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Summary Chapter IX

Control of Quality for subcontracts and shopping

There are some countries like the Japan that buy the 70 % of his costs of
manufacture to the providers; this is possible because the quality, the price, the
quantity and the date of delivery offered by the providers are satisfactory for the
buyer and the joiner.
The previous did not give of a moment to another attain when the Japanese gave
account than choosing with a lot of care to his providers and loaning attention to
the control of quality could maintain a high level of quality in his products.
By the contrary there are companies American that prefer to produce what
consume this politics could give because they do not trust his providers, for
example the Ford has his proper sidrurgical what has been for them an excess of
luggage to say it like this.
In 1978 the author was in the Chinese and found purportedly factories integrated,
that as his directors had a big potential, this for them meant to have excess of
prime subjects and of machine, this to attain that the company could fulfil with his
volumes of production. To improve the qualities have to improve the efficiency of
our current processes before thinking in going in to some new. Can increase the
production improving the control of quality, in the Chinese found manufacture
integrated which are manufacture that they do not subcontract, that do not employ
providers of out this produce by two reasons the first is that the system of
distribution is very old-fashioned and is difficult to obtain prime subjects and the
second is that in case of war do not want to re his net of providers. The
conservation of factories integrated will not contribute to the efficiency neither to
the quality.
The politics of outsourcing has to pose in form very clear and has to follow the
following procedure: 1- Choose a manufacturer specialize. Clearing that pieces
bought and which manufactured you same- 2- Wishes you that his provider convert
in manufacturer specialize and independent and that can sell his products to other
companies or that only sell him to you.
The relation with the provider to define from the beginning of a clear and precise
form for this can use the following ten basic principles that date of 1960 but follow
Principle 1: So much the buyer like the vendor are responsible by the control of
quality. Principle 2: The buyer and the provider have to be independent- Principle
3: The buyer is responsible to deliver to the provider clear and precise information
of what loves. Principle 4: Before going in to negotiate has to celebrate an
agreement regarding quality, quantity, price, delivery and form of payment.
Principle 5: The provider has the responsibility to guarantee a satisfactory quality
for the buyer and has to present the reports that request the buyer- Principle 6: The
buyer and the provider have to agree previously a method of evaluation for diverse
articles. Principle 7: The buyer and the provider have to include procedures that
allow the solution of discrepancies when it arise some problem. Principle 8: The
buyer and the provider have to exchange the necessary information to execute a
better control of quality- Principle 9: The buyer and the provider have to control
efficient mind the commercial activities, for like this maintain a friendly and
satisfactory relation. Principle 10: The buyer and the provider have to be always
thinking in the satisfaction of the consumer.

In the business of manufacture the interested have to fix relative specifications to

prime subjects and pieces which have to determine by statistical methods. There is
that have in account the following points: 1- Research if there are specifications
regarding prime subjects and pieces. 2- If there are them analyse them and
observe if they serve him. 3- Realize analysis of quality and analysis of processes,
use the data obtained of the defective products and of the complaints of the
consumers to review the specifications continuously and improve them.

“If the manufacturers declare satisfied with the existent, a day go to find with that
his products already do not satisfy to the consumer”

The people commissioned in the company to determine that it manufactured and

that bought is the management that has to have a vision on a long-term basis and
besides have to ask the following: 1. they are very important the materials prime. 2.
It possesses the company the technical knowledges to manufacture them, has the
capacity to process it, the investment costs the penalty 3. There are factories
specialize in capacity to cater us of these pieces, can attend our requests. 4. If
there are not manufacturers specialize, the company could them form (this did it
the Japanese in the years 50 and 60) 5. Study the previous having in account
costs, quantity and accumulation of technology.
There are occasions in which the buyer can choose freely to his providers and
others in that no. For example when it uses his proper products, when his
providers are filial companies, when there is only a source of provisioning or when
it is forced to have an alone company provider. The best as the author is to choose
freely the more commendable is that it buys to two providers the same materials
and pieces, by if one of the providers fails by main strength.
When it goes negotiate with a provider do preliminary businesses or of proof,
subsequently if all goes out well proceed with the official businesses, but can
succeed the case that suspend the businesses by failure in any of the parts. So
that the buyer can guarantee the quality to his clients the provider has to maintain
the prime subjects or the pieces with an optima quality. And this obtains it when all
the workers inspect the articles that has produced and guarantees his quality. This
is the system of car inspection

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