasions

throughout the city’s history, for example
in 1976 at the opening of the Eldon
Square shopping centre. Former Prime
Minister Jim Callaghan rode in it 1979 at
the Tyneside Summer Exhibition when
it used to make its way from the Civic
Centre to Exhibition Park.

10 FreemenMagazine
Newcastle Experience 2013
The City Council announced a new City be staged on the Exhibition site on the
event called the ‘Newcastle Experience’ Town Moor adjacent to Exhibition Park,
to bring together the Town Moor and City weekend events are being organised in
Centre. conjunction with the City Council on the
park. Although in its infancy the event is
This family based spectacular will have a anticipated to grow into a spectacular
fairground which will include a good mix event in Newcastle City calendar over the
of fairground attractions intertwined with coming years.
entertainment and much more, Newcastle
City Council handed the administration This year, the event takes place from 9th
of the ‘Newcastle Fair’ to the Freemen – 18th August, and we look forward to
of the City, the main event of the fair will seeing you at this new venture.

FreemenMagazine 11

Whilst monitoring the less than suggestions were put to the Northern
stable ground conditions of the Town Section representatives, most of
Moor site, planning had continued which had arisen from consultation
for the 2013 event with our focus on with Showmen themselves, ranging
improving the fair by broadening the from introducing a major new
offer. Taking advice from our drainage attraction, achieving equity with
contractor and in consultation with site rents, and enhancing the fair to
the City Council the decision was reflect modern times and to ensure
taken to inform the Showmen via that everything is managed from the
World’s Fair on 15th March of the perspective of a sustainable economic
anticipated cancellation of the event. entity. One of the main issues being
Despite a major reinstatement our belief all rents should follow a
programme we were advised that
standard structure, as agreed by a
the ground would not be in a stable
consultative group of Showmen. A
enough condition to accommodate a
request for their opinion as to how
fair ground in June, and published a
notice in World’s Fair on the 5th April best to achieve equality in all that we
informing the fairground travelling do was submitted at the meeting.
community of the cancellation of the The meeting ended on a very positive
Hoppings in 2013. note, yet it soon became apparent
that there was a small section of
During the early part of 2013, we showmen working behind the scenes
met with the Northern Section of to disrupt the smooth preparation
the Showmen’s Guild where several of the event. A communication was

12 FreemenMagazine
received from the Northern Section not received any correspondence
of the Showmen’s Guild threatening informing of the decision or the
to put the fair Out of Order (which reasons for their action.
means any Members of the Showmens
Guild are not allowed to attend and if The Secretary of the Northern Section
they do so punitive fines are imposed) of the Showmen’s Guild wrote to
and detailing issues not previously the City Council stating ‘we cannot
tabled, one being that we produce a work with the Freemen anymore’, In
site map with a signed statement that response the City Council rejected
the fair would not change in any way. such claims and reiterated their
position as working closely with
In response and from the perspective the Freemen and supported all that
of good governance our reply we are doing to sustain a vibrant
being ‘that as an evidence based fairground.
organisation such matters must
be dealt with by documentation Our opinion remains unchanged that
and to ensure there is no risk of there were a few minor issues which
anything misconstrued or lost in could have easily been resolved but
translation’, The Northern Section of the determination of the Northern
the Showmens Guild responded ‘we Section of the Showmen’s Guild to
don’t have time for this’ and the fair sever working relations with the
was put Out of Order on 15th March Freemen of Newcastle served to put
2013 and heralded in the local media. at great risk the very future of the
We have since as event organisers Hoppings fair.

FreemenMagazine 13
Town Moor
Superintendents Report
As we emerged from the doom and After dialogue with the Stewards
gloom of winter, and bade farewell to Committee and our Graziers it was
Jack Frost and all the snow, we foolishly agreed to defer the start of the season
thought that good old spring was just and we would monitor the conditions
around the corner and would hopefully on a weekly basis. On April the 22nd,
bring with it some decent weather, well some 3 weeks later than first planned we
just which corner it was hiding around opened the moors and welcomed the
I’m not sure but the good old English cattle albeit by a staggered release. It is
weather had delayed the start of our now the 21st of May and we are almost
grazing season. at our capacity for this season.

Due to the cold and wet conditions The impact of the weather hadn’t just
there was no grass growth at all and we affected our grazing season but led
could not risk opening the moors for to the cancellation of the Hoppings,
grazing, as the cattle would have ruined delayed our Ecologist Mr Steve Haddon
the herbage which in turn would have from gaining the soil core samples for
impacted on the rest of the grazing analysis so we could determine the right
season. fertiliser for this year’s treatment. This
then led to the delay in ordering, and
then the spreading of the fertiliser on
some 360 acres this season.

14 FreemenMagazine
The conditions had also prevented we are installing the Elizabethan fencing
David Walton our drainage contractor around Forsyth Road playing field. This
from installing our new system that we parcel of Town Moor land was leased
had devised. We had a lot of dialogue by the City Council and maintained for
with Northumbria Water and the City recreation activities, but due to cut backs
Councils Head of Flood Management the City Council could no longer afford
Mr John Robinson; and once they had the upkeep required for this parcel of
viewed our old drainage plans dating land.
back to 1852 they gave our scheme the
green light to progress. Mr Walton has At the next Town Moor Joint
completed the necessary exploratory Consultative meeting with the Freemen,
works and on the 20th of May the City council officers and Councillors it
installation of the scheme commenced. was agreed that the Freemen would take
the land back but instead of returning
The Town Moor staff are currently it to grazing they would continue to
assisting Mr Walton with the drainage maintain it for recreation purposes,
installation. Other tasks underway are therefore allowing the inhabitants of
spraying of invasive weeds such as Jesmond to continue to enjoy this
Thistle, Nettle and Dock, strimming green open space in the heart of their
the boundary fence lines, and during community.
patches of good weather it is intended
to rub down and repaint the Elizabethan The City Council welcomed this
fence posts that are showing signs of approach and agreed to supply the
wear, a generator and a new grinder necessary grass cutting equipment free
along with heavy duty wire brushes of charge to Freemen to enable the
have been purchased by the Stewards Town Moor staff to cut the grass.
Committee so this work can be
progressed. I wish you all well in that you do, until the
next issue.
Our environmental improvement
programme is underway again this time Kevin Batey
Town Moor Superintendent.

FreemenMagazine 15
The Mayor
As recorded in 1827:
Newcastle was made a mayor town one person, who either is or has been
in the 36th year of the reign of Henry a sheriff of the town; or, if they cannot
III. which privilege was confirmed by find seven aldermen, they have to elect
Edward I. The office of mayor is one eight persons who have been sheriffs;
of great trust, labour, and dignity. The or, if they cannot find these, they have
salary at present is £2000 per annum; to elect eight burgesses. The old mayor
besides which, the Mansion House is and three aldermen, when joined to
kept in repair, and provided with every these eight, are called the twelve first
necessary article of furniture. A state electors. Each of the twelve mysteries
coach and barge are also maintained at next send one of their body, out of which
the expense of the corporation. the first electors choose six, who, joined
to themselves, make eighteen electors.
The annual election of mayor is Each of the fifteen by-trades also
conducted agreeably to the charter of choose one of their body, who again
42d Elizabeth, and that of James I. Each choose twelve freemen, out of which
of the twelve mysteries of the town name the eighteen electors before mentioned
and present two men. (Merchants of choose six, making in all the number
Woollen Cloths alias Drapers, Mercers, of twenty-four electors; which twenty-
Skinners, Taylors, Saddlers, Merchants four, or the greater part of them, elect
of Corn or Boothmen, Baker & Brewers, the mayor, recorder, and other officers.
Tanners, Cordwainers, Butchers, Smiths, There are, according to this plan, seven
Fullers & Dyers.) These 24 delegates, elections before the actual election!
called former electors, elect the old But all the puzzling intricacy which it
mayor and three aldermen. The four exhibits will be found, on examination, a
thus elected then elect and add to despicable mockery of independence.
their own body seven aldermen, and I hope you followed that!

16 FreemenMagazine
The Lord Mayor’s Parade
The Lord Mayor’s Parade took place on Sunday 12th May 2013 in St.
Nicholas’ Cathedral, Newcastle. The attendance was an improvement on
recent years with around thirty of the City’s Freemen accompanying the
Lord Mayor Councillor Jackie Slesenger into the cathedral.

Town Moor Land

The Forsyth Playing fields lease was for the benefit of the public and over
terminated by the City Education the past months part of the field circa
department effectively handing the land 7 acre has been remodelled to allow
back to the Freemen of Newcastle. The the replacement of the wooden paling
Stewards Committee took the decision fence line which was in a dilapidated and
to retain the area as a public amenity. dangerous condition. The traditional
The field has football pitches and is well Elizabethan fence has been installed
used for recreation by the residents of to clearly indicate the area as Town
Jesmond and the surrounding area. Moor Land, Steps are being taken to
install signage to inform the public
We acquired large grass cutting that the field is maintained as a sports/
machines courtesy of the City Council to recreation area, courtesy of the Freemen
enable ongoing maintenance of the area of Newcastle.

FreemenMagazine 17
Special swearing in session on 12th December

Special swearing in session on 13th March

18 FreemenMagazine
Special Swearing
In Sessions

To ensure newly called Freemen

are sworn in in a timely manner
Lord Mayors Principle Secretary Ian
Humphries arranged two special
swearing in ceremonies which
were presided over by Lord Mayor
Councillor Jackie Slesenger.
David Osborne took part in his last
ceremony prior to his leaving the
City Council Lord Mayors Office.
Many Freemen will remember
with fondness being handed the
musket by David. David Wilson,
Vice Chairman of the Stewards
Committee presented him
with a gift in appreciation for
his participation in swearing in
ceremonies over many years.

FreemenMagazine 19
Swing Bridge Tour
“Following the Easter Closed Guild,
held on 8th April 2013, around twenty
Freemen from the Coopers Company
accompanied by their guests and the
Lord Mayor, Councillor Jackie Slesenger,
were given a guided tour of the Swing
Bridge on Newcastle’s historic Quayside.

The Swing Bridge is the fourth bridge

to have been built on the same site,
the first being the original Tyne Bridge
constructed by the Emperor Hadrian in
approximately 122AD.

Designed by John Ure and built by

William Armstrong, later 1st Baron
Armstrong, as one component of the The foundations are concrete-filled
River Tyne Commission’s overall plan to cast iron cylinders set in bed rock with
improve navigation and expand trade, granite piers resting upon the cylinders
the Swing Bridge spans the River Tyne at a little above the height of low water.
and connects Newcastle upon Tyne and The eighty five meter cantilevered span
Gateshead. weighs 1,300 tonnes and has a central
axis of rotation supported by a hydraulic
Work began in 1873 and the bridge was centre press, which is able to move
first used for road traffic on the 15th through a full three hundred and sixty
June 1876. On 17th July 1876 the bridge degrees. The Hydraulic mechanism is
opened for river traffic and allowed ships the same machinery originally installed
further upstream so that they could by Armstrong although the pumps are
service Lord Armstrong’s Elswick works. now driven electrically. The pumps feed
a hydraulic accumulator, which is sunk
into an eighteen meter shaft below the
bridge; the water is then released under
pressure which runs the machinery to
turn the bridge.

The tour lasted around thirty minutes,

and there was an opportunity to see
the original mechanism in operation
although the bridge itself did not move.

The tour was arranged by John Oxnard,

Coopers Company Steward.

20 FreemenMagazine
August 2013 Summer Event
This year’s event will take place on Atkinson will be demonstrating his skills
August 3rd at Moor Bank Lodge. Gates in preparing and cooking locally sourced
will be open from 13.30 hrs We have a game. Born and bred in Newcastle,
whole host of different talents on show Kenny left school at 16 and fell in love
for your entertainment, from the brilliant with cooking after a stint working with
Heatwave performing a wide range of his Uncle in the kitchens of a local hotel.
60s and 70s music to Mr Tommy Craggs, Once he’d qualified as a chef, Kenny
the talented wood carver. went to cook in Greece, then worked
his way up the ranks in kitchens around
There will be a display of Morris dancing the UK. He quickly proved his worth
by the Monkseaton Morrismen, also winning Michelin stars soon after joining
Falconry. restaurants in the Scilly Isles and County
Durham. Kenny’s heart is firmly rooted in
This year that well known North East
the north-east: his classical British food
Celebrity Chef and Freeman (member
with a modern twist champions locally
of the Ropemakers Company) Mr Kenny
sourced produce.

The Programme
1330 hours: Gate Opens
Musical entertainment provided by Heatwave
Hog and Lamb Roast
Falconry Display
Pipes and Drums of the 101st Regiment Royal Artillery
A display of Morris Dancing by the Monkseaton Morrismen
Chainsaw Wood Sculptor - Tommy Craggs International acclaimed
The well known Michelin star celebrity chef Kenny Atkinson will be
showing his culinary skills. Demonstration times 13.45 and 15.15 hrs
Botanic Garden tours
Farewell: 1600 hrs

FreemenMagazine 21
Diary Dates
Saturday 3rd August 2013 Monday 20th January 2014

In grounds of Moor Bank Lodge, details on Held upstairs in Newcastle Guildhall

page 21 (on Quayside, bottom of Dean Street)
Close Court of Guild (for Company
Stewards only) begins at 10 am.

MICHAELMAS GUILD Open Court of Guild (for all Freemen of

Newcastle upon Tyne) commences at 12
Monday 7th October 2013 noon prompt.
Held upstairs in Newcastle Guildhall You must be seated by 12 noon for the
(on Quayside, bottom of Dean Street) Open Guild in readiness to receive the
Lord Mayor.
Close Court of Guild (for Company
Stewards only) begins at 10 am. At The meeting concludes with new Freemen
this particular meeting the Stewards being called, and if present sworn in by the
Committee is democratically elected via Lord Mayor.
ballot for the ensuing year.
Following the proceedings a buffet lunch is
Open Court of Guild (for all Freemen of served in the Merchant Adventurers Court.
Newcastle upon Tyne) commences at 12
noon prompt.

You must be seated by 12 noon for the

Open Guild in readiness to receive the
Lord Mayor.

The meeting concludes with new Freemen

being called, and if present being sworn in
by the Lord Mayor.

Following the proceedings a buffet lunch is

served in the Merchant Adventurers Court.

Annual Guild Days

Christmas Guild - the first Monday after 13th January
Easter Guild - the first Monday after Easter Monday
Michaelmas Guild - the first Monday after Michaelmas Monday

22 FreemenMagazine
Notice Board
New Stewards
Margaret Jean Brown
Slaters & Tylers

Ruth Plumber

David Stephenson
Butchers Company

William Greener Bell

Edith Cook
Coopers Company

George Snowdon
Catherine Hall
Slaters & Tylers Company

George Stephenson
Elizabeth Keenan Stephenson
Barber Surgeons

Joseph Michael Proctor

Plumbers Company

Gwendolyn Muriel James

Thomas Joures
George Morris
Joiners Company

Kathleen Torkington
Upholsterers Company

FreemenMagazine 23
Freemen of Newcastle upon Tyne
Superintendent and Office
Mr Kevin Batey,
Moor Bank Lodge, Claremont Road,
Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 4NL
Tel: 0191 2615970

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